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Agree - familiarity and comfort with a bad company

Posted By: = unhealthy state of being. LEAVE BAD COMPANIES on 2007-10-10
In Reply to: you're right - a lot have left - sm

Well worth the learning curve. I invested years at MQ too but was becoming physically, emotionally, spiritually ill more and more. I feel like a bird out of prison.

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Just good ears developed over time, familiarity...sm
with the dictator and/or access to doc's past reports.
Comfort zone
There are halfway decent companies out there but some people are so rigid in what they want then complain when they don't have any work.  Not everyone can work M-F between the hours of 7-5.  This job is 24/7, 365.  Why anyone would think if they were new at a company they would start with the best hours available is beyond me.  That is what seniority is for.  I've never worked in another industry like it where people think they are entitled...
well i'm taking some comfort in
that i'm not alone. I've taken a big hit in income due to my own slowness (at least in part). but i'm also working a little less to preserve my nerves from carpal tunnel, which after 33 yr is starting to creep in. I always felt that i could find work easy with my experience, but not so sure of that anymore either. So for me, no, not recession proof.
Yes it is, and ANY percentage is too large for my comfort
ANY percentage is too high. There's no excuse for it except profits for greedy American MTSOs.

There are literally HUNDREDS of US MTs more than willing to work these odd hours that Transcend and others claim they are 'forced' to offshore because they cannot get sufficient help here.

I strongly disagree. In fact, I disgree just short to calling it out as being a bald-faced LIE.

The purpose is nothing more to increase profits for the powers that be, while all of the time hammering down the pay of the American MT.

I hope I am not alone in my stand on this. I would rather somewhere else for less money who DOES NOT offshore and who respects their MTs. Respect is something MDI-MD obviously chose to cast aside when they began negotiating their moneymaking deal while we starved, lost sleep, wondered how we would pay our bills, and yet STILL tried to be loyal to these yahoos.

Nope, not happy and checking out before my work goes to India.

I've worked too hard and am too advanced in my career to be a sitting duck.
I use the Microsoft wireless 4000 comfort keyboard
and had no trouble switching to it from my split keyboard.  It is curved, so has a similar feel.  I love being wireless.  I use it with my laptop and work on it all day.  I think I've been working wireless for about 2 years now and couldn't go back.  I work with my keyboard in my lap, so the wireless is great.
Ummm, I work outside my comfort zone, in fact, do all worktypes on 2
both speech and traditional, and I don't have any work, either.
I agree with this and if any company has more
than one of these problems, I would stay away. I can name a few to stay away from: TransHealth, Spheris, MQ, DSG just to name a very few. Every company I named had at least one of the problems mentioned above, usually more.
agree about her company name.....
it does sound strange: And I Said Yes

Well, excuuuuuuse me if I Just Say No

heh heh heh (Friday yet?)
Agree they are hers not company's
I don't know about elsewhere, but at my last company I was told we were supposed to create our Expanders off the clock so it didn't cut into productivity.  You bet your bippy I took them with me - saved them to a file, emailed myself the file, emailed it to my new job, opened them and copied them into my Shorthand.  Didn't have to bug tech support about it either.  In fact I was encouraged to do so by my new employer.  It is NOT stealing when you made them on your own time, it IS your intellectual property, as well as any lists of particular medical terms you have made, etc.  You're not taking their program, you're taking YOUR file.
Oh absolutely! I agree 100%. Especially when it comes to my company
the "company who shall not be named"!  Yep, the fabrications that can start flying out on that company are actually funny by the time the flaming thread gets done, but sure must work and scare off a load of MTs, though, actually, by the looks of the new hires, nobody believes them! I think it works against "those" type of posters either way - the extremist cheerleaders and the extremist bashers.  They actually do more harm than good for their individual causes, because they sound so NUTS!! 
Yes, I agree. It makes you wonder what this company is really up to.
Agree. Terrible company
I agree - the company I work for is doing the same
I wanted to sit down and cry. It was awful and SO BORING!!!! If you find anyone, let me know. This is awful.
I agree that they may not be a legitimate company.
See post my me above in response to internship post. 
agree great company
Agree. Great Company.
Very flexible in scheduling as long as you get your lines in. Pay is always on time. Owner is extremely nice. Good pay. Easy software.
I agree! And only a garbage company......sm
would pay QA less than what they are worth. Unfortunately there are quite a few of those! But there are still some good ones out there (although few) that really do care about quality are willing to pay more than secretary wages.
Agree, they are a good company. sm
Pay is always on time, and the platforms are easy. I do have heavy ESLs in my accounts, and problems with running out of work. I think the accounts that have plenty of work are internet accounts.
I agree it is a strange company

