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You lost me there

Posted By: TT24 on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: key phrase - BDayes


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I only lost $1000 so far-Hubby lost $2000 in a week (sm)

so, I called his financial advisor yesterday and told him to put hubby in a "safe" plan. It's now in a money market fund that is part of his IRA.

I have no choice. I have to stay where I am. I have no "safe" available. Neither of us will be able to retire on what is now in our 401Ks and you're not the only one. We couldn't buy a car with Both our 401Ks, let alone live on it.

We are late starters for retirement  not until our late 40s funds (most of our employers did not offer pensions). We are now of the first retirement tier and although we own our home outright, if we live until we are 90, there is no way we can live off retirement 401Ks or SS.

My husband's father told him back in the 50s that we would experience something like what is happening today and stated it would be worse than the ཙ crash. It is sure starting to look that way, but we will survive some way, I hope.

We need to pray for the people on SS now that cannot survive. I, for one, would love to help them, but can't help ourselves at this moment.


BTW, I'm not lost

I'm posting a response on a public board.  Is that a problem?

Oh all is lost! All is lost!!! What are we going to do?
I find it heartening that you don't think everything is orchestrated by a shadow world government, but your pessimism is frankly disheartening. Do you have proof that the MAJORITY of Afghani women are back in Birkas and that the Taliban is staunchly in charge again? What's really disheartening to me is that when the going gets a tough in some areas you want to throw up the white flags and quit. That's the motto of the American left. We quit! Personally, I believe the majority of Americans think the war on terror is a noble fight, however, some think if we don't address it at all then it will just go away. That's denial. I'm not a complete Bush toadie to say that I think the war has been executed totally correctly. There are things that should have been done differently. However, I don't distrust my president so much that I think the war is a mistake. I certainly believe what was being planned in London was very real and not a distraction. The American left has become so obessed and deluded by Bush hatred that they think everything is ploy by Bush. About the Bush knowing about the London affair on Monday and we don't find out until yesterday there was an ongoing investigation. It was a British investigation, and I think the left would be happy that we didn't go pre-empting a Brittish investigation by upping the security level on our airlines until the full picture was realized.

Another thing is that the Democrats think the Lamont election was the 2008 presidential election, and that election reflects the view of the whole country. That is deadly political thinking, because it was one election in a small state. All politics aside, Lamont just ran a great grass roots election, hands down. Lieberman's problem is that he dared speak out against the extreme left. He became dead to them. Just like Hillary is becoming dead to them too by moderating. If you think the work is done for the Democratic party you are sadly mistaken. The Democratic party does not have any semblance of solidarity to pull off any huge wins. They may pick up a few seats this Fall but they're far from winning a huge takeover of the House or Senate, and they are far from winning a presidential election.
Is it "a whole lost" or "a whole lot?"
I hope that your proofreading skills are as good as your speed. Just asking.
I don't believe that. You are a lost cause.
? you lost me
Are you saying the father should get a chance to take care of the baby or shouldn't?
You seem to have lost your way.
started out and continues to be about Gitmo. Just because you feel youself getting backed up into a corner by your own inept arguments does not mean that you can switch gears in midstream and get others to play along. My comments were about Gitmo and the constitution. Like I said, you missed your meds, Ms. ADHD.
I would have lost, too............ sm
but probably at the swimsuit competition! ROFL!!!!!
I would have lost also...
...but that's because I have a 5 o'clock shadow that's tough to conceal with makeup. On the swimsuit question, I'd put my man boobs up against anyone's.

Wait, that's not quite what I wanted to say, is it?
I think that is why he lost
Chris is wholesome, married, clean cut, an all around American Idol. And in addition to what I said above, my daughter has a gay friend. He's the perfect friend to have. I don't worry about him being an infuence on her. My cousin is gay, should I not associate with him? I just hope that the OP doesn't have to deal with anyone in her family or any of her friends being gay.
He just lost my vote
murder of children does not need to be federally funded.  There are plenty of private murderers out there to do it.
Democrat, I think it's a lost cause.
I think it works like this: Apparently when you reach a certain level of Christian understanding (perhaps like Bush where he has the power to look into souls, i.e. Putin) you can judge the validity of someone else's faith (Christian or otherwise) in spite of the fact that you've never even met them and know them only from a few posts on an internet board about politics. And then you see, it is their duty in the process of insulting your understanding to try and save your wretched little soul that's going to burn in hell anyway. Yup, got it figurrrred out.

