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I work right for the client.......not the MTSO. I am an IC for a hospital. nm

Posted By: I am a QA Specialist on 2008-10-16
In Reply to: cpl - sw


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I work for MTSO and know the hospital acct
I work on is a big one, just do not know how many MTs that on this particular account. When you say you correct only erroneous text I am not really sure what you mean by this. I correct everything I see that is an error so can you explain further as far as erroneous. Do you read the entire report as it goes or ?
MTSO and client responsible here.
As a former transcription manager I can tell you without even thinking about it that ExText does what it is programmed to do. Your MTSO signs a contract with their clients and all of these things are negotiated. Remember that the new ethics takes the consideration out of whether or not the MT can make a living. It is,however, all about cutting the cost of transcription and I would say it is about time MTs made it their business to be informed about how they are paid and then not rushing to work for companies that do not respect their talents. Why validate people who have no respect for what you do to help their business each day.
The only difference is we are at home and doc is hunted down by the hospital/client's staff
after we or our QA submit it with a blank.

It is a phone call away at times. This is not as anonymous as ADHI would like. Doctors these days need assistance by qualified MTs as it appears to me there are many with ADD. That is time consuming when dictating. And errors are deadly.

What duration of time is a contract with a hospital, one year? It is now April, meaning 50+ transcriptionists needed a year ago, means 50+ now fighting for work. ??

Yes, the hospital contracts out to the MTSO who is an IC...sm
and has to hire people to fullfill that contract. They have the option of hiring independent contractors with some sort of line quota in a period of time or hire employees who work a schedule enabling them to meet turnaround times more precisely but having to pay employment taxes and give benefits. A company can have of mix of these employees but there is definitely a difference by law. I myself prefer flexible part-time, but so far those jobs have been hard to find.
Actually, my local hospital offered me MUCH less than what I make at my MTSO
By 4 cpl.
When the hospital contracts an MTSO they are abiding by contract
and the hospital CAN ask that the work be done at certain times. That does not make the MTSO an employee now does it?

They CAN contract a person out to do work at certain times with certain turn around times, and that is NOT called an employee. It is called CONTRACTING someone out to do the job they need done when they need it done.

First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
maybe not over hiring, maybe no work being given to them from the client

Any RAD MTs work on Client Server
...always a backlog by the client. If it ever gets cleaned up, you have no work for that day. This
The client will not know how their work gets done. A contract is negotiated and
line rate agreed upon.  End of client involvement.  I have never seen a contract where the client specifies exactly how the work is to be done.  The client just wants the work done timely and accurately.  At that point, the MTSO can either hand the work over to MTs they are paying 8 to 10 cpl to transcribe or they can run the dictation through the VR server and have it transcribed and then edited for much less.  The client still pays the agreed upon rate, but the MTSO makes a much greater profit by cutting MTs pay by half and asking them to edit.
Old posts also say your pay is docked if client is unhappy with your work. No thanks. nm
They only offshore if the client wants it. Most accounts do not want their work offshored. NM
Sten-Tel is bringing all of their offshore work back in to USA. Per the client's wishes! nm
Such a lame excuse too - I'm so sure the CLIENT ASKED to have their work outsourced overseas!
They do think we're idiots, don't they?
Absolutely not! I work for the best MTSO. I am have been so blessed to work for the small company I

I will share this about the MTSO I work for.  I called her late last Wednesday night after Church and told her I was compelled to help out with Hurricaine Katrina in some way and an opportunity arose for a small group from my Church to go to Louisianna this coming week.  Would she be able to cover my work.  She told me no problem without any hesitation and even donated money for the trip. 

And I am sure there are plenty of good companies out there to work for.  To compare us to migrant workers is just not right.

The bid has nothing to do with consistancy of work. MTSO cannot control how cosistant work is.
Like I said - it depends who you work for. I work for a hospital at home - not a company. nm
As an IC I let the MTSO where I work
know when I can work on a day to day basis. I have no committment for # of lines or hours each week/pay period. If I can work, I let them know how much work I can take (they assign it). Sometimes I work 7 days straight, sometimes I take a week off, sometiesm I work every other day, just WHENEVER I want. If there is no work, then I don't work. This is, I believe, what a true IC job is.
If the pay is truly 7 or 7.5 cpl, as an MTSO it seems odd you would work for such. sm

It is quite noble for you to work outside your service so that others in your company can have work -- I applaud you for your selflessness and consideration to those depending on you -- but ultimately, all of us, no matter how much we care about others, we have to take care of ourselves.  Unless you live in some place that has an incredibly low cost of living, and I cannot imagine where that would even be anymore, I cannot think that such a low wage would provide enough for you. 

