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I already joined and wrote him! sm

Posted By: Thanks! on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland - Charla

I pray that they will get theirs in the end. Justice will prevail!

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Me too..joined the many who have
Me, too! And to think I joined DRC in order to get away - nm
Sure hope so, since I joined not too long ago and - nm
I just joined them, FABULOUS place sm
While I have had no feedback today, I am not terribly concerned. They were well pleased with the first batch of work I had yesterday so I worked all day, my first full day. When I shot off an email question BAM it was back at me in under 3 minutes! I AM IMPRESSED. Oh, I made the minimum number of lines expected of me after 90 days and I spent a LOT of time messing with the system, looking stuff up in there and making it work for me, about 2 hours of my day AND I got a great line count.

As for not getting back to someone who wants to work for them: I pasted a resume into an email off the ad that was here on MTS. Debbie called me the very next day and told me to call her the next day by 9 a.m. or she would be calling me then. I did call her, she hired me and I didn't think she would take no for an answer...so I said YES.

I love love love ExText, I didn't think I would, but I DO I DO. The QA people are so nice and so anxious help. I am a seasoned old vet at this game, but they treat me like a newbie with feelings and struggles.

I just joined Amphion. It's only part-time for now, but
I did this to save my sanity and to make a little extra money. It seems to have the best press. If they are as good as they seem to be, I'll be thrilled to join on full time.

I am curious about that Bayshore software at MDI-MD, tho!

I wanted to do VR, so joined Transcend. I sat and watched sm
all the VR reports disappear day after day, nothing left but transcription.  And they had the nerve to tell me that couldn't be done!!!!  My eyes didn't deceive me; it happened repeatedly.
The MTs joined the same union as the nurses' in a hospital in Washington State sm
I can't name the hospital for confidentiality reasons; however, they truly is their payscale and benefits.

Also, there are unions in California Hospitals also. Those MTs also joined the same union as the nurses. Go figure.

Also, these MTs are at home employees. No kidding!!

Honestly, do your homework and you will see that this is the truth. Some hospitals are willing to pay and have union workers.

did you see what she wrote
Hey, did you see below where the cheerleader wrote that I need a lawyer? Funny isn't it? Hmmm.... I'm thinking First Amendment applies! Sheeeshhh
Do you see what you just wrote to me? sm
Read your second paragraph with all the caps and personal attacks? I did not do or say anything that justifies you calling me miserable. This is a board where adult professionals post opinions. I posted mine and I guess you don't agree with my opinion. For you to suggest that I need social skill and that I a NASTY as you cap it and MISERABLE is provocative and looking for an argument. I will not take the bait but I just will point out that you are overreacting and provoking here.
Do you see what I wrote under the post?
It does not matter what I believe anyhow. The fact is the company believes you have to be a QA person for 5 years. I believe you should to do their accounts, yes, because their accounts are acute care, in depth
called and wrote
Yes, I wrote them twice since testing, but got no
Somebody wrote in the forum that they did
Wrote this a while back.....sm

Never got published, but maybe you can get some points from it.... 





I am a medical transcriptionist, and I am also a patient of several doctors in the United States of America. 


I have a story that needs to be told to U.S. Citizens.  I shall remain anonymous, but I do feel that whoever breaks this story to the public will have done them a great service.


In an effort to save money, at the public’s personal expense, many patient records (voice dictation) from the United States are going overseas to be transcribed (mostly to India).  This means that possibly even YOUR confidential medical and personal information (such as your Social Security number, address, phone number, etc.) is going overseas.  The world climate in which we are now living makes this is a very dangerous situation. 


I do have a financial interests in this issue, but I am also a US citizen who is very concerned about my personal medical information getting into the hands of the wrong people and feel that the US government should put constraints on this. 


All people are created equal and I am very sorry for the people who would no longer profit from this business overseas should our government put an end to it; however, I do feel that the US public has a right to know what is happening to their medical records, as they are their legal property.  At the very least, they should have to legally consent to their records leaving this country.


Thank you for your attention to this.



Concerned Citizen

I wrote it and can't find it either

I just wrote in about the MT from MDI asking where to go...I can't find my reply either!  Glad you saw it.  Now I know I'm not going crazy.

Suzanne Gabric


If you read what I wrote more carefully
you would see that I said it is fine as long as they tell you up front. Which they don't. Which means it isn't fine.

