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I totally agree.

Posted By: I don't claim to know a whole lot about Obama. on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: obama was abandoned by his father - BDayes

But what I have heard is that he's willing to bring some change.  Of course, Joe Biden, is a representative from my own state, so who doesn't love that?  He's made Delaware famous!  Thanks Joe!!!  Make 'em sweat!!! 

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totally agree with you sm

You are correct on all counts.  And I do agree that Bush lied to the American people to further his agenda as a warlord.  It was not about bringing democracy to Iraq.  It was about domination of the oil market in Iraq.  Bush and his henchmen are making millions out of this deal, while killing our soldiers and causing more tension in the world.  It's the same thing his father tried to do in 1992. 

It's all about greed and money. 

I wonder if a president can be impeached for lying to the American public to procure his own agenda.  If so, I hope it happens. 

Totally agree.
I totally agree that Sadam had to be taken down, kudos to the president.  What gets me is that Sadam had nothing to do with 911, and this adminstration still thinks that people are not smart enough to READ and figure that out.  Yes kudos to President Bush and his daddy for taking Sadam down he needed it; but thousands are dead because of his personal agenda - see ya in church Sunday, Dubya.
I totally agree!!!!
This woman gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to me, the opinions of people like her hold more weight than almost anyone's.  She has my admiration and respect.
I totally agree! NM

I agree totally
I feel sorry for the the kids, but I also don't think throwing money at the parents is the answer. I've had an example of a deadbeats in my family who get a check, but the money hardly ever benefits the children. They pocket it and spend it on their selfish desires. To help kids the best thing to do for them is free school lunches and WIC. Food stamps can be traded for drugs and sold for cash. I'm glad to see most states are going to the debit card system with no cash back ability, however, I'm sure the scammers will somehow find a way around that too eventually. I think putting the money directly to what benefits the children is better than a check.
I totally agree. It's at the very top

of my list, as well.  More importantly, I certainly hope it's at the top of Harriet Miers' list.

I can't believe you mentioned the Groene children!!  I just talked with my daughter about that very case not five minutes ago, and I brought up Bill O'Reilly's campaign regarding this issue to her. 

I don't care for Bill O'Reilly, but I do applaud his efforts in changing the sentencing, going from state to state and exposing judges who give out these ridiculous sentences.  These people deserve life or worse.

I totally agree!
And when contraceptives are outlawed, as well, there will be more pregnancies than ever!
I totally agree.
Yup; totally agree with you.

I totally agree, but I
just wonder how true this really is.  If a 4-year-old is navigating around on a computer and answering POLL questions, how interested is this 4-year-old going to be in BARBIE?  Shouldn't she be studying for high school finals?
Totally agree!
Too bad you right wing whack jobs are selling it off to the highest bidder.
I totally agree.
Very well said. 
I agree totally. sm
And that's why I got banned.  Go figure. 
I totally agree. sm
And I don't believe I have ever asked those questions of any administration.  
Also totally agree - sm

The bigger/biggest danger that our country faces is from those who opine without being informed.

I totally agree. nm

I totally agree - she really went over the top!!!...NM
NO DEMOCRAT in the white house!!
I totally agree!

I'm not an Obama fan but I just don't think I would want the support of such a racist person as Jesse Jackson especially since he wants to castarate him.  Sheesh.  Wouldn't it have been a hoot if Obama had put Jackson in his place.  I sure wish someone would and maybe he would shut up for once.  Activist my rear end....he is just a man out to make himself heard no matter what crap comes out of his mouth.

I truly don't know how Jackson could say he supports Obama but then say what he did.  That isn't support. 

I totally agree. nm


Totally agree on that one

It isn't my business who politicians screw behind closed doors.  I couldn't care less really.  Does Edwards having an affair make my life miserable?  No.  However, I must agree that if that information does come out and they lie about it.....that does show me what kind of person they are.  Instead of admitting their mistakes and saying sorry.....they lie about it and make things worse........that is what I don't like.

Just like Billy Boy....I couldn't care less if he stuck a cigar up Monica's yahoo, but why lie?  He could say no comment or tell us it is none of our business but to lie....different story.

I guess my biggest annoyance is the media because they thrive on finding out trash like this about people and exposing it for the world to see.  I just find it really sad that I looked at my TV last night and saw the words "BREAKING NEWS" and it was about Edwards having an affair.  Sorry....but that, IMO, shouldn't be BREAKING NEWS.

