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McCain knew about Bristol before he picked her so what on Earth does that say...sm

Posted By: worst part on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: a Down baby and a pregnant - felicia

about his judgment?!?! Palin has her hands full at home...I understand why he chose a woman but why this one I will never understand?!?!

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And that is why McCain picked SP.n/m
On CNN this morning, John McCain picked...sm
Sarah Palin because of her ideology.  She was never veted.  Investigators are in Alaska now doing so. Smart move John. 
Okay....let's see...McCain picked the financial meltdown...
as the #1 issue. OBama picked his run for the Presidency. Meaning he is always going to put Barack first. McCain put his country first. End of story.
Tina Fey said if McCain wins she is leaving the earth. Glad she won't have to. nm
John McCain knew when he announced
SP as VP, although he first lied and said he didn't know that she is pregnant.  Once a liar always a liar. 
I knew it was a matter of time before we would hear from a McCain supporter
I guess you must figure if you use his middle name enough times people are going to think what? That he's Saddam reincarnated? You really do not give America enough credit to know a name does not make a person who they are, the goodness they do and what they believe in make them a good person. So...when you post about John McCain do you write John Sydney McCain? And do you write Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton? No. You don't even know what Hussein means. Here's a bit of background of the origin of his name. Barack means "To bless" and Hussein means "to be good". Both are beautiful names. I know exactly what you are trying to do. You believe that if you say his name enough times in full people will think of Saddam Hussain. But there are many more good people with the name. For instance...King Hussein of Jordan. The person who wrote the Kite Runner is Khaled Hossain and many more. In fact there are more good people named Hussein than are bad.
Hussein is a very common name in Bangladesh just like Smith or Jones. His middle name honors his grandfather. In case you don't realize this, he was born in America and raised in a Christian home, went to christian churches. To incite feelings of "fear" because his middle name is Hussein? Well just shows what kind of person you are.
Also, you didn't show the good things he has done working in government. And the stuff you did write I don't think a lot of people know what all this means. I read it and its just mumbo jumbo. If you want to talk about bad records and bad things people have done while in government, lets post about Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. There's enough reading material to last a lifetime.
Bristol might not want to be a celeb

Wasn't it nice for Jamie Lynn to support her?  NOT!  Big Ole Not!  But it's a private matter, but I bet she puts Jamie Lynn's expensive bib on her new baby!  What is this world coming to?  And you all say celebs and politicians don't mix!  Even Dr. Phil has something to say... 


Bristol also stated that she would...
have preferred getting pregnant 10 years later, having finished her college education and having landed a job.
Sounds to me that she was prevented to make her choice.
In Bristol's house, choice was never
Who know's? If she had felt comfortable enough to come to her mother about birth control, she may not now be in the position to (In Palin's own word) "grow up faster than we had ever thought." Furthermore, this begs the question of sex education taboos, both in the household and in the schools, parental controls over acess to education, the judgment involved in making these decision about access to education and birth control and so forth. Guess Plain was having a bit of difficulty balancing her priorities while governor. Of course, lost in the shuffle is the fact that no one will ever know how Bristol feels about her siutation, the decisions that she may or may not have made herself and the national spotlight she now finds herself in. This coming out of the ethics-housekeeper's own house. Unwittingly, she has really shone a brand new light on herself and the issues at hand. Way to go, Palin. John McCain probably knows by now that maybe he should have done a bit more homework before he got himself and his party into this pickle.
Bristol betrothed to (*&%* redneck

Already intensely caricatured, Mrs Palin and her family face heavy exposure as the US and international media attempt to fill the vacuum of information about the relatively little-known 44-year-old mother of five.

The most recent revelations surround the announcement that her teenage daughter, Bristol, was pregnant.

In a statement, Mrs Palin, who is avowedly pro-life, said Bristol intended to have the baby and would marry the father, Levi Johnston.