In my opinion, everyone lost...
but as far as history goes, it would have to be the North Vietnamese.
Looks like the sam lemmings are lost without her!

have you lost your mind?
Maybe Obama will smoke himself into a frenzy and forget he's even running.
You seemed to be lost as to what a government
You need to read your constitution. The government is not supposed to "save you" from anything. It's supposed to be in place to provide a military for our country, nothing more. You think without government interference we are somehow uncivilized? Are you kidding?

Government is and will always be the most corrupt thing in this society. You want a corrupt government taking YOUR money and purportedly giving it to the "needy"? Like I trust them with one red dime of my money!

I feel sorry for you that you don't know how to be civilized without government interference in your life.

i was lost for a minute. thank you
I realize this is probably lost on those who don't
Redskins lost
We are big Redskins fans in our house, but are celebrating their loss this morning!
She lost...get over it. No need to keep bashing...nm

Election's over. You lost.
Get over yourself. This is dead-end rhetoric.
Ho hum, lost me after second paragraph
Lost in the shuffle here seems to be
now is simply reporting on what other McCain camp people may or may not be saying. This is CYA typical back-biting and it is appopriate to report it. Most of the reports have in one way or another questioned the veracity and validity of the statements. If you want to get upset with someone, direct the anger toward the horse's mouth. Without the GOP trash-mouths, there would BE no story.
Considering what we lost in the last 8 years
Like our civil rights, the ability to travel to adjoining countries without a passport, the ability to go bankrupt and get a fresh start, not to mention our houses, our jobs, and the lives lost overseas.  Oh, and lots and lots of $$$$$.
Hmmm...it lost, get over it. One day
it will pass, but until then this is what the people of the state of California want. Be a big girl and stop whining already. You can't always have your way, sometimes it takes a while; be patient until then.
nothing has been lost until the SC decides
Hubby and I both lost $5K. Not much

if it would have been 6-digits, but it wasn't. We moved our money to the Money Market IRAs. That stopped the fall, and I've been hoping to get back into something soon, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

We knew we didn't have enough to retire on, but were hoping it would be higher than it is now. Mine was doing great until November. His was really a flat line and I was planning on rolling his over to the company I am with last September.

Some people are destined to make money, others are destined to work their butts off to survive.  I know friends that....everything they touch, turns into money, while we work twice as hard and everything we touch, turns to dust.  Oh, well.  That's the breaks.

Jealous over what?! You lost me there. nm
You don't have an opinion..... you had a lost
They lost any credibility with me
when NOW and other 'institutional' feminists refused to condemn Bill Clinton's anti-female shenanigans.  Any feminists think he should not be having sex with interns and/or forcing himself on female campaign workers?  Anybody?  Hello?   cricket..cricket......cricket...cricket
How lost an individual you are....
I am not a republican and it doesn't take much for one to now see that this president has NO loyalty to this country. NOTHING AT ALL!! He has an agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with this country but control!! You need to wake up!

Treason? 'a more serious acts of disloyalty to one's sovereign or nation'...

How very sad for you that you don't even realize that in a "free country" one is allowed to speak out against their president. THAT IS NOT TREASON!!! that is what sickos in Iran call treason.... do you akin yourself with the likes of those sick tyrannical leaders?

That is exactly what Obama is doing. Speaking out against our president is our constitutional right...to keep things in check and NOT allow government too much power or control into our lives.

