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MedQuist and Spheris both offshore.

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-10-29
In Reply to: Companies that offshore - Please list them in subject line


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Medquist Vs. Spheris
OK, for all you out in cyberspace who have worked at one or both companies (or just know a lot about them) here is my question: Which is the better company to work for, MedQuist or Spheris?

Curious in KY...

MedQuist is much BETTER than Spheris. sm
I don't know how you can compare the two. Yes, I left MQ for Spheris and came running back :)
medquist and spheris
i wonder if all this stuff going on at MQ means that Spheris is going to buy us, too?? I heard that is what is going to happen.
Medquist and Spheris
They deserve each other. Two wrongs won't make a right, that's for sure.
Spheris does, and I think MedQuist NM
Going from MedQuist to Spheris
I did and I couldn't be happier!  I was miserable at MQ.  No work, crappy accounts, switching back and forth on different accounts I was not familiar with.  Supervisors unavailable, the list goes on and on.  I am very happy at Spheris.  I make almost double what I did at MQ!  Great account, supervisor is great.  I know others are not so happy at Spheris, but I am.  I was at MQ for over 6 years.  Have been with Spheris 2-1/2 years now.
Medquist versus Spheris
I worked for MQ for 6 years. I was not a very happy camper most of that time. I was afraid somewhere else might be worse! Communication was bad, rental fee every month on computer, very disorganized in all aspects. Now, I've been at Spheris only 3 weeks but I can see a great difference. Very well organized, detail oriented. My supervisor does NOT call me if I am away from the computer 5 minutes or more. I think I will be very happy with Spheris. I also love the idea of changing accounts to a higher level and getting paid more for harder accounts--you won't find that at Medquist!
Spheris or Medquist used Dial-up
Those are about the only companies I know that use dial-up unless things have changed. Good luck!
Transcend vs Medquist vs Spheris

I could really use some advice.  I'm new here and a relatively new MT.  I'm a CMT with only about 8 months exp.  I accepted a job with Transcend last week with a good cpl rate.  I'm in training now.  I'm a little worried b/c I'm hearing mixed reviews about the company and how they are going to all edit...

Anyway, Medquist has offered me a job, but the cpl rate is 2 cents less than what Transcend is giving me.  I'm not happy about that.  If you were in my position, would you stay with Transcend or go to Medquist? 

Also, I got an email today from Spheris that they want to interview me.  I don't know what the cpl rate is yet.  I have heard good things about them.  Should I accept with them? 

I'm so confused.  I don't want to burn my bridges with Transcend b/c what if they turn out to be a decent company?  I am getting a good rate with them.  But Spheris seems really appealing to me...

Any advice?? 

Medquist versus Spheris
So, do Medquist and Spheris both send work to India? Yikes- I am trying to avoid applying for work with a company that is pro offshoring. Any ideas of a good company to work for? I have 10 years multispecialty experience, not enough work, already with a small pro-India company who takes away from the Americans and gives the accounts to India employees, trying to get more work with a new company.
Medquist dosen't operate the way Spheris does. sm
You cannot even compare the two and believe me I know.
MedQuist, Spheris or WebMedX for Radiology? sm

Please, anyone who works for or has worked for one (or more) of the these companies transcribing Radiology provide some input.  How are the accounts, the pay, schedule flexibility, benefits, etc?  You can email me, if you prefer.

Thanks  :->

Well since MT stars is global you will see Spheris, Medquist, Diskriter, etc. posts sm
so if your going to be unemployed because of offshoring that is to bad. The majority always think of India when it comes to offshore but the Philippines, Australia, Europe, etc. also transcribes.
Spheris supes/QA are good, insurance not good; they offshore
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.

Link is also below.

offshore overseas.... not outsource .... correct term is offshore.
This seems to be pro-offshore board. Messages against offshore often just disappear.
I still feel like a team player of Spheris, as the shackle scars are still on my legs! Spheris was

Micromanaged to the microsecond, or ms!  Horrible. And part of a team?  Total opposite - part of a team as in prison.

