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you used the word burden

Posted By: BDayes on 2008-09-01
In Reply to: Perhaps she has a supportive husband and other family - that helps out, like most working women. sm

I view it as a responsibility.  There is no substitute for a mother in the early years.  One person cannot attend fully to a dysfunctional family AND devote full attention to the political world.  It is not possible.  There were plenty of other choices MCcain could have selected who had healthy families.  He screwed up because he was desperate.


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Can only speak for myself, but I'd rather their tax burden be FAIR.

I thought YOU guys were the ones who swore by capitalism and applauded people who worked hard to succeed in life.  It's very telling how you swoon over the one who was born rich and never had to work a day in his life.  Says a lot about your work ethics.

LOL!  Let's see....poor young southern boy works hard, grows up to be successful.  I smell a lot of conservative JEALOUSY in the air, and it stinks.

Post is about tax burden of rich, poor,
I will not concede your suggestion that there was NO surplus under Clinton. If the amount of in question, so be it, even though I have seen that figure in multiple sources and have provided the link to them repeatedly. Fact is that GW inherited a surplus in the hundreds of millions. Even if he started from zero (which he did not), he still created a deficit of $400 billion, so no matter how diligently you try to suggest that there was no surplus under BC (a delusional notion), fact remains that the public has every right to compare JM (who voted with Bush 90% of the time) and GW when it comes to lack of fiscal responsibility. Observations about relationship between tax burden and distribution of wealth are valid economic principles and cannot be knocked out by the spin machine.
Ah no, burden of proof is on Obama to prove his
is supposed to be with any immigrant wanting to come into this country. What part of that do you not understand? Of course, I realize most "illegals" aren't proving anything now days and BTW, I can understand their love for him, seeing how O wants to give all "illegals" a drivers license.

Like I said, what a sellout he is.
Uhhh. BTDT. What part of burden of proof is on the prosecution
Give it up. Ain't happenin'.
You cannot type it word for word, just provide a link.
I remember the debate. And of course this is not word for word, I NEVER said...sm
*because I'm not.* This is a LIE that I got tired of arguing with them about then. Unless you are confusing me with an old poster that went under the moniker Demo.
Sambo thinks last word=best word...
yep. Its Fox. Just googled it. word for word. nm



Not one word. One defitinion of a word.
Cult: 1. A system of religious worship or ritual.

Or how about this:

Cult: A system or community of religious worship and ritual.

Or my personal favorite:

Cult: A self-identified group of people who share a narrowly defined interest or perspective.

At least he's using the O word
He's at least a little closer to the actual truth this time.  How come no one important seems to care about all these changes in reasoning?  Does anyone notice???   (Except us?)
There's that word again.


With or without the *word*

I agree with the post.  Thanks for posting it.  I'm sorry this entire thread has been invaded by those who are only here to attack.  They are showing their true colores, though.  They want to control what eveyone reads, sees, speaks, thinks and which God they believe in.  These boards are only a microcosm of the country, and they are quite representative of their party.  The more they reveal their controlling selves here and places like this, hopefully, the more people will see it for what it is and finally feel they've had ENOUGH!  For that reason, I personally hope they keep it up. 

When is the key word.

And when will it be?  Bush has already admitted that solving this quagmire will be the responsibility of a future President.  If we *stay the course,* any terrorist or insurgent would then be given a free pass to kill our American soldiers (brutally, like they did this morning) while these soldiers are trying to fight for the Iraqis.  They scream and yell against amnesty for illegals who want to come here to work, but they're in favor of it if it involves our troops being killed.


I'm grateful the majority of these Senators showed support for our troops and respect for their lives.

I have one word. sm

Regarding the definition you posted:   “deeply disparaging and are used when the speaker deliberately wishes to cause great offense,”  I submit the following:

I think there is much ado about nothing here.  Does anyone say the "C-word" when blacks refer to whites as "crackers?"  I don't even bother finding that offensive.  Again, political correctness.  Such as one time I received an email saying "black" was ALWAYS capitalized but "white" was never capitalized.   Fine with me.  So if "black" is capitalized why is "white" never capitalized???  Black and white are colors, why should either be capitalized?  Which, by the way is what the next QA person informed me of, as if I didn't already know that.

I have used the infamous "N-word" but never in connection with the color of a person's skin. I used the term exactly as described by Mr. Webster.  Most usually I have used it to describe what we Caucasians would call "white trash" or people who have 50 cars up on jacks in their front yards.  I grew up in a community where there were no blacks so I certainly grew up with no predjudice and I still have no predjudice.  Black or white we are all God's children and one is no better, or worse, than the other.  Not meant to be off topic, just to say that in my opinion, Obama should not be viewed as being "black" or "white."  He should be judged based on his own merits, or lack thereof, as a human being.  While I don't support him, I am probably less critical of him than I am of McCain.

but not without the last word, right? YOU...
are the one keeping the thread alive...can't resist that one more little twist of the knife. Grownup? I don't think so. Mob mentality? You bet. That has been well demonstrated here. Only thing missing is the pitchforks, torches and castle bridge. LOL. Sheesh.
Word up

Twelve more people dispatched by McCain to Alaska to further vet Palin (AFTER she was announced).  Things not looking good.  Speculation is that her name will be withdrawn.  No communists are involved in the vetting.


