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ha!!! I knew it. I QA'd a few reports and every common phrase was wrong.

Posted By: lilworried on 2005-10-29


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that's exactly what I mean - she knew that was too low for that many reports in the beginning. nm
I have not posted anything wrong. It is common knowledge that Keystrokes does not send work offshor
Now I know why so many people do not like these boards. I did not write anything bad or over the top. I simply stated facts. I agree with the others and will now observe but not post. This is craziness here. If someone asks a question, I guess they would rather have answers from those that do not know the real answers. Call the company if you have questions from this point out. The phone number and web site are not secret.
I knew on day one that the company was wrong for me and you will too

Give it a try..... but follow your instincts... if the bad rep company gives you a gut feeling, run like hell, do not wait long, just bail out.



Yes, it happened to me, years ago. I knew it was WRONG!!!
probably a certain portion are new, believe it and sign up for their MT class
There is nothing wrong with saving reports

I thought people jumped right on ya' as well.

For example, there was one ad for a job that I remember a few months back asking the applicant to send a few reports that they've transcribed. 

These people are all brainwashed. 

Look at the post about the cell phone dictation???  There is nothing to say a physician cannot dictate on his cell phone in his/her car, on a plane, etc., as long as they're not using a bullhorn.  Most MTSO web sites show physicians dictating on a cell phone or from anywhere;its part of the business.

Just chalk it up to the source of these posters' ignorance of this field and only working for nationals that have brainwashed them.

I googled name & phrase but may be too old sm
probably old info but may be able to catch up with her  LINK click 
Oh Good God. It's an ancient phrase that
was based on fact because that was how their culture was. They believed in trading for things, etc. That doesn't make it RACIST. This kind of overreacting to stuff like this is why when something really is racist, we aren't taken seriously about objecting to it.
"Make her an IC" - very telling phrase!
Your phrase expresses precisely the travesty I'm talking about.

What you're saying, in essence, is that they might 'make her start up her own business', because that's what being an IC really is - being in business for yourself.

If I were to knock on your door, grab you in a headlock and tell you that I was forcing you to start up a hot dog vending business, how many nanoseconds would it take you to call the police (and probably the men with a butterfly net, too!)?

This is just disgusting - on about six different levels.
To re-phrase: The bullies are the big, wealthy
companies going after a non-wealthy employee whom they deem as someone who will be unable to stand up to them. They know this person has no means to pay a big settlement (which they know they're not going to get, anyway). I think they and others just like them are trying to shut up the whistle-blowers who are being exploited by an increasingly dishonest and underhanded industry. (Not unlike what the insurance industry and most of the health care industry have become, these days). If they can shut up the whistle-blowers, they can prevent the truth from getting out to the general public, and can continue with 'business as usual'.
no name, learn this phrase: "Would you like fries with that?" nm
"Used to work there" is the operative phrase....they are currently
hiring (again) because they are trying to fill positions for a huge new account starting in 2 weeks.
That "better producer" phrase sounds like -
In the MT field, I associate the phrase "Indian-
in which case it's most DEFINITELY apropos.

Racist? Perhaps.

Appropriate to the situation?
I liked the phrase "to suffer to work"
I think it pretty much sums up life! But it does also sure sound like we should be being paid for waiting for work to roll in, specifically mentioning a secretary waiting for dictation.
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We turn down work because so many hospitals are sm
calling wanting a company that keeps work in the USA. The trend was stronger a few years ago before it all came to light about poor quality, the woman in Pakistan who threatened to post medical records on the web, 911, etc. There are hospitals who look for US-only and they are the MAJORITY not the minority. Definitely seeing the tide turn on offshore from an MTSO perspective, both MTs and customers!!!!!
Anyone know of a really good online Radiology word/phrase

resource site?  TIA.

Anyone familiar with that phrase?? Even looked it up on the WWW but nothing except band names etc..

where they 35 comparable reports - or 35 short and 35 long reports? nm
Typing ER reports and radiologogy reports
are completely different with regards to pay. For typing regular reports, that is a very fine line rate. For typing radiology reports, it would be horrid.
You are wrong! Here is the ad. I got it too. There are no words spelled wrong and the caps are pa
This is pasted from the bottom of the email blast.

