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of course it's our business, she put herself in this

Posted By: position, she should be expected on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: That's her business and choice if she does, not yours. - What do you do with your time? sm

to be under a microscope.

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Kenya has no business in the business of the U.S.

I may be an idjit myself and I am certainly the most cynical of the cynical.  While I'm about it, I think Obama's mom was a bit of an idjit for making the decisions she made in life but I guess that was her business. 

As for GWB, he certainly does deserve some discussion.  Like why did he not straight away pardon those 2 border patrol agents who were the target of the worst miscarriage of justice I have personally ever seen?  Could there be something synister there?  I think so.

I am most certainly NOT a liberal and by the heart of conservatives, I am NOT a conservative either.  I do agree with them (if they really believe it) that abortion and gay marriage are wrong.  HOWEVER, my opinion being stated, I believe those are moral issues and as such belong to God and not the government.  I also do not believe God requires my assistance in passing judgement on them.

Soooo....with all the problems we were facing, t here are many more important issues than Obama's birth certificate.  I drug my feet in voting for Obama but I do  have a glimmer of hope that he is working to at least get some plan in place for the day he is inaugerated.  Everyone deserves a chance.  The American people have spoken so it's time to put this b/c nonissue to rest and get to the business of importance...like millions of people projected to be unemployed and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, which if something isn't done and soon we are headed for the worst times most of you have ever seen and you'll have enough to worry about just wondering how you're going to put food on the table.

It is none of your business!
Mind your own business.
I think that they will go out of business
when any baby boomer without insurance goes out and buys it once he/she has been diagnosed with cancer. Then, when your child needs insurance, there will be no money left to pay for him/her.
Should be NONE of YOUR business how many
Gay is their business...whether or not it is a
Why is that your business?
I am not being hateful or anything. I am just wondering why you consider their marriage or lack of your business?

but again - why is it your business?
If you don't like it, then don't participate in it. I don't believe that biblically gay is acceptable, but if they want to get married and live the married lifestyle, then it does not hurt me. I am not living their lifestyle and I am not participating in their lifestyle. That is their personal decision. It does not affect me or my familiy or my lifestyle one bit by what they do in their home.

I believe that we have much more important things to worry about than whether two gay people are "legally" married or not...
I don't believe your story about 4 of your friends. Too much of a coincidence I would say. You might have just well said you had 12 or more friends who all went through the same thing.

Like the poster said above - until you walk in someone else's shoes mind your own business. People are not put on this earth to meddle in other people's lives (people you don't know) and get involved in things you have no idea about and try to push your viewpoints. News flash - your viewpoints are not always right.
Well, if you want to go into business of producing

vaccines I'll be right behind you cheering you on.  If it's such an urgent matter then why don't you do it?  Like I said, the government will give you a grant for doing it, but it won't even cover the costs of making the vaccines.  Yeah, I'm sure you're ready to fill out that grant request first thing Monday morning.

I worded the vaccine statement wrong.  I heard yesterday on the radio, when all the ADD and autism with flu shots was being discussed, the majority of vaccines are now being made overseas, because companies have to take a hit just to make them.  THEY SAID that no smallpox vaccines were being made in the U.S.  The government does not make it feasible NOR do they protect these companies from litigation.

Do you think the government needs to strong arm drug companies into making vaccines for little or no profit?  If you do then you've shifted into a whole other political view.

Business politics

You nailed it when you said business.  However, if a conservative had said the same thing you and Lurker just stated you would have disputed that.  Liberals swear up and down Murdoch is a conservative Republican, but the truth is Murdoch is all about Murdoch and what sells.  His politics is business.

