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A post was made asking for opinions. I replied. sm

Posted By: JMO on 2005-07-15
In Reply to: again - sm

Part of the reason I replied was because I did go to management, several times in fact, and either there were no replies whatsoever or the replies were in disagreement with others in management, leaving me wondering which one was correct, or they were replies to simply pacify with no intention of correcting.  I'm not trying to flame the company. If my experience seems like a flame, it is because there is a problem and exposing it is like exposing dirty laundry, I guess.  It isn't meant to dissuade anyone or persuade any else for that matter.  It is simply MY experience.  Like I said before, I am not a disgruntled employee.  I am merely experiencing some things in the company that differ from what others are going through and I am simply expressing my experiences on this forum because of what I stated before about intimidation coming from management on the internal forum. 

You are absolutely right that there are many, many employees of Transcend that are extremely happy.  I'm not among the ones who have flamed anyone for posting postive experiences. I have/had been one of those happy employees for years.  There are also many that have been so fed up they have quit. There are also current employees who are in my situation as well, but are afraid to talk about it.  At this point in time, I fall in the middle grouping.  I'm not saying it's a bad company to work for.  Again, I am merely expressing my experience, and has been said many, many times before, I'm quite confident that people on this board have the ability to know what is best for them in a company and aren't going to let the posting of a few happy cheerleaders or a few disgruntled ex-employees be the basis for the decision what company to choose or not to choose. 

All I am saying is that if you are the poster who feels that he/she can work whenever simply because it is inconvenient to work the shift you had committed to, please don't assume that I hadn't talked to management about MY issues and try to point the finger and make accusations about MY motives.  This board is about the pros and the cons.  Unfortunately for me, my circumstance falls in the latter grouping and I shouldn't be lumped into a group of people flaming or bashing and told it is unfair for me to speak about my experience when I have tried all other internal avenues to no avail.  If my experience seems like flaming the company, there would be no flame if there was no ember to fan, so I should have that accusation pointed at me simply because I discuss it?? That is what's not fair, and since I did say I didn't want to argue, I'm not going to keep the discussion going with banter that gets heated or flamed to the point the whole string gets deleted.  Thanks for your input and have a nice day.


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    Thanks to all who replied to my post. nm
    Did you read the post you replied to at all?
    Because they can even manipulate their count program not to count certain letters, data tags, etc. Of course it will not jive with a word count in Word that will count it all and fairly. Make sense?
    I see. You replied to a post asking about their pay scale. Nevermind. nm
    You almost made it through the post..
    Okay, you almost made it through the post and you were being positive and encouraging until you got to the part about there are a lot of people who think they can transcribe and cannot...

    Just because someone had a bad experience with your company does not mean they are a substandard transcriptionist. Their pay is low for the industry and the incentive plan makes no sense. I left because I don't believe in what is happening in Trinidad. I was always able to transcribe enough lines and always had a 99%+ QA score.
    Your post just made my day! n/msg
    Above post was made by me, not QTme, sorry.
    I think this is the 3rd post you've made sm
    about this.  If you only had 8 days into this job, just let it go and move on.  You sound hysterical.
    Your post made me laugh, then cry.
    Shift differential does not exist at Acusis. Weekend differentials were calibrated in the same way wages were. In order to get a weekend differential, you have to work and achieve your line count on both Saturday and Sunday...so if you've got a Sunday thru Thursday schedule, you're out of luck. Tuesday thru Saturday? Screw you. Plus, with a lot of 'files not available' (no jobs), at least the last Saturday of every pay period has everybody on line trying to squeeze out a few lines...which means that Saturday and Sunday you're not going to get your line count, which means even if you threw family life out the window and chained yourself to your desk, you're still not going to get the weekend differential. If you ever decide to 'share the wealth' and drop your company name, please feel free to let me know. 25+ years of transcription has got to be worth better treatment that I'm getting now.
    The type of post made by this person

    The type of job ad post made by this person is not condoned by MTStars.  Due to the unprofessional content of the job ad, the post has been removed, the posters email has been deleted, the post itself has been removed, and the posters IP has been banned.

