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You give a link that supposedly exposes snopes.com yet SM

Posted By: Can you not read??? on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: Why aren't you getting it - Snopes is not a credible source. They've been exposed - link inc - me

that very link (which you apparently didn't take the time to read, or were not able to) disputes everything you say above. Good lord.

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I saw the snopes link first and have answered
the link did not work. It gave me a "do you want to try snopes search engine" msg. nm
Why aren't you getting it - Snopes is not a credible source. They've been exposed - link inc
They are not credible for putting out truthful information. It is a site run by a couple from California, Barbara and David Mikkelson. They met at an alt.folklore.urban newsgroup. This by no means is a site to find out truth or fiction, especially since the couple is very liberal and choose to put their opinion up rather than fact, and site things as hoaxes when they are not. They are a very liberal couple and of course liberals love this as it always puts their viewpoint in a favorable light, but again this is in no way a credible source. It was recently found that snopes had many things listed as a hoax, when in fact they've been proven to be true. There is another site with better sources and it is called truth or fiction. Attached is an about.com link for info about snopes. But for your everyone's information, do not take snopes to be the truth. Research for yourself with many other links out there.


again - the link ya'll give says -
Richardson clearly stated the plan earlier in the day on a radio show -

do none of you ever open your mouth and say the wrong thing and have to correct it?
cannot find anything on Ritter - can you give me a link?
Please give us a link for the court's not agreeing...

FOX News Exposes Princeton / Diebold Vote Cheating System

Uh-oh!  Bushies aren't going to like this!  Bad, bad Faux News!


When did this supposedly happen? nm
Don't mean to rile you up but supposedly
Clinton cooked the books and when GW took over, there were a lot of accounting errors that could not be explained away easily. So, in reality, we did not have a balanced budget and it was at a deficit in 2001. Katrina, 911, and all the other disasters added to it, and now the war.
So true, but supposedly
in Church, Christian religion is not going to be a dominated religion, it will be Muslim. This will be the new dominated religion all over the world.

Also, more and more people in our society is wanting to gain more knowledge by reading/internet on a variety of subjects and nothing wrong with that, but cannot keep up.

Lastly, if a person is going to a 4-year program at college for engineering and by the time he/she graduates, the first 2 years of schooling will be completely obsolete.
Supposedly, the premise is.............. sm
that medical records will be maintained on some kind of central computerized system, like NextGen or something similar, and will be accessaible from any hospital/clinic/physician's office in the event a person has to be treated away from their usual physician/location. For example, you are on vacation and are critically injured in a car accident and there is no one with you who can give the treating physician any medical history. He/she could check the data base and see what your allergies might be, current medications, medical problems, etc. This, in and of itself, would not be a bad thing as I see it. However, systems like the NextGen system are basically point and click programs which bypass the need for a Transcriptionist as the doctor or PA or MA would do all data entry. Click on the "View Demo" in this link to see what I mean.

Senate document 06-570 supposedly
verifies this info, but I searched and couldn't find it. Maybe someone smart can find this.
Supposedly, a latino alliance was
urging the illegals to write the president with their individual stories regarding the deportation surge in Gwinnett.
I don't get the paper. so can't tell you where to get the story but it was on the news yesterday.
It didn't mention anything about people who have already left.
When America's economy is hurting the entire world is so I get that and it is unfortunate.
I am not for mass deportation but for everybody having a paper trail so that we can know who is here and if you are here why not become a citizen? You can type in my name on the internet and find anything you want about me, my address, the places I have lived previously, etc., a paper trail. I feel we should know that about every single person living here regardless of the country they left. We do that for many but seem to be laxed when it comes to our borders.
A criminal/terrorist can also be a "sleeper" for many years in a bordering country all while learning the language culture, so can pass as someone from that area to enter this country when he gets his orders to do so. we have to know who is entering the country in order to be safe.

U.S. Cole Families are supposedly

going to be on Fox news "later today." Just heard this. Supposedly they were at the White House in a meeting and after they left the meeting, they were not allowed back on the White House grounds. So, they're all going to Fox News to be interviewed.


U.S. Cole Families are supposedly

going to be on Fox news "later today." Just heard this. Supposedly they were at the White House in a meeting and after they left the meeting, they were not allowed back on the White House grounds. So, they're all going to Fox News to be interviewed.


Just so you know about Snopes

It's part of the Chicago political machine and has a definite conflict of interest.

Research it for yourself if you don't believe me.  This is not directed towards you.  I'm just pointing this out for the rest of the readers here.

