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Posted By: Yes! on 2007-10-10
In Reply to: Not so easy when you make top pay and work days and hours of - your choice. Find that somewhere else?

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Well when you are told to be careful and ask questions, that is when you need to a QA person, which you are told are available to you at all times. And if that person did not have the skills, I doubt OSi would have hired her in the first place. QA can pick on whatever they want with OSI. They are the "Gods" of transcription. Get real
And you're griping why? It was YOUR choice to be an SE. OSi didn't choose that for you. At the time you are hired you are told SEs don't get the same benefits as employees. DUH!
Ummm...no. Obviously not.
There are certain circumstances where it is understandable that someone left a job or has multiple jobs on a resume. I don't necessarily see that as job hopping. That's just survival. As I said below, it's fairly easy to spot the job hoppers as opposed to legitimate job changeovers.

A little advice, though. If you only worked somewhere a few months and it didn't work out and you had legit reasons for quitting, sometimes it's best to leave it off your resume. It's not a huge benefit to your experience and it might serve to make you look unsteady. You can still say you have some degree of experience in that specialty or whatever, but there are just times where it's best to just omit the small stuff. I think we've all been there -- got hired on my some small MTSO that didn't pay and left soon after. I don't even include those on my resume because it was just so inconsequential.
ummm... no
That is what the AZ MT said. She said I said a lot of things. Which are incorrect. I never said I spoke to the owner. She just assumes it, or hears what she wants, or is spreading her fair share of lies herself.
ummm not at all!
Ummm...it's my DAY OFF
ever heard of those??? Keystrokes does give us days off. Amazing, huh?
ummm sm
My rate last year was 0.9 cents a line. I worked an average of 6 hrs a day. I grossed $36K.

I took a pay cut...initially...with a new company this year. At my usual 16-17K lines every 2 weeks (now that I am up to speed) I get 9.25 cents with incentive. I work an 8-hour day, but the money is better $150 a day? I don't have the calculator out right now. That is what? $750 a week? Yup and $3000 a month, $36K for the year. Though this last week I did a bit better than that. I have been with my new company right at 2 months and quit my sucky part time job, so my lines are going up. Shooting for 2000 lines a day over the next month or so, be where I want to be then, and my line rate will go up yet again when I get this done.

It didn't come with food stamps...but I can manage on $36K a year as I don't have to buy makeup, nice clothes, gasoline or lunches out.
your old company DOES
It's actually a lot more derogatory than that, at least where I come from. Chicken necks were girls who performed certain deeds for men for money. Called chicken necks because they made the same movements as a chicken with their head during said deed I guess. Makes the poster that much more disgusting, huh?

BTW it was called rubbernecking when trying to look at car accidents, etc lol!
Ummm, no it's not
There is likely no home MT that has the security required to be able to store patient info. So if you are assuming that because your employer says Save the reports you're safe, you're wrong
No offence, but that is a pretty piss poor attitude to have about work.

I understand if a major company cannot give you one on one time or will not go out of the way to help an individual. But when you have a small company of maybe 30 people and the QA person personally insults your work and you that is another story.
If you wanna be a machine, go ahead. I would rather be a human. And no, I am not a transcriber, I am a transcriptionIST, thank you.
Ummm, thinking twice already (sm)
Not going to take my 10 years experience anywhere and be paid less than a trainee new grad from high school because her mom knows some guy.  No offense to you but I'm offended honestly.  Call me old fashioned but I want to be hired and paid based on what I know and not who I know.  Where are the honest companies that will pay for experience ??????????????????????  I mean obviously you caught a break but this is distasteful to me and frankly turns me off towards this company.  Just dropped an account I loved because the managers and owner have no MT background, can hardly spell, but are all chummy friends who allow cherrypicking and all sorts of crap based on favortism...not signing up for that again. 
ummm excuse me...
First of all, a company is a company, no matter what size it is. Next, there are a lot of people who want to keep their company small for many reasons. For one, they have so much less on overhead and therefore more money to make their employees happy! None of the mom and pop companies I worked for EVER had serious issues (stayed in business for years), and had plenty of potential for growth just by word of mouth. Where do you get off?? As far as being turned away when sick, etc., the opposite of what you say is true. Mom and pop love your work and need you, know you as a person, and will treat you well as long as you are a good MT. The dog knows the hand that feeds it.