Johnston has described himself on his MySpace page as "a f***ing redneck", the New York Post reports. "But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s*** and just f***in' chillin' I guess," the 18-year-old hockey player wrote.

"Ya f --- with me I'll kick [your] a$$."

His My Space page has since been removed.

Johnston also wrote: "I don't want kids."

If you insist, we could always bring Bristol
unlike McC's supporters, I actually listen to my candidate when he says off limits. You are too covered with mud to realize he was defending your idiotic VP candidate and trying to shield her and her family from the glare of some VERY unfavorable media. The only chickens around this roost coming back are the ones that W set loose in the coop. I'll pass on following up the skeletons in McC's closet out of respect for my candidate's feelings. REAL American family values tell us not to go there.
Bristol Palin's Due Date
According to Levi Johnson, the baby daddy, Bristol Palin's due date is TODAY, December 18. It'll be interesting to see and hear what happens or doesn't happen in the next couple of weeks.

Here's how desperate the GOP is: During their convention, in September the religious family-values party trotted out an unwed teenage mother-to-be and the knucklehead who knocked her up, and they gave them a standing ovation.
Bristol Palin interview...(sm)
Looks like Bristol is going to be the complete opposite of her mother.  In the interview she said that abstinence is "not realistic."  Good for her!  Another thing that got my attention was the use of the word "choice" when speaking about her decision to have the child.   Hmmm....
You should all apologize to Sarah and Bristol Palin....


geezzzz, people.

Do not patronize. Bristol has no real voice here.
She, her baby and her husband be living their private lives out on the alter of sacrifice for the sake of SP, regardless of how the news got out there. It's out now and mom's ambitions played just as much role in this tragedy as any rumor factory you will repeatedly try to use as a scapegoat. No need to beat this dead horse and repeat youself a thousand times tonight. The media will not show restraint and the internet, even less. We will all have our bellies full of this as the convention grinds on. One thing is certain, Palin just rained on her own parade.
Where do think they fit on the Bristol Stool Scale? My guess is type 1 nm
We all know why he picked her.....
It is so obvious that he would pick a female to back him even though he is not for EQUALITY!!
Picked him probably because
Yep and ABC picked that up, plus she
was interviewed on NBC today by Matt Lauer.
Certainly WOULD NOT have picked
She was picked loooong before the
Glad I'm not the only one who picked up on that.
It is so dreadfully uncomfortable listening to him. He's got a good speaking voice, but the uhh, um, uh, uh, um gets very old and I sit at the TV and shout "spit it out".
At first I was thinking wow they picked up....sm
on that quick, but I forgot that I get a late showing. It happened less than 5 minutes ago on the 4 pm broadcast.
Well, Obama picked her?
Why on earth
would I want to complain about people with alligator mouths and hummingbird arses.  That's a personal problem.
What on earth
does being good-looking have to do with anything??

No one is talking about McCain's or Obama's relative handsomeness.

Is this the basis on which you're voting?? Then the country is doomed.
Why on earth would a gay
couple want to get married in a church when homosexuality is strictly forbidden in the Bible? That doesn't make any sense.

Hopefully the courts will overturn this in the states that have made it legal.
Bristol's future MIL arrested on 6 counts of felony drug charges.
Palins can't seem to catch a break this past week. 
So tell me - what political office does Levi Johnson and Bristol Palin hold -sm
Answer: None. What contract did they sign? Answer: None. If they did sign a contract like you said they did, I'd like to see the paper with their signatures on it. This post has nothing to do with the job that Gov. Palin is doing. It has nothing to do with what she is doing in her office, politics, or for the people of Alaska. It is not talking about issues that affect our lives on a daily basis (like skyrocketing taxes, unemployment, people losing homes, etc). This post is about as juvenile as they come. Again you need to take this to the gab board or a website that speaks of such juvenile issues.

