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To Marmann, Linda and others - see information

Posted By: New Englander on 2008-11-13
In Reply to: To Linda: - Marmann

Please, PLEASE do not always think snopes is correct. They have been wrong on many occasions. Just type in "has snopes ever been wrong" in Google and many links come up to show they have been wrong. Snopes is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson, a California couple who met through an folklore urban newsgroup. And there is no credible sources whatsoever on snopes to prove that this is false. And being from California who are huge Obama supporters...well how convenient they just happen to have this website and can put up information without credible sources and everyone believes them???

To others - If there was "nothing" to this story, Barack would not have been ordered by one of the supreme court justices to submit his original birth certificate which he never did. The phony birth certificate that the Annenberg foundation (P.S. the Annenberg foundation is a staunch supporter of Obama) claims is his birth certificate has too many flaws on it.

I know a lot of Obama supporters are trying to push this under the carpet and pretend it never happened and try to debunk anyone trying to search for the truth.

The truth is that the actual birth certificate was never submitted. And like one of the posters said below "Obama has not shown it. He does not have it and the hospital has no record of birth certificate" the copy they have I do believe will prove he was born in Kenya. If he had it and it was valid he would show it, not have it legally hidden away so that NOBODY can view it. Brother! Talk about sending out red flags. Anyone with any sense can see there is something very wrong with this. If he was legal he would have shown the real certificate a long time ago and proved the "so called rumors" to be false. But because he hasn't anyone with any sense has got to wonder why. Why isn't he showing the true certificate? Why did the DNC give him a pass without checking it out? Who is backing him? Why was he legally allowed to secure the certificate? Too many why's.

But to have the supreme court involved. They don't take "bogus" cases, so there must be something valid to the claim that it will show he was born in Kenya to an American woman and African father and became an Indonesia citizen (and we don't know if he ever applied for US Citizenship).

We will soon find out (I hope). If he does not provide proof then everything he does as a president will mean nothing because it will all be invalid.

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Linda, try again, I just got in.
That is weird.
You can't be serious, Linda.
This is one of the all-time most absurd posts I have seen on any forum. You win first prize hands down!
To Linda:

Please, PLEASE visit Snopes, and you will see that this whole thing is false, false, false! 



Linda, since I did not refer to you by name sm
I can only assume that you are including yourself in the group to which I referred, but I do think that those people know who they are, so as the old saying goes "if the shoe fits".  Personally, I don't feel any of your comments were hateful, so don't take it personally unless "the shoe fits". 
Linda: Fair enough. sm
I did not even realize that I "tagged" into your post.  I was just trying to defend someone who I have only witnessed being intelligent and trying to have vigorous discussions on very divisive subjects and MOST people on this forum do nothing but attack with derogatory comments instead of acting like rational adults.  By all means, I do apologize, as I did not intend to direct my post to you personally, otherwise I would have quoted some of your comments had I found them to be as equally offensive and ugly, although it did seem to me that you were in agreement with the others' assessment of JTBB.  Indeed, you seem to be one of those few "rational adults" and, again, please forgive my indignation towards those that are not.
Linda C. - -- stop emailing me personally with posts...sm
You need to read my post again. I said....a person that commented on Obama's video...a person commenting on the Youtube site....said a nasty word about a different poster....I in no way said that Obama said that word.......you really need to read what people say before you reply.....

And STOP emailing me personally. It's a shame you accuse me of saying something false here, when you didn't even take the time to fully comprehend what I posted.

Linda's comment emailed to me:

This is probably the way things get started, falsely that is. I have watched the youtube you were speaking of and where in the world did he supposedly say something that was x-rated? It is a shame that any and all that people try to say about him just does not work, your's being 1 of those. Linda
I agree, Linda...time will tell. Polls kinda take a pulse...
they can change so quickly.

As far as Hillary supporters, the hard-line vote Democrat or die group will vote for Obama. It is the ones who are angry at the DNC and Howard Dean...those are the ones who might be persuaded. But even if they are not, those independents and undecideds seem to really like her.

We will see how it goes...but it IS exciting, isn't it? She is definitely not Washington politics as usual and that is SO refreshing!
Dear Linda C in George -- don't send me any more personal emails...sm
post your comments on the board, please. Maybe other want to see your comments. Thank you. By the way, my entire post was from an online newspaper; none of it was my personal thoughts on the subject, aside from the Subject line above.