    I can't stress enough how degrading it is for any MTSO to post foul language in a job ad post along with making references that people should know what the **** they are doing.  Our industry has been demoralized enough without our own MTSOs posting in this manner. 

    MTStars apologizes to posters for this MTSOs poor judgment in posting.


    The type of job ad post made by this person is not

    The type of job ad post made by this person is not condoned by MTStars.  Due to the unprofessional content of the job ad, the post has been removed, the posters email has been deleted, the post itself has been removed, and the posters IP has been banned.

    I can't stress enough how degrading it is for any MTSO to post foul language in a job ad post along with making references that people should know what the **** they are doing.  Our industry has been demoralized enough without our own MTSOs posting in this manner. 

    MTStars apologizes to posters for this MTSOs poor judgment in posting.


    AMEN!!! The OP is DEFINITELY a post made by someone in management at SPI!
    No SPI employee would ever say those things about that crappy company! They treat MTs like second-class citizens and rip them off to no end! I also worked for Cymed for about 2 years before SPI bought them out. A few months after the buyout was announced, I got out of there as fast as I could. The original poster is obviously either management or just an employee who needs a good, HARD kick in the noggin!
    Hey, QA, I made another mistake .. pull my post .. LOL
    Pardon the html in my post, as I tried to enter smileys ... lol ... there was no way to proofread ~ and I didn't anyway, because it's time for me to get ready for work. I also said not being turned down ~ should have been no not .. LOL .. toodles ~ I'm outta here and not participating anymore. ;o)
    Geesh..It's been a long day. I don't think I made any sense on that post.
    Bottom line is, best pay rate out there, most of the time enough work and good benefits. They have a lot of happy employees.
    The post was made on a Sunday night -- no one in the office really to ask then. sm
    And it seemed a harmless question.   He/she wasn't really asking a policy question ... just a general question regarding when the payday is.  Most companies that I have worked for, if the payday is over a weekend, they pay on Friday.  Unfortunately, that is not the case here, but at least they are upfront about it, and it says so in the paperwork somewhere.
    Please everyone, read the post made by Tammy Johson above. It explains everything.
    What a hateful post. Hope your rant made you feel better. nm
    This is totally off topic, but your post made me smile with the reference to Wang sm

    word processors.  I remember when we got them at the hospital, I was all happy while some of the older ladies were balking at it, but the thing that sticks in my mind was a comedian at the time who did some kind of joke about, Who let some company call themselves Wang? 

    Anyway, it was funny at the time and this brought back a memory . I'm sorry for your situation.  I am 50 too, and although I do not live in a rural area, in fact just recently moved to the Denver area, I feel rather trapped.  I have done this since I was a junior in high school, and I really do not have any other marketable job skills.  When I see posts about wages being cut and work drying up, I panic inside and wonder what the future will hold for me.  Even if I had the money to go back to school, by the time I would graduate, I'd be an old lady anyway and probably not the best candidate for hire. 

    Good luck to you. 

    I replied, too
    What difference would it make if it was an MTSO checking things out?  I mean, if they have jobs, what the hey?  Or am I missing something here? 
    Yep, I got it and replied.
    I was just looking at their website when you replied to this, trying to (sm)
    decide if I should call them about an ad they had online!   Do they have employee status or is it all IC?  Were they flexible with schedules?  If you don't want to answer on here, feel free to e-mail me.  I have about 6 companies I'm juggling and don't know which to choose.  Thanks! 
    I replied to you via email nm
    Loved The Way You Replied!
    I know this is days after your discussion but just saw your post. Laughed out loud at the way you replied to the previous comment about better rate. Guess it was just one of those moments that I needed a good laugh.
    I know they never replied to me when I E-mailed them..nm
    TY, replied back. nm
    I read it below and replied...
    The link worked fine for me.
    Got it and replied back. Thanks! nm

    I replied to you once, sweetheart. You've got a
    really bad attitude. My response wasn't a big huge long drawn out one-sided conversation either. It was plain and simple. If you can't find the email that they send to everyone, CALL THEM or email them. Who is supposed to help you here? Not that I CARE anyway. Just trying to help the helpless become more proactive in finding their own answers. How much time did you waste on the board being snotty and calling everyone else snotty when a simple little five minute phone call would have fixed all of your complaints? Try to help someone and get your nose bit off.
    Ditto....I replied about them below too but just had to say I agree again! (nm)


    I posted the one you replied to, and I didn't
    say anything about Obama...?
    Applied twice recently to Med-Tech and they never replied. They pay 6-9 cpl and want 150 lph. nm
    I replied and was hired for one of those positions. It is internet. Not sure about all sm
    but at least the one I am on is ExText.

