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Me, too! And to think I joined DRC in order to get away - nm

Posted By: from all the big-corporation CR@P! :( on 2007-04-05
In Reply to: Goodbye to DRC - my2cents


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Me too..joined the many who have
I already joined and wrote him! sm
I pray that they will get theirs in the end. Justice will prevail!
Sure hope so, since I joined not too long ago and - nm
I just joined them, FABULOUS place sm
While I have had no feedback today, I am not terribly concerned. They were well pleased with the first batch of work I had yesterday so I worked all day, my first full day. When I shot off an email question BAM it was back at me in under 3 minutes! I AM IMPRESSED. Oh, I made the minimum number of lines expected of me after 90 days and I spent a LOT of time messing with the system, looking stuff up in there and making it work for me, about 2 hours of my day AND I got a great line count.

As for not getting back to someone who wants to work for them: I pasted a resume into an email off the ad that was here on MTS. Debbie called me the very next day and told me to call her the next day by 9 a.m. or she would be calling me then. I did call her, she hired me and I didn't think she would take no for an answer...so I said YES.

I love love love ExText, I didn't think I would, but I DO I DO. The QA people are so nice and so anxious help. I am a seasoned old vet at this game, but they treat me like a newbie with feelings and struggles.

I just joined Amphion. It's only part-time for now, but
I did this to save my sanity and to make a little extra money. It seems to have the best press. If they are as good as they seem to be, I'll be thrilled to join on full time.

I am curious about that Bayshore software at MDI-MD, tho!

I wanted to do VR, so joined Transcend. I sat and watched sm
all the VR reports disappear day after day, nothing left but transcription.  And they had the nerve to tell me that couldn't be done!!!!  My eyes didn't deceive me; it happened repeatedly.
The MTs joined the same union as the nurses' in a hospital in Washington State sm
I can't name the hospital for confidentiality reasons; however, they truly is their payscale and benefits.

Also, there are unions in California Hospitals also. Those MTs also joined the same union as the nurses. Go figure.

Also, these MTs are at home employees. No kidding!!

Honestly, do your homework and you will see that this is the truth. Some hospitals are willing to pay and have union workers.

Not the only one. My co has gag order too.
What do you mean by out of order?
Do they offer IC or employee status, full and/or part time? Just curious. With respect to the out of order comment, do you mean disorganized?
Out of order
By out of order I mean she was downright rude when I suggested that I would like to work with my text Expander and dictionaries rather than theirs.
ETP has a gag order on the employees
and few privately.
Unfortunately in order to make any
money, you have to be the MTSO.  If you apply with nationals and the people who have the accounts, you are not going to make the big money, they are, otherwise, why would they need you.  It is very unfortunate, but it is true. 
That's because they have a gag order on employees
when you hire on, you have to agree not to talk about them on the internet and give them permission to read your mail if they want to see what you write. Also, you agree not to participate in any kind of union activity. This all happened after they hired some consultants to restructure their business practices...and one of the owners even canned his MIL. Fun at family get togethers, huh?

You might get some private emails, but you won't see anything posted in public by current employees.
That is probably a tall order with only
Excuse me, so you are saying that in order to (sm)
get a raise in this business and be compensated correctly for years of knowledge and medical terminology, that we have to increase our speed?

Ummm...NO! In 12 years of doing this profession (and I choose to so someone else is not raising my kids - and don't you dare call that a benefit either because it is harder) I have NEVER gotten a raise.

I should be compensated for the 12 years of knowledge that I have, not told be work faster and harder. Every other profession does that - REWARDS THEIR WORKERS FOR THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE.

It is not a matter of being selfish and want, want, want. It is a matter of what is right and wrong.
the new world order
Welcome to life at Acuspheris
court order?
Terri Davis is gone by court order? How? Why? Such dish!

Who's the businessman running the place?

More info is needed! Totally interested now!
They probably have a gag order on their employees - nm
Keystrokes, Execuscribe, MDI-MD in no particular order. nm
8 cpl isn't a 'tall order' even for a newbie. It's not
US MT's are paid so little per line that in order to
reports as possible, and the faster you go, the more junk is likely to be produced. I try to proofread everything I produce, but when my tenancy is on the chopping block and the rent is overdue, I type as fast as I can, don't proofread, and hope for the best. It's all about survival.
QA must have heard it in order to edit it sm
They knew the sound quality was bad. They had to know. I worked somewhere where the doctors dictated on a tape recorder and then played it into the phone. It was a nightmare and when I said anything, they said they could hear it fine. It was not fine at all.
It was distant, the volume was low and it was fuzzy.
Other than through a court order!!!! Never said the info was NEVER given out at all! nm
Do you have to be local to their office in order to work for them? nm
I know you need to type 1800 lines a day in order to get 11 cpl.
correction..."in order to work as an MT in the US"
Emails daily regarding TAT, order of work
it's usually first thing in morning; then the auto-generated emails regarding STATS. Otherwise, it's *no news is good news.*

It would seem strange to get no communication at all.
Your point? They have to obey a court order. nm
hmm, strange huh? You are right, wrong order of business seems to me nm
p.r.n. (and search won't allow periods in order get the right company)
Is the other company in Ohio as well?
She said she's going through the resumes in chronological order and is kind of swamped right now.
No, we did not give out information. No court order involved. sm
Obviously, TT was able to look at the information provided in the posts and determine who they FELT were making the posts.

No information has been given out by MTStars on this situation whatsoever.

Move on.


MQ has required a 40-hour commitment for years, in order to get benefits. nm
My understanding was that in order to receive Medicare/Medicaid payment sm
providers will be required to have EMR.
From of the tone of these posts, perhaps an early morning drink would be in order. sm

I'm not saying I do not sympathize with the no-work situation.  I have been gone from TT for almost 2 years now, and it happened back then (without the holiday as an excuse) and will continue to happen will be my prediction.  Being called sweetie and told you rock doesn't butter the bread. 

You have the right idea, though ... relax, enjoy the holiday.  I plan an afternoon on the patio relaxing with a friend and some margaritas ... hold the omelet and bring on the guacamole. 

They sold off their equipment a month ago in order to stop chasing it down. It was practically giv
wave pedal $50. They were spending a full time person on sending and getting back equipment. I bought mine, and thought it was better than some that make you rent them or buying my own.
I just counted my specialties list. There are 37 that roll in at any time in no order:) Nice huh?
uh, and you did a little throat jumping yourself there - mail-order bride? broom closed?
maybe send a written notice requesting a money order or other recourse to the company??...nm
I gave notice and was told had to work final weeks in order to be eligible for rehire. Had no
As in largest - largest number of MT's -- what is the order of the

Is the Q still the largest ? Is Spheris next ? 

Does anyone have a feel on this subject of late?