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I'm betting a lot more than we know

Posted By: have left (sm) on 2007-10-10
In Reply to: Anyone leave MQ for another company? - jennie

I have 10 years with MedQ and just accepted a job with a small company. I start next week.  It is a scary step (at least for me, I'm a wuss) but I just couldn't go on with them anymore. 

I worked part-time for another national last year and it was night and day difference between them and MedQ as far as their treatment of employees, but I wasn't making enough money.  Now, with the cuts in everything, it was about the same money, however, this time I went with an even smaller company with clearly defined and seemingly achievable bonus parameters.  Change is hard, but I want to take a chance with another company just so I can tell myself I tried.

Just wanted to say good luck to you! I know there are companies out there that care!

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I'm betting...
it's account specific then because when I hired on, I was told 1000/day for 10,000/payperiod for FT and PT of 700/day or 7000/payperiod.
I think they are betting the MTs with higher rates of pay (sm)
will get the heck out of there and then all the new ones that are hired in will be at the lower rates. Kind of like filtering out the older employees who are close to retirement and top of the pay scale.

Hope I am wrong, but....
Yes - a whistle. Betting they won't call again.
I am betting that is not where here head is stuffed (in the sand)!!!!
I think it is somewhere else, different shade of brown.