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Absolutely! And what's more is

Posted By: francie on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: No problem, sugar. Vote him into office. I'm sure the nation will - be such a better place because of it. lmao

he has intelligence.  Imagine that!  A president who is smart and thoughtful and will keep the Constitution!  What a concept!

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They will keep us over there until they get all the booty they went there for.  Not FREEDOM.  Was never about FREEDOM!  Give me a break!  Where is OUR FREEDOM to get the h*** out of there!  Our freedoms are being pushed to the brink.  Have a buddy who was over there.  The people "reconstructing" Iraq are making THOUSANDS of dollars a week! Being paid by our gov't.  Do you think they want to come home to a few hundred a week?  Think NOT.  Nice, huh?  What a full scale MESS!
You are absolutely right
I agree with you, no more answering the nutcases from the republican board, LOL.  Not worth it..cant change a preprogrammed brainwashed stone into a feeling, caring human being.
You are absolutely right.
There IS no debate here. Just the irrational illogical mindless the sky is falling mentality of the far left.  I am new to these boards, but I have seen enough. 
And this goes back further to when Clinton was still in office. He was fair game then too, on MTstars.

I'd never heard of Clinton being a rapist/serial sexual harasser (sp), until I read it on the conservative board earlier this year.
Yes, you are absolutely right
I got conned into jousting with this creature!!   Best to ignore!!!  Obviously they are not posting and playing with a full deck.  Pity is probably more appropriate!!!
Absolutely not...
Justify and argue history and the politics of war all you want. This is just your way of clouding an issue that is here and now.

I do not believe there was sufficient evidence for us to invade the country. It has been proven that the directive was to FIND a link between Hussain and Bin Laden after 911 to justify invading the country to look for AL Qaeda and no link was ever found. If they were hiding there and it was discovered AFTER the fact, well a bonus for Bush because the intelligence said otherwise.

The first line of failure was that they did not plan any policies for Iraq past the initial 60 to 90 day overthrow of Hussain. The second failure was that when it started to descend into chaos, he appointed the wrong people to take charge of it. He appointed Bremer, a man with no foreign policy experience, no middle east experience, no military experience, spoke no Arabic, and single handedly destroyed the country. The death of Sergio Viera DE Mello and the bombing of the UN building was a direct result of Bremer.

I don't care that he is not the first one to do it, and he won't be the last, and I certainly do not care that he is a Republican. I would be just as disgusted and angry if it had been a Democratic president. I hold him accountable for THIS one. He gave the order, he ignored the intelligence given to him, and then he walked away from it like soiled laundry.

Now when things are quite possibly at its worse and more money is needed to fund this nightmare, if Congress turns it down, he is going to lay blame for his failure at Congress's feet.

I do not think we should be held accountable for a mistake made by an egomaniac who continued on a disastrous course when the people who knew it best and were the closest to it were telling him the opposite.
Absolutely not
He is certainly not responsible for the statements of his minister and it doesn't change my opinion of him in anyway.

That said, he is not my first choice, but if it is between him and McCain, I will vote for Obama.
You are absolutely right - sm
There have been women of power raising children and have done a fabulous job at both.

However, this seems to be a rather unique situation simply because we are talking about the position of Vice President. It has to be a grueling job, whether you are constantly in the public arena or not.

Then there is the 16-year-old daughter. My sympathies are completely with that poor girl.

The teen years are traumatic enough without this garbage.

I think the responsible thing to do as a parent would be to concentrate on my kids and put them first. The very first seed of rumor should have been quashed immediately for the emotional safety of the daughter and step aside from the running.

Shame on Sarah Palin for even accidentally exposing her daughter to such a public scrutiny.

The kids come first. Rumor or not, she needs to step back and do damage control within her family and make sure her daughter doesn't suffer from this anymore than she already has.

Arnold has embarrassed us with his green crap, which is yet another way to tax us (those idiots actually don't know this).  He was always RINO Extraordinaire, anyway.  Actually, he never was even an R.  He faked it like Bloomberg.

if he is absolutely

certain he knows how to catch BinLaden and he puts country first it behooves him to tell anyone who will listen!!!!!


