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People who underbid to the point of extinction are - nm

Posted By: slitting their own throats. on 2007-04-05
In Reply to: Soulmates....I think if people spent more energy - not a DRC'er


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Once again, you people are making my point...
Former SS Employee- I would think that if were smart enough to actually have worked for that fine company at one time, you would be able to 1) decipher a joke when you hear one, and Letterman made plenty of BTK jokes in his lifetime, and 2) you would even BELIEVE that poster was, in fact, an SS employee. Why? Is it because you WANT to? Ok, I work for Medquist. I think the BTK was brilliant for remaining uncaught for twenty years. There, as a result of that post, alll Medquist employees suck and are sick and deranged. Please- get a life!!!
Mute point, I guess, but is that what people
Even MT management feels that each and every one of us are low-down scoundrels who steal an hourly wage while surfing the net?  That's a shame!  I worked hourly for 17 years and was never treated in the way this manager above comes across.  I was told great work and went above and beyond even for that hourly rate, which was not much, but I had benefits.  There was no line requirement, but there was TRUST! 
Well, yes. But my point is the OP said wanted people to post

positive experiences with Focus.  I've seen other posts like this where a person will ask about a specific MTSO and say something like just good things or no negative posts please.

It just strikes me as looking at the world through rose colored glasses.  How can you make an informed decision if you only consider one side of an argument?  It's just silly.  Why bother to ask any questions at all?  Just take the job and be done with it.  People take time to answer questions honestly here and try to help out fellow MTs so they don't make the same mistakes we've made and what thanks do we get? 

Pollyannas like the OP who just wants to hear the good. 

You missed the point. She has people that do the hiring because she is busy with her own
responsibilities. There are just people that feel they need to talk to Lee or no one, and those people find that they do not get things done as they should because they did not go through the right people.

If you knew Lee, you would know how wrong you are. I have never worked for someone as respectful or caring of others and I have worked for a lot of people in and out of transcription. This is the ONLY company where I have ever felt that I was treated as a person. How horrible of you to judge someone that you do not know.
My point was some people are happy there and are not "brown nosers"
It's sad that you left and you still have so much hostility. I wonder why? Some people are not satisfied anywhere they go, and never will be.
Doesn't seem a valid point to me. Most people can make 250 lph sm

so why not do it making 8-9 cpl (or more) and make $24-27 per hour?  I don't think $15/hour is much nowadays, but that is just my opinion.  I made that 10 years ago in an office setting -- hate to think of going backwards, although I do reailze that is the trend in transcription nowadays, sad to say.

I just hope he/she (and everyone) finds something that pays more than that, especially for IC work. 

Agree to point, but people need samples and also ability
I do over 10K a pay period. The point is this only hurts the faster people.
And that's not you. I came here from MQ and these folks are moving in that same direction. You have a lovely Easter too.
Excellent point, and point in case
look at the charlatan christian in the
Whitehouse who uses religion to push his agenda...

Christian IS as Christian DOES...
I understand your point, my point is why can't MTs and QA work together..
being QA doesn't mean you are above everyone else, you are just an extra set of ears...and why do so many MTs take offense to QA??? That is my point...you made have had bad experiences in the past with QA but not all QA are bad...
Actually, I can see your point AND the opposing point
People at TT have been paid! People who haven't well, maybe you did not make count and your check
after insurance deduction. Maybe your bank is holding it. Maybe anything! But we GOT PAID. This is NO LIE. And I am sick of this board. Nothing but disgruntled exemployees arguing with employees who like their job. Ugggg. I am working. BTW: THERE IS WORK (clears throat) remember that? Work?
Keystrokes is wonderful!! They are the nicest people and care 150% about their people!!
Excellent company!!!!
I worked for SS and some people were very RUDE and I am talking about the editing people in some
instances.  It ALL depends on the person, as it does with any company.  They paid on time and the lady over me was very nice, but boy the person in QA was mean to EVERYONE!!  Never seen anything like it before.
Are people trying to scare people or just tell them what is happening. I am not scared just seeing
that things are changing very rapidly and not for the better for me. If I have no work and need multiple accounts everyone else is in the same boat now arent they that have my accounts. That is how people know what is going on.
Maybe due to the people that manage Amherst. I think MQ would be a lot better off finding new people
up there with all the problems you hear about that office. Seems like something is very very wrong there.
I doubt it. There are more happy people than unhappy people sm
at Medquist. I've checked out other companies but I liked MQ the best (I kept working at MQ while testing other companies).
SO right! People who get paid to bring people on-board -sm
to these companies (few, if any, are 100% honest, it seems), are going to be honest and tell you anything that isn't rosy and sugar-coated. Having a good prospective MT walk because the company isn't so great means less green dollars in their bank account every month. They're not going to tell us anything that DOESN'T make them more money.
More people will come into VR because the qualifcations to do MT are not the same. Lots of people w
to work at home. It's all relative to what you are used to. The nationals are counting on this. I think MTs will work cheaper rather than reenter the work force with no other skills than MT. The nationals are counting on this.
They named people's names. That is not right. People just sm

need to keep from naming names.  I thought it was an informative bit of information, but when you name names, then posts are way out of line. 

