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Sten-Tel is bringing all of their offshore work back in to USA. Per the client's wishes! nm

Posted By: Reality. on 2005-10-30
In Reply to: Ascend, almost all the Sten-Tel franchises, Spheris, Transdyne - nm


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They only offshore if the client wants it. Most accounts do not want their work offshored. NM
Be sure to tell them bringing US jobs back home
Some hospitals are actually bringing transcription back in house.
I have heard of more and more hospitals bringing transcription back in house and using independent contractors as well as in-house staff to get the job done. So far, it is working out well for most hospitals and, believe it or not, saving the hospital more money then sending it to a service.

Imagine that!!!

Hopefully, 90% of the health services and facilities will bring it back in house and soon!!!!
They do offshore, but only at the request of the client. nm
No, they can NOT go offshore if the client doesn't allow it!
How many times do I have to say it?

If the client/account requires that the work stay here in the US, then the work stays in the US.
what are you offering, you offshore, have no control over your client?
what are you offering, you offshore, have no control over your client? Duh?!
meant to add that.
Does Sten-Tel offshore? NM
Sten Tel DOES indeed offshore
Sten Tel offshores a lot of work.  This is how they are such a wealthy company!!!!  I wonder if their clients know??
I have experience and never heard back from them. They're a Sten-Tel branch. nm
Would never go back there...do a search (Outsource Offshore too) (nm)
 QA and managers more important than MTs...
Of course lets not forget all our little offshore MTs that they can fall back on if a lot of SEs
leave. They waited until they had all this in place before they dumped on us dont worry. Why do you think they hired a lot of new corporate people that work with overseas companies. Go figure.
maybe not over hiring, maybe no work being given to them from the client

Any RAD MTs work on Client Server
...always a backlog by the client. If it ever gets cleaned up, you have no work for that day. This
I work right for the client.......not the MTSO. I am an IC for a hospital. nm
The client will not know how their work gets done. A contract is negotiated and
line rate agreed upon.  End of client involvement.  I have never seen a contract where the client specifies exactly how the work is to be done.  The client just wants the work done timely and accurately.  At that point, the MTSO can either hand the work over to MTs they are paying 8 to 10 cpl to transcribe or they can run the dictation through the VR server and have it transcribed and then edited for much less.  The client still pays the agreed upon rate, but the MTSO makes a much greater profit by cutting MTs pay by half and asking them to edit.
Old posts also say your pay is docked if client is unhappy with your work. No thanks. nm
Such a lame excuse too - I'm so sure the CLIENT ASKED to have their work outsourced overseas!
They do think we're idiots, don't they?
Anyone work for Sten-Tel?
Would appreciate any info. 
I work for Sten-Tel
Unlike most MTSOs, everyone is very professional and kind. There is plenty of work. The pay is average and they only hire IC status. The platform is Word-based and very easy to use. I love working for them. The only thing I don't like is the fact that they mail paychecks. Other than this, it's great.
I work for Sten Tel in MA and have
A pay schedule was recently distributed to all MTs and QA people that is the same. We are paid every two weeks. What are you talking about?
I currently work for Sten Tel in
I also received an IC contract from another company that says the same thing. You are an IC. They don't guarantee you any work. If there is no work, no pay. This is standard for an IC. I QA for them and have had very little work since I started. No work, no pay.

As far as the 'no liability' portion, I must have overlooked that. Why would you speak to an attorney and then come here asking for opinions. What did your attorney tell you? Seems like you would listen to him/her.
I work for Sten-Tel
There pay rate sucks.

I am a new MT and I currently make 3.0 cents per line. After I receive my CMT after 5 years I can go up to 4.0 cents per line. This sucks.

Otherwise, they are a good company and they usually have plenty of work. However, try and negotiate a higher pay rate!!
anyone work for Sten-Tel
and not getting paid? Email me.
no work with sten-tel
I had the same experience with Sten-Tel. The bank was always empty. I told them I do their stuff prn and got another job. Haven't been back since. Now my job is going to whoever will do it cheaper than me, and I hate to think of going back to Sten-Tel. They're pay was like 9 cents for every 11 words and it sucked. I could flip burgers for more than that. Not to mention they was verbatum. Doc said, patient is no longer oranges. I typed, The patient is no longer eating oranges. They marked it wrong and told me to just type what is said. Remember, some foods can interact with drugs. I'd be real proud to be on staff with a coompany that puts out sentences like that!
Does anyone work for Sten-Tel in
Mass as an Editor or QA?  Can you give me any information regarding the position?  How is the work flow?  Is there plenty of work?  Do they pay on time?  Are they flexible?  TIA for all info.
Anyone here work for Sten-Tel? nm
I work for Sten-Tel
I have never had a problem with receiving my check on time. I have already received this month's paycheck. Maybe there is something up with your local post office...you know how they can be.
Anyone work for Sten-Tel?