Why are you trying to stir up trouble? Keystrokes does not send ANYTHING offshore.

Here is the email blast from ILHIMA. The KS logo is at the top but does not paste here:

Rapid Turnaround, Guaranteed Accuracy, Measurable Cost Savings, U.S.A. Only, & Personal Service. These are our Five Stars of Excellence Promise. Find out what they can mean for you today. Email Pam.Gingrich@KeystrokesMT.com today!

It is a common
phenomena that QA is inconsistent in any company. One QA gives 100%, the next one gives 75% accuracy, and worse you can get 25%. They ought to standardize QA. Hey what about a QA checking another QA's output...hahahaha....to kinda bring them off their pedestals.
how common is it to not

hear back after resigning (with notice) ME/MT position? What do you do, send another note? Not say anything?

Thanks a lot,


is this common?
this is very common

I spoke with one person who was looking to incorporate VR into his business (his parent's business has been operating for about 15-20 years, and he is trying to upgrade them).  He said that doctors just don't dictate correctly for VR to work properly. 

I know that I had the same problem you had.  Did you also notice that the company pays less with Edit mode than typing, so it takes you longer to do to the work and you get paid less, and the company keeps more?  It behooves the company to keep the VR; it puts more into their pocket and less in yours, without them having to deal with the headache of making sure the reports are right.

That's more common than you might
It's more common than you think.
My sister has a lot of medical problems, including hemophelia A. It is very rare for a woman to have this, but she has it none the less. Anyways, pharmacies have frequently messed up her medications. One time it was the hospital pharmacy after she had surgury. That mistake could have lead to life-threatening complications. My point is that these kinds of mistakes are more common than you think, and patients need to be very proactive with their care.
It is very common
From my recent interviewing process with a many companies, it is very common.  I am not meaning the templates that we individually create in our expansions but rather any charcters/heaings, etc. that automatically populate on the screen when you enter a job.  I personally can understand not paying us for those characters are technically we did not type them.  I just don't understand with the subtracting thing when we do not use them and have to delete them
I have common sense thank you
If I didn't, I wouldn't have been able to do transcription for 15 years.  All I wanted to know was info on a potential new job switch. I once again apologize. I don't frequent these boards ever and was just directed here by someone else.
Sorry to jump in, but it really IS common
sense not to post account info or patient names.  Yes, the rules of posting are plastered everywhere, and any Transcriptionist of 15 years should know NOT to post private client names anywhere. So, you are arguing and looking more silly.
Try sbcglobal.net - it's a common ISP.
I think it's a typo.
Again, there is no such list that is common to
MTSOs that I am aware of. What one company might do, I have no idea. From where did you get the idea that I am the Merriam Webster of the MT world. I don't believe I said it. I gave you the facts as I see them and as I know other recruiters see them. Some of us wish there were a list, but no there is not.

What one private MTSO might have said to you definitely is not something that is common to all MT services. If it is, to be honest, it would not really be legal or fair.

An MT working for one company might not be a good fit for a number of reasons yet be a perfect fit to another.

No one here proclaimed to be any Merriam Webster of the MT field, but you sound like you think you think you are the MW of the hiring industry. You just do not have the facts apparently at all and from what I am reading, you are basing your assumption on a statement that was made to you and by what one MTSO posted here at this site.

One thing I have learned is not to trust everything that I see here or on any other MT site. What I know is what I know to be fact or let's put it this way, what is fact as it pertains to my company and what I know to be fact from several others.

So, if there is a list, it is not common to all companies and if it were, it would not be legal.

I know there are some companies whose idea of ethics rate right with the potty and if this type of thing is done, then that rates right with the potty because there are quite a number of reasons why an MT might not work with one company and that very same MT might be gold to another.

Fair is fair and in that arena, I have not seen too much going on that is not fair to the MTs. If it existed, I certainly would not be doing this job. I will not do anything that I feel is not proper and that would be something I consider improper.
Common practice?
Is it common practice now days to type 4 different accounts - 7 different work types in one 8 hour shift?  I'm experiencing this as a FT employee for a well known company - Other than this, the company is wonderful ....this has given me great experience, but my pay has decreased.....Do I need to suck it up and keep pounding away or look elsewhere?  Any advice appreciated!!! 
RE: Common practice?
Suck it up. You really do not have a problem.
Not common, and not productive..