I guess a lot of us ARE angry -- why wouldn't we be?  Wages have gone down to a pittance.  Companies advertise they want the best MTs with scads of experience, then offer us a wage that even a newbie should turn down.   And perhaps we are all a bit cynical/hardened about the posts on here, because there HAVE been scams with management/leads double posting, misleading, etc.  In 1983, I made 10 cents per GROSS line ... now here we are.  I think mostly I am scared.  I am 50 years old ... where will I be 10 or even 5 years from now?  I read an article online where dumpster diving was becoming quite the vogue, but I shudder to think that is what is next.

As ICs at the hospital I used to work at ...
you got a contract for 2500 minutes monthly at $1.50 a minute. All minutes past 2500 in the month were $1.75.

Same here, no hospital work.....:(
Bills to pay and no work....
Hospital work
I do think spring breaks are playing a part in this. I work a few independent accounts and half of my docs are out this week. I also think the situation is made worse because of the services overhiring due to ridiculously promised turn around times. In the case of the account I work on for a service, the client expects and contracted for H&Ps guaranteed back in 2 hours, but on the other hand, no guarantee from them regarding the volume of business. A win-win situation for all but the MT.

hospital work
I was working for a group of hospitals managed by one company. Therefore, I had about 300 different doctors to transcribe for. Other than radiology, you never knew who would be coming up next. It really is just a matter of what you get used to.
Hospital work
I'm in Georgia - don't know if this is the Tri-State you are talking about, but would like to apply. Would you mind emailing me with info?

Hospital work - sm
Come on people - do your foot work and search. These positions are out there, you just need to search.

Cooper Hospital in NJ was looking for at home MTs for Radiology - don't know if that was filled.

Baptist Health in Texas hires @home MTs.

The one in GA has been filled.

The hospital I work for

I am not sure what it means for us yet.  I did work for an MTSO part-time for 6 months.  The hospital had better pay and a much better benefit package.  Another benefit is that I am familiar with the territory.  I don't have to google every nursing home, hospital, doctor's clinics, doctors name in the area as I am familair with them and their specialities.  I hope that makes sense. 

Hospitals can be unsteady.  I have worked for 2 different ones.  The first one was going to shut down but that didn't happen, then it was going to merge with another hospital, that did not happen but it gave us a great scare a few times.   The same thing with the one I am working at now.  It was going to merge with another hospital.  They opened a surgery center and that took away some of our work.   Now they wre saying they are going to go to VR.  It is not here yet but they are seriously talking about it. 

KS - Does anybody work of the hospital (sm)

that we have not been able to work in for several hours now due to their internet problem?  I'm new - how often does this happen?  Is this rare?  I sure hope so!


I work for the hospital... sm
And we have vendors. Because we are paid hourly, it's only fair that we are kept busy.

Anyone work for a small MTSO?
Compared to larger companies?
Why pay on time if MTs will work for an MTSO..
...withtout a fuss and deliver on time?  Of course, this is completely wrong and unethical but how some folks think.  Even if you made a fuss, they'd probably just get someone else who made less of a fuss.  They will pay on time when 1) they can't get any more qualified MTs to work for them (word gets out), and or 2) paying late starts affecting their bottom line (MTs hit them with late fees)  Just IMO...
Poll: Is your MTSO low on work (please name it).

Here are some observations


Helpful suggestions:


1.         Ensure there will be sufficient work available. If an MTSO does not enough work you will not make enough income.


2.         Ensure the MTSO offers IC/1099, IC/W2 and Employee/W2 wage options.


3.         Make sure you are trained and allowed to work on multiple accounts.


4.         Make sure your scheduling and shifts are properly established.


5.         During the interview and test period find out details about the platforms. Do not accept a position if you believe the platforms is

difficult avoid excepting the position.


6.         Production count should be simple AAMT 65 character lines including spaces and control characters. All other methods will

reduce your earnings.


Avoid the following:


1.         Experience of others may not apply to you. Negative posts on forums about any MTSO represents less than 5% MTSO staff. This means 95% of others are happily working. Make your own decision.


2.         Do not evaluate an MTSO if they off shore. As long as you have sufficient work off shoring should not matter to you.


3.         Do not go for MTSO who may offer bonus or benefits or other goodies if the work load is less than consistent, you will not earn enough.