I would really like to see a truly professional way of talking about a company.  I don't care what board you go to, somehow people just do not want to play nice when it comes to talking about people.  If those people could learn to be a little more professional and stop posting names to their wrath or anger, then that will be the day I can say I am proud to be in this profession.  When I see those types of things, it makes my skin crawl.  If it were me being talked about, I would be livid.  I certainly understand why the posts were deleted. 

Thank you for saying that. Most people here just love to trash people.
It is against board rules though.
Heartland - we take care of our people people
I meant in quotation marks, not parentheses.
For people at MDI-MD that say they are out of work, I see they are hiring now. Are people still
running out of work or did they get more accounts.  I am interested in this company.
Honestly, people some people are lazy...
plain and simple, sad but true.
Dont kid yourself that people dont know what is going on. Do you honestly think these office people
dont talk. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.
Who said people who work for KS aren't happy for people who work for (sm)
other companies?  I'm happy for people who are happy with their jobs, no matter what company they work for. 
I do see your point. sm
I just don't know how bringing up old news affects the here and now. The article did say that Linda only referred to this time period as the "black hole."

From what I can tell from the article, a lot of court, attorney and ESI quotes were quoted, but no real fresh news, i.e., something present. If this article was never published, I would have never known.

I also understand and recognize your personal feelings. How do you think that this is going to impact you and/or the MT community? It could go both ways of gaining clients or very wary practice managers.
My point exactly, and....

Respectfully, if this story had not been published, you would not have known.  You would have not been fully informed of the business history of fraud.  What if, for example, instead of selling your business to her, you entered a partnership with her ??  And then found out this history in the newspaper?  If it were me, I know I would feel pretty ticked off and deceived.   That negative association could possibly last a business lifetime for you. 

Execuscribe (Linda) had awards locally, and has been in several news clippings and featured in Inc. magazine.  She is definitely in the public eye.  She has to take the praise along with the truthful reporting of fraud in her business.  She owns both.  Would you vote for a political candidate with this history???  Would you want your son/daughter to marry somebody with this history??

Her clients may jump ship -- I know of 2 MTSOs locally who have already received inquiries to change providers.  They may change, they may not.  Are they wary?  YOU BETCHA!  But, why is that?  Not for anything they have done, but because they may be lumped into the "Execuscribe" category simply by association of being MT.  Don't ya think that's a bit unfair?  From what I've been told about questions asked to these MTSOs, they have to go in with their defenses lined up about how they DON'T do business, before they can even present how they DO business. 

There was no "slant" to RBJ reporting.  Simply the facts taken from court records.  It's fresh news if it has not been disclosed previously.   I, for one, will be watching them closely. 

you do have a point! nm

That's my point
The "not saying more" poster said "Don't believe everything you hear about Transcend. The GOOD MTs like this company" and made it sound like if you didn't like Transcend, you weren't a GOOD transcriptionist. Those that left were there for years.  They must have been doing something GOOD with the strict QA to last there for years.  If they were that bad, why would Transcend expect them to sign a waiver not to sue when they leave? Transcend could always say that the MTs sucked, they were unreliable, their QA was terrible, etc.  Instead they want to clear themselves from future lawsuits.  That alone says a mouthful.  So "not saying more" is just plain wrong in assuming that it's the MTs at fault.
You have a point.
That would be the only drawback for me was the pay. I make 9 cpl now and at Amphion I would probably only make 7.5 to 8 cpl maybe. But I love the fact that I wouldn't have to work, weekends, evenings or holidays and I can spend that time with my family. I also am trying to consider the fact that if I get a good tax return this year I will pay my SUV off and that would save $300 a month. My baby is due any day now. The hospital I am working at has me working Labor Day (if I am not in labor), and Christmas. I worked Christmas last year and that was bad enough but this year will be my baby's first Christmas and mommy will be pounding away at the computer while dh, MIL and my other dd have the big family gathering.

OK I am not bitter.....lol. Probably just PG hormones.

I also see the point, however, sm
I meant no harm, just trying to offer help and/or encouragement to the original poster.  Most probably I could have done with just saying QA lest someone be offended.  I expect anyone who has ever been in the position of having that type of QA person would call that type of person the same, or worse, than I did.  Matter-of-fact, in real life I swore viciously at my monitor over that type QA person and called her everything but a good milk cow.  'Course no one saw or heard me and my email to the super was quite professional and simply referred to her by name. LOL
My point, exactly. Thanks. nm
Yes I am, to the point I am looking for another job. nm
This is my point
MTSOs have to be willing to walk away. Yes, the facility can find someone to do it cheaper and more than likely, the quality will reflect this. A company I used to work for had a large hospital account with all overseas MTs on it. I did QA for this account. The MTSO was dumb enough to release several of these MTs from QA which allowed them to upload directly to the hospital. I'm laughing as I type this. Two weeks later, the hospital had bailed. Account gone...POOF!