Totally agree with you too.
Right on - I would say I blame the media more than Edwards. I sit here yelling at my TV "This is NOT breaking news. The war in Georgia is breaking news, Iraq is breaking news, not this". Also that missing girl in Texas is not breaking news. They keep flashing it - breaking news, girl in Texas missing. Well she's been missing and I'm really sorry about that but that's not breaking news and if they are giving this story that much attention is she the only missing girl in America? My understanding is hundred and hundreds of kids in America are missing/abducted or whatever. So why don't they all get equal air time? Now...finding her alive or finding her body or finding the killer would be breaking news. But then again not from morning til night and never giving us any news about the what's happening in the war and stuff that is affecting us financially.
I totally agree
I believe that education should be about questioning and exploring all the information out there, not just spitting out the facts that are laid out in textbooks. If we're not giving our kids all the information, we are cheating them educationally. How else are they going to learn to decide what choices and beliefs are right for themselves if we don't teach them that it's okay to think for yourself?
totally agree
We should help others, yes. That would be help those others who actually deserve and need the help and CANNOT help themselves and not the ones too lazy or disinclined to help themselves, those who feel "entitled." Welfare and such social systems were supposed to be a temporary situation and were supposed to be paid back when the recipient got back on their feet. Not working and supporting one's self and family was humiliating. We have let it become a way of life for far too many people. The Obama plan would encourage more of it. We need to put an end to it, not increase it. I don't know anyone, while most of us barely taking care of ourselves and our own families, who wants to be supporting someone else who isn't willing to do for themselves. Selfish? Maybe, maybe NOT, but personally I want to be the one to reap the benefits of my own hard work and decide in what way I choose to help others, not have it shoved down my throat.
I totally agree with you that there are way

too many people that abuse the system, why - because they can get away with it.  There needs to be a huge overhaul in this.  The regulators need to do their job, etc. 

I am not sure where you live, but where I am - the state is putting limits on things and I believe you can't get welfare money, actual money, unless you are working.  The food stamps I believe are a different issue.  I am not sure how the Medicaid part of it works though.  It has made me think, I have to do some checking.

totally agree
She just doesn't come across as very intelligent when she speaks. Her education is lacking, how many colleges did it take her to get a degree?

I think she is a novelty for now. There are a lot of far better qualified women to be VP or president, Republican or Democrat. I'm really not sure how she even made the list to begin with ...
I totally agree.

There is nothing to find out. 

That is exactly what she does!! I totally agree! nm
I agree almost totally with sam on this one....sm
although I hold the republicans at fault for being so wishy washy at times and being so ineffectual.

But that comes right back and slaps the dems up the side of the head with the blame, becuase it's their fault by blocking the repubs at every turn throughout the years.

Those are the facts.

Sam is right.

But history according to the dems is trying to rewrite itself.

Yes, I know everyone is concerned about the effects of the economy on their lives. I am too.

But why is it okay to let the dems get away with their games and lies, once again, with what just transpired on capitol hill?

Whem you repeat a lie often enough, people believe it.

The dems are counting on it, all the way through to November.

I think I really hate politics.

Totally agree
Totally agree!

Even though I think McCain is the better of the two, I still pray for God to have us make the right choice.  If Obama is elected, I will accept him as my president but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  If Obama ends up being a great president, I will be shocked but I will admit that I was wrong.  In all honesty...if Obama wins....I hope that I AM wrong.  We can't change what is going to happen.  We just have to hope and pray that we make the right choice and I pray to God each night that we make the right decision whatever it may be.

I totally agree with you on this . . .
I have been ashamed for a long time.  I have traveled extensively overseas and the one thing that is a common running thread about perception of Americans is that we are spoiled, self-centered and think the world revolves around us.  Well, it doesn't.  I respect everyone for their own religious and political viewpoints, but the one thing I can;t stand are people who think theirs is the only right one.  Everyone thinks their God is the one true God.  Well guess what people, there is only one God and He goes by many, many different names, whether it be Allah, Buddha, etc.  If we collectively as a species on this planet do not come together, there is no doubt this planet will resolve it for us -- by wiping us out.  There is only one rule that we should live by, which is the base for ALL religions:  The Golden Rule (hopefully everyone knows this!).  This one simple philosophy serves as the umbrella for everything else. 
I totally agree
I just wonder how we will accomplish it.
I totally agree with you (nm)
I totally agree with you.
I, too, have been through many elections and this one has a great sense of importance for many reasons, and is definitely the most important election we will see in our lifetime.  I have never before taken much interest in the whole process.  With this one, I have all but become obsessed, have been following and studying closely what is at stake here.  I have been very, very unhappy with the state of this country for quite a long time and have been counting the days until the end of this current administration.  This country is in sore need of some major changes, and especially in regards to attitude.  We have become a selfish, self-absorbed, spoiled society who have become complacent and intolerant.  This country is being held back by those people that refuse to become progressive and open-minded thinkers.  We are supposed to be working together, and instead the great divide is getting wider and wider and will eventually be our downfall.  Obviously, the system that has been in place for so long is not working very well, and it is time to try something else.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (Albert Einstein).  I am afraid of the backlash as a result of this election, as I believe (and pray) that Barack Obama will be our next president.  This election has brought out the worst in people and true colors are showing everywhere, but it is time to put away the hatred and viciousness and try to come together as a nation.
Oh I totally agree with you nm
I totally agree.
I think Hill and Bill will both be voting for John McCain because Hill wants to run again in 2012.  Just listen to Bill's enthusiasm or lack thereof when he speaks about Obama.  He certainly doesn't bash McCain.  Calls him an American hero and a respectable man.  LOL!  They are so voting McCain.
totally agree
One has to wonder why other countries have such an interest in seeing Obama in the presidency. I doubt that they are looking out for OUR best interests.
Totally agree with you.
I totally agree with you.
To me it is such a non-issure or should be.  It's kind of like everything else in this modern society...don't take responsibility for anything.  Just go out and have sex with whomever and whenever you please and never mind if you get pregnant, there's always abortion.  Otherwise why on earth would the radical pro-abortionists have to make such an issue out of it?  If you don't want to get pregnant don't have sex, seems pretty simple to me.  I'm way past thinking you get pregnant holding hands!!
Yes, I totally agree that you not only need...

