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to poster below who is talking about working an 8 hour shift

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-15
In Reply to:

I just read your posts and they are really bothersome.  Why just because someone asks how to achieve 1000 lines in 3 or 4  hours would you flame them like that?  Why would you assume that person would want to work less than 8 hours just because they asked that question?

Most people, especially MTs, want to make the most of their time whether it be 3 hours or 8 hours.  Most MTs want to be productive since that is how we make our living.  Why wouldn't anyone with a brain want to increase their line count from 1000 lines in 8 hours to 2000 lines in 8 hours if they could? 

I think it is a shame that so many get mad and become rude to others because they are doing more than them.  They are sharing their advice on how to become quicker and I wish that you would just let them do it for the rest of us! 

I mean, if you want to work 8 hours and make squat go ahead.  The rest of us would like to bring in the cash and double our speed and work the same amount of time thank you!

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By working an eight hour shift?

But poster talking bout working through MTSO,
1850 lines per 8 hour shift. 15.00 hour - no real requirement
if it is feasable, split that 6-hour shift into two 3-hour shifts. sm
i work a split shift and find that i am much better able to stay focused and get more work done that way. also, being 3 months pregnant you have gone through the very tiring time of pregnancy and you should start seeing an energy perk before long.
Off hour work shift
"posted by wouldn't have it any other way". Thank you so much for your post! I work a similar shift for similar reasons. I don't start until 8 p.m. most nights so like you my kids are in bed before I head off to work and I don't feel gulity taking time away from them. I do work one long day on Sunday to catch up, but I start at noon so we are all still able to attend church together and my husband usually plans a daddy fun day with them that afternoon. I WISH I had done this when my kids were even smaller as I breast fed and still worked off hours so I didn't have then in daycare, but I had to pump at work and my husband had to give them bottles when I was gone.

I agree it can be tiring, but you get in a routine, and honestly do you know any mom stay-at-home or out-of-the-house worker who isn't tired?

Being there 24x7 for your kids that is dedication! :)
Off hour work shift
I should probably add that while I am working I am dedicated 100% as my office is downstairs and I work with my door closed and locked. My husband is upstairs with the children and gets up with them if they get up before I am done with my shift. So, I don't feel guilty neglecting work either because I don't. :)
Probably you are averaging 100 Lph over a 6-8 hour shift. What that means is:
you need to stay in the chair. 
Not the poster you are talking to but..

You totally miss her point.  She is not saying MQ is AOK.  It isnt even about MQ.  It is about complaining, complaining, complaining.  Continually.  WHY????  Do something about it.  Find a new job.  There are TONS.  Do you get it?  If MQ is so bad, why don't the MQMTs go find new jobs?  Take away their workforce, leave in droves.  Do something.  That will shut them down quicker than any lawsuit.  Oh and also, it would benefit the MTs because they would HAVE A NEW JOB. 

Why anyone would work 1 minute for a place that is cheating them is beyond me?  I'm sorry but that is DUMB.

CJ, sorry, I was talking to the poster above sm
Not you. I'm sorry I mistakenly used your name in my subject line. I was talking to the poster right above me. I hate that there isn't an edit feature on this board.

Your advice really helped me. Thank you!
I thought the poster was talking about citizens
who were born in another country.  Offshoring is another problem that allows corporations to cut costs to get bigger bonuses created by people in power who us little guys can't fight.  It's a crooked system and the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.  When's the last time you have had a raise?  You know why you will never see a raise.  They can ship the work offshore for cheaper than what we are doing it and as the offshore companies grow older and wiser, we may even have to take a cut in pay to compete.  Thank you government for that.
My point is, work a NORMAL EIGHT HOUR SHIFT..dont worry
It takes away from the quality and the turnaround time... 
I've got my BP pills, but that is just what the poster is talking about isnt it?