I never dispute big business...sm
I know they rarely have the little guy in mind or stand on principals. Murdoch is down with the republican party right now, but he's thinking about '08 as it appears the tide is changing (bush ratings). He has told the Washington Post that he is not sure if he will back Hillary or McCain in '08. He's waiting to see how the tide rolls to see which propaganda his news engine will push.
That's her business and choice if she does, not yours.
Just because YOU wouldn't be able to handle children plus a job doesn't mean another woman wouldn't. Perhaps your energy or patience level isn't up to it, but I know plenty of women that have high-profile careers and young children and handle both beautifully. It's all about balance. Again, just because you might not be able to find that balance doesn't mean others can't.
What has Obama run by himself. What business?
small business
Me and DH own a small recreation business, and quite frankly, a few years ago, when the gas prices started getting out of control is when our business started hurting. We are taxed individually, not as a corporation, so I don't see anything in O's tax plan that would hurt us. Maybe help us a bit. Most small business owners aren't making a large fortune, those are the big corporations who have so many dam@ loopholes anyway!
Besides the fact that as a new business...sm
owner does he really think he is right away going to have a $250,000 PROFIT anytime soon, if ever. Not likely.
Really who you vote for is your own business.

This way it keeps everyone happy.  Being a dem myself and being raised by republican parents, I tend to be on the fence sometimes, but I still consider myself a dem voter.  I'm no expert.  Otherwise, I'd being doing something other than MT and posting on this board. 

Your friends should appreciate the fact that it is a personal decision on your part. 

It becomes my business when they attempt to
Laws affect everyone. They don't want "rights"...they have rights. They just want to change laws to somehow prove they are legitimate, as if the fact they are human doesn't make them a legitimate human being already? I have every right to make it my business when they want to change the laws to suit their lifestyle.
OK, Now I KNOW I am in the wrong business. nm
Anyone who runs a business knows there is
If you are against abortion, that's your business, but...
You have got a lot of nerve comparing abortion to the Holocaust!
My morals are my business.
I am not interested in discussing my morals, especially with people who are trying to shove their morals and their religion down my throat. That's the whole point of my post. Keep your moral and religious beliefs to yourself!
A Better Business Model
If only all business owner's thought this way...

DENVER - Eleven-year FreeWave Technologies Inc. employee Melanie Duran says the wireless data radio maker is a great place to work. But you can judge for yourself.

The Boulder-based company says it has had profits every month since it hired its first employee in 1995. There have been no layoffs. Employees get company-funded retirement plans and bonuses based on profits and growth.

And there's more: As part of a $113 million private-equity investment deal in 2007, FreeWave is sharing $9 million of investors' money with its fewer than 100 employees as a reward for the company's success. Shares are divvied up based on individual performance. FreeWave refused to disclose individual payments.

The $9 million, for eligible employees who were with FreeWave when it won the investment, has been paid out in three installments. Company founders Steve Wulchin and Jonathan Sawyer are handing out the last payments Thursday.

"We're fortunate to have great bosses," said Duran, a production lead. The extra money is helping the 33-year-old close on buying her first house.

"This is something that in today's economy Steve and Jonathan don't have to do, and yet they've chosen to do it," said Tim Ake, a Navy veteran and production manager who has been with FreeWave for about five years. "That inspires me to go and do likewise," said Ake, who typically gives some of his bonuses to his church and to charity.
No business owner in their
Come on...paying back the employees that actually do the work that makes the company succeed?? Creating an atmosphere that makes the employees feel that they have made a contribution to the success of the company and acknowledging their contribution in a financial manner...that is so 1950's.
Do you own a business? If not, you don't have a clue
Small businesses are laying off right now DIRECTLY RELATED to Obama being in office. I personally know several small business owners in this town with anywhere from 50 to 200 employees and they are already laying off and anticipating laying off more BECAUSE of Obama's regulations which he is/will IMPOSE on small businesses, while all the while convincing O lovers such as yourself that job loss has absolutely nothing to do with him!

I know this for a fact! So don't be so quick to give your Obama a free pass.....

He is running this dog and pony show with disasterous results already!

You can't keep pointing your finger at Bush for the rest of Obama's term; Obama is directly responsible for ALL the mistakes he is now making.... why don't you hold him responsible???

I think we know the answer to that question, so never mind.

Then the poster should have kept her business to herself!
She murdered a baby and then comes on here with her little sob story and you boobs eat it up. Oh...you're so heroic ... oh... you're so brave.

Uh... no she's not. She's a baby killer. And if she wanted everyone to stay out of her business, she should have come on here and typed it out on a PUBLIC FORUM!!!!!!