I also worked for a well known company until last November when they were gearing up for their GREAT changes at the beginning of this year.  I went from having my main account that I had typed on for five years, and one backup account that I was also very familiar with, to having six accounts and almost no work on my former primary account.  I was unable to produce the minimum line count, and they never gave me any time to learn the accounts, training pay for new accounts (yes, they used to do this), etc.  After the first pay period I didn't make my minimum line count, I got bumped to statutory status and my benefits were gone.  I had to find another job.

Working for another national would be my absolute last resort if anything happened to my current job situation.  If people don't know who you are, it's easier for them not to care about you. 




Well... it is common knowledge
that the whole QA department is the laughingstock of the industry. What a joke... unbelievable. They wrote the book on inside politics. You never get promoted with this company unless you are in the right clique. Truly the blind leading the blind. Coordinators aren't even that bad. QA department in a league of its own. Now that I'm gone I can look back and laugh - really laugh. LOL LOL
Don't you think this is pretty common?
I haven't really found a company out there that doesn't hire whackos that may not even be MTs for management positions. Now Im not saying that they are all bad, but it does happen. There is often very little communication and a lot of misleading. Like the scenario of everyone starts at 7.5 cpl base pay, some of these are making this, some not. MT 1 comes along and makes 10 cpl, and then MT2 makes 8 cpl. MTs have got to be the most poorly treated of all employees from every line of work there is out there.
How common is Pay Period at net 30?
Was made offer to start with a company, have to work 30 days, then pay is net 30!  That's 2 months without income.  How common is this?  I  know they're are not going to pay until they get paid.  Yikes!
common sense
tells me that my creations of Expanders are my own; the program may belong to the company but i feel i have made them and they belong to me. Granted, legal eagles may have their own angle. However, if i am moving from job to job, i'm not stealing, as i am not taking anything other than the generic word combinations i have created myself, not company secrets etc. Regardless of your opinion, if i have spent 10 years creating a file, and can move it with me, it is going!
This is getting silly now. Please use your common
Volunteering is not illegal in and of itself. Let's see, I could volunteer to bake donuts for a PTA cake sale. But if I volunteered at home to bake donuts for the local bakery to sell daily, that would be illegal. Bakeries are regulated and have to meet rigorous health dept codes, etc. If you're a putz, you can volunteer to transcribe for an MTSO, but again, it has to be set up professionally, and NO I am not sure that it is legal to work for free. I can't go into ShopRite and volunteer to work for the day stocking shelves. What if something happened while I was working there? Slip and fall? It just isn't legal. Then you compare volunteering to an internship program. Apples and oranges. Of course, an internship program is a different entity and whoever was running one would already know all the legal guidelines and have them in place. But, NO you cannot transcribe medical records on a volunteer basis while someone else farms you their work on an informal basis, while they get paid for it, submitting it to someone else who hired THEM, not YOU, to transcribe it. Its called subcontracting, and its a legal matter, not like volunteering to walk somebody's dog for them while they are on vacation. Please, please consider our career a profession.
Not sin, just no common sense
Nobody wants to work 7 days a week BUT to think you are going to start the job and work M-F and NO workends is a bit ridiculous and IMHO, ignorant. Work Five days a week can include Saturday and Sunday, you just don't want it to. What makes you think straight off the street you don't have to work towards anything; the better hours, the better dictators, the best pay?  Those are the perks of working some place for awhile, not what you are entitled to straight off the street.  Like I said try doing that at any other job or company and you will get nowhere.  Why is transcription any different? 
I know. Is it too much to ask for a little common courtesy!
Many times I ask myself why I stay in this business because I feel it is one of the most under-appreciated, disrespected professions to be in. I don't understand why they don't have a whole course in med school on transcription practices.

I mean come on - have some common decency. How hard can it be! Is it too much to ask for:

No loud noises in the background!
No shuffling papers!
No saying 2-3 words and sitting there for 30-45 seconds!
No ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!
No repeating yourself over and over!
Dictate ALL of the dadgum demographics!
Spell unusual names of people and places!
Include first names of physicians (especially when you know there are 3 doctors with the same last name in your hospital)!
Say diagnosis for 1 and diagnoses for more than 1!
Don't have a several-minute conversation with someone while dictating!
Say who you are!
Don't mumble!
Speak clearly and at a regular pace!

