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I know I'm going to be happier... heck, I'm happier already

Posted By: Mrs Chippy on 2007-10-11
In Reply to: Anyone leave MQ for another company? - jennie

Although only on day 2 at my new job and having to learn a new system, all new doctors etc etc, I typed 50% more lines per hour today than I did yesterday and I anticipate it'll keep getting better.  For the most part I was able to work the hours I wanted to at MQ, and DQS is a very user-friendly platform IMO, but other than that I don't think I'll miss a thing.  I was with MQ for 12 years and at the end there it felt like I was in an abusive relationship.  Change is good!

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Is anyone happier with OSI now?
Be honest and give me some feedback.  I just tested for them. 
with JLG now much happier..can't believe
there's nobody constantly looking over your shoulder. Almost no contact with sup but that's because they treat you like a grown up and not some kid to babysit as did MQ. No monitoring your every move. I only have 2 accounts, a primary and a back up with only one hard dictator. Email me if you are interested in a referral!
So MUCH happier without MQ!
I have been gone only 2 months and am making a lot more money. After getting W2's and seeing how many thousands I lost after all the cesspoor and ASR I am absolutely thrilled to have made the choice. Also being able to spend time with my family rather than fighting for line count is fantastic!
Have been there 2 years - never been happier nm
Did you ever leave QT and are you happier now? nm
More money and much happier
I have too much work right now. Working two IC jobs and part time with an MTSO. All pay better than the Q. Almost doubled my pay at one IC job because they pay for everything, headers, foots, ADT, etc., on top of a higher line rate.

I was afraid I would run out of work but the opposite has been true, and I can't keep up with all the work. I am going to quit the MTSO today because I do not have the time, it pays the least and requires I work Saturday.
MUCH happier and making way more...sm
I left a year ago. I never made any money working for them. I went back to working for a hospital in Maryland and I am making great money. I have heard good things about MDI-MD (My ex-supervisor from the hospital I work for went there) and I know they are our backup account people. I would look around, there are jobs out there that have to pay more than MedQuist, I found one!! Good luck!
I would go with the second - you will be happier, trust me. nm
couldn't be happier for you
Then there is hope . . . if you don't mind saying, what type of work are you doing now?
So...you mean you're actually happier
Subject: Daily Rant
From: C. Mai Bottom, Supervisor

Dear Such-and-So @#$$!!

You #%%%^@@!! and $$^$&*## reports $^&$!*@% schedule %%^$#$&*@@##% TAT $#^&*#@?

And furthermore, %^$&&*(@# QA score %^$&**##&&&&!!!!!!!

Best regards.
Medware- I've never been happier with
I work for Medware and could not be happier

Medware has been a great company to work for, I have been with them for over two years.  Very happy at Medware.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! Love Transtech. Never been happier
with an at home MT job!
I am glad I work at OSi. Never been happier.(nm)
I left after 7 years, and am much happier,
after MTing for 30+ years, i too dread learning new things. I find the bayscribe platform to be not as perfect as DQS in some respects, but much simpler in others. It was a heck of a lot easier to learn! another big bonus was being able to transfer my Expanders over. but like another poster said, my stress level is 0 now, i am not reduced to complaining all the time and i suggest you go on with your thought to move on. i don't regret it one bit.
I left OSI for MedQuist & still happier
Yes I am happy, tho I'd be happier if I got paid for spaces - sm
I am very lucky I guess to have a good steady IC job, have about 22 hr TAT and take as little or as much work as I want (with notice). No minimums and can work whatever hours I want. Just have to finish all the work I am given whether it is 30 minutes or 90 minutes by the following mid-afternoon. Except for not being paid for spaces (I lose about $200-$300 a month due to this), it is very good and as close to perfect that you can get.
Well just imagine being even happier when you contact the company to follow up, and guess what? sm
You actually get the job because you show an avid interest in a job with the company.  On the other hand, you could be just happy to know that you passed the test. 
I left a month ago, and couldn't be happier! They are the pits! Good luck. nm
Anyone happier working for a national versus local clinic or hospital? SM
I'm with a national but from time to time, openings come up with areas places. None are in my own town, but would be 30 to 45 minutes away from home. In the case of at least one of these places, you are required to work in-house just to get used to their system, which I understand, but they say it usually takes a year before being set free at home. Now I can understand that if you are a brand new MT, but as far as just getting used to how they do things, that seems excessive. If you meet the criteria sooner, you can go sooner. It worried me about the length of time. That would put me in a bind with little kids and being away from home on certain days after they got off the school bus.