In a word...Always. That is if you believe
key word here is

SOME people are worth defending . . . (not all) Katrina deja vu.  The true conservative mind unmasked.  Thanks for the insight.


Well...but it is the last word.
So, does anyone believe a word of

banks & the stock market?  Instead of giving $700B to them, maybe some of it should go to helping Galveston & New Orleans. 

The average Joe is gonna take a hit in this, either way.  And, that being the case, I'd feel a lot better about all of us kissing our retirement goodbye, and most likely spending our old age on the government dole, if all those greedy fat-cats went down the toilet with us.

to last word sam - where did I say

I simply answered as to where they were when the vote was being taken. 

You'd make a good politician with your constant need to always have the last word and manipulating every post you read.

In a word, yes.
It is apparent that the sanctions have not had the desired result as was their original intent. In fact, typically economic sanctions DO only end up hurting the populations of countries with dictatorial leadership...people who have little or no power affect change.

Another side to this coin would be the need for an attitude adjustment on the part of the US. I am referring to the notion that the US should be "toppling" the Castro brothers or any other regime not to our liking. Preserving our national security is a legitimate concern. Fomenting violent overthrow, bankrolling coupe d'tats, installing puppet governments that that carry out the shots we call....NOT. We are not in charge of the world and need to evolve into relationships based on peaceful coexistence, period.
How can anyone believe a word the man says....
why, how silly of me. Because they have walked the yellow brick road to the great and powerful "O." He counts on it.
I know the word has been used a lot but...that's SAD.
In a word.......... sm
No. The middle class seems to be shrinking every day, and it does not appear to be migrating north into the rich class either. Like you, I am concerned for our future and whether I will even have a home this time next year.

Please don't take this as a Christian "rant" but last night during my prayers, I literally cried because I fear for the world that my sons will be going out into very soon. Their generation is going to have a very rocky start, much more so than we did and certainly much more than our parents did. I am also very concerned for my mother and all elderly people like her. Will she be able to continue buying her medication, even with Medicare and supplement insurance? This month, she fell in the donut hole and had to pay for part of her medications from her own pocket to the tune of some $400. Her monthly income is only just over $900.

I'm currently paying 11.75% on my home mortgage because it was taken out when interest rates were quite high and my credit is less than stellar. I have asked numerous times, in light of reduced interest rates, for it to be dropped, but the company is not willing to do that. I've been paying on it for 12 years now and I think I might own the back door.

I still hope and pray that our nation can turn around and get back on the road to prosperity for all, but I think about the Great Depression and what it took for this nation to right itself and experience prosperity once again. I don't think I am ready for another World War to happen in order for that to take place.

Everyone is in a tight place now. Even the rich are beginning to "suffer," although I have little to no pity for them as their suffering, while it does impair their lifestyles, is nothing compared to what is going on with the rest of the nation.

Sorry to be a downer this morning, but it's time we "prepare for the worst and hope for the best." It's going to be a long, hard haul back to the top.....if we ever make it.
In a word, no.
Republicans who constantly try to impede the President-Elect and his administration in their attempts to tackle the the wasteland that W is leaving in his dust will only end up digging their own graves. These lame transparent baseless smears are as transparent as Saran Wrap and only end up revealing the ignorance of those who propagate them. Keep up the good work. It is about as effective as the failed campaign that has left this party in shambles.
It's so much more than just one word..(sm)



I think the word you are looking for is.....sm

I find it rather self-serving of Obama to expect to move into the Blair House before it is available. Events at this house are scheduled months in advance and Mr. Bush was well within his rights as PRESIDENT to turn down Obama's request.

Why does Obama think the earth spins around him?
I think maybe the word you were looking for...(sm)
was "confusing," not "deceiving."  Obama was very clear in laying this out time and time again.  Youtube is full of videos of his speeches and debates.  You might want to browse through them.  What is deceiving though are posts like the one you just did.
In a word.................. sm
Yes. On both counts. If the rapist has a true salvation in Christ and the Jew does not .

Friend, you are more than pragmatic. You are hedging a bet that you are bound to lose if you don't accept Christ. It is as simple as that.
And the MSM never said a word about...
The 2 soldiers killed by a
"recent convert" to Islam in a drive-by shooting, but trumpeted how George Tiller was such a fine man cut down in the prime of life.
OMG, you used the word Christian! SM
Run!!!!!   By the way, I totally agree.  But they have to give it little names like fetus and things to keep from admitting it is a human being that God has helped create.  Whatever floats their boat. 
I don't think threatened is the word. SM
I think disturbed covers it better.  You and Libby with your screaming posts.  What's up with that? 
the word should be *brought*
my fingers have a mind of their own...
take Mrs. Tillmans word?
She is his MOTHER. Why would she make that up? His friends in the army have also said the same. This is just another example of Bush propaganda. The Tillman family cant even get a true report on how and why he died. Take Mrs. Tillmans word for it? Ill take hers over the administration when it comes to her son. :)
I believe I used the word *present*. nm
Do we have a different definition for the word lie?nm
I don't doubt one word you say.

