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my daughter is getting

Posted By: BDayes on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: A drinking problem? - TT24

her Master degree in business.   She has a beautiful little 4-year-old son born in wedlock. I a progressive politically.  Boggles the mind doesn't it.


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I would say that if my daughter...(sm)

did a study group at home but couldn't accommodate parking without bothering her neighbors, then she needs to get her behind out and go to a library or something.

I'm not saying that it's the neighbor's fault.  At this point what all of us know about this case is speculation, and that amounts to squat.  So at this point we don't know if they just had mean neighbors, or if the couple was in a war with the neighbors, or if it was or wasn't a hit against christianity, or about 100 other things that could have played into it.  That is the point of my post....to point out that this could be the result of a lot of things, not necessarily just to get at christians.  I think way too much has been assumed in this thread about the situation.

I have a soon to be 9-year-old daughter and
pregnancy and the allowance of it most certainly does concern me especially when McCain is in his 70s and not in the best of health already.  Yes, I was raised with family values and yes this absolutely does concern not only me but my husband as well.  Yes, this is a big focus right now on Governor Palin and her family values.  I'm only one voice, but one voice that is concerned about this teenage girl and it being "allowed" and "accepted."  This goes against any core family values I've learned my entire life.  Does this mean it's okay for her daughter?  Does this mean that this candidate will just "ignore" issues if she had to step in as President blaming us the country and not herself for her own misjudgements or her own "oversites?" 
God bless your daughter..
for having the bravery and the courage to serve and protect us!  May God keep her safe and protected and return her safely home!
My daughter had to take out loans
and work to save money for school. No Pell Grant for her because we make too much money. I guess my money went toward your schooling. Why didn't you just take out loans instead of being handed money from government?
If his daughter is allergic, they may have to get
hypoallergenic trait in poodles and some other breeds is dominant and carries over to the cross-bred offspring.

I think a big, Standard Poodle would be a great First Dog! They are so much fun, yet calmer than the small dogs, and not yippy. Easily trainable, too.

But it would be cool if they could get a shelter dog. Talk about good fortune for some poor, down-and-out dog... to go from the Pound to the President's dog!
My 14-year-old daughter.
The girls were together one night at a friend's house. They heard it through school that Obama family do not believe in Christmas gifts to the girls nor do they believe in giving Birthday gifts. There are also questions if Obama family believe in Thanksgiving.

Looked on line (Google) and cannot get a straight answer, just that muslims do not believe in this either. Do not know that to think and so I asked.
So what? And to not let your daughter listen to
How bigoted is that? Children should be taught tolerance, not HATRED.
Hmm, and just how would you treat your daughter
if she said she was gay?
I'd appreciate it if you would leave my daughter out of your agenda.

I mentioned nothing of her political opinions or what she "thinks." I merely said I baby-sit for her occasionally and use her computer.  for you to try to drag her into your accusations is typical of what I have seen happen on the other board.  It's inflammatory and untrue, but it's how you people seem to create your "facts." I can assure you that my daughter has her own political opinions, and she and I don't always agree, unlike you, but we at least respect each other's right to their opinion and often have respectable, interesting, informative debates with each other.  She was taught respect and learned it very well. You can't hold a candle to the intelligent, respectful young lady that she is, so don't even try because you're way out of your league. As far as going back to the conservative board, thanks, but no thanks. I've already explained my reasons for not going back there any more. People are much more respectful of differing opinions on this board.

My post to gt was simply to tell her that I understand what it's like to be accused of all sorts of things simply because you post on a board.  It happened to me on the conservative board on my first (and last) visit there, which is why I won't return.

Do I think some of the things gt said were over the top?  I sure do.  Do I understand why she said them?  My guess is that she was trying to communicate with you in the only way you seem to understand, since civil attempts don't seem to work with some of you people.  I think I can "understand" her motives, just like some of you "understand" why Eric Rudolph murdered innocent people. And between the two, I'd much rather try to "understand" gt than "Eric" (as he appears to be affectionately referred to elsewhere on this board).

My daughter has shunted hydrocephalus
When she was 5 years old, she had totally unexpected abrupt failure when were out of town, and required a Medflight back home and immediate surgery with her neurosurgeon. I can't imagine if we had to wait for an MRI or CT scan with her. Universal health care scares me to death.
Good luck with your daughter! sm
I have kids are older than yours and while there has not been a pregnancy, there have been other issues we have worked through that floored me and shocked me, but we got through them.

I have several friends whom are excellent parents, involved, church going, teach values ...could not ask for more.

guess what???

Their kids drink, try drugs, have sex and yes, indeed, some have gotten pregnant. I am not saying ALL teenagers do, because that is not true, BUT many, many do.

