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May not be lying.. *certain* companies never bothered to check their work.

Posted By: Amazing what I have seen. nm on 2006-05-04
In Reply to: I think there are a huge number - QA also


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Are you serious? Would you like my personal information to check to see if I am lying???
Give me a break...I happen to like working at Keystrokes and if someone asks a question about them I will answer as best as I can...
which just proves further that the other companies really have NOT tried and can't be bothered. n
But wouldn't that also open the door for MTs to get in trouble for lying about companies? sm
There are lots of dubious posts out there by MTs who are sure they know the truth but maybe they stretch things too b/c they had a bad experience; maybe they were legitimately let go and now have it in for someone. Anyway, I don't think there is any legal coverage on this site or any other b/c (as stated) it is an anonymous forum.

Basically take everything with a grain of salt!
Check Monster, CareerBuilder, MedHunters.com. Check with the companies you see listed if they're
The lying is unbelievable. If you work there, you darn well
You can also do a background check on companies
Check with the BBB and check with other agencies for reports against the company.

As an MTSO myself, I encourage that. It's always a good idea to check out what you're getting into. I have no problem with MTs sharing this information on a message board, either. I think it's a good thing. If an MTSO has a history of not paying employees, that is definitely something an MT needs to know in advance and if other MTs failed to report that to the BBB or other agencies, a message board may be the only place you can find that info.

However, when I work for someone, even if I have a problem with that company or person, I will keep my mouth shut until I quit. Once you no longer have a working relationship with them, then it's fair game. Until then, I prefer to zip my lip. I don't burn my bridges in case I would like a reference later and quitting always looks better on a resume than being let go. It's not a matter of loyalty, just good business sense. It will always be more beneficial to you, the MT, to keep your thoughts to yourself until you sever the working relationship.
The last 2 companies I worked for DD my check the
first pay period.   There could possibly be a bank issue, but it isn't an across the board issue. 
Most companies hold your first check
I would check back with the companies
and just ask them what you may or may not have done wrong so you know in the future. I have done that in the past and they are usually polite and helpful.
A few dial-up companies inside. Check their
Accept dial up:  First Choice, Spheris, Precyse only if 37K or faster, SoftScript, and possibly Transform....nm
They asked for a background check but most companies do, don't they?
They asked for $55 for my background check. I have tried to search, Google, ect, and I can't find anything about them except more job listings. Any advice at all for a struggling newbie?
Still good companies in my opinion...was not on the list. Check them out for yourself OP

Thanks -- I'll make a note of those 2 companies and check them out. sm
Unfortunately, I am reaching that ripe old age where I see a crown in my future
Some companies don't give that first check until 4 or 6 weeks have passed. Ck your contract. nm
never bothered me
QA is great. I am not bothered
much by ICQ.  I have had no problems with them.  I have been there since the summer and am very happy there so I guess they were different a few years ago. 
I heard pay was low, so never bothered
There is some information on WAHM.com message boards about them.

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help!
If you bothered to read my post--
there were other problems as well. There were problems in all of their depts, not just QA. Let's just say that communication is not one of OSi's strong points. The company's overall attitude played a big part in my decision to leave. I also stated that there are some people who work there that are wonderful and I have no clue why they have not left yet.

I would like to know how you know what my attitude is? I am stating my experiences, you are the angry one. How would you "know" how I take my feedback, whether I blame people, etc, unless you are in the QA Dept? What's my opinion to you, anyway? What makes you such an "expert" of knowing people's attitudes over the years? So, what reason do you have for your panties in a twist? What's YOUR problem and why are you defending OSi so vigorously? You sure are taking this rather personally for someone who is not "involved".

I am not the only person who has had problems with OSi. Apparently there are a lot more out there after reading some of the other posts. We can't ALL be wrong about this company. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if there is smoke, there is fire.
If you bothered to read my post
I agree with you dear
WEll the bottom line is if you don't want to hear anything that is posted here, then don't read it. It's as simple as that. It appears some people are complaining and posting about people who are posting. I have to laugh at that. Bottom line also, people are not happy at OSi and talking to a supervisor there is like talking to a wall. People are upset because we have a QA Manager who doesn't know anything and is not qualified to do her job and Management does not care. I think their opinion is "oh well, so that one quit, we will just hire another one". Do not ever believe you cannot be repaced. Unfortunately, people looking for jobs and are turned off by OSI. If anyone ever asked me a question about OSI i would be perfectly honest and state my feelings and then refer them to this board. After all this is a "company forum" that's what it is here for. I personally am not one sugar-coat anything unless it's the truth. I have to agree that most of the posts here are right on target. And that's why I am soon to be out of here too.
Depends on what bothered you 6 months ago...
I have worked for the Q for almost 9 years. I must say everything cycles with them. Something that bothered you this time last year may have changed. They continually change the way they want things done, especially when the higher-ups change. I give it another year and they will be back almost to where they were with us 2 years ago, about the time they did away with the IC positions...that flexible part time thing is dangerously close to that.
I'm more bothered by any poster who defends
If you had bothered to read correctly- it said
Some years ago working inhouse and my having seniority and supposedly had first choice at vacation, the time I chose was a time another person with less seniority needed for a trip overseas. She had put in for the time I wanted and I was told like it or lump it and I did not have a choice in that week. Being as I was making good money, I just sucked it up and stayed there. HOW DO YOU GET SHE TOLD SOMEONE ELSE TO SUCK IT UP????? SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF. READ CORRECTLY NEXT TIME.
Sarcasm. I knew I should not have bothered to answer. nm
Why have they bothered advertising or tried hiring people when they do not have enough
manpower to get it going in an efficient manner. Truly, I hope Shiela is also not the one responsible for doing payroll. That may well be too much on one person. I have worked in offices where doctors were too cheap to hire extra help and just ran us into the ground with so much work until we quit from burn out. It just not the right way to run a business, having one person do everything. I do feel for Shiela but who would want to contact her now and burden her more. BTDT
anon who is so bothered by misplaced post
Maybe you need do to something about that anxiety disorder. So someone made a mistake. Don't let it ruin your day.
Look, I am not lying. Why would I lie about it?!?!
That is one thing I CANNOT STAND!! Someone basically calling me a liar. I DID NOT LIE ABOUT THIS!!! DO NOT CARE IF YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT!!!
I really don't think it's lying. When they
assume that to mean as part of the everyday situation.  You're are just starting up with this company and I think it's expected that you would type a few days to become familiar.  What will you do if a new account comes on board?  Usually, as QA, you'd be the one to test the account out and get the feel for it before offering advice/suggestions to the MT staff.  I guess you could always refuse to type and just not get paid for that time?
I got the chapstick too. I honestly have no clue why they bothered sending anything.
If you bothered the CEO of the company, who I personally know does not care what is written here, sm
than you are taking this all way too serious. The CEO (can't use names here anymore) used to come here but does not anymore except here and there to keep up on some industry changes(her words). She does not take this stuff serious and neither should you.

