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IMO, they'll keep a handful of good MTs and offer...

Posted By: mj on 2007-04-04
In Reply to: It's official - DRC is no more, now it's AcusisUS. nm - Will any of us still be left by summer?

them Editor positions to simply clean up the garbage that will come from their probably 90%+ Indian MT force. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Plain and simple, these companies are out for $$.
I'll get slammed for this, but I say all U.S. MT's should quit, leave them high and dry, and see how many of their clients dump them. If everyone could stand by their pride and do this, these outsourcing companies would flop. I do understand that there are those who have bills to pay (don't we all), but there are plently of companies out there who do not outsource. U.S. MTs need to accept the fact that in some situations where their company is outsourcing oversease, they are simply being used. Sad, but true. This is only my opinion.

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Probably figure you'll want Way more than they'll offer, whatever it might be. :) nm
Sounds like a good offer.
If it is high hourly with good benefits, but don't know the company.  Don't know of anywhere else offering such a good thing. Might be worth a try. Good luck!
Can someone offer anything good to say about EDIX side
of Spheris.  I really need this job, but I have heard some not so good things about EDIX side of Spheris.  Also, there are no recent posts regarding EDIX, so can someone offer up their good experience with them.  The last I read, they do not pay for spaces and dock for errors.  I am not looking for a fight on this board.  I just want someone's elses opininion on EDIX side of Spheris.  I really appreciate this and I thank you and god bless.
Wow, nothing but good so far on this company. Gues if they offer me anything I will take it!
They sound like an amazing company to work for, especially the totally flexible schedule, which I would need, and the fact that they do not outsource. I sent them an e-mail asking them some questions, but I think I will go ahead and send them my resume as well. Thanks so much for all the info! It has really helped! One more question....do they offer direct deposit?
Does anyone know of any good companies that offer IC status and little ASR?
I'm working for MQ right now as flexible part-time but thinking I want to go back to IC status.  I just have this feeling that things aren't going to be as flexible as they used to be.  That and I'm sick of all the ASR and getting paid crap!  Most of my work is ASR, I'm getting way more lines, but my paycheck is smaller!?!?!  Need flexibility and a decent paycheck!  Any input would be great from anybody!  I've worked only for MQ for 8 years and wondering if there would be anything better out there!
reCan someone offer anything good to say about EDIX side
There is not an EDIX side. It is one company Spheris.
Are there any GOOD companies that offer IC status (and no weekends?) ??

I would really like to work a Monday through Friday job.  Plus, I prefer IC status.   Probably an impossible combo...



Great company with good rate offer
nice people in the management too.
That's a pretty good offer. Does the line rate go up for over 175 lph? sm
Will you have VR thrown in there also?
I'll tell you how good it is when you tell me..
where it is so I can apply too!! Heck yeah that's great for rads...even if they didn't count spaces!
Good. Maybe they'll implode..
That's strange. When I received an offer, I thought it was competitive and the benefits were good
especially medical insurance benefits for family. Maybe I did not look at them very close. Could you elaborate on what you were offered? I really thought they were decent pay and benefits.
haha, good luck, you'll need it!
GOOD MOVE!!! You'll love it!!
Keep in touch when you get on board!!

:) tf
You'll get over the good feelings. I've been here over a year now. (sm)
And if you had seen the subtle changes they have been making, you may agree they are moving in the direction of becoming the new MQ (pre sale to India).
Good luck to you in your new posiiton -- I'm sure you'll love MDI. :-) nm

If you'll read through past posts you'll find lots of
recent info.  Why do you need menitoring if you already work as an MT.  Unless you do clinic work most companies will require you to work at least one weekend day, at least initially. 
If you'll read the archives you'll find out everything
you want to know, none of it good.
No news is good news! If there's a problem, they'll
If you'll read more carefully you'll see
I was referring to AFTER she's missed out on a job, having a friend do sort of an audit to tell her what what was wrong with her test she submitted -- not cheating.
The best co. ever! Good work, good people, good pay, good bennies.
Well at least you got an offer. How many
years of experience do you have?
21 years, and most of that in radiology in-house. With a national for 5 years. How the time flies!
They offer more than just PTO (sm)

First of all, I have worked on VA as a primary before, and one should easily be able to get 1200 lines in an 8-hour period.  I've gotten 1500-1700 a day working VA if I work steadily for 8 hours.  We do get paid time off and that amount has just been increased (10 days per year the first year).  We get holiday pay (6 days) as well as celebratory day (4 days) pay, an extra amount per line for every line that we do on those days.  There are also incentives offered all the time.  I just started a 401K and OSi matches 100% of my contribution (up to 4% a pay period, fully vested), which is very generous. We also get a raise every year on our anniversary date. Sure...maybe that amount could be a little more...but some places you can go for years and get nada.

The months of October and November, we're getting a bonus just for meeting our minimal lines for the month, and if we exceed those, the bonus is even higher.

It seems there are people out there, specifically on the QA of things, who aren't happy with how things went for them.  I don't know anything about that, but I do know that I am very happy with OSi and you get more than a little paid time off for you 12,000 lines a pay period.

I am considering a job offer from FN (sm)
I was wondering if they take social security taxes out? Also, approximately what percentage of your income do you put aside for taxes? I want to make sure I do everything right!