    Same thing here, got the email and replied, and now NO contact from them
    I appreciate the input, but they haven't replied to my resume...sm
    even though I have 9 years of MT experience, 4 of that with hem/onc.  I just don't get why they can't send even a blanket email out...that's better than being totally ignored.
    Med-Tech Resource from one of the banners here is in Marietta, 770. They never replied to me, but
    u made 300 a week? That's more than I made there.
    But no work, no pay. Nice ppl, they really are, some of the nicest in the business. Just can't communicate to save their lives and the recruiters are lying dogs.

    I'd say if you're looking for part-time work, as in less than 20 hrs a week's worth of work, then this place is for you. Use them as ur backup. Because guaranteed that's all they're using you for.

    My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm

    Can I have a little feedback?  I have recently tested with most nationals and have been offered jobs. Who has the best insurance?  Who cares most about us with 10 years plus experience in acute care?  Who cares about quality?  I have been offered jobs with every national for which I have tested?  Who really is honest about their insurance, and values MTs who have been in this field for a long time?  I am not going to believe they are going to put us old MTs out to pasture, my goodness, we are the ones who caused this business to boom.  Please provide all opinions, I just want an honest company, paying benefits, computer provided, that cares about quality and experience.  Thanks.

    Opinions on TRS?

    Anybody with positive or negative experiences?  Thanks


    DEP opinions?
    Switching soon, have heard horror stories. User friendly? More productive? Any info appreciated. 

    Let me know your thoughts!

    TRX..any opinions?nm
    TTS opinions
    Anyone work for TTS doing Escription?  My clinic is laying off our entire transcription department due to EMR and TTS is taking over the account.  I've been hired by them but wanted to get some feedback on their pay scale.  Thanks!
    Well, here's my opinions, lol!
    Worked for Spheris and MQ. Both were good. I made more money with MQ but things were easier and more in my control with Spheris.

    I liked Spheris' incentive program better and I could control which account I logged into. With MQ, I had to take which ever account reports were in my queue.

    Haven't worked the other 2 companies, though.

    Thanks for the opinions!
    Appreciate your time to answer. Dont' know though about the platform, etc. I just bought a new computer last year and don't want any problems with programs being loaded on it, if there are a lot of tech probs. I also don't have any experience with WP5.1. My one account is mainly ESL, but at least the sound is pretty good, even though I can't always figure out what they're saying :) and I know how your line count can plummet when you have to keep listening again adn again! Thanks again for taking the time to answer!!
    Opinions please

    I would like to know the best software and what companies use them. The only one I have experience with is Dictaphone Ex-Text but I am not happy with my company. Thank you in advance for your opinion.  

    Opinions please
    Leaving OSI?
    Need opinions

    If you were making $700 (before taxes) every 2 weeks and had been on an account for 4 months, would you be happy with this or would you be applying at Walmart?  Seriously, what would you do or what is your honest opinion?

    If you have never worked for this company and are just bashing it to give YOUR company a better shot then thats what I call invalid. How many of these negative posters have ever worked for KS for real? Im sure not everyone has a positive experience with any company but so far I think KS has had more positive than negative.
    opinions, please?

    What companies that you have worked for have the most user-friendly platforms?  In considering a switch, the platform seems to be most important to me but have only worked for one company for 12 years, so have nothing to compare.  If not the company, what platform would everyone recommend?  Thank you for any replies.

    Opinions on new job
    Doesn't sound good for starters. I've found that this is a good indicator of things to come if ya stay. I agree with the first reply...time to move on.
    IC pay - need opinions
    I was just offered a job transcribing psych work IC at 0.06/line.  Would this be good bad, reasonable, unreasonable. Same doctor/doctors every day.  Opinions needed