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Again, Britney Spears??? What does she have to do about anything?

Posted By: Kiki on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: britney spears rev wright william - BDayes

The only political thing I ever remember her saying is she thought Pres. Bush was doing a good job.

Oh, you are referring to that stupid commercial. Is that the same commercial where it gets after Obama for going to the gym, but then he was in a gym talking to a bunch of military men in that ad. But then, they didn't mention that in there. I haven't seen that commercial since it was completely discredited.

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don't forget Britney Spears!

yeah, yeah, pant, pant.


rock stars, Britney Spears

Greek Temples, worshippers, dippity do, bang a lam a ding dong, riki tiki tavi . . . all just words, labels and silly attacks to distract from the serious issues of this election.  BO could stand on a cardboard box and his words would still ring true.


britney spears rev wright william
ayers.   Rinse and repeat.  britney spears rev wright william ayers. Rinse and repeat.
You can interpret this any way you like...Obama's set at Invesco was designed by Britney Spears&#

former set designer...no celebrity status?....you decide. 

The same set team that designed Britney Spear’s last tour has constructed the enormous, Greek-columned stage where Barack Obama will officially accept the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, The New York Post reports.

But Spears’ stage manager defended his design, telling the paper it in no way represents the Acropolis.

“We’ve done Britney’s sets and a whole bunch of rock shows, but this was far more elaborate and complicated and we had to do it in far less time,”  Allen said. “The biggest challenge has been making sure we don’t damage the playing field underneath.”


Not a fan of Palin - - I think Jamie Spears