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I think one of the hospitals is onto them about offshoring their work

Posted By: ooops on 2005-10-29
In Reply to: yeah - they haven't told a couple of hospitals that they are offshoring their work - but I think - agree


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yeah - they haven't told a couple of hospitals that they are offshoring their work - but I think
No work on four hospitals
I'd like to know how it happens that four hospitals can suddenly just stop dictating, and work suddenly just get slow, on all of them at the same time, and them not even in the same group.  I think the company has hired too many transcriptionists and can't keep them busy, or is offshoring most everything, but telling us a different story.  Is there any way to find out what's the real case?  XXXXX  It has happened several times like this over the past five years, and I am getting fed up.  Are all companies like this or is this the only one where this sort of thing happens? People get sick and have operations every day of the year.  They don't suddenly stop going to the hospital.  Are they playing on our stupidity, or could this be legitimate? I find it very hard to believe.  I'm a seasoned MT with 15 years' experience, and provide excellent work. What' up? 
Hospitals that allow even PART of their work to be
offshored, know FULL WELL that they are taking the livelihood away from American workers. And the one in charge of signing on that dotted line would be MAD AS HE11 if someone did that to their job.

Yes, the work is VERY begrudginly kept in the USA. And they charge more for it than they do for India-work. But they're just biding their time, because they know that eventually, most likely sooner rather than later, American medical transcriptionists are going to be 100% PRICED OUT of their careers.

BITE ME, transcription industry!
It is not the hospitals on a short TAT it is what MQ wants to make the hospitals very happy with

them. I would assume the accounts are on 12, 24 or 48 TAT but wouldnt they love having their work back no sooner than it is dictated.

Could it be that so many work from home or in the basement of hospitals? sm
This is NOT generalizing because I know several MTs who are not psycho, but I have met so many absolute nut cases in this field that I question my own sanity after listening to them!

We had an MT at the hospital I used to work for that called security because she was certain that someone moved her chair and wanted a full investigation. She could not accept that perhaps the cleaning crew did this!
Weekend work has been going on in hospitals many years but
weekend workers generally rotate if they work in house or they used to. This should be the way these companies do this rather than tie up every weekend. It would be easier to find someone if they rotated their weekends and were firm about the commitment. It is not that hard. It is about good management and if they can't manage to get that commitment, then companies need new management to implement that kind of thing. Finding weekend workers would be a lot easier.
Does anyone work for any hospitals in the Pittsburgh area. nm
What work are they offshoring? I get horrible
dictation and I get very good dictation.  I work on multiple accounts and the dictators aren't disappearing.  I get work types of all kinds, depending on the workload, and lately I've gotten a mix of stuff.  
Most hospitals will. Pay your dues (work cheaper to get experience.)

They are up for a HUGE account in Chicago. I work for one of the hospitals sm
and would be offered a position to work with them if it happens. I am very worried now. The last hospital I worked for went with Medquist and we all lost our jobs. They did offer us jobs but not on the hospital we worked for. I went to this other one and now this :(
The hospitals that I have worked at and the ones that friends of mine work for sm
all have a two week delay between the last day of the pay period and the payday. Same exact lenght - ends on the 30th, pays on the 15th.

I am not trying to argue, but I don't understand what you find wrong with this. The companies (all of them) need time to bill their clients and to process payroll. Some of the smaller ones probably have to wait to get paid too.

I work for KS and get paid on time every two weeks. The consistency is important to me as a single parent. I tried working for a small company but found that they had to wait to get paid and unfortunately, GMAC would not wait for me to wait to get paid. Going to a national like KS solved that problem and I can count on getting paid on the 1st and 15th of each month.
Most of the time it is for security reasons. We do work for 4 hospitals sm
and 3 of them want us to take someone off the account immediately when someone gives notice. This is their in-house policy as well with any staff member with access to medical or financial records.
Apparently, they undercut because they have MTs who work for free and the hospitals had to pay them.
I know people didnt intend on working there for free but it sounds like too many MTs didnt get paid.
Only if you work directly for their hospitals, not as a Diskriter employee. nm
I have talked to too many hospitals that do not care if the work is done offshore. sm
It is hard enough for the public to understand what we do, much less have them stand behind us in this.
The reason Transcend is offshoring is because no one here wants to work for them! nm
TT works for me - plenty of work, no offshoring.
Dictaphone is a company offshoring our work.
I saw postings that all our work was overflow/extra support for hospitals. (sm)

Whatever happened, it has been ongoing since around the Memorial Day holiday.  I too am getting worried.  Christmas coming up, winter utility bills, not to mention the every day expenses we have in order to survive. 

