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not everyone is like this - my kid graduated

Posted By: in 1999 and no big hoopla announced...sm on 2006-07-09
In Reply to: I think it is hysterical how things have changed since I - sm - Laura E.

Not everyone buys into/bought into the changes you describe.  My kid bought the car with $$ saved/earned when 17.  Outside of that, worked full time/still does and goes to school and expects nothing but to move forward in the life and strives to do so.

And we are not a poor family either - just didn't and don't buy into commercialism of every occasion in this country.

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Graduated from....
Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, FL
Graduated from M-TEC
It cost me about $2600 when I graduated in 2001. Right out of school I made excellent, unheard of money by being paid on a gross line. I was able to top out at around 60K after 4 years, increasing steadily each year. I worked about 60 hours a week, as I knew when these accounts went away I would make *regular* money. They did after 4 years. I now make around 28K a year and work 30 hours a week. You may want to stay where you are!!
I graduated from AHP
Just about 12 years ago I graduated from At-Home Professions and am still doing transcription. I've worked for Medquist for 8 years and worked for a hospital before that. So now you've met a graduate of AHP who is able to do the job. I've learned far more with on-the-job training than I ever did through the program, but just wanted to let you know there are a few of us oddball AHP graduates who are actually productive...
18 here. Graduated and then married
two weeks later, still with the same man 16 years later.
I graduated in 1989 (sm)
Good to see someone from back home, though!  :)
I graduated CS and do have regrets
The reasons are the same as you have read elsewhere. There are no instructors, but rather an impersonal "grader" that you aren't quite sure you can trust since what might be right one time is wrong the next. There are errors in the material that can make you end up looking like a fool. I had nitroglycerine in my spell check on word for a year before I realized I had added it from a cut and paste report taken out of FOMS and was incorrect. Of course, that is only one example of many. I could go on and on, but I won't. All in all, it is inferior, and I wish I had gone to M-Tec or Andrews so that I could have started out excellently instead of clawing my way there of my own volition.
Both. Graduated from a junior college with sm
medical secretarial degree, but learned 99.9% on the job. Schooling proved to be an invaluable foundation for the years to come.

33 years of MT.
RE: I hear you on that one - same for me. Baby just graduated :-(
I graduated from M-Tec, and MQ hired me without experience. nm
It depends on what school you graduated from.
If you graduated from one of the top 3 schools many MTs have a job by the time they get finish the program.  I take it that isn't your case.  You would probably be better off trying to find an in-house job locally until you get some experience.  You can post your resume on the job boards and might get some offers that way.  Be careful though and ask questions as there may be some less than desirable companies trying to take advantage of newbies. 
I went to career step & graduated 3 yrs ago. I think it prepared me well.

Hey FC girl--I graduated in 1994 at FCHS
When I graduated high school in 1967, sm
I got a set of matching luggage and a manual typewriter!

I was fortunate to have parents able to afford all tuition, books, and on-campus living expenses. Many graduates don't have what I was blessed to have and need a little help from family and friends.

I graduated from a local community college. sm
Had my first job before graduation but it was in-house with hourly pay and great benefits. Those are very hard to find anymore. I worked in-house for my first 2 years and then went on maternity leave picking up side work through a company for more income. Realized I was tripling my money going from hourly to production by that time, turned in my notice, and never looked back. Been at home ever since. If at all possible, in the beginning I would recommend to anyone to work inhouse even if it is for a transcription company. The value of having other "ears" is definitely not something to take for granted. I also learned as much as I could while getting that hourly pay as time is money when on production. I have to say I probably would not be near as proficient of an MT today had it not been all those hours learning and having another ear around to help out when stuck.

You bring up a point too though that I haven't really thought about before....With all the transcription being outsourced out of the office, it is only going to get much more difficult for anyone to get those breaks and get the required "experience" as a beginner.
33, Medical Secretary Degree, graduated in 1999
Thanks..school wont give another copy since I am graduated now...also went to a whole new comp, sm
not just an upgrade. Could not pull the free program off the old one. thanks anyway. Just looking to get by on something inexpensive until I get some $$$ coming in.
Like that's so easy? Divorced bud of mine at 51 graduated college w/her BS last year ...
I know of a company who is restarting up their mentoring program for newly-graduated MTs. A GREAT
company to work for - I think they are independent contractor status, though not sure about their mentoring program status. At any rate, they are willing to take new grads and help them transition into actually working! The women who owns the company is truly wonderful.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, though I don't at the moment.  The company is Accu-Stat in Wisconsin! Keep that name somewhere on a sticky or something! Really great people, and she did mention that she really wants to restart this program she used to have for newbies!  Blessings to you and good luck! Have fun! Cause it sure can be fun, while having to work, which, of course, is not fun in and of itself, huh?? Oh, to be independently wealthy.  Congrats on your new baby, by the way!!  And that's SO great that your Mom is there for you! You have a good example to follow!