Ummm, $98K, 30 hours a week. I believe that is what this poster is talking about. uh huh LOL. nm
Your point was? You called me jealous and lazy, and suggested I work an 8 hour shift.
Now you're being "nice". I am NOT worried about others.  Why would I want to work an 8 hour shift and produce 1000 lines if I could be missing SOMETHING and increase my production?  How mean-spirited you are. I would LOVE to produce more and work less, so that I could spend more time with my loved ones. And to read on this forum the astonishing line counts most MTs are claiming to make regularly - well, I'm either doing some really, really wrong, which I would like to fix, or I'm not doing something that I need to be doing, which I would like to fix! Thus, my sincere question.  Truly I believe it is time to leave this board, though I used to LOVE it so much, cause you just can't get an honest thread running anymore about anything - even trivial threads turn ugly by 2 to 3 posts, let alone INFORMATIVE ones like how honestly asking my fellow MTs who are huge producers HOW they do it? As in straight typing or using normals and standards?  I try to hang on this board and stay "positive" despite the negatives, cause I really like it here and I really like the admin, etc, but I'm not a glutton for punishment.  I know a lot of the old regular MTs who actually carried on intelligent conversations have gone to the board where you have to pay $$$ to post.  Apparently, one can still have kind meaningful conversations over there - guess the $$ part weeds out the trolls?  Don't know, but its sure sad.  Please, don't misinterpret this as me thinking anyone would give a hoot if I left here - cause I know now there will be the normal "good - who gives a crap? good riddance" flames, but really, the MTs who are so trollish are just ruining it for themselves.  Thus is their lot in life, though.
working night shift.

I recently read an ad about a company hiring MT and giving a sign on bonus to work the graveyard shift.  I thought about applying.  I did a few graveyard shifts when I was a nurse’s aide though they were not consistent, just here and there.  It was rough, but it was easier for me to recover because I did not have kids back then nor the responsibilities I have now. 

If I did it consistently, is it easy to adjust? How do you adjust?  Do you have to drink a lot of coffee? lol.   Is there usually more work available at night then say M-F, 8 to 5. 


I tried working 3-11 shift as an LPN when my children
were teenagers. Never again would I do that (even though they're grown now) unless it was an absolute necessity. I never saw my children or my husband. I didn't get into transcription at home until they had both finished high school. I only wish I had known there were jobs like this when my children were little. I missed so much by not being available for them at home. Best wishes to you which ever way you choose to go.
Not always ... as a poster pointed out below, with One Suite, it is $1.80 per hour. sm

So, if you can't get unlimited, that's the next best thing.  Best I was offered with an 800-number was 9 cpl.  So (at 300 lph).......... I could make $27 per hour and not pay long distance ......... or I could make $33 per hour and pay $1.80 per hour ... hmmmm ...... the math seems easy.  :-)

Just my take on things, of course.

Working 11-7 shift as LPN in nursing home.
Would not want to go back there!!!!!!
Should clarify, I was an IC for a company working a split shift. nm
working 3rd shift and weekends sometimes gives you bonus incentive pay. nm
we are not talking about a house in the assoc. The original poster lives in a regular home.
So they cannot tell someone else what color to paint their house.

Need input from all you "night owls" working graveyard shift!
I am considering working nights, since it seems that's where the pay is higher.  Do you go to bed in morning after your shift ends, or do you stay awake for a couple of hours, and go to bed, say 10  or 11 am.   How many hours during the day do you sleep; or do you just take a nap in the morning, and go to bed around 6 or 7 p.m.  and sleep until it's time for your shift to start?   Input on getting a balance, and staying awake during shift.  I worked that shift for a while in the past, but never could balance it out.  It seems I was always sleeping and had no time to do anything else, other than sleep and work.    Thanks
I prefer working a shorter shift 6 to 7 days a week. SM
I work hard when I work to put out a lot of lines per hour, which is very tiring. Also, my company has a work flow/volume problem, and this allows me to schedule my hours for those times when work is most likely to be available.

Regarding having a life, in a 24-hour day, subtracting say 8 hours for sleep leaves 16 hours, and subtracting 6 hours for work leaves 10 hours every day for "life," a luxuriance of time if you don't have young children or other heavy responsibilities filling them with other work.

The trick (sometimes it is a trick!) is be firm with yourself, and others, and get the work out of the way briskly and on schedule, such as those early-morning or evening and split schedules, and not drag it out through the entire day, sandwiched in between TV shows, phone chats, family duties, and so on.
If you are talking about working for a service
it is about par
She's talking about an IC, not working for a service.
I am talking about working for a service
no message.
They're talking about working for sm
a company doing VR, not doing VR on their own.  Those are the "editing" jobs you see. 
I agree. Did poster just get tired of working &
No, they aren't. I made $10 an hour working
in-house plus measly production bonuses. I made $30-50 per hour working IC at home for a small MTSO.
I have 13 years experience and just started a hospital job working from home making $16 an hour

and with a really good incentive plan.  I live in the Kansas City area.  $10 seems like a low starting point even with only two years experience which is the usual benchmark for hospital MT jobs. 

