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I don't know what the "going rate" would be sm

Posted By: nm on 2006-07-09
In Reply to: Graduation gifts - Mary Franciscus

but would suggest a phone card (if the grad is going off to college)or something similar (a gift certificate for the college bookstore?) in an amount comfortable for you. If you are not closely associated with the graduate, $20-25 would be plenty.

We know how much our medical terminology books are, so can only imagine what these college texts are going for these days.

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Charge him an hourly rate. The current rate is
between $15-21/hr. according to your location. If he had to use an independent secretarial service, he would be charged much more. You can look in the Yellow Pages in your area under Secretarial Service and ask them what they charge, then charge accordingly knowing you can back it up.
ME rate 80% of baseline MT rate
are you happy with the 20% cut to do ME work or are you going to just do MT work (which will be those dictators that ASR can't do) at your baseline rate?
Cross off old rate, put in your new rate, (nt)

Employee rate/IC rate......
I work at home for a hospital account that I make .11 cpl on 60-character line. I also do IC work for a clinic where I make .14 cpl. I am from Missouri.
take a cent of their rate and a cent of your mom's rate. I'd do it to keep the account or the

You already charge a fairly low line rate, but I'd definitely cut it to keep the account.  JMO

DQS pay rate
Hold onto your hat, honey, it's bad. Real bad. I used to type 500 lph, now barely 120 lph...This depends on wether or not you're used to straight line or character count. Rememeber, your word Expander won't work, no headers, no footers, no signature line, no CC's. AND, to top it off --- you won't get paid for spaces --
my pay is now less than 1/4 and they're making me statutory w/no benefits for me or my child. Jumping ship. New job starts Monday.
Going rate
Depends on area, location, what is your experience, what kind of account, whether or not you pick up and deliver, etc.  Can vary from 10 cpl to 15 cpl.  What do you think you are worth?
Could you the rate...sm

I am one of the few that get paid per minute of dictation.  Could you tell me what your rate is and if IC or employee and what area.  Thanks. 

Pay rate?
Was there every a time that MTs got paid per word rather than line? If so, why did it change?
As an IC you should set the rate,

You will need to talk to them and tell them you need to raise your rates.  They may not be willing to accept it though. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of an IC MT.

What is the going rate

I have someone who wants me to retype a book for them.  Does anyone have any idea how much I should charge for this?  by the page?  line?  TIA!

Does anybody know what the going rate
per line is for a private account in the Philadelphila, PA area?
same rate
I do not charge extra for STAT's unless I have to make another trip to deliver it.  If I fax it over same rate applies.   I don't understand your question about charging extra if they have more minutes than usual.  Unless you have only hired on for so many minutes, then perhaps you could charge more.  My accounts have been heavier than usual this past month but I feel it all evens out for when the months are light and so I take it when I can get it.   I am a bit unusual but my accounts are good to me and I don't like to nit pick them to death with extra charges for this and that.  They work with me when I am down and cannot adhere to the 24 TAT and so if they need a STAT on a patient going to surgery I just do it and fax it over.  I have said it before and will say it again, I might bend over backwards for them sometimes (all 4 accounts) but they do the same for me so we just work together to get the job done.   When I hear the horror stories on here about how some are treated -- I just thank the Lord for my accounts.     Patti
Going rate for QA
What's the going rate for a QA person? I'm getting paid per line of QA that I do. Thanks!
7-8 cpl is the going rate.
You'd probably be better off to get your own accounts unless you are in dire need of medical benefits.  Even then from what I've read on these boards the premium is really expensive.  Good luck in your search. 
If you are IC -- you set the rate
It is hard and scary as you often wonder that they will take it away from you but you have to have confidence in yourself.  Again, I would try to figure out what I make per hour or cpl and go from there.  See how many lines you can do, and so on.  Then compare monthly salary versus production and see how you come out.  Perhaps just switching over to a gross cpl to show him that you only want him to pay you for the work that is produced no matter how long it takes will work for you.  And that alone could be a raise for you - who knows or at least let you know that what you are making is not that bad as you do get paid for when times are slow or he is off.  Production rates will not pay you for when he is off.  Show him you are putting in more hours than two years ago, producing more work, etc. and so you must raise your rates to such and such.  Good luck. 
I have 6 years of experience as an MT. Eight cents seems to be the going rate but personally I would like to see MT's with more experience being offered more like 10 cents a line.
Alot of companies just pay one flat rate no matter what type of work type it is. Some companies may pay a little more for ESL's but no more for different work types. Its all the same rate.
rate of pay

$50 per recorded hour of straight (non-medical transcription).. Is this low, high, or in the ballpark?  I am so used to being paid by the line for medical transcription, this being paid by the dictated hour kind of threw me for a loop.  