I don't have to walk in a killer's shoes to know I'm not a killer.

If you do, then I pray for the safety of your neighbors. You're quite obviously unhinged.
None of your business, I can post
MY opinion to everything I want, as long as it is not against the rules of this forum.
You are not the owner or moderator of this forum, so do not overstep your boundaries.
It's people like you that need to mind your own business
I would never have an abortion or dream of having an abortion. To me I couldn't do it, but as an MT I know there are a myriad of other issues that one would have an abortion.

How arrogant and "un christian" of you to judge other people.

What would lead someone to have an abortion?... there are many reasons that neither you nor I would be able to think of. Yes, I have typed reports for girls who have had multiple abortions and some that use it as birth control, and I think that's a shame but it's not my place to judge them. I would rather hear of someone who had an abortion rather than bring a child into this world that would be raised in a drug infested, alcoholic abusing, sexually abusing, financially poor household where they would receive no love or attention. Or maybe there is a serious health condition in which this baby would be "impaired" if born.

As an MT I type many reports of girls having abortions. While I feel sad for them I also know that I have no idea what someone else is going through that would bring them to that stage in their life.

It's so easy for you to put a label on them as "muderers". I could argue the same thing if you eat meat. Then you are also part of the group who will murder animals just so you can eat them.

I do believe that a lot of people who have abortions have hearts and a conscious and go through a depression after what they have done, but to be judged by someone who doesn't even know them or what they are going through just adds fuel to the fire.

Stay out of people's business. If someone wants to (or needs to) have an abortion that is between them and their doctor. Not any political figure or religous nutcake.

The girl who has to make the choice of having an abortion should only be judged by one being - our creator.
i dont need to mind my own business!
this is a discussion OPINION board. First - Who said I was out protesting outside of abortion clinics Second, who said I was Christian? Maybe I should have clearly stated my position in the fact that I meant people using abortions as birth control, or just because the pregnancy is an inconvenience should be ashamed. If it is for a medical reason, then I understand! And to people like you that make excuses for why babies shouldn't be brought into the world, it's a little thing called responsibility... and lots of people like you and other pro choicers dont know what that word means! About the drug babies and such... why dont you do some research on how many abortions are had by people like that... i'll give you a clue.. it's NOT a high percentage. if you are a teenager having sex then guess what, deal with what God gave you right? oh wait that's a Christian thing to say huh...
As an IC, I'm considered a small business, so
but not really sure which will benefit me the most. ICs must all think like small businesses and consider taxes based on that, not as individual taxpayers.

I actually don't agree with either one on all tax issues, so I'm still on the fence. I doubt Barack will be able to enact and MAINTAIN the tax cuts he has promised. I agree with giving seniors a break on taxes when they are on a limited budget, for example, but Barack has said seniors making less than $50K. That means if they make $49K (which is more than I make, BTW), they don't have to pay ANY taxes?? Lower that amount a tad and I might see it as reasonable, but a senior making more than me, receiving senior discounts, Medicare, etc., and then not having to pay taxes. Seems a little off balance somehow.

And simplifying tax preparation isn't one of my top priorities, I have TurboTax for that. A lot of his other tax proposals pretty much mirror McCain's so I don't see much difference there, like the R&D, small biz, etc. I like his ideas on taxes, but IMO, his website is full of promises that he will have a VERY hard time fulfilling.

I like that Barack addresses credit card practices. I feel this is a BIG problem. Good creditworthy people are getting screwed by shady practices of credit card companies left and right. I don't see where McCain has addressed this.