The rest of your post is babble...you are defending your love of TT and what a great MT you are, not afraid to work on more than one account, etc. Has absolutely nothing to do with my post. BTW, I am not complaining about the company I am with, and I make twice what you state for 2 weeks, even after all deductions. Maybe tomorrow you will be in a better mood. I was simply stating MY opinion about a topic I have been thinking about and don't appreciate your B****y post. Take a chill pill. I've been reading your posts and you definitely need one. Good day mate.
Ummm. Hello. Gee wiz is not the same poster.
Because I am the nut case whose post you continue to twist around 9 days to Sunday to suit whatever rant you are in the midst of. Since I have already given you permission to trounce me to your heart's content and you apparently still seem to need to continually reinforce your insufferable self-righteous superiority complex, I will leave you and your hateful blather to the others wolves in the pack.

Before I do, though, I will point out how extremely threatened you start acting whenever you sense you are being confronted by anyone with greater than a double-digit IQ. You also seem to have less than zero tolerance for clever dialog (your words, not mine) other than your own perceived brilliant insights, being a legend in your mind and all.

I'm not planning to push any more of your buttons, so you can relax and have the stage all to yourself. Not to worry. I'm also not jumping in to confiscate (LMAO) YOUR conversation, dear...only trying to defend the innocent poster you have mistaken for me. I wouldn't dare think of stealing your thunder. You have a lot more use for it than any of the rest of us ever could.

Your silence is not my victory? Gee, not only did I need ou to tell me what a failure I have been all my life, but apparently I am too stupid to even realize that I am participating in some sort of delusional contest you seem to have conjured up.

Ummm...she said that the patient himself...

asked her to go over the records.  I do believe that fact that the patient himself makes the request would be the required consent. 

Ummm....I have been with MDI a LONG time
I know a lot of MDI MTs and everyone I know says how many lines they will do on any given day, but they are NOT required to work specific hours.  As I said, I've been with MDI a long time and before that I was with Signal, which was also Dorothy's company, and it worked the same way.
Ummm, ever see the original MT ID field?
Ummm, well of course I'm not speaking for all accts..
However, I do happen to know that the majority of the accounts have ADT feed, which provides all the DI info right there...nice try though!
Ummm, this is a message board, not a test.
transcription test, thank you very much! 
Good quality reports? Ummm, no.....sm
The reports I edited when I was there were NOT of good quality. Sure, there were a few MTs (maybe 1 or 2) who produced good work with very little errors, but many of the MTs were offshore, and the work was atrocious. Had to fix MANY errors, and unfortunately the MTs never learned from their mistakes. It's frustrating having to correct the same mistakes over and over and over again. Even the American MTs work was not the greatest.
for being sick. geez, louise ! ummm, not doing your job and disappearing? perhaps...
they have great benefits. I've been there for almost 5 years and it's great. Don't listen to the naysayers. Make your own opinion after you get here. Bitter people make the worst advocates.
Ummm...No, large account I'm on just has good dictators....
It's on EditScript, and I was system receiving alerts of higher priority jobs coming through and I accepted them. The dictators were by and large very good and many of the reports required minimal editing.

It's luck of the draw when it comes to being placed on an account. I am very grateful to have been hired for the account I'm on.

Sorry you apparently aren't as happy. I hope your day gets better.

UMMM - I'm not at work, no need to correct as I stated below, I know post had errors.nm
Ummm, I work outside my comfort zone, in fact, do all worktypes on 2
both speech and traditional, and I don't have any work, either.