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You're the one shooting back answers rapidfire.

Posted By: Yet you ask whether she's busy? lol sm on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: a little of both, not that is any - BDayes

That's an obvious defense tactic, when you try to turn it around on the other person despite doing the same thing yourself.

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this shooting and bombing back and forthcontinues
because the Isreali hardliners do not want to accept a 2-state solutions, 1 for the Israelis and 1 for the Palestinians and to put a stop to building illegal settlements.
And you're very good at shooting the messenger.

It wouldn't matter what I posted here.  You've already made up your mind that you hate me, and that's all there is to it.  I could come in tomorrow and say I think Bush is the best president we've ever had, but you'd still attack me personally.

If you look at every single thread I have started here, I have never ONCE personally attacked a poster.  I have always attacked an administration that is incompetent, dishonest and downright dangerous.  The responses I have received have been attacks directed personally at me.  Yet, when I respond in kind to those attacks, I'm crucified.  If you're going to start the personal stuff, be prepared to get some of it right back at you.

If you disagree, why can't you discuss the reason you disagree?  Why must you and the others always personally attack a poster?  Must be because you simply can't defend your position, which is understandable. 

I hope you have a very nice day.  It would be very nice to have an intelligent, legitimate debate with you someday, one directed at the issues and not at a poster you have decided to hate.

So does this mean you're going back to your own board now, as you were

Hey LR, guess you're back?nm
We won. We're back to work now....(NM)
The smart ones are giving the $$ back. They're
GOURDPAINTER!!! I'm so glad you're back! I

agree with every single point made by Backwards Typist!!!

It's so good to see you return!    I hope you don't leave again. 

You're still eating aren't you? Lets pick this back
Or maybe you know enoug folks that will be getting the free handouts and can live off of them, like I see going on around my town already.
I would add that I think that if they went to jail for shooting him....
he should have gone to jail for the marijuana. I did not do extensive research, so I am not sure about the marjuana or the amount...the two articles I read said there was 700 lbs, but they were news articles and that information may have changed.
Okay if you weren't shooting me the bird
then what were you trying to tell me oh and high and mighty one?
I am ok with shooting him but not with torturing and then killing him ..nm
Are you okay with police shooting a man who's about to kill his wife?
I'm sure you are, unless you're really as nutz as I think you are.

So...'Splain the difference to me, Lucy! The justification is precisely the same regarding a terrorist who's planning to kill thousands - except MORE SO.

You pathetic boob.
So they should stop shooting rockets from their living rooms!
No sympathy for Hamas here! If they want to fight a war (which they do) they should fight it. If they shoot rockets out of their houses, they should expect return fire.

Hamas and Palestine are dangerous to the entire world, not just Israel. Unfortunately, we just elected a president completely imcapable of dealing with the issue. And God help us all once Iran gets involved, which they WILL.
A racial post shooting the finger. Must be a conservative thing. Point this out.
I just read the thread and don't know what the heck you guys are talking about.

Sounds like you are all just trying to be disagreeable, no wait that's why you continue to post on the LIBERAL board. I see, that's the point. Excuse me.

I can't answer for the president, because I cannot read his mind.  I don't know what he would do if these two came to him.

BTW, Billy Graham's grandson (Franklin Graham's son) is serving in Iraq right now, and the ministry as a whole is doing a program called "Operation Bless Our Troops" 

...and to answer your second question (which I think I did in the first post, but anyway) for personal reasons I'm not going to Iraq to rebuild. 

he was independent and employee depending on who he worked for.  also we live near many large cities, including Cleveland, Ohio, Akron, Alliance.  He has gone out of state looking for trim carpenter work also.  Things are slow to nothing. 
my answers
What do you personally do to help in your community? - Volunteer in school, church.

What do faith do you have? - Christian

Do you have a mortage and what is the status? Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home? Yes, have been behind in the past, but am caught up now.

Do you have health insurance? If not, why? We don't but our children do, thanks to Child Health Plus. We just cannot afford it. We are small business owners. I am probably going back to teaching so I can get insurance for us.

Do you have young children?

Were you for the bailout? Heck no.

Do you have money invested in stocks? Have you/are you going to cash it in? 401K in Mutual funds, letting it ride for now.

Think we should bring our troops back? Heck yeah.