...a raise, but you also deserve a HEFTY BONUS upon discharge, as well as a better VA health system, education grants, etc.  All those billions going to Wall Street CROOKS... grrrrrrr...

Thank you for your kind wishes, and I wish the Merriest of Christmases to you and your family. 

I agree 100% totally
Religion and beliefs are a personal choice. Nobody can make that decision for you. That is a journey only you along can make. Luckily the internet offers a vast array of information. If you ask the leader of each religion group the same question you will get different answers. This has to be your choice and yours alone. Your BF sounds like he belongs to the same whacked out group my aunt and uncle do. They are on a mission to save everyone and heaven forbid Obama won and now the world is going to end. Lions and tigers oh me, oh my.

Each group has their own spin/agenda and DH and I have always believed never to get involved with a religious group of any sort (i.e. group think). Sure some places want to tell you the way to think and make you feel like you will burn in some pit for all eternity being ripped to shreds, blah, blah, blah if you don't go along with them or believe the way they do.

In my own opinion religion is a very personal journey for myself. I am not religious but I am very spiritual and I keep it to myself. Even after being married for 30 years DH and I do not agree on everything religious wise.

I would just say anyone who is in a "panic" mode that they have to "save you". I would not go near them with a 10 foot pole. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I don't know your BF, but he most definitely sounds like he was picked up by some group and brainwashed. I would definitely proceed with caution. Just remember Jim Jones, David Koresh, and that leader of Heavens Gate.
I totally agree with you Just the Big Bad sm
They simply don't know what they are talking about.
Totally agree!
I am sick of everyone not willing to give the current administration a fair shot. I sure don't remember all this crap when Bush STOLE his office. That is when all the self-righteous should have spoken up. This is way past old. There are too many important issues in this country right now. Obama has already been elected. End of story. Get over it and start being part of the solution instead of the problem. This petty nonsense has to stop if this country ever hopes to move forward!
I agree totally to this.....nm
I totally agree with you.

This article is one-sided crap.  Everyone seems to blame Bush for everything but what they fail to recognize is that the dems had control of congress for the past 2 years and congress is who controls spending.  If they didn't like what Bush was proposing, they could have easily stopped it and not voted for it.  Clinton is the one who got banks giving loans to people who couldn't afford it.  There are just as many dems to blame for our current situation as there are pubs.  A lot of politicians do nothing but look out for themselves and their rich friends.....including dems.  Our whole government system is, IMO, corrupt. 

As for Barrack Obama.....his rhetoric is getting old and he has constantly lied since he was sworn in.  You can't fix debt by spending.  How many of us have actually gotten ourselves out of debt by spending more money we didn't have....go ahead....raise your hands.........   Every one knows that when you borrow money to pay off debt...you are just digging yourself a bigger hole.  This is what our government is doing.....digging us a bigger hole.  God help us all.

I totally agree with you and a big
problem is also the politicians who are crooked as well. They waste our money and line their pockets with money while we are supposed to grin and bear it?  I really don't know who I would like to smack more.....the crooked CEOs, the crooked politicians, or the lazy bums who want to mooch off of the government.  I personally feel that both the dems and pubs need to clean house.  Maybe we could get some people in office who actually mean what they say in their speeches instead of just trying rhetoric to get votes.
Totally agree with you on this one.
Actually, the mind control started even long before the Crusades. The birth of Christianity (particularly the Catholic Church), provided the perfect political lever for a few greedy, so-called "holy" men to control the masses.  The Vatican is in possession of 2000 years of documents that, if released to the public, would absolutely destroy the foundation of Christianity as we know it.  That's called "blind faith".
I totally agree with that, too.
Excuse me, I believe in God, no matter what he is called, but what's this cult with church and priests etc.....

Why should I go to church, sit in a confessional and confess my sins to a human being, same as I?

Confessisons were used in the Middle Ages and before to eavesdrop on the secular leaders, whose secrets and sins told during confessions, were then exploited by priests, bishops, popes, etc. who mingled into the politics.

Now a joke comes into my mind:

A man goes into the church and kneels down in the confessional. When the priest opens the little window, the man says: 'You first.'

I totally agree with you on that one!
I totally agree with you!......nm