It's been my experience that the low end of the pay scale for hospital employed MTs was around $12 an hour.  Also, it's been my experience that the pay offered is usually based on years of experience and how well you perform on the transcription test.

I would say if their pay is that low, they should at least be making it up with incentive and it doesn't sound like they are.


Working 6/hour days, 5 days/week I make
$42,000.00, but the work is there to make more if I want to.  I'm in the southeast. 
Wait a minute, I'm not just talking about the boards, I'm talking about the news article.


"JLG has a contract with Arrendale Associates/ A+Network/CBay Scribe, which the group says is in India.
A letter from JLG to Barbara Dingman, chief compliance officer and director of health information management, says all medical transcriptionists assigned to the Medical Center Hospital account live in the U.S. and all work is done in America."

But yet they do business with Arrendale/A+/CBay, what am I missing here?

I'm talking about MT school, not K-12, which is where I learned most of what you are talking abou
My clients DO NOT LIKE IT when I correct their wrong crap - did you actually read what I said?
I'm not talking about ignorant as in grammar or spelling. I'm talking about sm
ignorant in general.
Depends on the pay and account. My lowest average is $15.52 an hour (roughly 182.6 lines an hour) w
I start an hour or 2 early and then take an hour or 2 for dinner -nm
At 200 lines a day for 6 cents, you are making $1.20 a day or 0.15 hour for an 8 hour day!!!--cm
Did you mean 2,000? Even then you would only be making $1.50 if you work 8 hours a day.
$32/hour? You said $36/hour on an earlier post. Either way would be great. n/m

Good one. An anonymous poster blows another anonymous poster's head off. Great win for MQ?

I guess that is a small pleasure for those of you who have lowered your expectations for the company you work for. 


Bet you're married to a fat bald guy too. 

10 reports/hour or 25 markers/hour
hit left Shift key 3 times, then right Shift key 3 times -
I appreciate your responses. I had an option of line vs hour ($14/hour) but if line pays more...nm
You get more working the evening or night shifts and working w/o benefits. And producing like a mad
65 to 75 an hour comes to $15 an hour if u are fast
Ditto....granted I am not working much these days, but am currently trying out a new way of working
when I do work which seems to be helping.  I am timing myself and keeping a log of how long it takes to to type however many minutes.  I am averaging anywhere from 13-18 minutes of dictation an hour now doing this.  Granted the time fluctuates between who I am typing, and if I have to look up names, addresses, etc., just depends on the division I am doing at the time.  But work that used to take me 3 hours to do is now taking me under 2 hours, I am also trying to put in more macros as I go along, which slows me down initially but pays off in the long run of course.  I was working "all the time" before but took forever to get done since I was not applying myself. This new "attitude" has helped me a lot.  My goal, in the Fall, is to do 90 minutes a day consistently at 6 hours, and then maybe get up to 120 minutes a day at 8 hours, still while having at least half of the day free (do 60 minutes at night, and the other 60 by Noon).  Thereby doing 1200-1400 lines a day.  I have never really buckled down and done more than 8000 lines per pay period, so it will be a nice change.  Maybe you can do something like that and have a specific knock off time as was suggested below. 
Working holidays? Out shopping in stores where someone IS working

that holiday you refuse to work?  Grocery stores, food joints & seems any store is open on holidays and you expect them to be fully staffed, so why shouldn't we?

Yes, I took off for the first time on Christmas day, in 18 years and it was great, but I worked Christmas eve and this whole past weekend.

Someone has to do it!

1st, 2nd, 3rd shift????
My husband is a correctional officer, and his 1st shift is considered 12 am - 8 am, 2nd is 8 am - 4 pm, and 3rd is 4 pm - 12 am.  I get the impression that most MT companies consider 1st shift as day shift, 2nd as evening and 3rd as 12 am - morning hours.  Can anyone clarify this for me?  Thanks.
Just put another pot on for my 2nd shift of the day! nm
Shift F9
Shift F9...
Type is RAD this weekend and mine was shift F9, which will bring up menu with spell check selection, which will give an info window, return and then it will start. But as mentioned always be at the top of report or it will say "done" as it does not automatically start from top. If this does not work use your F1 Help menu to find it.
Third shift
I was just working third shift and my hours were 11 pm to 7:30 am. Another coworker who also works third shift works 9 pm to 5:30 am. I think it varies by company. I hated third shift. I guess others love it, I was not one of them. I was on it for a year and a half and never could adjust to it. I would think long and hard before taking another third shift position, because it is so hard to get off third shift. But, like I said, there are many others that love third shift.