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Testing isn't free either

Posted By: Me on 2006-05-05
In Reply to: Most applicants GROSSLY overestimate their abilities - - no name, no state

It costs us 10.00 for every applicant we test online.  Out of 50 people I might refer who look promising, about 80% will get to the actual transcription part and say I couldn't finish, it wouldn't let me when the actual qualified people have no trouble whatsoever. 

How many of you get the emails with the cover information not spellchecked?  I get them that say I am very qulity conscience.  I got one from a lady who worked in the surgical stockroom of a hospital and was furious when I told her that didn't qualify her to be an MT.  I had a welder who wanted something different,  several from people claiming to be med students or doctors, one dentist in an extremely remote part of Alaska.   I get stories of I have children and I'm about to be evicted and I quit my job.   I get my hospital went bankrupt and closed (yet the phone number still works).   I can advertise for ops and get people asking for an ER account.  I needed an Editor for a particular work type and had a lady apply who said she had 18 years experience so I let her try to edit a document.  I would have had to hire somebody else just to edit her work!!!  It really makes it hard for the experienced people because it's like we've heard it ALL...so you don't know who is good and who isn't!!!

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Any place to get free practice voice files or does anyone offer testing that could be accessed w/o
Free enterprise. You are free to re-educate and retrain, as well!!!!
What's the complaint?!

Free sure. There are free on-line fax

services, in fact I used one last week.   Most do have limits on how often you can use and how many pages though.  You obviously would have to scan pages into a document, but maybe she doesn't have a scanner either.

She could have mailed paperwork back. 

Yes, it is free.
They told me that I would get a discount with steadman's and Dell, but they never said that I would have to buy anything. The only thing they said was that I would have to provide the home type of equipment (i.e. Internet, computer, foot pedal, and software for listening to the files. I received the same things you mentioned above too.
The only one I know of that is free
is Emmaus' MedCount . . . they have a link to this site and advertise here, and the company offers other software programs for sale that are designed for transcriptionists, but the line counting software is downloadable and free.
Here's the web site: http://www.mpword.com

I was unable to use the free program above . . . I had used it before, but on the computer I bought last summer, for some reason it would not work, so I purchased The Abacus.

I have seen a couple of times people posting about The Abacus being a free program, but I had to pay for it. Seems like they may offer a free trial for a certain period of time or number of usages, with limitations during the trial, but then if you do want the program you pay and they give you a code that enables the full program.

The web address for The Abacus is: http://www.theabacus.biz/theAbacus.htm


Buh bye OSI!!! 

I will miss all the good MT's there but at least I will be getting paid for holidays from now on.  Maybe, just maybe the good MT's still there will be right behind me.  Or maybe not, and you can enjoy your little mug of candy for Christmas. 

Yes!  Yes!    Yes!  Yes!

I think most use it because it is free and can
be used w/o a pedal if you had to.  I have used their tests with other software though.  I've never had trouble downloading files, you can right click and save to a file.   I think they companies have always provided instructions on how to save the files too. 
No 1 MAKES ME do anything. Have free
All 40,000 others are free to post as often as they like also.
Is Turbo Tax free? (sm)
WebMedX has a list of required reference books you have to get.  I'm sure I spent at least $100-$150 on them.  I ordered them from amazon, so the receipt should be easy enough to get.

The debate is whether to do my taxes myself or go to H&R Block.  The last couple years I had someone else do my taxes 'cuz I had a part-time IC job and deducted my phone line charges.

Hell, I could probably deduct my DSL bill this year, I suppose...
the free one does not count
Do you know what the right of free speech is?
It does not apply to private company matters, etc.


Well, when you're free of them, please
Where can you get this free trial? nm
working for free?....don't think so. sm
Look, it all comes down to getting paid. Doing their work for free isn't doig yourself a favor, just them. What did the contract agreement say that you signed? I would fax that portion back over to her and give her a date you expect to be paid. Losing invoices? More than one? Come on girl, this is a big red flag to me.
Don't you work for free?
I'd be nice to you too if you were making me all that money for a little info that you should have got in school.
it's friday free-for-all! Hoo-ha! nm



guildftp is free I think sm
Someone had posted before some free FTP sites.  Not all cost per month.  Some are a mere $6.00 per month.  It is to keep documents safe, and you'll need a password.  You can also store voice files there.  HIPPO is $39.00 per year I think and easy to use.  
Sounds like they might be trying to get free
work done.  Ten pages is excessive and I wouldn't do it. 
Regardless, it is work done for free.
It's horrible that one would think that we should not get paid for any work/data that is entered by us, whether it be 1 or 10 keystrokes.  It is my time and I am not doing it for free.
What do you mean work for free?
Maybe I should specify that when I stated dock I meant QA score being docked.  Maybe you were thinking money/pay??  LOL
unless you like to work for free
stay away due to the recruiter and the company as a whole unless you like to work for free...just do a search and you will read plenty of negatives on this shameful company and all of their affiliates.
Still Stress-Free...