I like McCain's summer gas tax holiday, lowering gas prices in the summer, since historically, gas prices always climb through summer especially around the holidays. I also like his HOME plan, as this would make the people truly affected by subprime loans eligible to trade their mortgage. But probably what I like most is McCain's view on healthcare - restoring control to the PATIENTS. I know people that live in countries with Government provided healthcare, and they do not have any more control over that than any of us with paid insurance policies do. I feel the only way to change this issue is to crack down on the insurance companies, force their hands to make premiums more affordable, make them honor their premium terms, limit their restrictions on patients and pre-existing conditions, and do not allow them to tell patients what procedures they can and can't have and what doctors they can and can't see.
Unless their PROFIT from that business exceeds...sm
$500,000 a year ($250,00 x 2 if both work in the business) they will not pay additional taxes.
talked with a smal business

owner who is days away from master's degree in finance.  When I told her that this board was blaming the Federal Reserve Board for this crisis, she laughed out loud. She said that was like blaming sports reporter when a game is lost.  She states it is the policy of letting the big financial institutions play fast and loose with people's money by bundling a whole lot of complicated things together (including worthless mortgages) and selling them to others.  basically, the republicans saying make money any way you want, hurt anyone you want.


If it is a small business, then it is exempt from this - nm
I agree. As a business owner now, if
my taxes are raised, I'm just going to go to work for someone else and close my business down. ALL of my employees will lose their jobs, their benefits, their insurance.

It is the business owner's profit that he...sm
takes home after all expenses are paid.
It was $250K including a business....
and $250K for a business is nothing. and since when is rich a bad word. Only when someone is jealous.
I read that they are happy because they think he will get out of their business - nm
And think of the small business owner...sm
The SBO who has a small staff, who then would have a jump in payroll but no jump in income, unless of course he raises prices, but the SBO already has trouble competing with the huge box/chain stores. Raising the min wage ends up screwing the SBO who are the backbone of free enterprise in this country.
Having Bible study is NOT a business.....
Are you actually so lame that you believe you have to be in a church to have Bible study? Maybe you need to go to one then.

If Bible study were a business, then having a meeting for cub scouts, girl scouts, weekly poker get togethers would be a business then wouldn't it?

Please...... you and those like you are the problem. They have no beliefs whatsoever in anything and couldn't care less if religious freedom is stripped from us or not.

What a shame! By the way, last time I checked, gays and lesbians have the same rights I do..... they are free to go to Bible study too!!

Any business, no matter what it is, is consumer driven...
and consumers (that would be you too) want things cheaper. And you go where things are cheaper. Lots of people go to 4 or 5 different stores (and probably burn more gas than money they save but I digress) to get something cheaper. In order for that store to give it to you cheaper, they have to cut costs. Soooo...enter offshoring. It is all consumer driven. So, consumers are the real culprits here. As to the disparity in what CEOs make vs what the little guy makes...I have no problem with someone who got an education and worked their way up the ladder. I do not understand this mentality where hard work should not be rewarded. As to what Greenspan said....that is taken out of context...yes, he said it, and you know what he gave as a reason? Education. Some statistics as to how American students test higher worldwide in the 4th grade, not so in the 12 grade. He says it is in relation to education level...that those with better education go higher up the income ladder than those who have less an education...so I take it that since you quoted him you are also of that opinion? What he was talking about had nothing to do with corporations or the way "they" want it. If you take down all the corporations, who is going to provide the jobs? Got an answer for that one?
Investors Business Daily (see link)

Decide for yourselves.

Link Below:


Well, it has turned into a multimillion dollar business...
I just find it appalling that they made a $68 million profit and most of that came from aborting babies. It is the only service they render where they require cash up front. No wonder they don't want the laws repealed. They don't give a DANG about womens' reproductive choice. They care about a $68 million profit. I hope if McCain is elected the FIRST thing he does is work on removing federal funding from abortion. There is no way the american public en masse should have to pay for this stuff. Let the posters here keep sending their checks and all the pro-choicers, let THEM pay for it. Seems only fair to me.
It is all OUR business because we are putting our country's welfare in this...sm
governor/mother/grandmother's hands.

She will eventually have to face those questions of how she can perform such an important job and tend to the needs of her daughter, her daughter's baby and her own baby.
I hope you do have your own business and will finally have to pay your share!
What is fair is fair! Oh, by the way...Boo!
NEWS FLASH....prostitutes' business

One madam reported her girls were getting $260 for 60 minutes but now they're hurting because of the economy.   Boy, it's pretty bad when our news media thinks it's noteworthy to note the whores are hurting. 

