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I agree! I posted on this a while back and...sm

Posted By: KyMT on 2009-08-26
In Reply to: I just declined a position with a wonderful company due to - the one-day weekend requirement. SM

got so much flaming I couldn't believe it! All I heard was, Well you picked a field that provides 24/7 coverage! I say that's BS! Nurses and doctors aren't even required to give up one weekend day a week indefinitely! If you have a kid that plays ball on Saturday mornings and you go to church on Sunday, which one do you give up? Your child or God? I refuse to even apply to jobs that mandate that ridiculous scheduling.

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This was a job posted about a month back
at least the ones who posted here the testing was tedious and the dictator horrible.  I also applied a month ago and never heard anything back.  Fortunately I had only wasted a half hour of my valuable time and then to not have heard anything at all back even to say you failed, I just think that is in poor taste.  Even if you don't want to hire me at least say so, but to have someone test and then not respond to e-mails is just not professional in my book and also not worth 11 cpl.  Imagine what that would be like working for that company with poor communication from the start.  I'd look elsewhere.   
I heard Back Immediately - Posted by Blossom
I am not at all surprised to hear this, as this has also happened to me. I was given some insight into this by an HR representative for one of the major companies...Many of the experienced MT/QA's do not view the AAMT-BOS as an absolute bible. This was meant as a guideline, but many companies embrace as if it is written gospel. Apparently, the most of experienced QA/MT's remember the times when we were actually paid, and if the lack of work was due to their fault, we were paid for downtime. I guess us old-timers have to just lay down and die because we are too old to retrain in another field.
Did anyone apply to Lee Perfect when they posted a few weeks back?
I contacted them twice but never heard back.  The position is exactly what I am looking for.  I have been checking the help wanted ads for a couple of months waiting for that perfect job description.  This one had it all.  They were hiring for my preferred specialties, they use EMDAT, and they pay well.  Would love to hear back from them :-(
Awhile back, someone posted about a company that considered sm

30 hours a week to be FT with benefits.  Does anyone remember the name of that company?

Thanks so much.

oops..went back 2 far and posted on wrong board
Terry..check the archives..you posted this back in 8-23-2007. See inside.
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Posted By: Terry on 2007-08-23

I agree about that too. Since I last posted this
I was offered jobs by a couple of the places but the money was less than I am making as an employee! Guess they did want me but were afraid because of the low pay. They probably got needy and decided to try me. Ugggg. I am doing better as an employee, and e bay. Gonna keep at that. And after all, sometimes we do have the right to be old and crotchety! :)
I agree, gourdpainter...as I posted above, and have
stated once before on this board, we as MTs make a living typing, concentrating on not making errors - many of us perfectionists to a fault.  These boards should be an opportunity for us to communicate without having to worry about being judged if we make mistakes - just type along and don't worry about it for a change, right?  Who cares if someone makes typos or the grammar may be questionable.  Apparently I was wrong to think that MTs wouldn't judge one another in that way. I really think it's time for me to consider not participating any longer on these boards - too many mean people.
I totally agree with you, I only posted the facts....nm
I totally agree. Once you've posted your private information

on these boards, it's indexed and cached through Google and other sites.  I've been stalked and harrassed twice through MT boards due to information I posted.  One was a woman who totally disagreed with me and thought she needed to set me straight.  She was right and I was wrong, and she was going to scream and cuss at me until I saw things her way.  She Googled everything she could find about me and my business, then tracked me down through Anywho.  The other was a man who called my business number at 2:00 a.m. wanting to talk about sex because he needed a sex-cretary to do his transcription in person.  I know they got the information from the other MT board I used to go to because that was the only place I posted anything in the directory.  The scary thing is that information can still be found all these years later because it's been cached.  I had to change phone numbers, but those people still know my full name and address.  That's why I don't use one nickname to post now.

Agree about not going back
I can tell you via e-mail what happened to me at Q
I agree - Way back When, I thought 6 cpl editing was bad.!! nm
I agree...I found this company to be very back and forth...
when there is work, everything is great...but when there is no work and you want more, somehow they can't come up with any and make excuses as to the lack of work, et cetera...I moved on and am happy I did... I know people who are happy there so to each their own, this is just my own experience...good luck!!!
I worked in QA for Transcending back in 2000-2001. They were paying hourly back then. SM

The accounts weren't too horribly bad.  The reason I ended up leaving was because slowly but surely they began to inch closer and closer to paying QA by production.  When I first started, the quota was something like 30 reports a day.   We simply had to make sure that we QA'd all reports that were close to being out of TAT first and then do the rest.  Then, my supervisor left and they hired a new one who immediately called a big teleconference meeting and said we had to up production to 60 reports a day.  Then, they started counting lines.  Which was fine because they were still paying hourly.