IMHO, embracing it and loving your child when something like this happens is called unconditional love. It does NOT mean that you condone it or approve. But what is done, is done.

p.s. (joke)
just how do her parents "allow it?"

Question about McCain's daughter
What is really necessary for her to look up on the internet whether or not she was adopted???   Maybe looking in the mirror may have given her a clue!   And I thought Chelsea Clinton was hard on the eyes.  At least Chelsea is educated and a good speaker.  McCain's daughter looks challenged - and I don't be sport's challenged!!   How about Cindy's hair color - ain't that pretty?   
Lets her daughter get pregnant ????
I don't know ANY mother who would get up one day and say, "Gee, I would love to LET my daughter get pregnant". What do you think she should do, handcuff herself to her daughter and follow her around all day and night? Give me a break!!! There are mothers who are home all day with their daughters and they get pregnant. Who you wanna blame now!!!!

Her daughter getting pregnant does not imply sexual abuse at all....I see two hormone driven teenagers. Lets not get so carried away that just because a teenage girl gets pregnant you jump on that stupid bandwagon of believing she was abuse. I feel pretty confident in saying she was probably a willing participant....now they both have to deal with the consequences just like others from the beginning of time......
Congratulations, you have obviously raised your daughter right.
Would love to be a fly on the wall if your daughter
got knocked up despite being "taught not to get pregnant". Especially if that mistake were to end up tying her for 18 years of her life to some loser guy, and all the problems that can bring.

So what exactly do you think will happen if the earth's population continues to grow at the rate it's been for the past 50-100 years? What kind of world does that leave your grandchildren? It's too crowded now - how horrible will it be when the earth's population doubles, then triples? Standing-room-only?
Can't have your cake and eat it too, don't you want your husband, son, daughter...sm
etc. to be paid what they are worth, to be paid enough they can save up and buy a home AND make the mortgage and insurance payments? Afford to feed their family without food stamps? We area a family of five, homeowners, trying to help our eldest with student loans to become a teacher, live VERY modestly, work overtime whenever we can, drive well-used cars that we OWN, and some weeks we have to put off buying medication or shampoo because we spent the family budget until the next paycheck. More working people, able to be consumers paying taxes, is one of the long-term fixes to any economy, we are not all George Bush's Halliburton and corportate/oil buddies, Japan made its working force world class by implementing higher wages, providing better benefits to workers, etc. America is way behind the times, and that is why we are in a boatload of trouble.
Her daughter is not in politics - take it to the gab board
Gloating about the sadness that some kids are going through belongs on the gab board. Her daughter and daughters bf never ran for a political position. It's bad enough to see the Palin bashing continue past the election (get over it), but to gloat about someone's misery is shameful, especially when they are not in politics. The OP was obviously gloating and it's disgusting to know there are people so spiteful that they can't let it go with Palin, they have to drag her kids (soon to continue to her family soon) into the bashing too and express their happiness about the awful circumstances her kids are going through - real nice!!! Take the gossip to the gab board.

And if you look below you'll see many posts by me. I'm not a coward to use my moniker I've always been using.

The father of the Marine daughter also said the same thing. sm
I guess they are all just misguided and brainwashed.  In fact, a lot of the military is saying this. But it doesn't shut people up, does it. Didn't in Vietnam either.  Well, freedom of speech works both ways.  But the left never seems to get that either.
Maybe Palin didn't know yet that her daughter was pregnant when
That is a possibility. The daughter might have tried to hide it until she started showing. I don't know the circumstances around Palin and don't pretend to know, but I knew of girls in high school with me who hid it from their parents well into their 5th or 6th month. Not until they started showing did they tell.
Maybe they'll get their dog when Sarah Palin's daughter
oops typo, *Not Without My Daughter* (Sally Field).....
Did Palin's daughter actually give birth to the child?



of course he lied - but no one died - he had a young daughter to protect...
All men would lie - when, in fact, it was nobody's freakin' business........that was Hillary's problem
Palin's Wasilla has 42 meth labs and her daughter's new mother in law to be sm
got arrested for drugs.

JBB, you may have a point, so hard raising a daughter these days!! (Cute!) :-)........nm
Three months after birth of baby Trip, SP's daughter and boyfriend kaput!
Now did anyone see that coming or is that just something out of the blue? My goodness, would have never believed that. They really seemed like good heads on their shoulders, graduates, college bound, career-minded, responsible. Really shocking to me.
So you and your daughter have no problem with people who wish for people and their children sm
to burn in hell, call people's children ugly, etc. etc.  Well, you might not BE gt, but you might as well be.  Even the liberals don't agree with gt, or hadn't you noticed?  You might want to check that out and while you are at it, the conservative board has been a regular play pen since the liberals stopped their hateful dive bombing.  In fact, some really good conversations are taking place over there between both sides, which DOES NOT happen on this site.