Email from Linda C in George:

I think it is a good thing for the University to cancel- you have seen the hatred put forth by McCain supporters- unreal- with almost a gang like trend to them. Oh, just 1 question- you wrote in your post this invitation was extended several months ago, like in February- strange that the people who invited him at that time did not KNOW who he was, right, even as late as 02/2008- but I guess Obama knew when he served on the Republican based board with him. You make contradictions in your statements but I get the jest. There are plenty of other states (mine included, Georgia) that have turned blue and I am looking for a total landslide for Obama.
Well said Marmann
This is one post I definitely agree with you on. Corruption is on both sides. I don't think any one party has any right to lump the other side into one category. I say if you do the crime you do the time and it doesn't matter what political party you belong to. Name me an honest politician and I'll....well actually I don't know what I'd do. HA HA. There are just a few that are decent but that is a very few.
Hey, Marmann.
Do you ever feel like you are trying to reason with cement? That is how I feel when I respond to some of these posts.
Hello Marmann:  I too hope you will be feeling better
Marmann...the OP would be 3rd under GP's
By OP, I meant "other post." I appreciate your reply which I am still digesting and will answer soon while trying to grab a bath in the meantime!
Marmann......... sm
Please don't ever apologize for sharing. I, for one, don't mind at all and find the information fascinating and useful. CF is such a cruel disease as it does attack so many different systems and causes general havoc. I had not heard about the GI symptoms, though.

May God bless you through your illness and bring about healing for you. There is a cure out there...they just have to find it. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself. I do enjoy your "discourses" (hehe) here. :o)
Thanks Marmann
Oh I've made plenty of mistakes, but I learned a long time ago it's okay to say you are wrong. Keeps us human and humble. :-)

Also, thank you for being nice to me. I've read your posts on this board and you have actually changed my mind about some issues I used to believe in. I love hearing people's different opinions because it gives me a different perspective on things and more things to research.

Anthony Hopkins is one of the greatest actors of all time. When you can make a character so real it's just amazing. Hard to separate reality from fiction sometimes.

Have a great weekend yourself.
Hey Marmann............ sm
good to see you around. I know you don't get on very often because of health issues, as you have described here, and just wanted to say I hope you are doing better.

It's funny (funny - strange, not funny = haha) how a person's opinion can change based on their life issues. I know you would give almost anything not to be in the position that you are in now, but be glad that there is some help for you out there in the form of Medicaid and other agencies. My best to you!

It is for "people like you" that others fight for Medicaid and other social programs.  The purpose is to help.  You should feel no guilt or shame at all!  You have paid your dues, you have worked for years, and if at this time in your life you need to pull on the reserve of social programs that can help, then you, of all people, deserve to recieve those benefits.  That's what its there for.

I do realize it can be difficult for people in your positions being stuck with the label of "those people," but you should know better than anyone that that is not what its about.  There are people out here who do understand your situation and also understand that most people are only one incident/misfortune away from being in that same situation. 

Hang in there and don't let it get you down. 

Thank you for that, Marmann. s/m

I agree with your assessment of JTBB's posts, as I as well find them illuminating and well researched and knew she would find this movie as intriguing as I did, as I am sure you would, and I encourage you to to check it out and let me know what you think. 

I don't post on this board very much, although I do enjoy reading it, and I very much enjoy the comments that are worthwhile and thought-provoking, (even if sometimes I don't agree), and it's pretty easy to separate out the people who actually have a brain in their heads from the people who accomplish nothing more than being snide, inconsiderate, and really just want to "stir the pot" and be insulting just to satisfy some deeply buried sense of inadequacy by feeling like they need to post a CV which in some way is supposed to prove a person has a clue about anything.

Marmann, I always enjoy your posts as well, as we are usually of the same opinion on most matters, so keep it up!!  

Marmann: s/m

When I tried to send you one through this board, your address came up, but the message said MTStars does not forward e-mail to either comcast.net or aol.com.  For some reason there have been issues with these two carriers.  I had an old work e-mail on here that I used, but I just updated it and it's now under my personal e-mail.  Are you worried about security from this website?  I'm not too worried only because our carrier seems to have pretty tight filters and I have never had any problems.  If you decide to brave it, just holla back.

At any rate, just let me know.  The discussions on here have gotten too toxic for me -- talk about swimming in a river of piranha!  LOL


Hi Marmann............. sm
Good to "see" you! Hope you are feeling okay these days.