A lot of it also has to do with Social Security Disability (SSDI), supposedly the dad......sm
had a back injury years back, so he can also collect SSDI, along with a Worker's Comp claim, along with State supplementation because of the size of the family/income ratio....don't know exactly how it works, really do not want to know, I just see the daughters taking over...as I said, the oldest has two babies a year apart, and the third is on the way, and her little sister is at home, pregnant, no daddies in sight....let's invest in more social workers for each state to work on these cases, cut out the fraud, and can you imagine, state by state, how much money could possibly be recouped this way, medical benefits, food stamps, welfare, rent subsidies...I also have a young woman in the neighborhood living with parents, two small school children, and she gets welfare for the kids and she is on SSDI for "ADHD!" but she goes out and parties!! don't get me started here, I am starting to sound right wing, huh???? ;-)
No fan of Obama, but per Snopes -

Sep 28, 8:09 PM EDT

Soldier's mother 'ecstatic' about Obama's bracelet

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak


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Soldier's mother 'ecstatic' about Obama's bracelet

Obama calls McCain economic ideas 'out of touch'

Correction: Obama home-arrest story

Obama effigy found hanging from Ore. campus tree

Man arrested outside Obama home wanted job


Obama Picks Biden as Running Mate

A look back at the tumultuous 1968 Democratic convention

Iraq? Global Warming? Gay Marriage? See Where the Candidates Stand

Your Questions Answered

Ask AP: Hurricane reporters, property in Cuba

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The mother of a Wisconsin soldier who died in Iraq says she was "ecstatic" when Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama mentioned during Friday's debate the bracelet she gave him in honor of her son.

Tracy Jopek of Merrill told The Associated Press on Sunday she was honored that Obama remembered Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, who was killed in 2006 by a roadside bomb.

Jopek criticized Internet reports suggesting Obama, D-Ill., exploited her son for political purposes.

"I don't understand how people can take that and turn it into some garbage on the Internet," she said.

Jopek acknowledged e-mailing the Obama campaign in February asking that the presidential candidate not mention her son in speeches or debates. But she said Obama's mention on Friday was appropriate because he was responding after Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee, said a soldier's mother gave him a bracelet.

"I've got a bracelet, too, from Sergeant - from the mother of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek, given to me in Green Bay," Obama said during the debate. "She asked me, 'Can you please make sure another mother is not going through what I'm going through?' No U.S. soldier ever dies in vain because they're carrying out the missions of their commander in chief. And we honor all the service that they've provided."

Jopek says Obama's comment rightfully suggested there's more than one viewpoint on the war.

She wouldn't directly say whether she wanted Obama to refrain from mentioning the bracelet again, but said she hopes the issue will just go away.

"I think these bracelets should be looked upon as an honor that both candidates wear them to respect the troops," Jopek said. "My request to both of them is that they honor the troops by lifting the conversation to the issues, and that they continue to live up to the standards our military deserves."

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Copyright 2008 Associated Press

Snopes is not credible
Especially since it's highly likely that the couple that runs snopes are Obama supporters. There has been no credible evidence on snopes to prove anything.

That's like saying Louis Farrakan or Ayers, or Rev. Wright verified it so we should just believe them.

Let the supreme court judge handle it. We want the truth.

The supreme court judges are there to uphold the constitution. I will listen to their decision.

If I were you I wouldn't be so quick to defend as you are most likely wrong about this.
If you (and Snopes) take issue

with the final quote on banks, NBD.  The othes are quite pithy.

If you (and Snopes) take issue

with the final quote on banks, NBD.  The othes are quite pithy enough.

Snopes.com leans to the left

Snopes.com leans to the left

July 29th, 2008 · No Comments · General Politics, Politics

Like many others I have used Snopes.com to check things out and make sure what I am reading is actually true.  I never really questioned them before, but then the other day I was reading an item on AL Gore and I began wondering to myself, why are they trying to justify why Gore said this.

I then started to look at other items and found the same thing.  Even when accusations were found to be true about liberals, Snopes would try to either explain it away or defend the position.  Unbeknown to me, this has already been well documented by others for items on the Clintons, John Kerry, Gore, and Barack Obama.

I did a little research and found that the site is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson, a couple from California.  From all accounts I have read, they are Obama supporters, but then of course probably support other Democratic candidates as well.

Now I am not saying that Snopes.com is a completely useless site because they usually do a good job on hoax emails…especially outside of politics. But you should always read what they say with a critical eye and be wary when they don’t just give the facts and start to defend a position.  If you see this I would suggest you check out other fact checking sites to collaborate what they say.

Snopes leans to the left

I can see a blind conservative thinking that perhaps Snopes is politically motivated toward the left. However, just for fun, I looked up the issue of Osama Bin Laden’s family being flown out of the U.S. immediately following the 9/11 attacks, when most air traffic had been grounded. Snopes says this, too, was false. Here, it quotes heavily from the 9/11 commission. Members of the Bin Laden family, the commission concludes, were not flown out before air space were re-opened.