Now, who do you think you will vote for? Obama/Biden
My answers
What do you personally do to help in your community?

-I work with the youth group at our church and as a church we do community outreach such as having dinners for families, community cleanup day, etc. Our church is in one of the poorest parts of town and the kids there are socially and financially disadvantaged, which I think is why my heart goes out to them so much, I grew up the same way. Other than that I sit at my computer all day and work and stay out of the community like a hermit! :)

What do faith do you have?

-I believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven and he died for our sins and rose again. I believe that no amount of good works can get you in.

Do you have a mortage and what is the status? Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home?

-Yes, we have a fixed rate mortgage. So far we can make payments fine, although we have had to sacrifice things in order to make those payments before such as new tires, cable tv, etc., but for the most part we do okay now by being "frugal" lol.

Do you have health insurance? If not, why?

-No. We can't afford it. Neither of us is offered insurance through our company (well until recently, my company is considering offering it.) Our last estimated cost would be $350 a month for decent coverage.

Do you have young children?
- nope, we are waiting until we have a decent savings and health insurance.

Were you for the bailout?
- nope. I think they could have been a lot smarter about that. It really makes me sick that they were having spa treatments the other day. I sure wish I could go to a friggin spa on bailout money!

Do you have money invested in stocks? Have you/are you going to cash it in?
-nope. I had thought about it awhile back but now I'm glad we didn't!

Think we should bring our troops back?
- I would like for them to come back, but I think we need to be smart about it. If we pull out tomorrow we need to look at the repercussions of doing so. But I think it's time to start to tie up our loose ends and come home, focus on things here for awhile.

Now, who do you think you will vote for?
-If I knew that writing in someone would make a difference, but because it won't, I'll be voting for Mccain, because I don't agree with Obama. I don't necessarily think things will be better with Mccain, but Obama and I disagree on issues, therefore I won't vote for him. Simple as that.
my answers

What do you personally do to help in your community?  Lions Club, PTO, close-knit community so we personally help each other when something bad happens.

What do faith do you have? Christian

Do you have a mortage and what is the status?  Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home?  Building a new house, so just starting a mortgage.  Never had a problem with our mortgage before, but now who knows.  We were really hoping to lock into a good rate when our house was finished, but that may not happen now.

Do you have health insurance?  If not, why?  Yes, my husband works for the commonwealth and we are very fortunate to have excellent health insurance now.  However, prior to that job, we always carried health insurance, either an individual policy on our own or a group employee policy.  I even worked part-time in-office just to get benefits at one time.

Do you have young children?  Yes -- 11, 8, and 6.

Were you for the bailout? Absolutely not.  The suits should have paid it.

Do you have money invested in stocks?  Have you/are you going to cash it in?  We have some invested in stock -- McDonald's actually, it's not much so we're better off to ride it out.  I assume my husband's 401K with the state is also invested, but don't know much about that.  I'm more concerned about the 30K I just put in a money market with bank. 

Think we should bring our troops back?  Absolutely.

Now, who do you think you will vote for? Obama/Biden -- McCain hasn't proven to me that he will run things differently than Bush.

my answers

What do you personally do to help in your community?   No clubs or organizations.  I work too many hours.  I put my extra time and energy into raising decent human beings.

What do faith do you have?  Christian - pentecostal to be more specific.  I understand Sarah Palin and her faith. 

Do you have a mortage and what is the status?  Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home?  Yes.  We are current.  It's tough though. 

Do you have health insurance?  If not, why?  Yes.  Husband works for hospital.  It is very expensive.  Any catastrophe would still do us in financially though, at 80/20.

Do you have young children?  Kids are 12-1/2, 15 and 17.

Were you for the bailout?  No.

Do you have money invested in stocks?  Have you/are you going to cash it in?  We have never had extra money to invest in the entire 20+ years of our marriage.  We have never had financial help from anybody, even our parents, and no one taught us as children the importance of saving. 


Think we should bring our troops back?  Eventually.  I think they are a force for good in the region and they are doing important work.  War is sometimes necessary. 

Now, who do you think you will vote for?  McCain/Palin.  If Obama is elected, I'll get to keep even less of my money and I don't have enough as it is.  Also, I could never and will never vote for a party that does not protect the rights of the unborn. 


What do you personally do to help in your community?