In a nutshell, what my statement had to do with was from a biblical perspective. Israel is God's chosen people and anyone who stands against them or harms them is in danger of losing God's favor. I feel, as a country, we are rapidly losing favor with God and I don't want to see what happens when He totally removes His hand of protection from us.
yes, Marmann, sometimes it is best to
takea break to 'clear one's head.' Have a great week, too. See ya...!
Marmann...... Don't know if you will even read this....... sm
but I just wanted to respond to a couple of things you said.

First off, I'm not a big Bush supporter, but he is our President and there's not a whole lot I can do about that. I will say, though, that there was not a question of Bush's citizenship before he even got into office to create for him the stumbling block that Obama is facing. To roughly paraphrase Obama in a speech he gave upon entering the US Senate in late 2004, he stated when asked about plans to run for President that he did not believe in hiring an unqualified person for job and that he himself was not qualified to serve as POTUS. Yet, 143 days later, he suddenly decided that he is qualified after making a couple of Senate speeches and barely raising the blip on the radar during his career thus far.

If the SC does overturn the popular vote, I agree, there will be h-e-double toothpicks to pay in terms of civil unrest, the likes this country has probably never seen before. However, OTOH, the thought of sending an unqualified individual (his words) into the highest office in the land and possibly the most powerful in the world conjures up images of not just civil unrest within our country but global unrest when he brings to pass the items on his agenda, of which I am reserving further comment on at this time.

In all honesty, I sincerely hope that your last statement will be proven true. If Obama is deemed qualified, inasmuch as his birth certificate (let's just put aside his own statement), I sincerely do hope that he is the best POTUS we could have put in, because anything less will prove disastrous for our country.
Well, I try to be kind, Marmann.......... sm
sometimes I do better than other times! HAHAHA

I agree that God favors honesty in His people and I don't mean to infer that the Israelis are without fault, but I also believe that trying to take Gaza from Israel is wrong because it wase given to Judah, one of the original 12 tribes of Israel, by God through Joshua to be inhabited by His chosen people. As a Christian, one thing that I want more than anything in this world is for Christ to come back and take me home. Some Christians believe that, in order for all prophetical events to be in place for Christ's return, Israel must occupy that land that was given to the original 12 tribes as well as the temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem which, as you may know, is in the planning stages and materials are being gathered. The main sticking point with the temple being rebuilt is that the Jews believe the Dome of the Rock occupies at least part, if not all, of the original temple site in Jerusalem.

I said all that to say this. Whether we humans see the treatment of Palestine and Isreal of each other as fair through the lens of the media or not, God sees the whole picture and He is in control.
This is a great article, Marmann........ sm
Thanks for posting it.

Way back when the primary caucuses started, I mentioned Chuck Baldwin on this board but I don't think there was a single reply, good or bad, to my post. I wish he had had a little more exposure during the campaigns and was on the ticket in all states. He was not on the ticket in Texas.

To be honest, I really believe that the reason there is so much noise being made about Obama and none about what Bush has done while in office is that most people, myself included, are not aware of all the intricacies of the US Constitution. It is a very intricate document and most American people are only aware of what they had been taught in high-school or college civics classes and not tne entire document along with the US Code which is the law that helps fill in the spaces and further explain the Constitution. Even if there was an awareness on the part of the majority of the people, most would have been reluctant to bring any law suits against Bush due to the fact that we are (were) mired in Iraq and facing challenges on our homefront as well. Bush managed to get us through 9/11 in a way that made us all feel safe. While things might have gone kind of downhill after that with his administration, most people likely did not want to rock the boat and risk showing America as being weakened by the impeachment of her President. This is not said to excuse Bush's actions but just rather to explain how this American feels about the whole situation, and I doubt I am really alone in my feelings.

Now that a precident has been set with the Obama B/C situation, Americans seem to have awakened and started paying more attention to what is going on in our government and researching and finding out what the Constitution really says and not just what the media tells us. Maybe in 2012, Baldwin (or another Constitutional Party nominee) will step up to the plate and campaign more aggressively and win the presidency. It's time someone started running this country the way it was intended to be run.
Way to go, Marmann, I find it reprehensible
for someone so cowardly as to personally attack you for your opinion.  Just another perfect example of the quality (or lack of) people supporting the McPalin regime. 
I wish you well Marmann and good health
We may not agree on politics but I wish you all the best in whatever you are going through. Hope you won't have a long hospital stay. Take care.
I hope you feel better soon, Marmann.nm

Marmann, you're usually smarter than this....sm
You know that Cheney had to give up all interests in this company before becoming VP...he is also in no way responsible for this happening.