I just have to add my 2 cents.  I have often thought of Amphion as strange also.  It is very strange to me that a transcription company thinks it is perfectly acceptable to keep their entire crew on mandatory OT for 5 months, really without much explanation at all.  They act like this is normal behavior.  The final straw for me is that they have made the choice to keep all the MTs on mandatory OT (an hour a day extra almost every day FT and PT employees) and take on NEW accounts.  On the team I work on, they took on a new account last week and kept us all on mandatory OT.  They are hiring and training people like crazy, but why would a company choose to keep their loyal staff on OT for 5 months and take on new clients instead of giving the new hires a chance to get in, get trained, help us get caught up first?  They are a very organized company though and send out a job status report every morning.  It shows the new accounts and all.  Do they think we won't notice they are choosing taking on new clients over giving their MTs a much needed break?

They are all about money and will never say no to a client it seems.  They do this without explanation to the MTs, an apology, a bonus or anything.  They do say thank you for your dedictation and hard work a lot, but quite honestly, that only goes so far.  Yes, they do pay us time and a half for OT, but gosh what about living a life.  I have a family!

And by the way ... they expect their work to be perfect as well, even while we are overworked.  Their QA is very tight!

Yes indeed, strange company!  Amphion does have some good qualities, but in my mind the cons outweigh the pros greatly at this point. 

Add me to the list of those from Amphion looking for other employment!



Agree, they are a good company...
Yes, they are a great company to work for, so don't you think they deserve a call instead of this broadcasting? I have been with them for near 3 years. They have always been honest and I don't have to worry one bit that I will receive every dime of my pay.

Please call them, and have the decency to post back that the issue is resolved, at least.
I agree with you!!! I also left a big company for this one and
it's been just a few months and I love it. I don't dread work anymore!!!! No regrets.
I agree on the small company.
I was my happiest when I was with a small company, but then they were acquired by a larger company and so I left.  I guess that's the point I was trying to make.  Working for a smaller American-owned MT company that doesn't overhire is a hard job to find simply because they don't overhire.  The MTs at that company don't want to leave.  The problem comes arises when a lot of larger companies pull the tactics mentioned before and then there are many, many MTs doing what you said...looking for another company.  That doesn't leave many smaller companies to chose from because most aren't hiring.  I think that's where the problem comes in with a lot of people being frustrated with going from company to company only to end up in the same boat a few years (or less) later.  There definitely is a downward trend in this field.  Some are fortunate to have the good jobs, but it's not the norm anymore like it used to be.
I agree -- if someone does not get paid by a company, that's something we all sm

need to know!  As much as some of us may love doing what we do, I doubt any of us want to do it for free.  One of the purposes of this board is to network and share such information.  I know if someone did not pay me, of course I would go through the legal channels, but I would be screaming my head off here, warning everyone too.

To the OP, sorry this happened to you -- hope you get your money soon.

I agree - Amphion's the best company to work for
I agree with the posts below, I think it is a good company. SM
You do receive good training on the computer. The whole week of training is on the computer. You will start IMMEDIATELY on production with your account. That is my only complaint.
I agree...I found this company to be very back and forth...
when there is work, everything is great...but when there is no work and you want more, somehow they can't come up with any and make excuses as to the lack of work, et cetera...I moved on and am happy I did... I know people who are happy there so to each their own, this is just my own experience...good luck!!!
I agree, it's a great company! I have worked
at many places, but Transcend is the best. No company is perfect, but I have been very happy here.
I agree with one thing you say. With almost any company right now, unless you marry the job and
work 24/7 and jump through hoops, dont expect to get the best or be treated the best.  They are always looking for the new to use and abuse and thus the circle keeps going.  We all burn out being used and abused and they know that so they keep adding new MTs to use and abuse.  That is a fact in MT today.  I dont specifically know anything about these 2 companies but it is the same at the 2 places I currently work PT.  Exact same situation.  I have stopped jumping and I dont plan to do that anymore because in many cases, you still go down with the ship when they get an urge to overhire in these larger companies.  They dont sit there and pick and choose.  You just go down with the rest.  Small companies may fiddle more with that but not the larger ones. 
I agree. Keystrokes is a good company that sm
really does care about its employees. I have been there a long time (7 years) so I have seen them grow from small to large. There have been a lot of changes through the years, all positive, and if someone is not there now, they really do not know what is what. This year alone, we have added benefits including PTO that posts quarterly so that you do not have to wait a year, paid life insurance, dental insurance, additional life insurance to purchase and vision insurance. These are in addition to great health insurance that only went up $8 compared to my husband's company that went up $180 per month, Aflac, 401k and other benefits.