Some of us still enjoy stress-free living w/o a care in the world.

We never had kids! (LOL)

More money + more peace and quiet = Stress-free living forever!



What about MT Desk? They are free and very
Yes, if she actually wants work, free or otherwise,
most indeed count, then an MT will have resume, advertisement, whatever free of errors. As someone who did a lot of hiring, I can tell you that if there was even one so-what error, as you say, the resume was passed over. If you can't proofread something as important as a resume or request for work, then it's hard to fathom you will proofread medical reports any better. I hope she took the advice and watches more carefully next time, rather than listen to advice that it doesn't matter.
Exactly. You should never work for free.
Our industry is bad enough for newbies without starting a trend wanting them to work for free....
If it's free, I'd do it just to make sure sm
I'm following all the rules and I'd probably learn new ones (to me) while doing it. 
It's amazing how much we do for free
these days, isn't it. In the old days, we were paid for EVERYTHING, templates, headers, footers, demos, etc... and even better with gross lines. Sigh :(
So Right On!! I have to remember Free Will...
This is so true... fearing something means we are chained to that thing... even with bills we are not chained to a certain job. I suppose I will see how it goes, and as always, have a plan B, C, etc. In the meantime, have to have resources to pay the bills for the time it takes to see if it will work or not. Being the only one supporting a child, I worry about the short term of pay check to pay check... I guess that is the real fear. I long for the times when I had a secure job in this industry. I never ever thought that with a good head on my shoulders I'd be skating on thin ice in job security. But then again, many of us is going through this and I can't wait for the time when job security comes back... I will sooo appreciate it, never take it a secure job with benefits for granted ever again!
no there are free ones. I have had mine sm
for 30 days and you can click on it and do it for free for 60 more days. It just says sound pilot when I pull it up from my programs.

Go on Yahoo or Google and search free keyboard sound downloads and you will come up with a bunch. You don't have to pay anything right now, there are plenty for free.

Good luck.
no there are free ones. I have had mine sm
for 30 days and you can click on it and do it for free for 60 more days. It just says sound pilot when I pull it up from my programs.

Go on Yahoo or Google and search free keyboard sound downloads and you will come up with a bunch. You don't have to pay anything right now, there are plenty for free.

Good luck.
Well they make you do a LOT of free - sm
things, some accounts more than others, i.e., demographic work, loads of it, and hound you when it's done note quite up to the client's liking, e-mail, phone calls, looking up doctors' names and crap they're too lazy to spell, more unpaid demographics, cc's, you get my drift.  How can all this be legal?
destiny is never free, is it?

I was always told that whatever I got into something is what I put into it. 

You are right.  You have to put something in to get something out.

I would not work for free -
If they are not answering her phone calls, do you think they are going to give her a good refrence anyway? She needs to report them to somebody, post their names here and warn everybody, and not do another report for free! Of course they are going to keep giving her work - they are getting paid.
This is the Internet. It should be FREE, and so
working for free...
I saw one recently for an oncology transcriptionist.. hiring to pay 7 cpl... not in this lifetime.. ;)
feel free to email me...
I currently work for them and I really like my account. I am able to make a good line rate and the people are very nice. There are some problems, but I have not found a national yet that does not have some sort of problems with them. If you would like more info I would be happy to answer your questions.
Free Practice Test

This will give you some sound files and practice tests - http://www.meditec.com/meditec-skills-test.html

don't forget the newbies who will do it for free!
Great if you want to work for free!

By the way, feel free to email me

also as I have a direct connection to the hiring in my company and I would be happy to pass the resumes on to the right people.  I know we have openings in acute care including emergency room reports.  I don't think we have anything else right now but wouldn't hurt to send the resumes to the link above.  If we don't have anything, I am sure they will contact you when they do. 



Feel free to email me.
All responses will be kept confidential.
Just think if it as free medical advice.

Then please feel free to go away, KS Lead.
we're the free advertising . nm
I think it's a free trial download, then $99.00
That's not reall free then I guess...
Spheris free equipment?
It is true that you have to pay some sort of deposit taken out of your first paychecks? Not so sure about the free.

Any info will be appreciated.
You can download a free 30 day trial and KS may

be able to give you a license # so you don't need to purchase it. 

I don't know if you can convert Meditech, but you can convert other Expanders to be used in ShortHand. 

So you would fire one for exercising RIGHT to free
Been there and done that, feel free to e-mail me.....nm