Volunteer with a pro life group who provide help and support system to women/girls referred to us who have chosen life vs abortion. We have a network of support who also help after the babies are born with child care so the mothers can work and get established on their own. We help with job placement and finding work. It is very rewarding work. More often than not, those mothers become our next volunteers. When we have our get-togethers, to see those children laughing and playing...happy and healthy...makes it all so worth it. If we can help just one...all worth it.

What do faith do you have?

Do you have a mortage and what is the status? Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home?

Have a mortgage, payments not behind. Have not lost a home.

Do you have health insurance? If not, why?

Yes. With employer.

Do you have young children?


Were you for the bailout?

I believe the economy needed help of some kind. I am not convinced what was passed was the way to go.

Do you have money invested in stocks? Have you/are you going to cash it in?

No money in stocks. After the market problem after 9-11, put in CDs.

Think we should bring our troops back?

From Iraq...as soon as the commanders on the ground believe it is the right time. Whether or not we should have ever have gone doesn't matter, we are there now. I don't want to see what happened in Viet Nam after a precipitous withdrawal happen in Iraq. Millions of innocent Vietnamese were slaughtered. We need to finish there. But leaving Iraq will not solve the "war" problem. Both candidates say we have to stay in Afghanistan, both calling for more troops in Afghanistan. I think Obama said 3 brigades to start. So there is going to be a war..just a matter of where.

Now, who do you think you will vote for?

I know I am voting for John McCain. Too many fundamental differences between Obama's vision for the country and mine. Also too many fundamental moral differences.

1. Work 7 days a week so I have no time.

2. I believe in a higher power.

3. Yes, not behind, no problems yet but I'm sure when either candidate gets into office I will.

4. Yes but will probably not be able to afford it or it will be taken away once either candidate gets in.

5. No - I refuse to bring kids in this world the way it is. Also, it seems I take care of all the kids of women who do not believe in abortion yet they are the first ones to turn their heads or complain when they are taxed to death to take care of these kids who will not doubt grow up unwanted, abused, etc.

6. No but something had to be done.

7. Yes - going to ride it out but probably should take it out.

8. Yes.

9. Not voting this year.
my answers
What do you personally do to help in your community?

Used to do more but now working two jobs; I only occasionally help with church and my children's school.

What do faith do you have?


Do you have a mortage and what is the status? Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home?

Have a mortgage, not missed a payment. Thank God we have jobs.

Do you have health insurance? If not, why?

Yes - through my husband's employer.

Do you have young children?

Yes, two.

Were you for the bailout?

Absolutely NOT

Do you have money invested in stocks? Have you/are you going to cash it in?

Mutual funds and some other stocks. Think we will sell the mutual funds.

Think we should bring our troops back?

It would be nice but I'm not over there and can't make a judgment call on that one.

Now, who do you think you will vote for?

I'm not thrilled with McCain but I do think he would do a better job than Obama. As eloquently as he speaks, I don't believe much of what comes out of his mouth.
My answers
Who wants to abolish the Federal Reserve? Probably a good idea

Who wants smaller government? I do

No more taxes? Would be nice, but have to have some system in place to run schools, hospitals, keep infrastructure up to date, etc.

No government interference in our lives? Yes!!!

Who is for abolishing the IRS? I most definitely am!

Who believes that government should only be in place to run our military for OUR safety? I do

Who wants government out of our public schools? I do

new q's, new answers
Post war, McCain went back to Vietnam to help improve and restore relations with that country as well as try to find the MIAs. I think his war/pow experience will make him more sensitive to the whole spectrum of war, and help him to make sound and careful decisions regarding that part of the world, with more understanding of all ramifications of same (as well as any other part of the world).

I think Obama would possibly favor Kenya or any country, given the opportunity, that has a majority of black and/or muslim people -- and i think that not because of his color, but because of his longstanding ties to the "social gospel" black separatist type church and his other radical associations. However, i am more concerned with his favored treatment of hugo chavez and other dangerous heads of state.
1. Heck yes we'd be screaming and shouting and wanting to see McCain's (or anyone elses) bc if there was any question as to him not being born in the US. However, McCain was born on a military installation in the canal zone where his mother and father (who was in the Navy) were stationed. Just like the babies that are born in Germany at the military bases. They are considered "natural born". Had McCain (or anyone else) been born in say Sweden or Norway or any other country, or even in a German Hospital, no he would not be qualified. P.S. - I did not want McCain for president either just in case you think I was supporting him. I didn't.