Next, there was an MT who used VR software because she was blind - yes blind.  Again, when I first started, I was told we had to edit her entire reports because she used the VR software and we had to make sure that everything was correct and made sense.  Then, we are told only check the blanks.  I wasn't comfortable with that and I continued to completely proof every word.  Then I was called on the carpet not because I wasn't meeting the production quota, but because I was ONLY meeting the production quota.  I told them I was proofing all of the MT's work that used VR, I was told that no one ever told me to proof every word of the VR reports and that I needed to fill in blanks and move on.  When I voiced my concerns, I was told that was my job, to fill in blanks and I should move on and strive to product above the standards.  Next thing you know, rumors abounded about changing the QA staff to being paid on production.  So I left. 

There just seemed to me to be too little concern for quality and more emphasis on quantity and I just didn't want to be part of company who would take money out of my pocket just to line their own and that's what they were doing by putting QA on production.  I also am not comfortable with the job of QA being thought of as a blank filler.  There is much more to the QA profession than just simply filling in blanks. 

I don't know if Transcend ever did start paying QA by production, but I could see that the idea was being floated there.  Maybe there was a enough protest that they didn't change from hourly. 

Good luck to you!

Phoenix Medcom- Another apply a few months back, ask to take a test and never heard back??
I applied a month or two ago, received an email from someone asking if I would take a test and said she was getting ready to go on vacation for a week, so I hurried and immediately and told her I'd love to take the test. I never heard back. I waiting thinking she went on vacation and would contact me when she got back to do the test but nothing...very strange..Just wondered if this happened to anyone else.
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
The Rates Are Posted Here and Posted Below

The service owner fees are posted in a UnionNow post (below), but here they are again:


$0.115 - $0.25 per line for full transcription of acute care on 24/7 accounts

$2.75 - $7.65 per report for full transcription of pathology, lab, specialty operative notes, plain film and interventional radiology

$0.097 - $0.125 per line for VR editing


$0.85 - $1.25 per report full transcription

$0.06 - $0.115 per line full transcription

$0.035 - $0.06 per line for VR editing








I sent them an email back in August and never heard back sm
Is this company on Long Island? I checked out their website and even tried calling once. Were you successful in contacting them? All i know is that the company is owned by some doctors.

Hopefully, you will hear back. Unfortunately, I immediately heard back from MD-IT
but somehow with over 16 years of experience, I blew the test.  I was soooo disappoionted and yet pretty stunned.  I am by no means perfect but I haven't flunked a test in years.  I expected it in my early years but not this far down the road. I was so confident and they will not tell you which part you did not pass and why so it really just blew my mind.  I must have been in shock for like two hours after I got the email. Oh well, someone will want me....hopefully.  I was thinking about OSi but I don't think I could take another rejection if I never heard back. 
I had the same thing happen, went back to MQ, went back to KS and could not be sm

happier.  I am on a different account then the first time and it is as if it is a different company.  I have a great lead who leaves us alone most of the time but is there when I need her.  It showed me that you can have a different experience within the same company.

I have to say that in the few weeks since they have the new office, it is much more organized probably because there are a lot of people there all the time.  I had the pleasure of speaking to the new HR manager who was HR at a hospital, got my questions answered about insurance as I am going to full time and had a live voice pick up the phone.

Not all change is bad.  This is one company that has changed for the better. 

I was reading about the back up help. I would like also to have some back up work.
I am not getting anywhere near 12,000 lines this go around.  My goal is 12,000 lines each pay period.
Back away from the hoops!! Back away!
I worked for them about 6 months - same mess to get hired - FBI check is right! It was unreal. I was so excited, though - they promised me the moon, and I really thought I had found my new home after centuries with that other company who shall not be named.  What a disappointment, to say the least. All around horrible experience, and I would NEVER recommend them. Certainly they were not worth the hoops at all. Total waste of effort.
They posted everything else, why not the....
unfortunately, whenever a job is posted - sm
no matter what is specified for requirements for the job, you would be surprised just how many people will send a resume. With all the jobs I have posted, I make sure I put the necessary requirements, i.e. foreign language requirement, absolutely no offshore companies, etc., and I STILL GET 100+ emails from people that have no idea what transcription is (yes, they actually put that down), Indian and Phillipine companies emailing, as well as the countless number of people that do not even remotely meet the requirements. I have even had some with gross misspellings!!! Can you believe that?

I hope this isn't harsh, but it can be quite frustrating just weeding through the resumes to find the ones that actually fit the bill.