People hear what we do and think it's so easy! NOT! We are definitely underpaid for the crap we have to put up with!!!!

Okay, I'm done venting (for now) LOL.
That is another common comment
I spent years, since 1973 to 2002 working outside the home, yes never got to work at home until outsourced. Why would I not be really happy now- plus the fact I no longer have to work long, long hours, 60 plus an hour when I had family I had to provide for and not working the rest of my life away in itself is a very big plus.
Anybody with any common sense would read that .....sm
And know it is somebody that has not had their fill of immaturity saying things that are not true.

I for one have watched whoever this is posting unforgiveable posts on this website and I can tell you, they have no integrity. It demoralizes our profession and they really should find something else to do. A lot of single parents depend on transcription to pay their bills and feed their kids and when they have to be subject to the kind of stuff that has been on here, it takes away their whole support system, which all of us need.
common sense prevails .. ?

Reading and understanding your frustration and not having a thing to do personally with Cymed save for hiring two people from there who never did much work for us before I had to let them loose, I would say to give it a try and form your own opinion.  A lot of personal problems are laid at the feet of offshoring and I think that you need to form your own opinion.  It doesn't take that long to find out what working for a company will be like and you have not given up an opportunity that might work for you because you listened to others.  Ask the questions that concern you and really listen to what they tell you.  Good, productive MTs are working and no matter what .. you will never know if you don't try it yourself and see where it leads. 

Use your expander for common phrases.
Then all those phrases are correct. But you need to look back and make sure what you expected to expand did, so you are constantly checking back even as you continue to type.

My mentor made me do it, and it works.
That is totally normal and common.
One common theme from so many posts below
regarding any transcription company - as MTs, we are not the company's friend. Even if you work for a small MTSO with 1 owner and 2 MTs, when it comes to business, you are not friends. A business owner is in business and will make decisions based on their business - and if that means a decision that will benefit them while not benefitting the MT, its still their right and 9 times out of 10, the owner or company is going to make the decision that serves their own best interest. With all these companies and rumors and dark whisperings of offshoring, losing accounts, whatever - Yes, figure that its true and make your decision as an MT based on YOUR needs - your family, your situation and bag the emotions forever. I think in this industry that is a common issue that allows MTs to be taken advantage of - perhaps because we are remote, we are so trusting and/or naive. We don't want the rumors to be true, we don't want our account to be lost, we don't want change. Again, having done this for 30 years, looking back, every rumor was true, every horrible thing did happen, and yet here I am and I'm fine. But I suffered terribly years ago when I stupidly believed that each MTSO was my friend and cared about me and my family. That was my only mistake. Once I dumped that emotional baggage, I've been fine. Keep informed as best you can - read different boards, compare messages - if the company has stock, watch the stock, sign up for Google alerts - whatever you can do to keep informed. When you learn something important, keep it to yourself and make your moves. Why warn 30 other MTs when an account is leaving? Settle yourself first and then give warning - chances are no one will believe you anyway! Remember - the messenger always gets killed with the message! But we must all toss emotions aside and never, ever combine feelings of friendship and that sort of loyalty with MT work. Never. Just check out the Main Board - how many poor women have posted about working for a friend, and getting stiffed for $$ in the end, or how many MTSOs have hired friends only to get taken advantage of? It just doesn't work, and don't take it personally. Business is business. We want to be considered professionals, we need to act like professionals. Its a sad state of affairs but reality in the USA that employers are never our friends. Period.  
Its common when a company supplies
The two I've worked for that supplied computers monitor usage and especially monitor if you're using it for any non-work related surfing.  They also reserve the right to come on remotely and check your system for any problems, security violations, unauthorized hardware/software additions, etc.  It is their property so I guess they have the right to say how and when it gets used.
It's common policy. If you want pay, go inhouse or
Usually, you get holiday differential if you work a holiday but workers paid piecemeal production don't get hourly compensation for work not produced, unless it is their own earned PTO.

they lack common courtesy
Speaking of common sense...

I already told you they do random audits on QA staff. Why are you still griping about this?