So sorry for you. You are truly the very kind Obama longs for.... he needs to take care of you don't ya know? You are obviously too ignorant to do it for yourself!
Believe it or not some people who have lost loved ones
do feel that the losses were worth it.  I know it's hard to fathom.  I know their grief has got to be almost unbearable, but they, like their loved ones who enlisted knew what the consequences of signing up for military service might be.  How do you explain those who enlisted right after 9/11 and are enlisting even now?  A personal friend of mine is leaving for Marine boot camp in two weeks. Something  beyond human reasoning compelled them to enlist.  It's called patriotism and the willingness to defend the freedom this country was founded on and spread that freedom throughout the world. 
Me too...I thought I had lost my hearing or..
my mind, but a while back I started to find myself agreeing with Buchanan as well.  I have put a link at the top of the page that I think is explanatory of this aberration of all kinds of un-like-minded people suddenly (not really, probably more slowly over time) becoming like minded.  I even agreed with Newt Gingrich the other day on a couple of points and what was even more weird, he and Biden were on Meet The Press and saying pretty much the same thing. Myabe there is a silver lining in this fiasco after all; maybe this administration will alienate so many people that we find ourselves banding TOGETHER (what a concept!!!) to try to take our country back and bring it back to the status of  a knowledgeable and compassionate super power who truly have the well being of all its citizens as its first priority and who respect  and appreciate our friends and allies abroad. Anyway...check it out.
Administrator: I am at a lost as to your statement...sm
And realize I am only trying to understand what is going on here. Both boards have had their fair share of attacks, but there is rarely a day that goes by that it does not happen on this board.

That said, when you say no *slurs* against the president that leaves a lot unsaid. Are you instructing us not to speak unfavorable to the president on forumatrix?

If this is a pro-Bush forum then I would be wasting my energy to come here. I missed the posts that got this started so again realize I am trying to understand what is going on here.
OJ lost his mind years ago.

I dunno why anyone would give him airtime to discuss this book. 

She lost my vote with that proposal :-(
umm.. she was being sarcastic - guess that was lost
I hope you don't stay lost

for an unncessarily lengthy period of time.


Huffington has lost her mind. All you have to do is
DEBATE first! Country's already a lost cause.

You would say that. Common sense is lost to the
I've lost respect for anyone
Seriously, I cannot look at people the same way. I think they are just plain stupid.

How can we be sore losers - nobody has won or lost yet.
Shouldn't count your chickens. Remember Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry and if your old enough Nixon/Kennedy.

As they say "It's not over til the fat lady sings" (and I'm the fat lady. HA HA HA)
All they see is "free money".......lost on them
He lost his citizenship upon adoption by his
they may be lost (haven't heard that though), but
at least she doesn't blatantly stand there and say So what, your not going to get them and there's nothing you can do about.
Didn't you hear - they lost
No need to keep kicking her when she's down. Leave the lady alone. She did a fine job, energized the party and had the experience and knowledge. Sorry she wasn't the "suit" everyone thinks you have to be to be in Washington.

Maybe you should stick with posting postive things you think Obama is going to do. I haven't found any post yet with positive issues Obama will do for the country. Just the same ol Hope, change & yes we can. But no explanation of actual issues. Except for the tax increases he will oppose.

Gov. Palin is on her way back to Alaska. Don't worry, you don't have to see her anymore. Let's move on.
It's why you guys lost the election, and so
The party of "No You Can't" should take some etiquette lessons, invest in some Prozac, and maybe, just MAYBE, they'll do better next time around.
Well, mine is definitely Okie. Never lost it.
Guess I haven't been gone long enough to lose it. I think NE Oklahoma/NW Arkansas accents pretty similar. So we probably do. I say "coke," (the Okie all purpose word for Coke, Pepsi, DP, lol) these folks up here say "soda." Drives me nuts. Soda is made by Arm & Hammer. LOL. The very FIRST thing I do when I get back to my old home town is get a chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and white gravy. These people up here don't even know what white gravy is. lol. Traveling for a few years has been real educational though. Still...ready to go home. :)
No, America lost. We will see that as Obama
Supreme court lost their

credibility in the Bush/Gore recount.