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You should take the leap

Posted By: Anon on 2007-10-14
In Reply to: Anyone leave MQ for another company? - jennie

I left MQ after 4 years and have been with Webmedx for 3 years. I was nervous about changing too, but I'm glad I did. You should take the leap. You'll end up with better pay and with probably better working conditions. I've been treated extremely well at Wedmedx and can't imagine working anywhere else now. You're very marketable after 11 years. You can always change your status at MQ to part time and then work somewhere else part time before you make a final decision if you don't need the benefits.

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Think before you leap . . .
I started with them fresh out of school at 6 cents/line. ESL implies English is the second language; I think English is the third or fourth language for some of their physicians! They would offer bonuses all the time just to get the work done. After a year, even with 98% on the two facilities I transcribed for, they were only willing to raise me to 6.75 cents/line. From what I recall, the accounts I was on were passed around by multiple MTSOs because they were so miserable and the facilities didn't want to pay for the work that needed to be done. Since the almighty dollar is the driver here, be careful getting in the passenger seat at TRX.
I am about to take the leap
I was told about Transtech from a friend, who has talked great things about this company for a while now. It took a while, but she has me convinced. I just hope that it lives up to all the hype! She has never said a single negative thing about TransTech!

Take a leap. Just don't burn your bridges.
I just took a big leap and applied for IC status with a company who just posted

a job on here today...HIP or Health Information Partners. I didn't find much in the archives about them but what I found was favorable. I have been employee status my whole life but with the new Medquist pay scales this year, my paychecks took a big nosedive. I think I am only going to apply to companies that have IC status even though I'm somewhat afraid of doing that. I just need bigger paychecks and more flexibility with scheduling and I'm hoping if I do get hired as an IC somewhere, I will learn to really like it and earn more money!!