Especially considering Bush's fondness of scare tactics.  I don't know if she drinks or not (I've often thought she looked, sounded and acted drunk), which makes me wonder if she might have one too many someday and spill the beans.  Either way, she doesn't seem like a very stable person.

I'm sorry about your career.  You weren't one of those CIA whistle blowers, were you?  We've all seen, through this administration at leas, that honesty in government is a big no-no, and if anyone tries to divulge their dirty tricks, they're lives are destroyed.

A word on history.
 Whatever it is that is being discussed concering global conflicts, when using history to clarify, define, explain, prove, whatever...I always try to remember that history has always  been written and interpreted by the victor.
A word about choice
I think we have probably said all that we can say on that matter, and we won't agree, but I enjoyed speaking with you.

I just want to add a word about women who support choice. It seems that many people are quick to judge a woman that supports choice, stating that she must have had an abortion or would be willing to have one. I can only speak for myself, a few friends, and family members, but I can tell you that in our case, this it entirely not true. My sister always states that she is, Personally conservative, but politically liberal. I do have a few friends who had had abortions, but I do not believe that I could ever have one myself, and though I would stand by my daughter if that was a choice she made, I would be devastated inside. So, while this is not a choice I would make, I will still support the right to choose for other women. In an ideal world, there would be no unwanted pregnancies, but until there is, I will always stand for choice.

A word about choice...
And I enjoy talking with you. It is good to discuss opposing viewpoints without anger and condescencion. We will have to agree to disagree. There is so much more to this than just abortion. As I have said, and as I will continue to say, when we as a nation begin to devalue life at any stage, we are on a slippery slope headed downward. And to start that devaluation with the most innocent and helpless among us...is horrifying to me. The idea of murdering captive child in utero is absolutely horrifying to me. As I said, I will follow the law of the land, and just because some wingnuts have blown up clinics and shot doctors does not mean that all people of faith believe that. I believe it is wrong to do that and I would have no part of that. However, I will continue to call it what I believe it is, and that is murder. And in the end, the women who choose abortion and the doctors who perform them will have to answer for that one day, not to you or me, but to God.

God bless!
My word, have you gone nuts?
holy cow.  Repeat yourself much?  Go crazy much?  You would be amusing in a freak show sort of way if it weren't so pathetic.  Geez.  Time for your meds?
You can't sleep without the last word eh?
Read through your posts on this forum - you gotta have the last word, and it's usually not a nice one.  Troublemaker!
Sad you must use a misspelled word
Actually he did call her the 'c' word
I will be voting for him. I think he's okay, better than the other choice at least. However, as unfortunate as it is he actually did call his wife the "c" word.

Nobody is perfect. We all say things we don't mean to say, but when the facts are there and it's on tape/video there no denying it.

As for his kids - I have no idea. I highly doubt he calls his daughter a bad word and I'm sure they (or she - I don't even know how many kids he has), but I'm sure they adore him. All girls love their daddies, and no father I know of says awful things or calls their daughters names.

Once again I see each side that hates the other candidate does make up stuff (both sides are guilty).
In a word...No. Only in your delusions.
Whenever someone uses the word "murky"
they are laying the groundwork so that when they are proven to be in error, they can say "we said it was murky." lol. Nice try, but no cigar (no pun intended). Those three men are proven liars, and two of them were instrumental in getting the Iraq Liberation Act passed, and THAT piece of legislation is what laid the groundwork for going into Iraq. Your words right back at you...deny, ignore. If it was not handed down from Mount DNC on tablets authored by Howard Dean, you don't buy it. I get it.
I don't know if concern is the word,
I would like any prospective President to have some first hand knowledge of the rest of the world AND have some kind of relationship with other world leaders. I think both of those are hard to achieve if you cocoon yourself in your own country.
LOL, there's that scary word again:
'socialist' beliefs! Almost as scary as 'liberal' or 'progressive.'

If making health care affordable and/or available to people who are literally DYING because they can't afford it makes one a 'socialist' well BRAND me now!

I think youu missed the point: PEOPLE (in both parties)are easily manipulated into voting for a candidated for all the WRONG reasons.

and for the record MCBush is using 'CHANGE WE CAN TRUST...
and he will likely snag just as many nonthinkers with this slogan as Obama.

anybody who falls for EITHER lie is a schmuck. Nothing substantive is going to change in the US for a while... it takes a bit of time to stop imperialism.

One word: Character....nm