What you shoud be concerned about is the fact that you felt it necessary and OK to run to the CEO of a company on a weekend for insignificant things. If she is laughing, it is probably at you. If she is upset, it is probably because it has gotten out of hand, but I bet she has bigger things to deal with than a public board with anonymous posts. Gheesh. Both sides are out of hand.
I bothered taking the test weeks ago and never heard. You would think...
they could at least say either way, hey, you did not pass the test etc... but I never even got that.  I even took someone's advise and followed up by emailing HR and asking them if they could let me know either way but I took the time to do the testing as well as I had been also testing with others and needed to know whether to keep waiting on them or move on. Obviously, I moved on. I find it totally unprofessional to ask someone to take time enough to test and then they cannot even have the common courtesy to tell you that you stink or whatever. I could handle the truth, but to never heard anything, UNPROFESSIONAL. I do wish you great luck and maybe they just only contact those who pass and let the rest of us figure it out on our own.
Stop the lying
We're on to it.
Then can almost guarantee they are lying.
Stop lying
Keystrokes does not give pay raises.  I have been with them for several years and have not received a pay raise.  I meet my line requirements when there is work available (more often than not).  I would suggest that if anyone is accepting a position with Keystrokes, do not leave your other job until you have worked a couple of days to make sure it is really what you want.
LOL LOL. now I know you're lying!!!
Please stop already LOL
From someone who bothered sending a resume, I take it back. I'm shocked at the immaturity
level that is going on. There is no way I would even think of accepting a job that would have a recruiter who acts as you have on here. I'm pretty sure you burned all of your bridges. I feel for the companies who hired you to represent them. How proud they must be..NOT.. Wow..
They got caught lying about offshoring!
Love it when one of these companies gets called on the carpet! 
No lying, stealing, cheating at all.
And I am entitled to my opinion. I didn't say all MTSOs are ethical in their business operations but most are.

Seriously, if you read over the board, it looks like a few oldies who are bitter or newbies who cannot get their foot in the door. It doesn't sound like professionals with realistic complaints. It sounds like very withdrawn, angry individuals who do not come out of their shell except on anonymous boards. :)

For the MTSOs who are unethical ... I think they should absolutely be shut down.

Still yet, no one forces you to work for any company. It is entirely your choice. So, make a different one, please.

Be happy.

She may not be lying - but it is not typical or usual. nm
Yes it is true! Quit lying!
There always seems to be a few with their heads in the sand at Spheris - but please!  Go look at your corporate email list and see how many Indian names are on it!  It grows every day.  Good accounts at Spheris disappear every day and that's where they go.  You never read the company forums?  Just because your job is still fine doesn't mean you can ignore the suffering of the majority of your fellow employees!  And to recommend someone else go there just to get burnt is really mean.
Well I don't agree with lying but if I were offered the money she was
offered, I would have taken it and would spend the rest of my life enjoying.
They're lying sort of. They are pretty much
100% Indian, so I guess saying they don't offshore to India isn't a total lie.  They just have an address in the US, which someone posted previously was actually a residence. 
Is it true that CorT is bouncing checks and LYING?

Banned from advertising on MTStars (offshoring & lying about it)
It would not cost them their jobs. They are just lying through their teeth. Get real, please.
For sure one of the hospitals on their list is NOT their client. Indians lying...
do not believe anything the lying management posts. They are insane and ridiculous.
True, and it seems less people care. I get angry when I see the lying ad sm

but I am powerless to stop it, so I might as well give up.  I wonder if the clients even know what really happens to their dictation, that it goes to India first, then to the MTs.  The work IS done by american MTs, so that is a plus, although they even tried outsourcing to another Indian company and lied to the MTs that it was due to the holidays ... this was at the end of January, no holidays. 

If they want to be upfront and say they are an Indian-owned, Indian-operated company employing mostly American MTs, that's one thing -- people can make an informed decision -- but to say Kentucky based when the company HQ is in India is nothing other than deceit, and my fellow MTs deserve better than that. 

Bet no good QA now - they've chased them away by bouncing checks and lying.
Check the archives. Most work done in India, they
have office in India.  I have never seen anything good about them. 
Check out the job board for clinic work.
I work at Webmedx and am very happy there. Check them out! nm