2. This post was not about Bush's complete lack of regard and respect for the Constitution. That would be a different post to talk about that. But I am not a Bush fan. Didn't vote for him, didn't want him for President. But he did not violate the constitution when he was running for present. As for his violations - in a different post we can talk about them one by one. More than happy to do that and I'm sure we will agree about a lot of things with that subject.

The whole issue about Obama refusing to produce his original bc is not ridiculous. The only people who are calling it ridiculous are the ones who do not care if the contitution is violated - just as long as they get him in. If it was ridiculous the Supreme Court would not be taking on the case. There are at least 10 other cases (not including the case with Alan Keyes). If this was so ridiculous as only the liberals are trying to portray it, it would have been thrown out and there would be no cases. But it is not ridiculous, it is not thrown out and this needs to be resolved before the electoral college votes. Guarantee you this - if there is question they will not just vote for him. They want to know as much as the rest of us do. You think that violating the Constitution is ridiculous? There are lawyers and judges and democrats who want to get to the bottom of the truth and find out why Obama is not submitting the required paperwork and why he has this information sealed?

As the guy in the video says....just show the dog gone birth certificate. The more he tries to conceal it the more suspicious this is.

If the certificate is authentic and an INDEPENDENT team verifies that. Indpendent meaning not conservative and certainly not democrat then that would put to rest all the questions, and the rest of the country could move on and at least we know he would be legite and we would stand by him.

The more the liberals/democrats try to hide this and lie about it the more ridiculous they look.


And if it is proved he is inelligible you still have a democrat as president.
Here are answers
US Citizenship is not required, but legal residency is. I found that on Wikipedia. However, another site I found says a US Citizen for at least 9 years. What question comes into play here is, was his non-US residence covered up before he even became a Senator? That is what one of the law suits is about. I think what they are trying to find out is when Obama moved back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents, they evidently did not get him the proper paperwork and he did not file paperwork to become a US Citizen. He was supposed to do that because he was never a US Citizen to begin with. But I believe what has happened was that his grandparents enrolled him in school using their address, so of course no questions would have been answered. Then he just carried that lie throughout his life. What I'd like to know is what is on his school records. Did he receive funding as a foreigner to attend college.

Here are a couple links I found. The first one explains about security clearances. Having been in the military myself and working in that area this article is very credible. So here are just a few links, but there are many more (unless some deems Google not a credible source to get information from).







1.  Dan Quayle ----- ROFL.

2.  N. Korea lives on threats.  They've been using them forever.  Replacing one bully with another doesn't really accomplish much. 

What former post? I thought I was replying to the original post where you said you hope Cheney will be prosecuted for Abu Ghraib.

My thought was that if your going to go down the road of prosecuting prior presidents/VP for things they did then you better take Clinton with you for all the stuff he did.

So how "near past" are you referring to? Only if it's a past Republican president. The fact is you will ignore the wrong the democrats do when in the office but your ready to lynch a republican.

I was in the military myself. The Geneva Convention does not cover terrorists, which is what those prisoners are.

Answers to your questions.

Why would I not want you to post here anymore? 

I'm happy now and was happy prior to this also.  Why do you ask?

Oh yeah, you all don't have pat answers
and you never call anyone names...pot/kettle

I just don't agree with Lurker, but to you that's an insult.
Depend upon your answers
Do you want health insurance costs to be reasonable and affordably available for all?
Do you think the middle class deserves some of the tax cuts?
Do you think troops should be withdrawn from Iraq soon?
Do you think Big Oil should lose their tax credits and pay their fair share?
Do you think diplomacy should be tried before bluster and unilateral invasions?
No, you just have no intelligent answers
Those are good answers, thank you. nm
answers to survey

What do you personally do to help in your community?

What do faith do you have?

Do you have a mortage and what is the status?

Been able to make payments on time, behind, lost your home?

Do you have health insurance? If not, why?

Do you have young children?

Were you for the bailout?

Do you have money invested in stocks?

Have you/are you going to cash it in?

Think we should bring our troops back?

Now, who do you think you will vote for?

