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it is irrelevant as I said before.

Posted By: BDayes on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: Palin is a beauty queen? Where did you find that info? - Or is that your opinion? nm


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totally irrelevant

smacks of fox drones endlessly repeating attack points over and over and over.  I prefer to see DIFFERENT information nightly when I watch news/opinion shows.


Irrelevant source....try again....nm
this 'vote' is sooooo irrelevant......
Tomorrow are elections in Lebanon. The outcome of THIS election is VERY important regarding the Isreal Palestinian conflict.
The polygamy and animal arguments are irrelevant
Seriously. Being gay is not a religious belief. It's who a person is. Polygamy is a religious practice, or a component of a religious practice. Polygamy is not a "group of people." One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. I won't even go into the animal thing I hear all the time. That's just crazy. People whose minds go straight from gay marriage to animal and multiple marriage are the scary people. Not gays. We just want to be left the heII alone to live our lives as we see fit just like everyone else without religious or any other type of interference that is uninvited. Those beliefs are about you. No one else.