Could not find any recent posts about Sten-Tel. Before I accept the job offer I would like to hear from anyone who might be working for this company. Thanks for any information!

Anybody work for Sten-Tel and actually got off of QA?
I have worked with them before and quit because of the QA.  Well I just recently started back about 2 months ago b/c I was desperate and hoping maybe they would be different but it is the same old crap.  Their QA is ridiculous.  They will keep you and keep you on QA forever.  I guess I need to start looking for a different company.  Has anyone worked with them and actually got approved and taken off of QA?  If so, how long did it take you?  The other company I work for had me off QA in 2 days...so I know that it is not my work quality that is keeping me on QA.
Anyone else at Sten-Tel having problems getting more work?

I've sent in several requests for more work, and I just am not getting the lines I need.  I love the company but I have bills to pay.  Problem is, I'm a newbie (less than 2 years, anyhow).  So I was just wondering if anyone else is running into this, or if you have advice on how to get around it?



LOL!!! Of course they did. OSi wishes they could hire 2 MTs
Too funny!
Thanks for your good wishes and....sm
All the best of luck to you in your future....you'll do GREAT.....the dynamics of your posting(s) tells me that....*grin*      
Sincere best wishes to you ...

Hi SC.  First of all, let me say good luck to you in your quest for a raise at your present job.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. 

My personal experience is that in the 20 or so years that I've been in this industry I've never received a raise from the MT service at which I was employed at the time that I asked for the raise.  Either they hemmed and hawed or just ignored my request altogether.  (Let me specifically state that my work experience has been comprised of both MTSO's and nationals.)  My solution, unfortunately, has always been that when I got to the point that I felt my increased skill and experience along with the cost-of-living merited it, I moved on to the next service.  The new service/national would always offer me a significantly higher line rate.  Ironically, I've been with my present employer for about 2-1/2 years of so.  I emailed my supe about the possibility of a raise about a year ago ... and never received a response ...

Hopefully others will be able to present a more positive experience in this area.

My sincere well wishes

for all of you.  May all of you have the best of fortune and not lose your jobs to some foreign country, have abundant work and may there be a chicken in every pot.   After all, this IS America.  United we stand, divided we fall.

The kind that wishes they could do unto others
Deal with it.
I was reading about the back up help. I would like also to have some back up work.
I am not getting anywhere near 12,000 lines this go around.  My goal is 12,000 lines each pay period.
Sten-Tel...any QAs here work there? If so, how is it? I'd be happy to hear from ya:D nm
My prayers and best wishes to Heartland's sm
US MTs who have been laid off. If it were me, I'd be tempted to drop a line to Gov. Howard Dean who is the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Howard Dean is also a physician, an internist, who I'm sure would be very interested in hearing from some MTs about this situation. I'd also contact one of the nighttime news magazine shows, Dateline, etc.

I wish you all the very best.
Thanks! We all appreciate the warm wishes from most of our fellow MTs. sm
I'm not sure, but I think Mary may have emailed Dateline. I hope so! I will definitely be contacting them for an inside investigation. It would be interesting to see how things are going over in India.
they say be careful for what one wishes for or jokes

that states that China will be taking over the USA in 2039....hopefully, by that time, I'll be dead!  *LOL* but not really laughing.

And this might not mean much, but I note that the fortune cookies given out by Chinese restaurants in the SE USA now are educating us all to their alphabet and numbers; in other words, their language! 

Just bringing up from below

Many years ago, when I worked in house for a local clinic, we had a Transcriptionist who had just graduated from a medical transcription course (I believe it was through the local community college since this was back in the early 1990s), and everytime this gal came across something she didn't know, she would ask the other transcriptionist or I how to spell it.  I truly think sometimes one of the BIGGEST problems is the fact that nowadays, people are not taught the proper way to spell or even how to research for that matter; for example not realizing that a spelling with an f sound could be spelled with a ph or Pf et cetra.

One classic example was a few years ago, and I was doing QA for a company and this company hired a friend of mine an older lady, who had decided to go into medical transcription and had completed a course.  Well, the company hired her on my recommendation and she called me one day, very upset and saying that she had received another email from a QA person, whom she felt was picking on her.  I asked her what the error was about and she stated that it was over the word chem as in chem-7 (which as an aside, I have NEVER abbreviated; always spelled it out as chemistry-7)  -- well anyway, my friend had typed it as Kem-7, so while I was on the phone with her I made her do a search, and what she came upon with the first hit was some rock band in a foreign country!!!!  This, is what I and older, more experienced transcriptionists get angry about is the fact that many people if they use the internet to do a search will use the first thing that comes to mind, rather than tryng to spell it several different ways to see if it fits in the PROPER context.  Sorry for this being too long.