And I agree with the previous poster....you've gotten way out of hand with your hatred of Pres. Bush.

I wonder, when Obama is president, and things of this nature occur.....are you going to blame him, just as you are blaming Bush?

I think not...more's the pity....in your eyes, Obama can/will do no wrong.
I have to beg to differ with you on one point, Marmann.......... sm
Biracial offspring have existed in this country for many, many years, dating back to the days of slavery when white slave owners would take a slave to be their mistress or even rape an unwilling black slave just because they could. It has even been said that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by one of his slaves. And if Obama was born in Hawaii as he says he was, the culture there was much different than the mainland US, even though there were miscegenation laws in place at the time of his birth. If I understand Obama's family history correctly, his mother and father did not live together in the US, with the possible exception of Hawaii, during their marriage. Most, if not all of their marriage, was lived out in Indonesia.

But I digress........

Whether the man in the White House is black, white or another race or any combination thereof is of no consequence to me. The qualifications based on the Constitution and experience and knowledge to effectively and safely lead America are first and foremost and should be on the mind of every voting American.

Thank you, Marmann - funny not too many people here had anything to say about THAT..

Excellent post Marmann!!! nm

Marmann - what a great post
Well thought out and worded very well. I hoped for so much from someone who hadn't been in the DC crowd for years and years, but each day am disappointed more and more. I enjoyed the fresh ideas he presented. But, everything has changed from the campaign. It's heartbreaking to see our country headed the same way Germany was with WWII, being run by the same kind of leader.

I do believe you and are I starting to agree on many issues. For me, when I voted for the O I had hoped that things would finally turn around for our country. But slowly any "hope" he offered kept dwindling away. There is no reason to hope anymore because it's just getting worse. He's kept his promise of "change", but he portrayed change for the good, and as we're waking up we are realizing, this is not change for the good. It's getting worse. But he does have quite a way with the words and still makes some people feel good about getting "screwed". But I do not blame the O. He is simply a puppet for the people who are really running the country. He is just a "bearer of bad news". Unfortunately he will be the "fall guy". My best guess is if things keep going this way, he will be a one-term failed present just like J. Carter and Bush Sr. That is of course if they don't change the laws and he be allowed to stay in for 3, 4, 5 or more terms. Don't think they would do it? Well we never thought the constitution would be changed either.
Marmann, I think you need to do a little history review....
Marmann: Would you mind if I sent you an e-mail? s/m
I already tried, but MT Stars will not deliver to your server, which also happens to be my server as well.  I would like to continue an intelligent rational conversation with a grownup and it is just not possible on this board.  LOL
Correct Marmann, and as MTs this will help our pay rate and jobs sm
If companies are rewarded for staying in the U.S., bye bye philipines and barbados and india for MT cheapo transcription. Hello USA hard working MTs finally making DECENT MONEY.
AND.... getting tax breaks.
You made plenty sense, Marmann.... sm
I hope you feel better soon!
For Marmann's post below..... "big corporations

Why aren't you more concerned about how Obama made 2.7 million dollars last year but claims they are still paying off their student loans?  Pleeze!  That is definitely "selective ignorance" if ever I saw it.  He claims he made most of the 2.7 million on the sell of his books.............. yea, right!   I guess you believe that too! 

AND you don't think for one minute he has the best little 'ol CPA he can find (crooked or whatever) finding him all kinds of loopholes for his big bucks?  Funny you don't seem to care what the leader of your country is doing with his big bucks and where he has his big bucks invested and with what corporations; the same ones he is bailing out big time!    Get a clue!

For Marmann's post below..... "big corporations

Why aren't you more concerned about how Obama made 2.7 million dollars last year but claims they are still paying off their student loans?  Pleeze!  That is definitely "selective ignorance" if ever I saw it.  He claims he made most of the 2.7 million on the sell of his books.............. yea, right!   I guess you believe that too! 

AND you don't think for one minute he has the best little 'ol CPA he can find (crooked or whatever) finding him all kinds of loopholes for his big bucks?  Funny you don't seem to care what the leader of your country is doing with his big bucks and where he has his big bucks invested and with what corporations; the same ones he is bailing out big time!    Get a clue.  Oh no, let's not go there!

