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As for his preacher, there have been

Posted By: francie on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: Don't forget his preacher! - nm necessary

many things done by this country of which a sane thinking person would not be proud.  Do you know any history?  Probably not, they don't put history on American Idol.  So I will spell out some of what this country should not be proud.  How about slavery? How about sterilizing people who were thought to be mentally ill or mentally retarded?  How about the Tusskeegee experiment?  Look it up, and then reading about these things, tell me if the preacher was wrong or hateful.

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I think there has always been a preacher........ sm
involved in the inaugural activities in the past. Why should this year be different? Rick Warren is probably one of the least offensive, watered down preachers he could find to offer the prayer at the inauguration. That he might "offend" some of Obama's constituents does not speak too highly of either him or Obama.
Don't forget his preacher!

Preacher of personal responsibility: When do