Sten-Tel runs out of work constantly and bad communication there. nm
BRAVO!!! I send you my very best wishes for success! (nm)
Wow .. it's great to hear from you! Thanks for the good wishes. sm

The thing with eTransPlus was not a good fit for me either.  I think it is probably a good company, it just didn't work for me as my start date kept getting pushed back, I was running out of work, there were program glitches, etc.  Sometimes some things are just not meant to be.  I hope you get on with Keystrokes again.  I know it sounds kind of gushy, but I have found them to be truly wonderful people.  I don't need someone to constantly sing my praises or anything -- decent pay and plenty of work is enough -- but it is kind of nice to hear thank you every now and then, and know that if you have a problem arise, someone will listen and try to help you. 

Again, thanks for posting -- great to hear from you!  Good luck! 

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. DONE! sm

I am writing to request that you support the above bill. I am a medical Transcriptionist in Wyoming. I make an above-average income, which I spend in my community, but my job is at risk because so much of this work is being outsourced, particularly to India. More importantly, the health and privacy of the American public is being put at risk by this practice. First, Indian transcriptionists do their job poorly and inefficiently. The gross errors jeopardize health care. Every error has the potential to injure or poison an American citizen, including many young children for whom accurate diagnoses and medication administration can be a life and death issue. To add insult to injury, Indian transcriptionists are NOT required to honor HIPAA. Once a physician's dictation leaves this country, it is no longer private.

I am a very hard working medical transcriptionist and I am still able to earn a decent living in this industry, but it is certainly not what it used to be. I am paid 9 cents for every 65 Keystrokes I type, whereas an Indian is paid 2 to 3 cents for the same work. This undercutting has hurt this industry and every woman (95% of us are female), many of whom are trying to support families on their own, has been dragged to the poverty line because our wages have not grown with the cost of living. I make 9 cents today and I made 9 cents in 1996, the year my career began.

Please protect the healthcare and privacy of Americans, and help to protect yet another industry from moving to overseas. Support and sign S.810/H.R. 1653.

Bringing to the top - wouldn't any of us in D's

I worked for MDI.  I loved MDI.  I have always known D to be someone of yes, integrity.  I don't believe her integrity flew out the window.  There is surely a lot we don't know.  And of course, D would not have been at liberty to discuss the coming merger before it happened.

D is a businesswoman.  The purpose of a business is to generate income.  She ran her company with honesty and integrity.  I can't say I wasn't suprised, shocked even, at what has happened.  But I have known D since the early 90s and I know she is a good person and truly cares about people.  I don't know how to reconcile that with what has happened other than to think there is more to the story than we know and that it is the decision that D needed to make at this time for whatever reason, whether it be to ensure a secure retirement, whether it was because she was no longer able to compete with offshoring and VR (I think this may be part of it because she had told me at one time they were having to cut line rates to compete with VR and offshoring) or whether she was just tired and ready to not be the one at the helm any longer.  Maybe it's her health, or her husband's health.  We just don't know. 


This whole thing does make me afraid for the future of medical transcription, because another thought I had was that D saw the writing on the wall and knew it was either make the leap now and profit from all her years of hard work, or end up losing it all when transcription becomes obsolete for the most part, or at least for those who don't use VR or offshoring.

Whatever the reasons, I choose to believe that D is still the person of integrity I have always known her to be.  I just choose to accept that there must be more to the story than I know.

I wish the best to D and to all MDIers.  I feel like an era has come to a close and it will never be the same again.  But I feel lucky to have been a part of Signal and MDI and to have known D.

I feel like we are on the Titanic and we just saw D either jump to safety or jump into shark-infested waters, we don't know which, and we don't know whether we should jump or cling to the boat - because MDI was the last lifeboat and now it's gone.

Bringing up thread on Precyse sm

I just got off the phone with someone from Precyse and they have terrible communication and no flexibility.  She kept IMing another lady to ask questions.  Had to check with another person to see if I could do Monday through Friday.  Made it sound like she would really have to do some fancy talking to get that.  I had put in my info that I wanted to work from 6 am to 12 pm and she just read that as she was talking to me and said there was no way.  Told her that I am capable of doing full time line requirement in those hours and she said there had to be the hourly coverage there.

I was just not impressed at all.  She really did not seem like she knew what was going on, could have been a little more prepared for an interview.  I just wasted 10 minutes of my time! 

bringing MTSO question below

Sugestion - when MTs complain their account is too hard. Instead of giving them something easier and pushing hard work on more experience Mts, assign the complainer exclusively to hard account until they are competent. Only way to be fair to distribute. Everyplace I work the complainers get the easy accounts.


Bringing up my question on ProScript below
Didn't get any answers, so don't know if that's good or bad, maybe they're just a pretty small company and don't have many people working?  Anyone know anything about them recently?  Trying to update my notes for companies that may be interesting to check on.  Thanks!