Hope you find this post useful


Beware of any MTSO who gets their work from...sm
Superior Global.....Seems to be a trend with SG and smaller MTSOs....and putting a DISHONEST MTSO together with SG....that is just a hot mess!!!
Hospital Account Work
Go to mtdaily.com and check on their jobs page. There are numerous. Diskriter has issues; be careful. Of course, all places of employment have those, but some you have to be very careful with. It is great to work at home, and there are some great employers. If you don't need benefits, I'd suggest working as an independent contractor as you can set your own hours. However, if you need more discipline and the benefits, working for a national company might be great for you. Good luck.
regarding hospital employee work - sm
again, as posted previously, it really depends on what state you live in. What state do you live in??? There are quite a few hospitals that although they do not advertise, they do hire transcriptionists from around the state.

As for Diskriter, and any company for that matter, please do not believe everything you read on this board. It reads like the National Enquirer for Transcription. For every good thing a poster might say about a company, there will be five people (or who knows, maybe it's the same poster over and over again), saying bad things.

Just because one company is not a good fit for a few transcriptionists, does not mean that every Transcriptionist should run. Sometimes these are really bad transcriptionists that were let go, or maybe they are great transcriptionists that were dealt a lousy deal by the transcription service.
I work at home as IC for hospital...
Stay put.  After 10 years of working at home for this hospital with no raise, I decided to venture out and try other MTSOs.  Good thing I kept my hospital job.   I usually do 200-250 lines an hour with the hospital but other MTSOs I was down to 120-150.  Mostly it is the different dictators and I can't stand leaving blanks so I would listen over and over to try to get them.  Then the styles of what this one wants and what that one wants also differs tremendously.  Stay where you are and maybe talk to the hospital about possibly doing at least some days at home. 
I work for a small hospital...
which is going through some changes (selling out to another organization).  My question to you is what area are you in.  I have been trying to get an hourly rate for my area for a while now and can not get an answer.  I also get paid per minute, not production per se,  just a certain amount for every minute of dictation I do.  I do the basic four which also includes radiology and psychiatry.  A little over a third of my work is radiology.  Please e-mail me.
I work for a hospital and it happened to me.
after I had my baby.  I finally made my way back home.   They also tried to do it  to another pregnant woman and she quit. 
Yes they do on everyone, just hired, work for them, not hospital.(nm)
JLG did work for our local hospital when I was there.
They charged us $3.50 a line. I saw the contract. I was shocked. We paid ICs $1.50 a line. And the work was horrible. Everytime they uploaded reports, 2 of us spent most of the day correcting them. After about 6 months, we fired them.

I work for a hospital at home also. sm
Fortunately, our hospital has the team approach. I am an IC for the hospital and my workload is the same as if I was an in-house employee. I see the entire work queue just as they do and we work first in-first out and abide by TAT. Not all facilities treat you like a second-rate citizen. There are wonderful people and well run hospitals out there to work for at home. You just need to seek them out.

I work for a hospital out of Texas also and....
My work has been slow to non-existent since Thursday before the hurricane. I did about 6 jobs yesterday. I heard one of my dictators tell his nurse to cancel the rest of his patient's visit as his mind is not on seeing patients, as he had to find a well pump. I don't know how much longer I can be without work. I am hoping I get paid, as my transcription company is based in Texas too.
We get a differential at the hospital I work for
If half your hours or more are worked after 3 p.m., you get $1.50/h extra (we get paid hourly).  I work 10:30-7 (with half hour lunch) in order to get the differential.
That's your experience. The hospital I work for
has staff available 24/7. We have several major hospitals in the area that run 24/7 in most departments. Each area of the country is different. I have NEVER run out of work on the weekends and I transcribe everything from radiology, ops, to simple ER reports.
I work for a mid-sized MTSO and have 24-hr TAT, its great!

Just how do you think an MTSO will be able to calculate this into the work needing to be done?
Never would. BUT I am not an MTSO. I work as an employee for a company and I see everything sm
that I mentioned in my first post routinely. I don't mean to include all by no means, but don't try to make this out as a dream job. It has already been done and that is just one of of the reasons we are in the sad state we are in.
Transtech just may be sending some of our work to that other MTSO again, and maybe

that small MTSO that they sometimes use to help them out offshores and that is why we MT's at Transtech suddenly have an abundance of work this week -- asking for extra help this week -- quite a new thing with TT.  With the India cables being cut, putting those India MT's out of work, it makes me wonder if that service that TT sometimes uses to do our work maybe offshores.

Just thinking.  Keep those India cables DOWN/CUT !!!!!  We U.S. MT's need the work kept here in the U.S.

Outsourcing is a hospital sending work out to SM
be done by a service (for our purposes, this is a good definition), while OFFSHORING is when a hospital or service sends the work outside the U.S. (like to India, Pakistan, Phillippines, etc.) to be done.