I am picking up a PT position.  May be a little tired working the 2, but for right now it covers my butt.


Lack of work, offshoring, never answer e-mails....
Yes, I think you should work for that offshoring company, go for it!. Feeding your family ist the m
Nobody is going to pay your bills and put up a monument for you because you refused to work for an offshoring company!
TransTech has lost work somehow, somewhere . . . or outsourcing/offshoring it !

How could Transtech mgmt be so noncaring of their MT's who provide their paychecks for them???  Yet, they care NOT of the MT's get a paycheck or NOT.

Soon to be gone from TT.  Not what it was cracked up to be from the beginning. 

TransTech has lost work somehow, somewhere . . . or outsourcing/offshoring it !

How could Transtech mgmt be so noncaring of their MT's who provide their paychecks for them???  Yet, they care NOT of the MT's get a paycheck or NOT.

Soon to be gone from TT.  Not what it was cracked up to be from the beginning. 

Mgmt and those leads/sups who are STEALING our work should add money to the piecework MT's paychecks every pay period that we make less.  Oh, boy, you are really good mgmt at TT !!!

The sweet talk from most of your mgmt-type people wore out VERY QUICKLY.  What is left from TT for the MT's -- NOTHING but low and no work. 

Mgmt, SHARE YOUR PAYCHECKS/GAINS/BONUSES with us lowly *per your opinion of us in reality*  MT's who type our fingers off so that you can GET ALL THAT MONEY for YOURSELVES !

We band together and start our own company offering our services to the hospitals we've been work

on already and take our accounts back from Transcend.  I haven't signed any noncompete contract with Transcend.  Would the MDI one be null and void? If my pay rate is null and void, so must my noncompete.  They can't have it both ways.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We turn down work because so many hospitals are sm
calling wanting a company that keeps work in the USA. The trend was stronger a few years ago before it all came to light about poor quality, the woman in Pakistan who threatened to post medical records on the web, 911, etc. There are hospitals who look for US-only and they are the MAJORITY not the minority. Definitely seeing the tide turn on offshore from an MTSO perspective, both MTs and customers!!!!!
So does that mean that the hospitals (sm)
(their website indicates US-based hospitals) that use this company are okay with this level of quality that the QA in India provides?  Thank you.
Is there anyone else who would like to see hospitals (or more hospitals)

offer transcriptionists the opportunity to work at home directly for them, with decent hourly pay that is at least consistent with the cost of living in the employee's particular region (and assuming that the MT would be working at home for a hospital that is in her/his region), with same employee benefits as the on-site employees?


i've been applying to the hospitals in the area about every 6 months, and no one is hiring.  i don't even think hospitals or doctors offices have MTs anymore...not my doctors office, and not another place i applied for a job...they have these little hand held things they dictate into that transcribe their words right there and then, they print it out, sign it, stick it in the chart, over and done. 

if i weren't 10 years away from retirement, there is no way i would get into this business.  having been doing this for over 20 years, its hard to find something else. 

i've got work today, but its crappy work, the national cesspool stuff, and my line count is going to be so far below the minimum requirement it won't be funny. but they shouldn't mind, since it means they won't have to pay too much at the holiday rate. 

but i keep applying and looking and applying and i know something good will hopefully come my way eventually.

in the meantime, i've had to get a 2nd job, part-time, another at home MT job, with a much smaller company, all IC employees, and i'd jump ship in a second and work for them full time if that wasn't the case because they are like night and day from the place i work for full-time now, but i need benefits, am single, own my own home, and will soon be one of those old ladies living out of shopping carts on the street, eating out of dumpsters, at this rate.


Yes, I have three hospitals too
and am very pleased. My liaison is awesome. She actually treats me like a human being.
CA Hospitals
I wondered the same thing. So many of the hospitals and clinics rely on MediCal, Medicaid payments. What is going to happen? Does the state have any safety net built into the system? What if the insurance companies go belly-up and quit paying as well? Domino effect!!! Ark!
Plus hospitals don't want to buy sm
the dictation or transcription equipment, just download the completed product into their electronic medical record. How would a bunch of ICs manage that?