So that answers that one. GOP cannot reconcile
When trying to defend the indefensible, change subject, divert and distract. Got it.
Answers to messages below
I watched the film again. Yup, still am disgusted. I looked for those "subliminal" messages. Even backed it up and went through it clip by clip. Nope, nothing "subliminal". The film is telling you about Obama, Ayers, Weatermen, Acorn, etc. The films clips are of actual footage of the outcome from the horrendous crimes. While Obama will quickly dismiss these associatios as "coincidence" or "he just happened to be a person in my neighborhood" he is not being truthful. Read the history. He has had long-term associations with them and still does (maybe he stopped while campaigning, but no doubt he will pick back up once the election is over) - and if he happens to be elected? Well nothing subliminal there. You know what will happen. If you're in agreement with what Ayers did, what Acorn does, etc, then I'm sure you think it is fine, and if some people don't love America like a lot of us do then I can see why they would think this is the greatest man since the invention of sliced bread. But a lot of us do love America. A lot of us do want America to be free. A lot of us do want to own our own business and invest in America and not have our money "stolen" from us by government that we worked 60 or more hours a week for to make ends meet and now have to work more hours cos the people who aren't working but could are receiving their welfare check (i.e., my money that I had to put in an extra 20 hours a week of work to get it).

If you don't like the film fine. That is your opinion. But plenty of us want to know who Obama really is. Who are his ties? Who are his allegiences? And more importantly - why did they choose him? He didn't pick them, they sought him out. Who got him elevated to where he is at so fast? Who made it possible for him (without experience) to rise past Richardson (a governor with more experience), Biden (over 30 years experience), Edwards (over 10 years experience), Kucinich (close to 40 years experience), and others. And even Hillary (8 years experience and 8 years as first lady (16 if you think being a first lady is experience - I don't but its still more than Obama has).
Who is this Obama guy who so quickly was placed into the position when now (even though I voted for Obama over Hillary) we are finding out that Hillary actually did win. Has to make you wonder who put him where he is (hint - it is not the American citizens - not conspiracy - FACT). There are too many unanswered questions. It has nothing to do with propaganda - it has everything to do with learning who and what Obama is.

To the other poster who thinks poor Obama gets slammed 24/7. Looks like somebody googled a dictionary to find a whole bunch of words. Funny how it's okay to slam McCain/Palin 24/7. As would be described by others "we're just trying to get out the word about them". I'm not slamming any posters on the board. I simply am posting a link about a candidate that I feel very strongly is one of the worst choices for a candidate in history. I'm trying to get people to open their eyes and learn more about them. If you don't want to believe this fine. Google Obama put in everything you can. Even use other search engines like Dogpile and others, but for Petes sake, don't go by what's on Obama's website, or stop the smear or any of those other propaganda websites that pull the "poor Obama, everyone is picking on him, he's so innocent, don't beleive them, call them racists, etc, etc." That is propaganda. And if your going to be getting any "subliminal messages" it will be there. When you have 2 candidates you cannot honestly believe any of their info they put out. Candidates lie to get your vote. That's the ways it's always been done. The only thing the conservatives ask is that people educate themselves about each candidate (both of them). Who are they. Who did they associate with. How did they get where they are at. Who is financing them. What organizations did they belong to and what was the purpose of those organizations. Did they attend secret meetings and if so where and with whom and what is the purpose of those secret organizations. What have they done in their careers. What are there voting records like (i.e. if someone (any candidate past, present, or future) votes for the past 2, 3, 4 or more years to raise taxes but now all of a sudden during the campaign has changed their tune and they are promising you they won't raise your taxes or they'll lower your taxes) has to make you think. Also, and most important to me - Is the person we elect going to uphold the constitution or going to change it because it doesn't align itself with their ways of thinking. In knowing everything I know and in other people's feeling Obama is not. Obama associates with people who say "God D@m American" and people who say "American makes me want to throw up".

I posted the video link because it is one of many films (we won't even go into Obama's ties with Kenya) that is trying to put out the truth about Obama. He used video clips of CNN reporters asking questions and everyone KNOWS that CNN is one of the most liberal (MSNBC is the most liberal - CNN is 2nd) TV stations. Do you disagree with what Hillary Clinton was saying? Do you think anyone wanting to know the truth about Obama's affiliation with Ayers should be just shut up?