For Marmann's post below..... "big corporations

Why aren't you more concerned about how Obama made 2.7 million dollars last year but claims they are still paying off their student loans?  Pleeze!  That is definitely "selective ignorance" if ever I saw it.  He claims he made most of the 2.7 million on the sell of his books.............. yea, right!   I guess you believe that too! 

AND you don't think for one minute he has the best little 'ol CPA he can find (crooked or whatever) finding him all kinds of loopholes for his big bucks?  Funny you don't seem to care what the leader of your country is doing with his big bucks and where he has his big bucks invested and with what corporations; the same ones he is bailing out big time!    Get a clue.  Oh no, let's not go there!

Watch out, Marmann, here I come kissing your butt again! s/m

You are so right in your description of yellow jackets!  Just a bunch of brainless aggressors that attack blindly and viciously.  LOL

I am enjoying this very much and find it oh so entertaining!  Mob mentality is the only fitting way to describe these people.  I just haven't figured out if it's just mental defectiveness, self-loathing or just plain needing a good 'ole roll in the sheets!!  

Wow, usually people that work in the same industry find a common kinship and are very supportive of each other.  Sadly, I don't feel any kinship with a lot of these people.  In fact, I go out of my way to avoid people like this because their joy is killing other people's joy and that's a "disease" I just don't want to catch!  Besides, I have a feeling that all the negative posts on this thread are all done by the same person.  It must be awkward to be so socially inept.

I look forward to more posts by you and JTBB and, disturbingly, to the putrid spewing that will then ensue!!    Bring it own, bee-atches!

Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha, Marmann
Hope you're feeling better.
thanks, Marmann, I miss JTBB, hasn't post since yesterday evening, you o.k?..nm
This will get you the information



some information...

I had the privilege and honor of seeing Mother Teresa some years ago in D.C. The audience was made up of a few ordinary people and mostly political and/or media types. The woman did not mince words. She did not hesitate to tell everyone in the audience how she felt that intolerance, indifference, selfishness, materialism and consumerism, the treatment of and attitudes towards the poor, the sick, the imprisoned run rampant were things that incited people to take up arms against each other, to hate one another, etc. and that Americans might want to look a good look at themselves and give some thoughtful prayer to what part they may play in the situations they so despised. Some of the people were so moved by her that they talked to her about going to India. They wanted to work in her clinics, her hospitals, on the streets. She laughed out loud and I will never forget what she said. She said, and I quote, ** You do not have to go to another country to do God's work. Take a look around you. Man's inhumanity to man is evident everywhere. Go into your own cities and find the poor, the needy, the imprisoned, the sick, the haters with hardened hearts, whatever. They will always be with us and they are everywhere. I believe sincerely that peace is God's work, perhaps in the highest form. You think we live in peace here in this country; as Mother Teresa said, look around you. The war is but 1 faction of a very very sick society, a sick world. I was born into peace and nonviolence. I have practiced it all my life. Protests are really quite a small part of my nonviolent lifestyle. There is plenty enough hatred, violence, intolerance and indifference to keep the peacekeepers busy until the end of time, right where they live, wherever that may be.  We also unfortunately have, in this country, warmongering and war profiteering and people in power who could care less about exploiting our troops and whomever they may be fighting. War is a big money maker for some folks. I do protest here but these days it is mostly letters to the editor, letters to senators, clergy, manning phones, that sort of thing. Another thing I believe is that the Creator is the changer of hearts and minds, not men, and that prayer changes things. You asked what I did besides whine on the other board, where were my legs...you asked for it, here it is.

1. I train service dogs for the disabled. I do this for all sorts of people, some of whom happen to be veterans whose welcome home from their government is, in my opinion, nothing short of betrayal. The wonderful projects, facilities that have sprung up to help these vets are all and I mean ALL privately funded, quite a few of the dogs I train have been purchased or **sponsored** meaning covering all costs and it is quite expensive,  from the bleeding heart liberal pinko commies as you refer to us. They pay the fee, anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000 so that people who cannot afford it or whose government does not think them or their service  important enough to provide them everything they could possibly ever need can get something they desperately need. My portion of this 2-year training program is the last leg, the month where trainer, new owner and dog are put together to learn the mechanics of what they are doing together and to learn each other. At this point the dog, its care, individualized training, all vet bills have been paid for. Normally I charge for this month of training that I do one-on-one.  I have NEVER charged 1 red cent to any veteran for my services and I never will. This is one of the ways I support the troops but not the mission. You see, it can be done.