On the flip side, they pay hourly so I might like that, rather than make next to nothing on some days where the dictators are horrible on my current account. On the other hand, on a good day the lines are worthwhile and I'd come out ahead by LPH rather than hourly rate.

So many things to think about...oh, and another biggie...with this local place I'd get health insurance free for myself (not the family, but I have the kids covered on a plan I'm already paying for myself, along with me on the plan, which I could then drop myself from).

Anybody worked both scenarios and decided the national really was better? I actually interviewed here a year ago but didn't have to decide because they offered it to somebody in-house so I never got an offer. I have 3 years of experience but I still worry I would take forever to meet the criteria to work from home. I guess there are a few that have been there over a year and haven't met it. I don't want that to be me.
They are probably glad you didn't apply too. Why do transcriptionists think they are constantly owed more than they get? Get up off your butt and work for it. It can definitely be done.
Especially considering so many errors are subjective. There are a lot that are spelled out so that there is no question about whether there is an error or not; however, there are far too many that are ambiguous and/or seem to be based upon any particular QA or supervisor is editing or auditing. I've had many items marked for errors throughout my career, both as an MT and as a QA, that I've disputed and even shown proof of the descrepancies. These have not always been changed from errors to showing as correct.
I definitely wouldn't work for a company that does that - especially if they refuse to pay you for an entire report for only 1 supposed error! What a crock!
how the heck you do that
How come you so fast? what kind of work does TT give you?
heck, i don't even know what co. this is! nm

On the Seekers Board, Synernet is hiring RAD MTs.  On their website, they require 1600 lines/8-hour shift.  Does this include the RAD accounts?  And isn't this the company who offshores?

PLUS, how in the heck are we
supposed to decide whether to go PT or FT or bail, with this total lack of info? Not to mention, we don't know what wage we would be making, and they base their PT/FT status on how much MONEY you make in a pay period...screwy.
Well, heck...
I don't even work there and never have, and yet I'm irritated FOR you, lol!!!

Nothing grates on me faster than employers who brush off their employees' concerns the way you were brushed off, and that post of hers just muddied the waters even further. Of course, it's not a pay cut in the sense that they, for example, dropped you from 7 cpl to 6 cpl, but if they are not paying for something they previously paid for, I fail to understand how that is NOT a pay cut.

Maybe I need more coffee. Or maybe the post was intended to be ambiguous so as to not be incriminating, lol!!!

Anyway, you have my sympathies...both for the pay cut AND for having a boss that treats you like a nuisance when you have a concern!
Where in the heck do YOU get off!

Really, what IS YOUR PROBLEM????  If you don't watch it, GP will sue YOU for defamation of character!  That would be a fun countersuit to see. 

what the heck does your post even mean?
If you have something to say, please, say it, I can't read into posts like this...thanks!
what the heck is there to upgrade anyway on a DD?
What the heck is that all about. I was just asking QTer2 why she
now. I don't care or know what the managers do all day. I was just asking what she meant by her comment, that's all. Talk about junk...
No one job hops just for the heck of it. sm
Do you think we would job hop if we could find a company that paid well and treated us as valued members of a team?  Get real!  We only hop to find a job that will support a family.  Surely you can't honestly think it is just done on a whim.  And as an above poster stated, a company earns my respect and loyalty, just as I expect to earn the same from my employers. 
Heck yeah you can. If I can do it, anybody can!
A little new terminology now and then but thanks go Google and reference books, it isn't a big mystery for long. I like it because it is great to use with Expanders and allows one to have high count at end of day.
What the heck is a bad account?.....
When the first few days it is normal dictation, after that bad sound quality, mainly ESLs, slurred speech dictators, give me a break, you know what i am talking about, not a bad account, just the distribution of the work on the account. Are you a supervisor?
what the heck is a bad account?
Ok, I concede. Now for some help. Having 16 acute care experience, most in a hospital. Since you do 7 accounts, and I am not being a smart eleck, I am being sincere, how are you making any money? If I get mainly ESLs and they are new to me I find I have to go back and relisten when I am done to catch the blanks, or maybe I missed something. If there are sound quality issues most companies will not work it through with you so that is strike 2, also working mainly in hospitals I know this dictation is not first in first out but it seems to be consistent with nationals. I have to make a certain amount of money a month, am single (I would hate to be a single mother, I would cry every night in this profession anymore), but maybe I am losing the point. You don't seem to mind if that is the case with your 7 accounts (plus all the different account specifics), so give all of us some advice and maybe we will quit whining or getting out of the profession and make some money by how you are doing it. I stayed with 2 companies until I was living on credit cards and still working 16 hours a day, and not making enough money. If it is me, then make some suggestions as I am not alone.