So until this election is over I will continue to try to get the word out about Obama life (the one he is hiding from Americans and covering up by instructing his followers to call people racists and insult them if they say anything negative about him).
any answers from poster ? what does this mean?
This was a test and I got my answers, so thanks. NM
No answers yet, eh, JTBB? That's what
Ah, poetry.
to be honest, I liked a lot of his answers -
I do not want all the illegals here - they should be sent home, but if it is going to be as expensive as they say, then the plan Obama put forth of fining them for being here illegally and making them then go back to the process of trying to be come legal is a good one. They are not going to send them home whoever is President, so why not fine them? His plan is as good as any I have seen. When he is talking about helping, my thoughts are that he is talking about the legal immigrants.
Answers to rhetorical questions...
You keep saying you guys... again lumping a group of people together which you keep telling ME not to do...

My comment about Lurker was made because you invoke her to beat me over the head with. I did not say you were or were not her *equal.* I did not use that word. I said you were not in her league. What I meant by that is that Lurker, even when angry, makes a clear and concise post, devoid of things like you are delusional, you make me feel defecated upon, to name a few. She makes her point and moves on. She does not engage in derogatory diatribes and post things like they are disturbing in their being out of touch with reality and accusations and they waste my time. In other words, she is not hateful. In other words, you are not in her league, as I stated. Merely an OBSERVATION.

So much for honest no bashing answers....LOL
Don't expect any answers from O lovers on this
If Obama hasn't told them, they wouldn't know....they need him to think for them. He won't even give the amount needed to run his social programs, let alone all the other pie in the sky stuff he wants to do, stuff they do in socialist countries where everyone pays through the nose more than us and the government takes care of all of them, like Obama wants to do, take care of all of us while he screws us all over.

Most of those "plans" he has would put so many businesses out of business it is scary to even think about it. All this stuff he wants mandated...well, if small businesses have to enact that garbage, they will go under. Not the rich! The very middle-class he seems to have convinced this O lovers on this board he wants to take care of.
Your typical ignorant, have no answers
Good answers whether I agree with you or not. n/m
Answers to your Paranoia qustions

1.   The imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy to occur sometime in late 2008.

Answer:  Didn't happen fully yet, but close to it.

2. The imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances sometime in mid 2009 .

Answer: I would say this has already happend but they don't want us to know.

3.  The possibility of Civil War inside the United States as a result of the collapse

Answer: I think this is a real possibiity unless the governent wises up. There are a lot of "undercurrent mumblings'.

4.  The advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. Citizens” likely to move against the government.

Answer: That's an iffy, but wouldn't put it past them.

5. The detention of those rounded up at The REX 84 Camps constructed throughout the United States

Answer: See answer 4.

6.   The possibility of public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses

Answer: Big possibility. Why do you think they keep blaming the opposite party?

7.   The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during massive civil unrest

Answer: They have been in place since the cold war in the 1950s with Russia. Nothing new there except it's now their own citizens, not Russia. But they kept those bunkers for any type of American emergency..

7.  The necessary and unavoidable merger of The U.S. with Canada and Mexico establishing The North American Union

Answer: That's a possibility. They've been talking about it for a year that I know about. Who's to say the plans aren't ready to be finalized?

8.  The issuance of a new currency called the AMERO for all three nations as an economic solution.

Answer: Nope, unless #7 is true. Gotta back the dollars against the Euro, but with our economy, do you really think Mexico and Canada want to back this?


Except for a few hundred thousand U.S. Patriots, most Americans have no clue what has really been going on within The United States over the past 100 years, and the sad thing is that most do not want to know the truth. The further you look into the rabbit hole, the deeper it gets. Go to any currency conversion site and convert U.S. dollars to Euros so you can see for yourself the massive decline of the dollar. Look at how much money is and has been spent on the Iraq War to date, ($12 billion per month). Look at our currency and when it stopped being backed by gold.


I guess you dislike intelligent answers
Sam has some of the most intelligent, rational, thought-out answers I've seen on this board - unlike those who just want to post how this one is a joke or this other one is a jerk. Or the ones who immediately resort to name-calling and cursing.
If she gave sensible or informed answers it was because they were prewritten.
me, myself and I will post several answers to support my immaturity.
And ignoring posters who ask intelligent questions (below) because you don't know the answers