Figure out what your average line rate is per hour and charge them that. Don't sell yourself short.
rate of pay

Thank you...  The job description was rather vague, typing up conferences or interviews..  They said $50 for standard dictation and that it goes up from there for harder dictations..  I think I will pass..



Going rate
I was just wondering what the going rate is that companies are charging their clients?  Any help would be appreciated!
Going rate
I was just wondering what the going rate is for transcription per hour.  I currently work for a national company and get paid by the line, but a friend of mine wants me to do some transcription for him and I don't know what to charge.  This is not medical stuff, rather educational/training.  He doesn't want me to short-change myself, but I don't want to over charge him either.  Any ideas? 
Going rate
I work for a research company doing focus groups and I make about $100 to $120 per 60-minute tape. They are usually 2-hour focus groups, so I get about $200 to $250 for each tape. This is good pay I think, but $60 for a 1-hour group isn't all that good. Just my thoughts.
Rate of pay
I think you're being ripped off with your rate of pay! That's horrible! You can serve hamburgers for a better pay than this!
VR rate of pay
Transcend is paying 40% of our current line rate!  I can't afford that kind of pay cut!
She might get the same rate elsewhere, but

if she goes national she can't expect the same treatment.  They will be no more tapes, they will possibly have to buy new equipment, she'll become frustrated and wondered why she couldn't give, especially when terms are spelled out in the contract.

It all depends on how much this account means to you.  If you are willing to make an effort to log on by 9:30 most days, but no promises that may keep her happy and keep the $$ in your pocket, but it also might make her think she has the power and she exercised it once and you caved and she'll find something else to gripe about. 

mi pay rate
When I worked last April as an IC for a 411-bed hospital with over 400 physicians in Jackson, I made 9cpl, 10cpl if I produced a greater amount of lines, and 11cpl for weekends and holidays.
Pay Rate
Any IC's out there...have you requested a pay increase and been told the company doesn't give pay increases to IC status, just employee status?  As if the cost of living increase doesn't affect you if you are an IC?
pay rate
yes, it's beem the same rate forever.  it would take me 12 hours a day to be f/t with these platforms they use.  feeling very discouraged.
I think 12 cpl is about the going rate in most

markets, but I would say it depends on what you have to do - pick up tapes, deliver work, do reprints, etc.  

Pay Rate for MTs
We have let our profession go underground, into our homes, out of the professional settings we used to work in.

NOW is the time to bring this profession back up to its high standards that used to be there, before hospital/medical cuts CUT our pay first!

I have been told there are 130,000 current MTs in this country, yet the need is for 800,000 ~ Yet our pay keeps being cut more and more, cost of living keeps going up and up, and we are jumping at jobs starting at 7-8 cpl?

We all need to ban together as an Association or a team, a united front, and raise up our profession by demanding to be paid for quality services!!! Many clients don't want offshore MTs, and I've never heard of anyone who was happy with the work produced offshore.

Our work is an IMPORTANT LEGAL DOCUMENT, major importance with how a doctor/physician/hospital is reimbursed by Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

We need to re-claim this profession and raise the standards TODAY, before there are homeless IC MTs....

Any one out there ready to make a stand? And be paid what we deserve to be paid? I'm not talking about a Labor Union as such, but something united Nationwide - That works FOR the MT, not against them.

Let me know!
IC Pay rate
Hmmmm.. perhaps if you have your own clients, the "going rate" is 11 cents a line. Not so in the real world. In most cases the average rate is 8-9 cents a line for transcription. We do have some at 9.5.

The reality is that the average client is paying 11 cents a line (unless perhaps it's a hospital with a large MT Corporation). The phone is costing us 1 cent per line for the 800 number for the clients, dictation system is another 1-2 cents including internet and 24/7 support) and we're paying 3 cents for editing for those files that the Transcriptionist doesn't feel like spending the extra time looking up information and for full QA on our trainees. So, you can see doesn't leave a whole lot of profit for the MTSO. So, the MTSO TRIES to make it up on the clients that will pay an extra 1-2 cents for 24 hour turnaround or less and extra services.

If I had been able to find a service paying their ICs 11 cents a line, I probably wouldn't still be an MTSO.....