Last I knew Sarah Palin was not exploiting anything right now. She has gone back to Alaska and is no longer running for VP for an election that has ended. And if you want to talk about exploiting children lets talk about Biden and that grandson he grabbed up and held onto everytime a camera came into site. It was like watching George with Kuato attached to his chest from the movie Total Recall. Now that there is a crat prop if I ever saw one.

If you hate Palin so much then fine. At least have the decency to pick on her for something she did. Levi Johnson and Bristol Palin do not hold any political office and they did not sign any contracts so that they could be bashed and harrassed the rest of their lives.

You said it "if you are looking for a more intelligent read, I suggest you start reading comic books". So you even admit that your posts are less intelligent than comic books.

I would suggest you and others that want to continue this juvenile discussion there are still issues of Archie and Veronica and Veronica and Betty comic books out there you could read too.

As for non-political issues (i.e. Levi Johnson and Bristol Palin's personal lives) take it to the gab board or a teenager website where you could discuss til your hearts content. Leave this board for political discussions.

And give it a rest. We are sick of non-political issues on this board.
My pardons to you, then. It was evidently picked up by

Fox and of course had the 'ole Fox spin put on it, riling up once again the unstable.

What on earth are you talking about?
Did I miss an earlier post that this is replying to or do you think that these are the only things that one could be bothered about concerning Obama?
The earth has been "replenished" far too many
and we'll all be standing shoulder-to-shoulder across every continent, with barely enough room to turn around. So what exactly is so 'intelligent' about populating our species out of existence?

Who knows - maybe God realizes we humans were a BIG MISTAKE. We're fouling the beautiful, bountiful earth that according to you, he made specifically for us. Leveling mountains and forests, polluting the streams & the oceans, causing the extinction of hundreds of species of animals (that supposedly HE created, right?) And for what? Because your brand of 'religion' says it's a sin to abort, (some even say contraception at ALL is a 'sin'), and that it's our God-given duty to replicate ourselves over and over again ad infinitum.

So, maybe he's trying to save our species by slowing down the multiplication factor a little bit. Ya never know. But one thing I DO know: Look at other species that outgrow their habitat and their food supply. That's where we're all headed.

And Nancy Palosi hand picked more
than 11 of her people to vote NO, people who owed her favors.
Why I think Palin was picked as VP running mate - sm
I have this feeling that somewhere near the end of this campaign, McCain had second thoughts. I think he changed his mind about wanting to try to lead this mess of a country for the next 4 years. He's no spring chicken. I think Palin was plucked from practically out of nowhere to become his running mate because she was such a joke, so inept and incpable of handling the job of being a US vice-pres., that he knew he would lose, but didn't have to stop running and be viewed as a quitter.

Any thoughts on that?
How on earth could I stop you from posting....
have right at it. Don't you have anything better to do than take potshots at me? You guys are exactly why I will never vote Democrat again. You will not even allow a dissenting opinion without potshots and belittling. I thought liberals were all about freedom of speech and protection from being silenced in any way...you don't believe it at all...unless someone agrees with you. And for some reason, Obama supporters seem to be more rabid about it than most. Yet another rason not to vote for him...like I needed another one.
What on God's green earth makes

you call her a Bimbo.  This isn't some anorexic model.  This is a woman who once participated in a beauty pageant.  I just do not see how that disqualifies her as capable for this job.  She has been married for, I think, 20 years....which in this day in age is GREAT!!!  She has 5 kids.  She has an 80% approval rating as governor.  If you truly refuse to even look into her and what she stands for just because she is an attractive women.....well....I'm sorry but that just leads me thing these ramblings are coming from an envious unattractive person.  If you don't like Palin....fine.  But give us a better reason than because she was in a beauty pageant and she is pretty.  That is absolutely the most ignorant reason to not vote for someone.  That would be like someone not voting for Obama just because he is black.....just plain stupid.  That is superficial thinking.  Talk about judging a book by its cover.  Oh no...Palin is pretty....can't vote for her..she must be a bimbo.  DUMB DUMB DUMB!

lol....you act like Alaska is at the ends of the earth....
and they are "poor Alaskans." I think they have all incomes levels. Hey...a few thousand dollars is a lot of money to ME. lol.

