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There you go with your ASSumptions again.

Posted By: When did I ever say I was voting for McCain? sm on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: thanks again Babe! Good luck voting for McSame/Falin...SM - thanks again

Really, please try to come up with something better. Now you're resorting to juvenile names for McCain? That is so childish. Let me guess, it's probably all your mother's fault. She must've worked during your formative years.

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So many assumptions......so little info
Here ya go again. If there is info that doesn't look great about Obama, then one must be a McCain supporter. Look, I can't help it if the person you want in office is disliked by his own VP and his own VP choice has already said Obama is NOT the man for the job. He has no experience. It's fact....deal with it. It just goes to show ya what strange bed fellas get together. All Biden wants is to get his foot in the door 4 years from now. He has no faith in Obama and probably also took the job to keep an eye on his disasters while in office.

Biden actually is a McCain lover, sorry to pop your bubble on that. He sings nothing but praises for John McCain BUT he can't do that for Obama. Even Biden can't stoop to lying about a man he doesn't care for, even if he is of his own party.

Exactly what are you basing those assumptions on? (sm)
Maybe his policies?  Oh yeah, those policies...the ones that he can't even implement until Jan 20.  What you said is nothing but rumor and speculation.
you make assumptions
You don't like him because you make assumptions that he will not keep his promises that is called pre-judging someone. Bush has a record, that is called being judged.
Stereotyping is generalizations or assumptions
you're full of assumptions aren't you?