But Snopes, via the 9/11 commission citations, does show that the Bin Ladens were flown out September 20th. The FBI questioned them, but then let them fly out. The commission also says one of the FBI agents who questioned the family was a pilot for the flight, though the vagueness of the report could lead one to conclude that the FBI agent was a pilot in general and not the pilot of the flight. Which begs the question, why mention it at all unless they meant that an FBI agent was the pilot flying the Bin Laden escape plane in question…

Anyway, the point of the whole Bin Ladens leaving the States is that they were allowed to leave so effortlessly and with our government’s help. It sounds great to say the government flew them out when all air traffic was grounded, but that’s just icing. That Snopes claims the rumor is false while the underlying point that the U.S. flew the Bin Ladens out of the States is true shows that Snopes is no more left-leaning than right-leaning. It’s admirable. They seem to take the tack that “if part of statement is false, the whole statement is false.” Very mathematical.



I read this on Snopes, it is true and I found it very

interesting. It is written by a black Christian man stating why he won't vote for Obama. If you just type in Huntley Brown Snopes, it will come up, it's the first link.

I am a fence rider, can't decide who to vote for, since neither one of them has actually given a plan as to what they are going to do for America, just a lot of trash talk from both sides and name calling and schoolyard tactics. Neither one has had to answer any direct questions regarding anything of value to me.

I am neither anti-Obama or anti-McCain; I am sure they are both decent men. I just found this interestingl it's not going to sway be either way, but just thought I would share it.



Wikipedia & Snopes: kissin' cousins
And part of the Chicago/Obama machine.  See for yourself, as you probably wouldn't believe me. 
So because Snopes says so it is truth. Why not have a judge look at it and make the ruling?
post the link only, not the whole article and the link. See rules for posting.
Don't give up......
Hey, how about the URL?
Give it up.
You get the job they give you. sm
I honor all our military, no matter what job they do.
Okay - I give up. LOL.

I was hoping for a better result the second time, but I didn't get one.  Please use the link if you're interested in reading this in its entirety.



Maybe we all should give ourselves
a mini bail-out and take a tax holiday next April by filing hundreds of millions of extensions.
I can give you my take on it.....
he is trying to give tax breaks to them in order to get them out from under the heavy tax burden put ON them by Democrats which caused them to outsource in the first place. If corporate taxes are lower here that only encourages companies to keep their employees here, their operations here, and even encourages overseas companies to but divisions here and employ even more Americans. It is just common sense if you look at it on the face of it. We have the second highest corporate/business taxes in the entire world. If you had a business, would you not want to make money? We ask employers to do huge benefits packages for employees, and then turn right around and tax them into oblivion. They have to do something...either offshore or go under. High taxes and big government are NOT helpful to business, and if business does not thrive, we the people don't either.
Yes, but it would only give those who
act like fools now regardless of their situation an excuse to be hostile. More intelligent people might harbor deep feelings but the ignorant ones will be out on the streets acting like they normally would, only worse.
Give me an 0-B-A-M-A and what do you have?...
Okay.....I will give you that....sm
Some are Christians....but look at what only a few were able to accomplish on 9/11. Think of what thousands more could accomplish. Look at what Hitler and Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein were able to accomplish. They were not the majority in their respective countries, but they were able to exterminate millions of people. Are you ready for that? And don't think it could never happen in America.
Maybe O will give me the....... sm
family rate........... NOT! 
Okay, I give up.

All I see is promises. calm demeanor is another. He was a bit rattled at some of the questions asked of him throughout the campaign.

I'm afraid of his "form of thinking"...  "world view, plans and policies". His voting record leaves something to be desired. He is not focusing on the middle class, but is focusing on the have-nots. 

His "voting record, his biography?" Not good. His "accomplishments"? What, that he came up so fast in government? That's a little quizzical. How did he accomplish that?

I am truly worried about his "orientation towards the future," his "multicultural global outlook, his global appeal". Love for his country? We shall see.

We know he loves his family. That I won't argue with, but other things you wrote, yes. I'm not sure he has the gumption to do it all.


Give me......... sm
a big old bowl of mustard greens with fat back, fried salt pork, baked sweet taters, fried hot water cornbread and a tall glass of cold buttermilk topped of by a big old slice of chocolate pie any day! I got a good case of gastric distress just reading that menu!!!
Give me one that was NOT! ! !
No, you just give them, they take and ask for more.
give me an example
And don't list penis & breast enhancement ads. These have nothing to do with atheism. I want to know when you have been watching a religious program and had an ad for atheism show up, & what the ad was about.

How are your rights being taken away? Before you answer, make sure that the "right" you list is NOT one that infringes on the rights of others. Give me some legitimate, concrete examples.