2.  I have belonged to a prayer and meditation for peace group since I was a child. If I go somewhere where I can't find one, I start one or I hook up with the Mennonites or Friends, the original civil disobeyers. We PRAY for peace, for everyone, everywhere.

3.  I work with St. Vincent de Paul (Catholic organization for the needy),

4.  I do meals on wheels (substitute only now, too busy with everything else),

5.  I go with a group of Indians to elementary schools throughout the Tampa Bay area in full regalia with drums, flutes and stories to share with them to try to give them a good honest look at indigenous people. This seems to be going over very well. We have more dates than we can actually handle. I am very proud to do this work.

Those are my legs and I have had them for a long time.  As I recall, this is our board, the L board, so I can post whatever I like and you don't have to read my posts because you always find fault with whatever I said but I will continue to **preach to the choir** as long as I feel like it because it is the liberal board and the liberals don't mind hearing about nonviolence. As Ghandi said, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. And, for further perusal, here's a bit of history on Ghandi.

After one year of a none too successful law practice (in England), Gandhi decided to accept an offer from an Indian businessman in South Africa, Dada Abdulla, to join him as a legal adviser. Unbeknown to him, this was to become an exceedingly lengthy stay, and altogether Gandhi was to stay in South Africa for over twenty years. The Indians who had been living in South Africa were without political rights, and were generally known by the derogatory name of 'coolies'. Gandhi himself came to an awareness of the frightening force and fury of European racism, and how far Indians were from being considered full human beings, when he was thrown out of a first-class railway compartment car, though he held a first-class ticket, at Pietermaritzburg. From this political awakening Gandhi was to emerge as the leader of the Indian community, and it is in South Africa that he first coined the term satyagraha to signify his theory and practice of non-violent resistance. Gandhi was to describe himself preeminently as a votary or seeker of satya (truth), which could not be attained other than through ahimsa (non-violence, love) and brahmacharya (celibacy, striving towards God). Gandhi conceived of his own life as a series of experiments to forge the use of satyagraha in such a manner as to make the oppressor and the oppressed alike recognize their common bonding and humanity: as he recognized, freedom is only freedom when it is indivisible.


Where did this information come from?....
the Obama website? I am not trying to start a fight either, but what makes this information any more accurate than the other poster's? Who has independently verified any of it?

The only one who knows how "indoctrinated" Obama is with the Muslim religion or how much he ascribes to it, supports it or it influences him, is Barack Obama. And I think anyone who thinks differently is fooling himself/herself.

As to the United Church of Christ...it has a flagrantly racist agenda, and regardless of what he says he has to know that if he was listening to any of the sermons...Jeremiah Wright did not wake up the morning of Obama's candidacy a racist and that church did not turn racist overnight...

Don't trust Obama. I have read up about his Chicago days and ties to Daly...the most corrupt political machine in the history of this country.

Nope, don't trust him. Not a bit.
Information is the key
Ladies/gentlemen, we can go back and forth on the candidates and their character, however, as we all know candidates can and will promise anything while running for president and promises are conveniently forgotton once in office.  To find out what is in a candidate's heart, read each party's platform which is easily assessible on the internet. The platform will let you know what the candidates will be focusing on once in office. Since each candidate's economic or tax plan really cannot be tested until they are in office, look for issues that concern you morally. Regardless of which candidate wins, let's vow to be united once it is over.
I believe you get your information
from blogs.
where do you get this information?
I have not heard anything whatsoever about this - can you give me something more?
Add the URL for this information.

Your information is so ignorant.....
of the real truth that is kind of scares me.  I am afraid that this is what the U.S. has become - a nation of ignorant lemmings who cannot read the information available and refuse to believe what has been documented over and over and over again....that we have been grievously misled by this administration.  PLEASE educate yourself, study multiple world-wide news and information sources from various political genres and THEN draw your conclusions.  And I can assure you, the conclusions may be painful and they will also be startlingly different from you currently hold to be true.
For your paranoid information sm
ALL blogs track ISP numbers.  You must not post a lot of places.  It's part of the software that comes with blogging and it also allows people to be banned who create a nuisance.   Having said that, I see a whole lot of posting here and it is not being removed.   An aspersion was cast as to whether I might be another post and using another name. It's easy enough to prove.  I have my own suspicions about a lot of the posters on here.  But I keep that to myself.  You aren't going to blog anywhere that isn't monitored.