There is also the possibility that the Indian MTs might ask for higher rates in the future.
Very low pay rate
Hi, I sent in my resume 2 weeks ago, was contacted this week and was sent their benefits and wages. I was shocked at how low the cpl was. They pay their holiday pay at 11 cpl. I get almost 13 cpl where I am now. I was shocked.
ASR rate

Can you provide me with an average lph count for ASR?  I currently transcribe between 250 and 300 lph and am being moved to ASR.  I do not see currently that rate will compare to my production with straight transcription as I am getting 200 lph with the ASR (which has a lot to learn yet).  Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.  I am trying to decide whether to stay or go.


going rate
How do you find out the going rate in my location?
QA rate
I do QA and I would not take less than 4.5 per line, some companies are 5 per line and that is pretty low when you consider most want you to full proof. I would be careful about per report. If it is acute care most reports are long enough you would only be making about 2 cents a line average. QA has a lot of other variables also, like how good the MTs are. If they are good and you are filling in blanks then MAYBE but I'd be careful. Sounds pretty low to me.......
What's the going QA rate?

What are you QA's currently making per line?

Pay rate
I started as an IC for a local women in 1993 and made $.11 per 65 character line.  A year later I went out on my own for $.12/65 character line (still doing tapes then and had to drive back and fourth to the other side of the county twice a day or I'd have stayed with her)...by 2000 I was making $.14 per gross line but getting burned out with people who would not work and returned their tapes at the last minute and the 2 hospitals I worked for were taking longer and longer to pay. I had to have major surgery so I gave up my business.  Afterwards I worked for a few services where they never paid on time or the line rate was crap or the work dried up.  Where I work now, I make $.095 per 65 character line and $.10 per 65 character line as an employee (2 places).  I don't make anymore than I did 16 years ago, which is sad.
Do you always consider 8 cpl too low a rate?

you have one doctor that you have every day unless he's on vacation, the doctor uses a lot of the same phrases constantly, usually does 900 or so lines a day, and it only takes you about 3 hours to do his work?  I have one like this.  He's an ESL and does have an accent but I understand him perfectly.

Also have another account, same situation but instead of clinic notes is an endocrine doctor dictating letters to referring physicians.  Again ESL but I can understand him perfectly.  I have to put in addresses but I just make macros for all of them so after a while I have most of the addresses he uses.  Again, 8 cpl and I average 250 to 300 lph.  Usually 900 to 1000 lpd.  Is that so bad?

I guess it would be different if you had a bunch of different doctors but doing the some ones every day you get used to them.

VR pay rate
I would much rather be paid by the line then the hour, if you know what you are doing, your terminology, your ESL accents, ect you can usually get quite a lot done. You suggest cutting down to hourly pay and do you really think the MTSO's are going to make that rate very profitable to you?
Help with rate increase, please
Good morning, everyone. May I have a little advice on a rate increase I am thinking about, please? I have been transcribing for a clinic here in South Florida for 4 years. I started out at 0.06/line and have never raised my rate for this client. However, I would like to raise my line rate to 0.08. Is this unreasonable? I work from home and feel very isolated when it comes to knowing if I am way too low on my rate. Any advice you can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks!
Hospital rate
It does not matter.  Just need an idea of what the hospitals are paying in-house transcriptionist.  Thanks.
a good rate, - sm
100 gross lines (at 77 cpl) = $9.00, but the same using the 65/cpl formula, it would be 7700 characters/65 = 118 lines x .09 = 10.66. So you make more by regular line if you have full reports usually....but as I said if the gross lines are generally short or not the whole page width then it is good, do you get blank lines too?
What rate will they start you at?
Around our state the going rate is....sm
10-12 cpl for that same 65 character line for office work, 12-14 cpl for the same 65 character line for hospital work.
per hour rate
approx how much per hour do you make, just curious. i have been offered a job and was wondering per hour what this would come to. Thanks
Radiology rate ?

Been offered a radiology account -- what is reasonable rate?  They are paying 1.40 per report at this time, but will pay line rate if I want.   Seems a flat rate would be better on some days, worse on others, but would even out in the end.  Any suggestions?  (no ESL dictators on this account if that makes a difference - all digital, net based, no cost to me). Thanks and appreciate any input. 

Radiology rate - sm
If you get $1.40 per report with no ESL and all the other things you stated, TAKE IT!! and please tell me who offered this?  I'm only getting $1.15 per report.   It does all even out in the end with long and short reports though.  Good luck, and pass on who offered this please?
Unfortunately, this rate is so 5 years or more ago.
Ever since offshoring started, our wages have gone down.  I tie it directly to that and thre greed of the companies who offshore.