I can only imagine what those reports looked like that the offshore MTs were uploading. QA is like life support for the offshore MTs. They will always need it 24/7. What company in their right mind would allow these people who understand nothing about the english language and proper grammar - to come off of QA? Unbelievable!
and your point is?

That's not the point...sm
Word Expanders have NOTHING to do with being paid for spaces.
That was my point :)
Yes they do... but I think the point is that it is not always right.
And your point is.....
LOL.... Having postings proves nothing. And you cannot follow directions obviously.
the point is . .
I've been in this field almost 25 yrs. and even back when things were so much better, there were the catty, whiny people who chose to be unhappy no matter what. At least here we don't have to click on their posts, now do we? I hope as I get older, I won't have one of those permanent frowns I see people like that acquire. Such unpleasantness is such a turnoff. This is the first time I've come to this site in 3 mos. because I got so fed up with the petty nastiness. Sorry to see nothing's changed. :0)
And your point is what? I said
it had been at least that long, so if you are correct that there has only been 1 male supervisor, guess that's who we're talking about. 
Exactly my point...
As long as this is the way we look at things, it is the way it will be. Once again, you have a couple of people who have had a bad experience, therefore ALL employers are bad.

With this kind of attitude, it's no wonder that many employers think of MTs as a group of whiners. We make that bed for ourselves.
Just want to point out...
This is NOT about ethniticity or race or anything like that. I was a marketing executive before I opted to do this and stay home with my daughter and worked with many, many foreign countries and people. The work is just as good and some cases better. HOWEVER, this whole situation is not good for anyone involved us as US-based transcription and the transcriptionists in India. They aren't being paid fairly and the AAMT has made things sound quite a bit better to them than it ever will be as many of us know from experience. As far as the horror being turned out by US MTs, in your particular situation or not, there are, in every profession, the bad apples. While unfortunate, I know that most of us care about our work quality and strive every day to put in 100% to make sure each and every sentence, word, note, dosage and spelling are perfect and correct. I have also found that those companies that treat there transcriptionists as people and with a lot of respect and awesome, noninsulting QA tend to be those high-rated professionals who are confident, hardworking and 110% more dedicated, in my particular situation.
At what point
did we resign ourselves to just being paid on time being enough from a company?  There are good companies out there that pay on time but are fair and honest.  Focus just ain't one of 'em.  If anyone has worked for Focus full-time for any length of time and still think they are a good company, I got some ocean front property in Arizona and a couple bridges for sale. 
Can't do that at this point. SM
I'm still in the honeymoon phase and wouldn't feel comfortable singing the praises of another company until I have at least given them 90 days.
Point well taken - but here's what I did
Due to being very poor working as an MT (LOL) I have had to stop buying the better grades for a time. As soon as I heard the recall, that was the day I started making my dogs food (anyone with recipes for cats?)

My reseach - and the dogs reaction!! shows the following to be safe and nutrious. Don't know if it contains everything needed in the right quantities, but you can Google recipes for dogs and choose/design your own... I baked bunch of baking potatoes till very done. Roughly chop in bowl. Add broccoli, carrots, some cheese, and your choice of meat (doesn't have to be a lot). They (3 large dogs) STAND AT THE GATE waiting to be fed and NEVER leave anything in their bowl.

Moral of the story? We don't have to make FOR PROFIT corporations richer at the expense of our beloved animals. It literally takes just a few minutes to make their food - and I don't freak out that I am unintentionally poisoning them.

This is the whole point of MT...
All of the below goes with the job. Where they mess up grammatically or terminology wise, we are educated to be the one to catch it. They are educated to be the ones to save lives and are owed that due respect. Be thankful we have these physicians for our families and children regardless of their annoyances and that you have a good job instead of complaining about it. Complaining = foolishness
On-point mts?
Anyone know anything about this company?
I don't know anything about them, I asked the same last week and no one replied.  I received an e-mail from them last week.  She sent me four op notes to transcribe.  I told her I didn't have experience with op  notes.   She sent me an e-mail back and said she had a clinic account also and it looked like I had enough experience and didn't need to test and if I was interested to let her know.  I e-mailed back and asked about turn around time, cpl and I never heard back from her again. 
It could be a totally different person, for all I know, but the QA/trainer for Alphamed last year had the same first name as this one for On-point.  As I recall, she was very disorganized.  She sent me corrected reports that were transcribed by someone else.  She forgot that I had answered questions and would ask the same question over and over.  Again, it could be a totally different person, but how many people are there with that first name?  Also, that position was as a subcontractor for a subcontractor, which of course means that you get less cents per line than if you worked for the main company directly.  So, if you think about it, ask her where the work comes from and if she is contracting with another national company.