I can't give.......

this package an A. It is so complicated and I am getting mixed messages all over the place. We have to wrap Iraq up (that'll save us $12 billion a month) - don't know how they'll accomplish that and then there's Afghanistan, what a mess. They have to do something and they have to do it now. We have witnessed how the "free market" will take care of it - it won't. I am disgusted and disappointed with Congress. The longer this freefall continues, the longer it will be before the banks can extend credit. And, I agree with Obama, cap the CEOs salaries as long as they are accepting taxpayers money. STOPPING spending is what everyone is doing right now.....and the freefall continues. Spending to stimulate the economy seems to be our only option right now. This country has so may ills - it can't be boiled down to a couple of paragraphs.

GIve em' he!! Mrs. B!!!

That is very big of you to give your
your permission for differing opinions from your own.
Link below
I don't like it when they give

military information either.  I also cringe when I see documentaries on how our weapons are made and what they do.  Nothing like giving the enemy a play by play on what we are doing and how our weapons are supposed to work. 

As far as I am concerned, we don't need to know every little thing like that.  It puts us at a disadvantage and I personally feel it endangers our troops just throwing out information like that.

I will give you this....

I'm sure that there were some folks there that were there basically because they hate Obama.  But you cannot stereotype everyone into that group.  I, for one, don't hate Obama.  I wasn't there trying to have him impeached for being black....okay.  It amazes me that you people tell conservatives to be openminded, at the same time you can be some of the most closed minded of all of us.  You want us to see things from your point of view and yet at the same time spit on our point of view.  

We are called racist and unpatriotic for disagreeing with our current president and yet it was quite okay to disagree with Bush.  You want to cry and whine about how this is about Obama and how we hate Obama and yet you say nothing of the black people who voted for Obama merely because he was black.....or about the black people who continue to support him merely because he is black.  If you want to throw up the race card, by all mean do it but please report the racism from all sides.  I'm not saying all black people voted for Obama for that reason.....but some did.  I'm sure some white people didn't vote him for because he is black.....but that isn't the reason for all of us.  You can't use racism as a cop out for everything here.

If the tea parties were truly about hating Obama and all brought about by racism....then by all means we have a right to be ridiculed because that would be a wrong reason to protest and would show how bigotted we are.  However, that WAS NOT the reason behind the tea parties.  It wasn't even about Obama entirely.  It was about GOVERNMENT and that includes the president, pubs, and crats as well as any independent that might be in there if there are any. 

It amazes me that liberal groups can protest and be physical with people in their protests and spray paint graffiti and that is okay but when concerned Americans get together in protest where there is no violence and no destruction of public or private property.....you all scream and call us hate mongers.....are you kidding me?   

There may not have been many black people in the crowd but there were some out there.  I don't recall seeing any burning crosses.  There were no Obama effigies hung from a rope....although I do recall one of Sarah Palin being hung during the campaign at someone's house during Halloween and I guess that was okay, huh?

Double standards and the race card.....I'm sick sick sick of it.

I give up
You don't get what I just said. The money was used for something else whether is was supposed to be or not. Check the history. The money was "borrowed" for other purposes. I also acknowledged that it is paid by current workers and that the benefit is determined by what you earned and not what you paid in, but what you earned would be very tied to what you paid in. The more you earned, the more you paid. I will say one last time this system was supposed to be a savings acct for retirement. No, my own actual dollars would not be paid to me, but if I paid in, I should be paid out. The govt had no right to squander that surplus thus leaving the system unable to provide for those citizens who worked hard, paid in and who trusted them with the money. Most seniors could have done a lot better putting their own dollars in their own bank rather than having the govt do their investing for them. That is all this boils down to whether you wish to acknowledge it not. I am done and gone.
I don't think you give Bush

Although I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said, I'm sure that Bush will find a way to keep all the kids of his rich "base" out of combat, the same way he was kept out of combat by his rich dad.  Maybe if Dubya had the GUTS to see some combat action on his own, he'd think twice before sending our children out to die for a bogus war that he needs because he feels that no president could be considered truly successful without one military "win" under his belt.

He said this in 1999, TWO YEARS before 9/11:

"My father had all this political capital built up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it." He went on, 'If I have a chance to invade…, if I had that much capital, I'm not going to waste it. I'm going to get everything passed that I want to get passed and I'm going to have a successful presidency.'"

He's beyond moronic.  What kind of SUBHUMANOID USES 9/11 and all its victims as an EXCUSE to do what he's wanted to do all along?

And yes, you'd better believe there's going to be a draft.  I have 2 reasons for believing that.

1.  Because, as you said, we can't meet recruitment quotas because our bright young people are opening their eyes and aren't willing to die in an unnecessary war for a government that does nothing but lie; and

2. Read my lips:  BECAUSE HE PROMISED THERE WOULDN'T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give it up, sm, I did. Come on over to the C board. :) NM