I am sincere and you seem sincere.
Like who the heck cares if she is one or not?
Ahem, some? I would say a heck of a
Wow..too harsh for me.. I mean I think I know what the heck I'm doing but maybe I really don't
what the heck I am doing, according to her.  This ad is a crackup. Any ideas on who is it?
How the heck do you know what all the supervisors
I would like to get the heck OUT OF THE HOUSE.
heck ya, lots different
IMO, IC bites.  SE was way better.  As an IC, no taxes will be taken out of your check.  Way painful at tax time. 
If they can offshore us, they sure as heck can
What the heck are you talking about? sm
You work at Webmedx and are running out? How can that be since most of the Enterprise accounts are running overtime?

And if you don't like our CEO or anyone else in the company, don't let the door.... oops. There's lots of jobs out there for MTs - find a company that you like.
wot da heck u talkin about????
Don;t be too quick to point your finger. Maybe you were too quick to click the reply button and addressed YOUR whining to the wrong person???
what the heck is wrong with sm

with these MT companies!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been looking for part-time QA or MT actively for about a month now.  I had left the MT profession when my mom was sick and took care of her until she died.  I have wasted a ton of time in the last two weeks taking tests and having preliminary interviews with recruiters.  The recruiters tell you one thing and when the person that does the hiring calls, they tell you something else!  Was suppose to start last week with a company and set up appointment for software download and THEY did not keep the appointment.  When calling to find out what was going on, they were very nasty and rude so I decided that was a sign not to deal with that company.  Just got done with an interview and while the recruiter was great, the person that called and did the hiring did nothing  but complain about how she had to babysit MTs etc. etc.  It was like she was on a power trip to make herself feel important or something.  After being talked down to for 15 minutes, I told her I was not interested.  Why start with a company that talks that way to you in an interview?  I have been at this profession for over 30 years, hired, trained, etc and I know what a hard position it puts you in.  NEVER EVER would I complain to a potential employee!!!!!!!  Anybody else having this problem?  Its like these companies are trying to tear your self-esteem down before they even get started.

I think I will take a breather before applying anymore.  I am tired of testing and interviewing!!!!!!!  I really did not want the hassle, but I am ready to find an account of my own and just IC on my own.  This is ridiculous.  Forgive me I am just blowing steam!

Oh, one more thing, these companies pester you to hurry and take their test, but then THEY take their own sweet time calling you back, don't answer e-mails, etc.  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  I think we deserve more respect than this.  I would NEVER treat anyone the way these companies are doing.


Where the heck do you WORK?...
You must have one heck of an expander.
Even when I was in my prime, working for the same account and same 20 doctors 5 days a week with one of the simplest, most functional expansion programs, I couldn't pull in 350 lines an hour for 8 hours. Kudos to you.
What the heck .. give this person

a break .. years ago when I worked for MQ I came from a company where QA were called editors .. and in many places QA are still called editors.  Why in heaven's name would you argue a moot point.  Call it what you will .. she had a question and you are beating the semantics to death.

To curious I would say consult a lawyer and see how you can proceed.  I have paid people in my company retroactively for things I have overlooked .. it is good will and probably in their policies and not a really huge deal.  They may not want to admit holding you up .. but hey .. go for it!!

OWN DISKRITER!!! Diskriter is an entirely separate company from Medquist, does not work with Medquist, has no links to Medquist whatsoever. Where do you get your information!!!!????

What the heck is up this weekend with the system?

Cannot get into anything!

Heck, no! MQ are misers and we get squat...the only
thing I have ever gotten from that disgrace of a greedy company is a lousy keychain for MT week - woo-hoo! I worked for a bank when I was 21 and actually got $500 bonus for Christmas and I had only been there 6 months at the time! That was 15 years ago too!