Absolutely none! It's not my job to
tell you what to think or think through YOUR decisions!!!  THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! That's what makes AMERICA a FREE country, so far anyway.  Do you actually believe that any statesmen of the congress would endorse Obama if he is in actuality as the rightwingers portray him? Get serious!  No self-respecting congressman would go out on a limb for that type of person.  Seriously.  It's not up to me to make your decisions for you, just use your God-given common sense.
I think you are absolutely right

I think it will be all over after the first debate. Obama's poll numbers creeping up, but after debate, will skyrocket.



I think they are both absolutely
ridiculous notions and have better things to do with my time than come up with constant arguments to prove my opinion is the right one.
Absolutely not
Didn't you read my post about my Senator and Representative?  They both voted for it and they are just as pork hungry as the rest of Congress!  I'm not laying it at the feet of the Republicans, the oposing Democrats as well as the Republicans could have held their ground.
You are absolutely right! (sm)

I should not have posted anything about myself, beliefs or opinions.  I should have checked all messages from you first to make sure that I would agree with you so as not to expose your narrow-minded views to anything other than just that.

I shall now be known as *Just the big bad* 

I've all but stopped looking at this board. It's so shrill at this point, such liberties taken with racial & religious prejudice in the name of nationalism, it makes me sick. Every time I poke my head up & see what the last few posts have been, there are more & more exclamation points. The anti-Obama faction is whipping itself into such a frenzy, producing blogs as evidence of whatever the current paranoia is, that this board has long since stopped being anything like intelligent discourse.

Absolutely.  I just have such a strong belief in respect for one another.  We need to think about what our chidren/grandchildren are witnessing us and others do and say each day.  I don't care if the president is white, black, Indian, Asian, or otherwise...if he can just do his best for the country and, I know this is a long shot but, this not turn into a black/white issue.  He's just a person.  What does his skin color have to do with anything?  We are all just people. 

I merely stated that it does affect her paycheck. I disagree with gay marriage for other reasons, as well, but it is not just a ceremony, as she seemed to imply. Nobody proposed a law against ceremonies. They can feel free to do whatever they want as far as wearing dresses and such. The law is against the marriage in the eyes of the law.
Absolutely not s/m
However, in the end we'll have a version of theocracy that we sure won't like.  Hide in the bushes and watch.
Absolutely s/m
I believe eventually Iraq/Iran/Afghanastan will attack Israel.  I hope we come down on the side of Israel but I fear we won't.
I believe you are absolutely right.....sm
and in 4 years some of the same ones who are bestowing his virtues will be the loudest of the whiners. Obama is only a man and there was only one perfect man. We crucified him 2000 years ago.
I absolutely think so, too...
of course. I did paste it and only got a red screen, but it might just be my slow satellite internet. I do believe, however, that the government tries to do well by the soldiers and sailors. I know that my dad, who is a civil servant at a different Navy base, spends most of his time working on IED defense. We must keep in mind that this is a difficult war to fight because we have spent so much time and effort on technology that we have a hard time fighting people who use rudimentary weopons--i.e., the IED. I truly believe that NOBODY intends to hurt our troops, KBR included.
You are absolutely right....(sm)
I guess that wasn't the politically correct term....how about mentally stumped?
You are absolutely right....(sm)

I keep thinking of Kennedy.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I just hope he doesn't try to do the convertable thing.  I think he mentioned doing it at one point.

I really don't think Bush will try the directive 51 thing or anything like that, although I wouldn't put it past him.

Absolutely!!! nm

You are absolutely right...
The justice screwed it up, and it took President Obama by surprise. He gave a look to the justice, and then the justice repeated it correctly.

That it being said, it is no use trying to reason with the Obama haters. They enjoy wallowing in misery and will go out of their way to find a reason to be miserable. Frankly, I revel in their misery!
You are absolutely right....(sm)
We should hold a party in his honor.  You get the ropes.  I'll get the water and the board.
There is still a poster on here who was ignorant enough to ask who "stirred the pot"? That would be Obama. Another one didn't believe the families were not being allowed on the white house grounds.....news flash....that White House--- it BELONGS TO THE CITIZENS, not the government!