It wouldn't surprise me that you have not heard from them yet - they are probably still weeding through the resumes. If you are qualified, then hang in there, I'm sure they will contact you.
I posted asking about....sm
The computers companies provide, whether they were crap or not and that appears to be gone as well. I did not identify a specific employer or anything. Having a failing computer and job hunting currently, I just wondered what you'd get but someone posted that it made sense for the company to send you a decent system so they could keep you working. I could see her point....a perspective I had not looked at.
I know they posted an ad
I believe I would write to them and ask, or call if they have an 800 number to find out if they want IC or employee MTs.  Don't know if they offer insurance or not.
I have posted before on this co. sm
The staff is great..really nice people..they paid me my s/o bonus even after I quit before my 60 days which I thought was great..however, if you do not like MedType or MedRite..forget it. Hey, when I got the 6 huge binders of paperwork with my PC..I knew I was in for trouble. It doesn't have to be that hard.
It was posted here before but...
it seems like MDI wants no backlog whatsoever. I mean, even if there are only 20 jobs in the system, they're zipping out E-mails that we need to wipe them out ASAP. I don't get it.
That was already posted below, but
is wrong. sm means see message. People put sm and then say long message. Sm does not mean small message.
just posted Jan 6
I just asked some questions about Transolutions on 1/6. There have been recent changes that affect pay and I am wondering if others are frustrated and worried as I am. I have been an MT for lotsa years and now feel like my QA has fallen drastically because of new higher standards, which have not been consistent either. Plus, you have to be very careful how many reports you put on hold, no matter the reason.
She posted above that she does NOT
YOU might want to take time to read this person's posts before you come to this board offering instructions to me. She may not work in her living room, maybe she works in her bedroom....but she does not work in the KS office.
Since she's already posted her name..
I can tell you that CW has been one of the strongest anti-offshoring activitists in the business. She wrote a long letter on the subject to the Atlanta Journal and I think even went to see the gov. of Ga. personally concerning the matter. She has urged her fellow MTs to get active in writing their state politicians about this issue. So if she's having to admit defeat, she didn't go down without a fight. Just thought I'd pass this on FYI.
that was posted
She posted her name. What else was I
Puts her name out there and then is upset by someone calling her by HER OWN NAME!!! ROFL

Yes, to whoever posted it. nm
It was posted that some ME at
now, after many months, but not too many are there yet.  At 4 CPL, which is what they pay, that would be MAYBE 12 bucks an hour at the top of the editing 300 LPH.  Nothing to brag about in my opinion.  I make more straight typing.  But those still at 200 LPH make less than a janitor.
Yes, I think I am the one who posted, and yes I do like it there.
People are not constantly calling you or bothering you. You do have to keep your schedule though. There is plenty of work. They don't pay for the template though.
well, from what I can tell - they have posted
three times for the job and are very clear about wanting someone local to the area. So that ruled me out because I live in Clearwater.
See the ads posted
They have 2 ads up on MT Stars - one is for acute care and ops the other for ER.  I sent my resume yesterday - use the 2nd e-mail address as the first one (which, if I remember right) was resumes@accustat-mts bounced back, but the 2nd one went thru. 
I, along with others, have posted

some ESL tips on, I think, the main board.  Try doing a search for those.   If you do not come up with anything helpful, post again.  I will try to remember some good pointers in the meantime.

Just relax.....don't make it any harder for yourself than you may think it is! 

When you get it, you'll get it, and wonder *how i the world did I ever understand what he/she was saying??* 

NJ. They have an ad posted.
Sorry I posted this twice
I got an error message the first time and didn't see it until I reposted.
I posted with my

positive experience with D&L.  I never had any problems with the pay arriving on time or being incorrect.   *Lana*'s insinuation that there is something *funny* about not posting my actual name on a web board is most likely her personal problem, not mine.


it's posted below
Each job that gets posted seems to go
lower and lower in pay! What in the world? This is ridiculous. I think it's over. They can have it all, with all of their YOU MUST have's while offering you pennies. Blagh!
I have posted on this before if you SM
have a choice between being a hospital employee and just working for DR directly, choose the hospital route. Your benefits are much cheaper and BETTER with the hospital.  DR only offers the average benefits for this field, which are low anyway.
I don't know who posted this

People are really outrageous.  Whoever posted this message really has an issue with Axolotl for some reason as they put the poster's name as Axolotl MT. 


I don't think that was posted...
but I asked my STM and that is what she told me. Everything is based on total lines so if you don't get the total line amount because you use PTO than you won't get your usual bonus.

I am annoyed because I will end up losing money with the new plan. I am scheduled to work 35 hours a week and do around 175 lines per hour. I make the 2nd tier of the bonus plan now but won't make it for total lines with the new bonus plan. My STM didn't sympathize much...something about the bonus being a reward...but what she doesn't realize is that you depend on a certain amount of money with each paycheck and it is hard when all of a sudden you aren't making the same amout of money and you're still working just as hard.
How do you know she's posted
under other names? 
Some of them have this posted - sm
on their websites, at least as far as what is expected of the MT. Pay is often based on experience, or what one can negotiate at hire, at least in my experience. Some of them list their benefit package on their website or even on the Job Seeker's Board on this website. A great deal is based on FT or PT. Depends on what you are looking for, as well.
Is that the one posted by