Don't need psychic powers. Just talk to a business
They aren't so easily fooled. Why? Because they actually have to foot the bills, pay the taxes, and worry about how to employ more people with less money.

You better hope you do win the lottery but then again, where will the money come from to buy a ticket?
It's not propaganda. I know one small business owner...sm
who says he will have to do this, should he get over that hurdle of his business growing to being over 250,000, he will then have to pay more taxes under Obama, and won't be able to. I believe him when he tells me this. I've heard other similar stories in the news (and not Joe the plumber either).

Why must you call it propaganda, when some of us know real, live people who run these businesses, who will be forced to cut back on employees, and/or decide not to expand. They won't be able to put money back into their business to grow it because they'll be taxed to death. and may eventually go out of business or go elsewhere, because they won't be able to afford being in business under Obama.

These are real people, with real concerns, not propaganda.

That's why a lot of them are voting for McCain next month.
So why does a future plumbing business owner

BTW, he can't own a plumbing license without a license.
It serves big business, not the American people
And I could care less about a "check." I am more concerned with job creation. If you think that big business has our best interests in mind, look again, who benefitted from the big bank bailout? Certainly not the populace. Speculators are driving up the cost of gas again. McCain, who admitted he knows little about economics, has no business drawing up a plan he knows nothing about.
Same with the banks - they've lost MY business,
- if EVER. Take my Mastercard, for instance. Been a loyal customer, same bank for 30 years, yada, yada. Always make my payments, often in full, and other times way over the minimum. Never late, my checks don't bounce. So they raise my finance charges from 9% to 29% in one fell swoop!

Needless to say, that's it for me. I cleaned out my bank savings (which was only earning about .02% interest), and paid off the Mastercard with it. Will close the account. Now that there are checking account debit-cards, who needs the charge card? Plus it'll keep me from spending more than I have. In a dire emergency, I can always siphon a little out of my money market (which still earns something like 4-5% interest) to pay for emergencies in FULL, without running up credit card fees. So, there goes part of the banks' income!

If all of us rearranged our finances in such a way that we pay NO fees or finance charges, maybe the banks would have to find an HONEST way to make a profit. Wouldn't THAT be a revelation.
You are one lazy person.....go talk to business
they'll be glad to "enlighten" you..... you are one of those I see on here regularly that run your mouth and condemn Bush but never do you EVER hold Obama responsible for ANYTHING. We all know why but that's beside the point, well, at least to some degree.

And before you jump on the republican thing again, I am not republican and did not vote for Bush. As well I definitely did not vote for Obama; I saw the writing on that wall early on. You are a poster who firmly believes in government taking care of you and yours and, therefore, you will NEVER have a problem with him. You are the type that will always play the blame game to Bush as will many of those kind that voted for Obama. Only those that voted for him out of fear will ever come forward and say they made a mistake, as MANY are doing right now, including many of my neighbors.

Small business owners have already talked to their accountants about what they will have to do once Obama institutes his so-called regulations, which are nothing more than tax hikes, masqueraded (too big a word for ya?) behind all his jibberish about "revenue" and "profit" on businesses, which they refuse to clarify as of yet.

Do you know the difference between revenue and profit? You really don't or you wouldn't be so quick to think small businesses would NOT go under, so IF you have family working right now for a small business OR even a hospital, they will more than likely lose their job.

You need to do your homework. All I heard during the election was "show me the facts", which we all did and when they were put forth, those like yourself just pushed them aside and continued to point fingers at Bush, as if Bush was making Obama's policies.

Well, let's see...so far Obama has lied about NO lobbyists, he WILL go line by line, NO pork, NO earmarks............pleeeze!

Amazing how you haven't called him on any of these things. Why is that? Don't bother, we all know the answer to that? You are sooo transparent?
Murdering unborn children IS MY BUSINESS!!
If you really believe every murdered unborn child is because there were medical necessities, you really are living in la-la land!

I have had friends who have gone through being told after testing their babies were deformed, wouldn't live after birth, would have horrible deformities, etc., and out of 4 friends who have been told this, only ONE child truly had problems. That didn't stop them from having their child. They never thought about NOT having their child....after all, it was THEIR child!