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would not do more than $25 unless she's exceptionally gracious

Posted By: sm on 2006-07-09
In Reply to: My rule of thumb is a $100 minimum - Sue

and has a future in front of her, like med school or something.

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I do option B whether it is bad service or exceptionally good
I agree. I work for an exceptionally difficult university and those people dictate on cell phones in
trains, in cars, everywhere and they cut out and they just have an exceptional amount of residents dictating on anything imaginable. My blanks are never for words I dont know they are for crappy dictators or those that simply dont know what they are talking about.
would you be gracious enough to point out

Documentation (not just hearsay) of cases where lawsuits have occurred as the result of a medical report that was not transcribed and/or edited by a "medical language specialist."

Thanks so much for your gracious response. n/m
Gracious! You all are spending way too much $$ on stickies

GSMI, Inc.  Has good single sheet or flat fold. 

Computer Extras has a great price on the large roll of stickies.  Their flat fold is too flimsy for my printer and separates too easily. 

I usually get 1" perforated roll from Computer Extras for $54 including shipping.  It looks like it is for dot-matrix printers (has the holes on the side of the page as leaders to fit the printer) but works great in laser printers.  I tear off as little as 6" inches and stack them up in my manual print tray.  The leaders give an easy separation guide for the offices, too.  The 1" perforation makes little waste when separating multiple chart notes/patients on a page. 

Gracious, that is one heckuva recipe. Too much for me to mess with
(Goodness gracious, Lyndia. If you're SM
really as skilled and hardworking as you've always sounded, apply to Wedmedx. They're looking for employees, full and part-time, right now, and a skilled employee working a genuine 35 to 40 hours a week consistently can pay the mortgage, the car, buy the grandkids nice presents, take a ceramic-painting class, join friends for lunch out, and decide not to travel on vacation this year because the exchange rates are so awful. Best wishes.)
good gracious at my grammar - excuse me! nm
Gracious, I guess misery loves company because
I'm just glad it's not just me. Today has been the WEIRDEST day.
He was truly always gracious and groovy to me and I enjoyed him muchly. Thanks Sean and Mike for a