Another ask why didn't they approach Bush? Well, if they weren't so ignorant they would know that Bush didn't drop the charges against terrorists......he ain't kissing their butts! Obama allowed the dropped charges to take place.....

Get over it folks! Bush ain't there anymore......gonna have to spend your time figuring out how to blame others for all of Obama's failures now.
absolutely right..thank you...nm
You are absolutely right!
Why should people be allowed to make a decent living wage and make you pay more for your Big Mac? I say, let's lower the minimum wage and cut the price of your Big Mac in half! By the way, would you like fries with that?
You are absolutely right.......

....we could keep at this for a week and never convince one another, which is fine.  We don't get to vote on this issue.  America has spoken.  We want change.  The dems will have enough votes in congress to ram this through without any input from you or me.  As AL Gore says:  The science is settled. The debate is over. 

But consider this:

1.  You have such a low opinion of our elected officials (what with the lobbying, bribing, the royal retirements and all) yet you want to turn your healthcare over to them exclusively?

2. If you or someone you love are denied by your insurance company, you might be grateful for the opportunity to accept charity or hock everything you own for the chance to get help.  Or you could just roll over and die.  Your choice.

3.  If the government tells you no, you only get to do the dying part. 

4.  If you haven't the energy to fight with WDGD (We Don't Give a Damn) Insurance, what makes you think you can take on the FBHR (Federal Bureau of Healthcare Rationing)?  

5.  Why should you be bankrupted by having to pay higher taxes to provide healthcare for me or my family? 

Just sayin'............

Anyhow, we both need to get a life, so I'm all finished posting about this subject

You are absolutely right.
I could not agree with you more.  Because what is the world now but one big global community?  A collection of neighborhoods.  And I certainly know how to behave properly in MY neighborhood. 


If my neighbor likes to slap his wife around a little, what business is it of mine? (Other than her screams occasionally waking me up at night, which is easily remedied with earplugs.)  And if she should pound on my door one night asking for shelter - what kind of fool would I be to let her in?  That might put me in the position of having to defend her - and would probably make her husband real mad.  And when I hear multiple gunshots two streets over (a regular occurrence - there's Section 8 housing over there and they get kinda frisky) why should I care?  Unless bullets are actually punching through my walls, is it really my business?  And when I see someone breaking into my neighbor's car (not the wife beater - the other neighbor) is it really my place to intervene?  If I see a shoplifter in a store shall I carefully avert my eyes - because what concern is it of mine?


Sure, I know, the appropriate thing to do is call the police in all these instances.  But what if the cops are to the neighborhood as the UN is to the world?  What if, when you call, they cannot be bothered to leave the station?  Or maybe they convene a panel to study the problem in very general terms?  Or what if maybe they just do a drive-by investigation?  Or what if they actually go up to the neighbor's door and asked to speak to his wife and the man says, 'My wife.  My house.  Get lost.'  And what if they then issue a very stern warning and leave?  What if this happens every Friday night for years? 


If all this becomes too much to tolerate I can try my luck in another neighborhood, I guess.  Where do the rest of us move to if we allow the entire planet to be taken over by bullies, thieves and thugs?

You are absolutely right

what we have is a mess, but what we will get with government-controlled healthcare will be so much worse.   I have no clue how to solve the inequities in our current system but I know that letting big government take over for big insurance is another step in the wrong direction.  It's another example of 'we must do SOMETHING' without having a clue what that something should be.  We have to do something effective and nobody knows what that is.....yet.

If you think insurance companies are difficult to deal with now, wait until you have to get approval from a government bureaucracy.  The inefficiency and expense of anything the government manages is legend. 

Presently, there is a monetary incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs, for medical equipment companies to design new technology, for scientists physicians to perfect new treatments and techniques (other than having something named after them).  When the government has sets profit limits and salary caps to prevent 'obscene profits from the illness of others' nobody will have much reason to break a sweat to do these things (again, other than having something named after them). 

You are absolutely right......

You CAN indeed murder someone and you WILL indeed be arrested.  The difference is you actually CAUSED HARM to someone.  You didn't do something that just went against the opinions of another person.