Why??? I'm considering an offer from them. nm
What was the offer?
If that is confidential information, could you please e-mail me?


job offer
I said I would pay high rate of pay. I don't think they believed me. I don't need to hire people very often but this account has switched to electronic records and now one particular doctor who is an outside contractor who is paid to dictate for other doctors has swamped me with work. We always billed gross lines until last month. This was a real hit for all of us. I had no idea the profession had gone so downhill. I don't hire often and don't participate in the MT local meetings. I never had an interest since I have been so secure with this account since 1978. I thought I would get lots of replies - but did not. Thanks anyway. I will post the ad again. I have a backlog of almost 500 reports right now.
How much cpl did they offer you? nm
I have a job offer but .......
I have been offered a job, but I am a little scared at taking at 7 cpl being IC. How long have you been with Allegiant?
Got an offer the next day
I only emailed them my resume and did not even have to test. I got a call from them the very next day with an offer.
Just got a job offer from them
They do pharmaceutical presentation dictations and such. Only need folks once in a while on a p.r.n. basis, part-time. That's all I know.
And they only offer...
7 to 10 cents per 65 character line, wants a quick turnaround, and 15-30 minutes at the end of the presentation is multiple Q&A session. Not worth what he's offering, for the time it takes to do these types of transcription.
Does DSG offer QA for MTs or QA for VR?
What is DSG's QA like? Are there alot of ESLs?
They know what we have to offer . . .
They know all about us, our stats, what we do, how we do it and generally what we have to offer. It's why they bought us out. It is us that have no idea what they have to offer.

Still waiting for answers to the questions we asked a week ago . . .

TRS has a lot to offer.
Good morning saw your post and just wanted to make a comment.  The problem with archives is information could be old.  We have a great management team.  We have great accounts.  We have great opportunities. So if you are interested I would certainly love to talk with you about TRS.  Yes, we have training classes.  No, we do not off-shore our work.  We have a great reputation for doing things right.  Have a wonderful day!
No, but I got a job offer also
Job offer
I have been offered an IC position with them. Pay is $0.09 per line.
TT offer
I'm still too new to comment on the yearly raises/bonuses since I've only been there a few weeks. They do offer many production incentives, though (one of the main reasons I chose TT over KS).

I understand the new line counting software will begin rolling out in mid-July on an account-by-account basis. It depends what account you will be working on as to when you will be set up. I'm sure whoever gets it first will let the rest of us know how it works and if they like it.

I understand that it will have no delays and also give information broken down by report. I think it also will give you line count data per hour, day, week, and other variables. I think it's a great move, and it will help me monitor my hourly line counts, as I'm always trying to speed things up! lol.

Good luck on your decision! I know it's alway tough trying to find the right fit. You hear good and bad about every single company. I honestly don't think any one company is the best. There are many good companies out there. It all depends on what you feel you need to be successful and whether or not that company can fulfull your needs.

Feel free to email me privately.

If you don't take the first offer they get for you SM
(and it's likely it will be with a company who advertises all of the time everywhere) at the rate offered (8 and maybe 9 cpl, never more), you will never hear from them again.  They really just dole out offers from companies you can find yourself and never at a higher rate than usual.
DSG and DTS used to offer this. Don't know about now. nm
I don't think there is ANYTHING they could offer me except.....sm
a full corporate/company restructuring...I also received 2 callbacks in the last 2 weeks, and though the pay offered is high, so is the stress, miscommunication, disarray, frustration, lousy work pools, etc. Until all of that is straightened out and the company realizes that they will only get/keep really good MTs when they not only dangle golden carrots under their noses, but respond to their needs, treat them as REAL people, value them by their attitudes and by hiring QA, PS, and tech people that are knowledgeable, helpful, and are there for the MT.....well, that is when I would consider them again, if ever. High cpl is great, but feeling good about your company and your work, not dreading the day ahead, feeling relaxed and happy, respecting and KNOWING your bosses and supervisors...that is PRICELESS, as the commercial says. Best of luck to all who are new hires, or re-hires, hope everything is better at the Q.
Did you ask for it? Or did they just offer?
I got an offer too

I just got an offer from them today also!  I'm going to look into them a little more before I jump in, but I have to say that 3 years ago was a long time ago....a lot COULD have changed.  Also, I'm not prejudice so an Indian run company doesn't scare me.  As long as I have work to do (unlike MQ) and I get my paycheck on time I'm happy. 

Once offer QA, I get 7.5 CPL

I think I will keep looking.

All I can offer you is that on 6/2/08 (sm)
I submitted my resume to <******@tts-mt.com> and still have not received as much as a confirmation of receipt. Please email me if you want her name.
I got an offer but...
It was purely insulting. 6 cpl for up to 6000 lines and then slim until about 14000 when you would make 9 cpl. I can find places now with 8.5 or 9 cpl from line 1. Tiers don't work and this tier was truly insulting. I really couldn't believe it. I took a position somewhere else with some much better pay, but I really wanted to email them and tell them it insulted my knowledge and skill to be offered a bad tier like that.. maybe fresh out of school, but egads!
new job offer?
what would you do???  Any advice welcomed.   You get offered a job and told this company a week ago you accept but come Friday they don't have your logins and no real welcome from the Lead Transcriptionist either.  A week to get logins is plenty.   I am kinda scared to go with them on Monday as time is money.... That one is an IC company at 9 cpl.  Don't want to sit around and get set up but not work.  The second place offered me a job at 6.5 per line, they at least will provide the system (computer and wavepedal) and assign you to a trainer for the first few days.   What would you do??
Offer from MDI MD see msg

Is there a steady workflow, or do you run out here and there?  Thanks for any input.


When I talked with WebMedx about PT work, I was told I would have to do 2900 lines in 20 hours.  Pray tell what newbie can do that when you rarely transcribe the same doctor twice!!!