Don't imply you're worried at all. Just stating fact that Spheris does NOT allow a Spheris MT
work concurrently for MQ - no exceptions.  MQ, on the other hand, does not have the same feelings as Spheris.  Just all I had to say so that MTs aren't misled into thinking they can do the same "legally". Even went to the ropes on this issue with Spheris, as I was professional as well, and wouldn't share info, etc. The point they raised was that MQ is their direct #1 competition, and if I was typing for MQ and doing great work, that was in direct conflict of interest with Spheris' best interests.  Guess which one I obviously stuck with!!
Thank you, Spheris recruiter! Anybody wanna place a bet that there are lots of Spheris
HELP WANTED ads on the job board?? So funny!! Out of the blue, Spheris, we love you!! Lets all run and apply NOW!!
I also know Spheris would fire you if they knew you worked for MQ. That is a BIG NO with Spheris!
offshore to India, it's OFFSHORE (off shore), not outsource to India.
Spheris - any spheris employees out there care to s/m
comment on the new Cornerstone platform, good, bad? Will we all be going to SR on this? Thanks.
Medquist is getting really bad
Been there for a long time (years and years) - am looking for another job now. They don't care about their employees, only their accounts. The pay is horrible and you almost never get a raise. Management only cares about management - not us lowly peons.

I did not like MedQuist's platform at all.  All of the info required to be filled in was ridiculous (wouldn't have been so bad if they paid for the keystrokes).  Also, I was switched between 4 different accounts during the first week.  I was told during the interview that I would have one main account and a backup account. 

Another complaint I have is that whenever I called the office, my calls were not returned.  I had to just keep calling until the manager was available.  I just did not have a very good first impression of them.  Luckily, my previous employer took me back. 

I would recommend anyone switching companies to try the new company out before turning in your notice.  Sometimes you don't know how good you have it until you almost lose it.

I think it's only fair to say, though, that if I would have had a stable account and had a chance to get used to the doctor names, local cities, clinics, etc., I may have had an entirely different impression of MedQuist.  Don't put too much weight into one transcriptionist's impression of a company.  They may have 'easy' accounts.

I also have noticed that sometimes, the less qualified you are, the easier work you get, the more money you make.

I work for the Ohio MedQuist and have had exactly ONE radiology account in the entire eight years I've been with 'em - I've never even HAD a secondary account. Needless to say I feel like these docs are old, old friends (and a few hated enemies) and the work is always there, easy docs, cutting edge technology and they leave me alone and don't bug me. Give 'em a try, I say.
I work for MedQuist and make $25/hr. doing radiology - I've done exactly one account the entire 8 years I've been with MedQuist and have never run out of work. The doctors are great, they don't bother you and allow you to do your work and pay on time. Seems kewl to me. Radiology pays quite well there.
Despite all the negative press and opinions, they are still probably the best - since they are the biggest they can afford to pay more, work always plentiful (at least in radiology) and they don't bug U to death (U don't have to clock out to go to the John). At least that's how it is at the Ohio Medquist - don't know about other branches but assume they are similar. There ARE perks to being with the biggest, I must say.
MedQuist uses DocQscribe!
Medquist pay

Anybody who works for Medquist, I am wondering what they pay? 

MedQuist pay

0.850..I work at Midwest office..but we're supposed to be starting that scale pay thing in October which I know nothing about yet

They want only the very best for their employees - we're like one big happy family!
The DQS is NOT with Medquist.

MedQuist. nm

VR and Medquist
Yeah, and if MedQ has anything to say about it, we all will be in the soup kitchens pouring up our family the needful food they need to survive on while the homeless shelter people protect us from our bill collectors!!!!!!!!!
Medquist should never be on a list of 10-top companies to work for!
MedQuist! nm


Any info on working for MQ now?  How about its QA department? 

Medquist sm

I love working for Medquist.  I think they are probably one of the better companies, if not the best.  I have worked for other companies part-time along with Medquist.  The other companies just didn't measure up to Medquist, in my opinion.  I thought about leaving after 01/01 because of the changes.  I stuck it out and things have gotten a lot better.


Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  The best thing is to compare other companies and pick what is best for you.

Full medical, dental, vision, life; options of long/short-term disability, supplemental life insurance; 401K; FSA; holiday pay (1.5 x base rate if you work it); ability to advance to higher tiers (higher base pay); daily incentive; shift differentials for evening/night work; difficulty factor pay; discount program to purchase references -- payroll deducted in $25 increments; PTO (up to 20 days off); equipment provided free; 24/7 help desk;...I could go on! Hahaha
I'd personally stay away from Medquist as yes, for me, I run out of work on a consistent basis it seems now.  Can't complain about ESL docs, not too many. 
Thank you!
Medquist (nm)
Is "Q" Medquist?
Medquist. nm
Worked both last year
Does anyone know the time line for hiring?  I am scheduled for a phone interview and just wondered what the next step would be?  Any info on Medquist as far as good or bad to work for??  Thanks