In other words, I was being a little sarcastic :)
I just wrote my state senator the following..
Dear Senator: You may or may not know about a recent sale of Medquist, Inc. Transcription Services selling 70% of their stock to an India-owned company as of 5/22/08. In 2007, Medquist fired over 1000 employees to prepare for this sale. CBAY is known for firing US employees and hiring employees in India to do US medical transcription. We desperately need your help to address the issue of outsourcing of US medical records thereby losing confidentiality of our medical information, social security #s, birthdates, and much more. including further loss of jobs for US workers. We urge you to pass the following bill:

S. 810/H.R. 1653
Clinton (D-NY)/Markey (D-MA)
Prohibits American businesses and health care organizations from sharing consumers’ personal information with foreign affiliates or subcontractors without consent from consumers. Allows consumers to “opt out” of having their personal information processed overseas and bars companies from denying service or charging consumers more as a result.

Any and all help you can give us in regard to keeping jobs in the US will be greatly aprpeciated.
I misread what you wrote and apologize.
My response below was a result of my misunderstanding!

My apologies, MtMommyof2!

That sure sounds like AHDI wrote it. It sure is
Or maybe even FBI - one never knows how deep their dishonesty runs.........
Dude, I'm poking fun at what you wrote! LOL.
I'm curious who wrote that post...
...if they are WebmedX mgt trying to mislead? I know of no accountso f theirs still on regular transcription and I asked as well. I hate editing. Two years later it hasn't gotten any better and I make SO much less it's rediculous. It's easier the majority of the time to type the whole report from scratch and make pennies on the dollar for doing same. :(
Ok. So for each report you wrote down the word count?
then compared it? Just wondering.  I probably won't do it because that would just take up too much of my time but wondered how you did it.
Just to clarify, I wrote the first few MTSO posts
But this is not mine. However, I have to agree that some MTs look much better on paper!!
Based on past interviewed, there is the information I wrote down

I cannot guarantee this information is 100%, and anyone with more accurate information feel free to chime in, but I have interviewed with several companies over the past few months, and here are the notes I have taken on what was offered by Webmedx and Axolotl:


Webmedx Acute Care = probably includes ESL dictators

Axolotl Clinic Work = probably easier/better dictators 



WMX = Starting to covert accounts to ASR

AX = Unknown


Insurance (Single):  Axolotl costs more per pay period than Webmedx.


Pay Days:

WMX = 26 (every 2 weeks)

AX = 24 (twice monthly)


Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance:

WMX = Eligible after 90 days

AX = Eligible after 30 days


Flexible Spending Account:

WMX = None

AX = Eligible after 90 days



WMX = Eligible after 1 year, with NO MATCH

AX = Eligible after 90 days with partial match 


Eligible Tuition Reimbursement:

WMX = Unknown

AX = $2,000 per year 


Working Holidays:

WMX = You are expected to work the holiday if it falls during your regular work schedule, unless you request it off in advance and there is enough coverage.

AX = Rotating.  If it falls during your regular work schedule, they try to spread it out so no one is working all the major holidays. 


Yearly Bonus or Pay Raise:

WMX = never heard of anyone getting a raise

AX = Anniversary $500 bonus (minimum)


ISP, incoming dictation snafu, or Acts of God preventing you from working:

WMX = Full-time:  you have to make up the time or take PTO, preferably the same day

AX = Depending on the circumstances, you may still get paid and only have to work your regular schedule


Full-Time Status:

WMX = If you fall below 35 hours per week for three consecutive months (no matter what reason), they automatically drop you to part-time status. 

AX = Unknown


I wrote this email and sent it to the Toledo Blade newspaper.
Dear Mr. Zerbey:

I wanted to make you and your readers aware of the situation that took place at Heartland Information Services (owned by HCR Manor Care-parent company-Toledo based company) today, Monday, May 8, 2006. In a mandatory conference call (for the chosen employees) Kathy Clemmons, VP of the US based operations and Colleen Neidert, HR Manager promptly told all of the US based medical transcriptionists and some Quality Assurance employees and auditors, that we no longer had jobs with Heartland Information Services. Kathy Clemmons stated that over the past 4 to 6 months Heartland had been looking at ways to become profitable for HCR Manor Care by increasing their business through new contracts with hospitals and physician practices. Apparently, according to Kathy Clemmons, VP, that did not happen and the company decided to look at ways to cut costs. Kathy Clemmons, VP stated that it cost Heartland 5 times more to pay the US based medical transcriptionists versus what they pay the medical transcriptionists in India. So, needless to say, here I am typing this email to you as one of the employees given a permanent layoff as per Colleen Neidert's (HR manager) words in the meeting. All US based MTs are employed until July 7, 2006 at 2:00pm, at which time, all computers are to be turned off and work as a Heartland employee ceases. They are offering the computers that employees used to work on from home offices for an astounding deal of $800. They are going to show the $800.00 on the time sheets as income and then deduct the federal taxes and then we will also be responsible for the state and local taxes on the computer. This is the severance package. Of course, we can opt not to take the computer and send it back.

Noticeably absent from this mandatory conference call was Dennis Paulik, President of Heartland Information Services. I thought that was rather professional and courteous of him. He destroys the lives of hundreds of employees and their families and then does not have the courtesy of firing his own employees! Great guy he is!

How many more jobs are we, as United States citizens going to lose to India or China? How much longer are we going to turn the other cheek? What is it going to take to stop this raping of our own country of jobs and lives for that matter? Who will have the nerve and strength to say enough is enough?

What will the hospitals and physicians' think when they learn that all of their dictation (legal documents in a court of law if there were to be a lawsuit) are being transcribed by nonEnglish speaking individuals? What will the patients of these facilities think? How is the HIPPA law being enforced overseas to protect the rights of patients?

The bottom line is money obviously, for Heartland and HCR Manor Care, but if given a choice, I know without a doubt, the American patient and American physician and hospital and healthcare facilities would choose quality and accuracy 100% of the time over an underpaid, nonEnglish speaking, half the world away individual listening to and transcribing their vital information pertaining to their actual lives in some cases.

I am one of those unfortunate individuals fired today. I worked my heart out for this company as did so many. We worked weekends, holidays, overtime, we worked when others were sick or on vacation or to cover shifts when individuals did not call in to work. We worked and worked, always grateful in the most humble of ways, grateful for our jobs with Heartland.

Heartland, the name itself, the heartland of America, not India, but America, all of the great American cities such as Toledo, Ohio; Madison, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska, and Rockford, Michigan. What will happen to us now? Where do we go from here? Sure, we will all find ways to continue on, we have to, but what about the next company, the next American citizen working hard to live the true American dream, what happens when it continues to happen? Where does it end?

God Bless us all. May we be blessed with great, American based jobs.

I would be most grateful to you if you would place this email on the Editorial page or even the front page of the Toledo Blade. I am a full-blooded American just telling my story and the story of hundreds of others today. May you find it in your heart to hear the cries of the American worker, simply trying to live the American dream, only to be replaced by the Indian worker, trying to destroy the American dream.

Thank you for listening not only to me, but I hope my words expressed what so many of us former employees are feeling tonight here in the Heartland of America.
I wrote AAMT, the President, and my senators tonight...sm
I'm also going to write my local paper and contact some news organizations.
To Mary K - I totally agree...I thought you wrote a

great letter and I hope you get some response to it on a national level..the public needs to know about this as is concerns THEIR medical records!  I applaud your efforts and hope something comes from it!

Oh Geez- i didnt read what I wrote - correction in msg

Has anyone else gotten late paychecks from Meridian in the past. 


I was up working half the night.  So please dont hound me.

I didn't see that in her post at all. In fact I wrote something similar...please sm
I believe what she meant was similar to what I wrote which was that I felt a majority of the nasty posts probably came from isolated people that take crap all day. These types normally get walked on because they aren't outspoken enough in real life to say what they feel. Then they anonymously come here (or other boards)to take out their pinned up frustrations. It's merely an opinion and you know what they say about those.:)

The reason I believe this to be true is because I've encountered way more nasty people on-line than in real life. If some of the posters said the same nasty remarks to a person's face that they do hiding behind a screen name, #1) They'd get fired. #2) They'd have NO friends.
#3) They'd lose a few teeth.

Think about it.
I wrote to their HR department, which is the only contact I could find for them, last week, but no r
I'll say! Wrote off $82 million as "goodwill impairment"
oh geez "always... all the time" I should read what I wrote before I post. sigh