Not to mention getting American MTs to all agree to be ICs - personally I wouldn't want to be one. I NEED INSURANCE and want a paid vacation, which I get through my company.
St. Louis Hospitals
Hi!! I, too, would love to chat with fellow STL MTs.  Feel free to e-mail me!
St. Louis Hospitals
Hi!! I, too, would love to chat with fellow STL MTs.  Feel free to e-mail me!
I'm not sure who the other university hospitals use but

I never see anything on their sites or on CareerBuilder about hiring in-house MT's so apparently they're all using an outside service of some type.  Most hospitals I've worked in-house for use Medquist and another service at the same time (without Medquist's knowledge).

The only Phila. area hospital I've ever seen advertising for in-house MT's is Cooper in Camden, NJ (across the river from Philly).

I emailed you with some hospitals to look into - sm
I really hope it helps. In the meantime, I will get in contact with a couple of people I know to see if they hire outside their state.

I think MQ used to have them right. I guess they still have a lot of hospitals in the
Philly area.
hospitals hiring again?
Does anyone know if the east coast transcription scene is any better than other parts of the country, i.e., work?  Are east coast hospitals starting to hire in-house once again?  I am moving back to the east coast mid 2006 and wonder if I will still be working out of my home or can look to applying for an in-house position.  I was gonna post this on the state board of NY but it seems to be quite inactive.  Any information is truly appreciated!
Not that I know of. More likely to find hospitals that do. nm
Hospitals outsourcing?
Anyone know of any hospitals directly outsourcing to MTs?  My local hospital does - but not hiring now.  I'm w/a great company other than running out of work consistently even on three accounts for months on end ....
Started several new hospitals

is starting at the end of August.  4th was a little slow but only for a few days.  Work is fine and nothing much has changed so all's well.

What I have found is that the hospitals SM
will usually try that as a last resort to get their own transcriptionists to produce more.  When they find out that the production increase isn't that big (or production actually decreases), then they outsource the whole thing and say that they tried everything to keep their own people.
hospitals vs. companies

I am applying at both a hospital for a prn position and with an MT company for part time work. I have the option to work in-house with the hospital, which I may do because I have to drive 25 miles to the city to bring my kids to their preschool anyway.  My question is, what are some of the differences between working for a hospital and working for a company?  (Pros and cons for each)  I have less than 2 years experience, and some of that time was spent doing chiropractic transcription, so I am concerned that I might need more experience or training for the hospital work.  Thanks in advance for any comments.  

hospitals vs. companies
Thanks so much for the input!
Except that the doctors & hospitals - sm
are being swallowed up one by one by the big mega-institutions: Tenet, Sutter Health, Catholic Healthcare, etc. The docs & hospitals have less and less say over who does their transcription (if they even have a clue who does), just like they have less and less control over what procedures they can recommend, and what drugs they can prescribe.

It's all come down to the fat-cats in the 3-piece suits sitting in their high-rise corner offices, dictating what healthcare will be meted out to those of use who need it, and how much the hospitals should pay for 'ancillary' costs such as transcription.

If ever there was a group of people the goverment should be investigating and putting a short leash on, it's the HMOs and the Health Management Corporations, which have ruined almost every corner of the American healthcare industry.
Maybe it should be shared with the hospitals and
clinics that trust AHDI. Show them what a load of ___ that organization really is.

I am not sure about St. Joseph, Grady or Atlanta Medical, but my husband used to work at Emory and they have outsourced everything they can..he was laid off during all the change about 3 years ago.

A new nonprofit board just took over running Grady, so no telling what is going on there....

I live south of Atlanta (Griffin area) and all hospitals in this area outsource. 

I heard through the grapevine that Southern Regional (Riverdale) let their radiology transcriptionists go not too long ago, but don't know about HIM. 

But, if you happen to find a hospital that still has in-house, please let me know!!!!

Worked at 2 different hospitals and...
the only thing they ever required were a form that gave our medical history, drug screen, and criminal background.  I am really fine with that.  Its the physical and credit check. Only God, my own doctor, my accountant, and my husband get that information.
if you're doing 2 hospitals...
it's gonna take time, but you can do it. Of course, it's gonna take longer if you're typing for more than 2.

If you're doing more than just DSs, then this will take some time also, but it can be done.

If you're typing for residents (ugh), they come and go and you will be learning new ones all the time.

Your plus is that you can look back. Just do the same process for each doc. Take your time, get your flow going, and don't worry. :)
Texas Hospitals
I am currently working for a Texas Hospital as well. They are not even open as they do not have power and are not sure WHEN they will be back. So my work has been NONE since about the same time frame.

Here is to hoping there are better times ahead for our Texas Hospitals and for all the Texas Hospital Transcriptionists.
Is this a combo of 3 hospitals? nm