Yes, there are a lot of happy people working there but not every company is for every company.

Did they have a lot of problems back 7 years ago, 5 years ago, etc? They did but they worked through them and improved themselves and continue to do so.

I make great money, have steady work with very few exceptions and have great benefits. I was remembered with a card at Christmas, every birthday and with a gift each MT Week. I have received little thank you gifts here and there, get OT pay when asked to work it and do not get bothered as long as I do my job. Their standards are high but their pay is higher than most as well.

THAT is why there are so many happy people at Keystrokes. If the company didn't work out for you or you didn't work out for the company, it may be time to try them again as things are always changing for the better. If you did not work out for them, tell them that you can improve as well. I bet they'd listen and consider that.

Are they perfect? No, but they are as close to a perfect job as I need and want. As long as they keep improving and not making bad changes, I will stay until I retire in 8 years.
I agree, it shows a company has discretion rather than
wise decisions. That is rare in this business.
I sure agree with you about the lousy communication. It seemed to be a company wide
Agree, but it wasn't the company mentioned in this thread.
Don't have mine yet either...agree with above post about company going downhill..sm
A constant lack of work since November.  One day we are working and then the next day we are told to sign off because of no work and to not sign in until they tell us. In total since November I have missed 17 days due to no work.  That is a lot of money for me.  Hard to get another job because I need my insurance.
The same here! I agree. They are a great company but the lack of work drove me away.

I agree, if you went to work knowing full well that the company paid 7 cpl no spaces
why on Earth did you accept the job?
I agree also. Keystrokes is a wonderful company with very, very nice and helpful people. I would
like much more work, at least 12,000 lines each pay period.
I so wholeheartedly agree with you. Don't work for KS but work for SS - another company bashed
Works GREAT for me and I love SS. I never really care what the negatives are as I have found they are usually people that can't make their lines, don't work the hours they commit to or just overall do not care!
I agree! I just can't imagine a company speaking such negativity! I just can't imagine that.
Surely this is not a manager or anyone big time important at SS.  I just thought maybe it is a mad MT or something.  I have never seen such postings from a manager.  I was just curious.  I think it is very unprofessional if this is management.
I agree, absolutely agree
and I might say, this is keeping updated in ALLLL specialities and subspecialities, drugs, instruments, and on and on. It is not a good profession for sure and sadly it is the MTs who are being very definitely HAD
I've been with the company almost 10 years. I know the truth. Hawaii was a company-paid vacation.
They do not offshore. The owner's original company was bought by MQ; started a new company, whic
That's about all I know. I would give them a try. They sounded good!
Great company. I've been recommending this company for a long time.
Must be a small company. I have never talked to the owner of the company I work for. sm
He wouldn't have time. Why would someone talk directly to the MTSO? Most do not know (or care) about the details just the big picture.
I hope my company flies under the radar. This is horrible what happens to one company sm
after another on this board.  The owners must have very thick skin.  First TT, then Amphion, now Keystrokes.  No one is safe.  I hope everyone takes all they read with a grain of salt.  I have met a few of the owners of the some of the bigger services, and they are all very nice, including those that own Webmedx, Keystrokes, Execuscribe, Medware, MDI and Transcend.  I hate to think how they feel when they read things on here, even though they all say they don't read the posts here and advise against it.  I don't know how they don't read them; I look just to make sure that no one mentions mine.
Maybe QA made the decision, not the company, and the company managers are not aware of it. sm
I started with a company that did the same thing. When I went to the manager outside of QA, she fixed it right away. Turns out that the QA manager had made a decision to do that and had not told anyone else.

It does make sense to do that though. Find out if it is a few days or longer and base your decision on that.

Can we ask which company or at least which state they're out of?

Unfortunately, I am going to be looking AGAIN due to offshore.
or maybe it's really a good company. Give me a break. If a company isn't talked about sm
on here, good or bad, it's probably too small to matter and does not offer benefits or anything at all.
Ask insider if her company is in position to take on MTs from other company who are familiar
Loyalty has nothing to do with it until you find the company for you. Be loyal to THAT company.
Let me know if you pursue this company. I would like to work for a MN company as an employee?
Let me know! Thanks!
Chasing work from company to company - Have any of you ever watched (sm)

5 year olds learning to play soccer?  The ball is in play and no matter what the coahes say ALL the kids go running for the ball.  Maybe we are like that, masses of us going from company to company in search of work.  This company has a new account BOOM here we go.  Now it is out.  Let's go here. 

Yep, I think it is a big game someone is playing with us.  Not a particularly funny one either. 

Why would you want to work for a company with no QA? Anyways the only company that comes to mind is
I worked for in the past which is Medquist NJ Radiology.