Anyway...the amount of land drilled on in Alaska is extremely small in contrast to the size of the state. Proposed drilling in ANWR encompasses about 2000 acres at the most far north part of Alaska. ANWR in total is 19 MILLION acres.
No, he said the Earth would never be destroyed by FLOOD again. nm
Where on earth do you people get those crazy
getting any 'free money'. The super-rich will have to pay more of their fair share. For lots of others, it'll stay the same. For those of us who are hanging on by our toenails and making less & less money (umm.... medical transcriptionists, perhaps?), we'll get a bit of a break at tax time. But handing out free money? You gotta be kidding.
Who's God? Your God? My God? Earth, Wind and Fire?
What on earth does the Taliban in Pakistan....
getting stronger have to do with the war in Iraq? That has to do with the war in Afghanistan, which, by the way, Obama never said he would end, in fact, he wants to escalate, which he has. The war in Iraq was the one he vowed to put an end to...you don't remember the speech? "We do not belong there, we never belonged there, and when I am elected I will begin immediate withdrawal." Yeah..uh huh. Then he moved it out to 16 months. And he has moved it out again to 24 months. Your golden idol has clay feet, my friend. You are so blinded by the "light" you just can't see it, and I cannot decide if that is plain old denial or if you really are that naive. :-)
I picked up the quack word from the original post.
No double standard here...unless only Obama detractors are allow to use the quack word. Since you have a hard time talking about more than one thing at a time, let's not divert our attention to include the third subject of homosexual marriage, OK...just keep it simple so you can keep up.
That wasn't my whole message - you just picked out the sentence you wanted to
But that's no surprise. There was one sentence in those two paragraphs about how the crats always blame the pubs, but they never take responsibility and blame the people in their own party who are at fault too. So you take one sentence out of the whole two paragraphs and say that's what the whole message was about. Nice try. My message was about this admistration so far being a disaster in less than one month. The only ones who see it okay are the kool-aid drinkers, and that I'm sick of all the people acting as though there was never a United States until Obama came along. Since you evidently did not read my message I'll repeat it now.

American has been around for over 200 years. We've had some good presidents and we've had some bad presidents, but Obama did not discover a new country here.

Since McCain was not elected nobody can say whether or not he would have been a better president or not, so time to put that dog to rest.
I think you picked the wrong time to make such a suggestion...nm
Yes, America is so horrible that nearly everyone from every country on earth sm
wants to live here.  What does that tell you? 
Typo - meant god's good earth.
Picked Rahm Emanuel, most left wing liberal for
Wow, real great choice.  I wished he would have picked more of a conservative or at least someone for both sides of party.  Great way to make start as President.
If your idea of earth is fear, hate, and misery...no thanks!
The people who are creeped out by Obama and the people who support him are probably scared of their own shadows and prefer to wallow in misery!
Where on earth in this post do you get I hate blacks, Dems, or the poor?
I was quoting the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin..who is black, and a Democrat, though not poor. Did I say I didn't like mayor Nagin? I am just saying he is acting a whole lot differently than he did during Katrina. And from that you get that I hate blacks, dems, and the poor? The dem talking points don't really fit this post...??? Now I am confused.

I don't hate Dems. I just don't agree with them. And I don't understand how they can say they are the party of the people and want to fight so hard for freedom of choice and individual rights, and then turn on one lone poster like a pack of snarling dogs for disagreeing with them. Don't you think what the party is supposed to stand for and the way theones on this board are acting is even SLIGHTLY contradictory?? lol
Ashes are all that's left of the shrub's scorched earth policies.
only after a platform transplant and some really new blood to resolve heir leadership crisis.
Why on earth? Small person, tiny brain, no power,