I have two children myself that are young now and I understand about "protecting" children, but give me a break, this world is so corrupt it's ridiculous!  There is A LOT that I need to protect them from, NOT the fact that two people may love each other and happen to be the same sex.

I am not gay, so therefore I have no right to say yes or no to gay marriage, but I would never put someone down for having different beliefs than I do.

You are absolutely right...
Now that the Pubs are out of power, we have no problem with crooks!
That has absolutely nothing to do with
Are you like this in your day to day life or just here?

I would be just as infuriated, just as vocal and, in addition, I would feel betrayed because I had voted for him.  McCain was not my first choice among the republican candidates (not even my third or fourth.)  He was a poor choice that the republican party forced upon me, but the only alternative to Obama and I voted not for McCain but against the other guy.  Bet you hiney I would have flames shooting out my ears if McCain were doing all this. 

All that is missing for me now is that I do not feel betrayed.  I knew  what we would be getting from an Obama presidency and my only comfort is that I did what I could to prevent this from happening. 

Absolutely not...
Just what our country needs--more lazy potheads. When people become addicted and no longer function--because that does happen--then the rest of us get to foot the bill? Also, what about the health ramifications--we think cigarettes are bad for lungs, just wait until we have a ton of people regularly smoking pot. Finally, how many more DUI deaths will we see when pot is legal and these people are driving? I think it is a very bad idea.
That man does absolutely nothing for me.
And I mean nothing.
You are absolutely right!.....(sm)

If the above post is supposed to be an example of any kind of logical thought, you have miserably failed in your attempt at communication.  So, given your obvious deficits, lets go R-E-A-L S-L-O-W.

Exactly how am I supposed to be calling the kettle black? 

You are absolutely
friggin amazing.  Waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and putting a bug in with someone is child's play in turn to the beheading they do over there.  I supposed you think President Truman is a war criminal as well, huh? 
Absolutely right!...(sm)
They are scared into a confession.....whether or not it's true.  In other words, they say anything to make it stop.
You are absolutely right.....(sm)

There are others who are against gay marriage besides christians.  I limited the discussion to christians because they are the main fund raisers/promoters of the "anti gay marriage" base.

You are absolutely right.
I did not listen to the entire speech.  In fact, I did not listen to any of the speech. I watch very little TV, but I discovered very early in his campaign that I cannot stand to listen to Obama speak/lecture.  Regardless of content, there's his speaking style, a phrase ending in a slight up-note...pause...next phrase with the up-note at the end,...pause.  It makes me break out in hives.  For the next four years, I live in an Obama-free zone.  When I am interested in knowing what he actually said,  I find a transcript and I read the speech.  I wonder how many who are mesmerized by his speeches would feel differently on reading the speech rather than listening to the hypnotic cadence of it, and hearing the hosannas at the pauses.  Just a thought. 
You are absolutely right.
I did not listen to the entire speech.  In fact, I did not listen to any of the speech. I watch very little TV, but I discovered very early in his campaign that I cannot stand to listen to Obama speak/lecture.  Regardless of content, there's his speaking style, a phrase ending in a slight up-note...pause...next phrase with the up-note at the end,...pause.  It makes me break out in hives.  For the next four years, I live in an Obama-free zone.  When I am interested in knowing what he actually said,  I find a transcript and I read the speech.  I wonder how many who are mesmerized by his speeches would feel differently on reading the speech rather than listening to the hypnotic cadence of it, and hearing the hosannas at the pauses.  Just a thought. 

The gay community in CA aren't trying to break the law, they're trying to change it.

Next time, try to stay on the topic at hand.  LOL.

Absolutely not, as I said before in my post

unexplainable reason.

I find it reprehensible, but blaming liberals instead of the priests who do it, is even more reprehensible.

You twisted everything I said, to suggest that I find it funny, yet your post remained. 

I suppose that's typical on this board and not the least bit surprising.


You have absolutely NO insight at all. nm
I absolutely agree!

I'm not sure it's over yet, though.  I don't think the press or Congress fell for the attempt to get the heat off of Rove with the timing of Roberts.

And I agree with everything you said.  If that isn't treason, I don't know what is!  I also agree that nothing will be done about it.  This, too, will be lied about and glossed over just like everything else in this administration has been.