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Day Labor/ Temp Agencies/pizza delivery

Posted By: frugal mom on 2006-09-04
In Reply to: Okay. Where do I begin? I need some advice! My husband is in real estate. sm - New To Penny Pinching

You only asked for meal advice.. I just wanted to tell you about these places in case you didn't know. Every city usually has several "day labor" companies. Your dh would have to arrive around 5-6 am, they would take him to a site all day. They usually pay the same day. He would need is license and ss card.
Most temp agencies have jobs immediately available too.

Another idea is to deliver pizza at night. He could still do real estate during the day. He would get cash right away. They pay for gas mileage, at least minimum wage, he would get tips, and PIZZA! :-)

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Leftover delivery pizza from last night, heated in sm
microwave.  Sausage, mushroom, fresh tomatoes.  Such a good place I found locally.  Can't resist them.
Labor Stats from Dept of Labor for MT inside

This is quite interesting...it is too long to post here but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the statistics.  Thanks!



It's for the agencies to buy supplies-- hello!
Have you thought about ad agencies? sm
copywriters make good money -and with a health care background (i.e. MT), there are agencies that specialize in that and you could market yourself quite easily I would think. I have a journalism degree and used to do copywriting (made excellent money at it), but wanted to stay home and raise my kids so went the MT route (with no regrets BTW). Look in the Sunday papers for Advertising, Marketing, Health Care, etc. Good luck!
Wonder if many agencies do that...that is really great!
There are regulatory agencies
that the hospital cannot get around.  You should have reported it to someone outside of the hospital.  If you had lost your job you would have owned the hospital.  What happened to you is exactly why the agencies are in place.  They might mess with you through an arbitration hearing at the hospital but falsifying medical records will get a hospital doors shut faster than they know what to do with.  You have to act on it right away though you can't wait years after the fact to try to do something about it.  I worked in Hospital QA/Risk Management, Outpatient QA and medical staff credentialing...every single one of those departments were required by law and the regulatory agencies (think JCAHO, Medicare, etc.) to take action or pay the price when they did not correct the problem.
No to tax relief agencies. Depending sm
on your situation, you can do this yourself through an offer in compromise. Most are a scam or a ruse to flush out people who do not pay taxes. I answered an ad on TV for NADN for help with taxes, and ended up with someone from the Treasury Department at my front door. That was just the beginning of my nightmare.
Collections Agencies (nonpaying doctor)
Can anybody recommend a collections agency? I have a nonpaying doc, in another state, but there are so many agencies out there that I just don't know who to go with.

If anybody has a recommendation, I would appreciate it.
Many local hosp and agencies are starting to pay attention
The hospital I work at has started classes and counseling and support groups for adult children who are primary caregivers for elderly adults. If you can find some local social service agencies who have these kinds of programs, many of them can put your mom on some kind of state aid for her health care, help you with paperwork, and provide an occasional "atta girl" and some smiling, supportive faces. Sounds like your sibs aren't there for you. You mom could even qualify for some adult day care, which opens up SO much communication about resources and help. Please think about searching this out. I'm sure your husband and child need you terribly, and you should not bear this financial burden alone. Check with a social services department at a local hospital, and KEEP PUSHING IF YOU DON'T GET IMMEDIATE RESPONSE> Some of these places are so busy. But find and knock and push to find some answers to take the strain off you, and your mom. There are resources out there for you! You aren't alone, but it doesn't get better for you, till you FIND them.

You'll just have to ignore your siblings. They don't sound like they're worth much.
The delivery isn't over until placenta
is delivered, and if not intact then they have to do a D&C.
First ever delivery note
When doc says cord blood was collected, I put "quart of blood was collected".
82 and falling in MS.  2033 hours.  100% humidity.  I am having a bad hair week.
It was not the subject matter, it was the delivery.
OPEN YOUR MIND is rude. I used to think like you did until I saw firsthand what all the closed businesses did to our town. It's not my way or the highway. I do see your point. It's a no-win situation. Walmart provides low paying jobs with lousy benefits where those workers used to have decent jobs with benefits elsewhere.
Do you charge for pickup/delivery? sm
Can I charge? If I do pickup/delivery, do you give them a 48-hour turnaround time or longer? Wanted to pick up 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also need suggestions on what type of carrying case to put tapes to be HIPAA compliant. Any answers would be appreciated.
Re: Going rate for tape tx/delivery
The only advice I can offer, since I have never been in business for myself, is to state where you live. Rates can vary by region.
Anything more than a week for a norm delivery is too much, sm
C-section - I would say 2 weeks max. Anything more than this is "milking it."
Sounds like tape delivery sm
Do you still do tapes? I would like to do this, so there is hope. I am going to retire and want to offer such service to those docs who have not gone digital. Am I going backwards? Yes, but I would like the flexibility of a 48-hour turnaround and going back to what I used to do. I like it better, as I was totally in charge of my own destiny. Don't laugh, I loved it!!! As long as it's close by. I live in New England. I loved the one-on-one contact with the client, etc., and I was appreciated! Let me know if anyone is still doing this horse and buggy type work.
YES, if the pregnancy or delivery was complicated...nm
I live in PA and the temp is now
almost 90 with a predicted 99 degrees for us later today. I just brought in both horses, started up their personal fans, filled their 6-gallon water buckets and sprayed them like crazy for horrible flies. This is just too hot for me!
Though there are not that many to be had right now ... in a large city, in the late 80s to 90s, paid $16-$17/hr.
Though there are not that many to be had right now ... in a large city, in the late 80s to 90s, paid $16-$17/hr.
Me, too!! Also can't stand delivery notes. Bleah! nm
No DSL, no cable, not even mail delivery to house.
I live in an isolated pocket half a mile from county line where cable service ends. Even postal service is in town 3 miles away in the other county so no delivery to the house, though we can have a mailbox just across the line. Most cell phones don't work in this mountainous area. My son was able to use his new cell phone with bells and whistles if he sat outside on the deck. His service provided by Verizon.

Phone lines here are ancient. Dialup maxed at 26.6, and that was rare, usually 19.2. When I called the phone company a few years ago and asked about the future of DSL here, the guy actually laughed before saying, "It'll be while, and there will probably be new and better technology before then." Only choice is satellite. So far, it's been very good. I've had one or two brief periods of outage on heavily overcast rainy or snowy days, but overall pleased. I do keep a cheap dialup plan for those times as a backup.
temp+heat index= HOT!
Heat index here Sunday (according to National Weather Service) was 126! 97 temp and 77% humidity = 126. Not sure how they got that figure, but it was during the county fair parade, and some high school kids marching barely made it the 3 mile route. Kids and I escaped to a movie theater!
And PS: There's plenty of temp. work out there!
Here's another suggestion--temp work.
No, seriously. If you can transcribe, you are well-qualified for many, many temp jobs that might be available to earn a little extra cash while you hunt for a real job. I did the temp thing via Kelly Services when I was younger; did several one and two-day assignments, and even a 2-month one once. When I last job-hunted 7 months ago, I was about ready to go sign up for temp services, and in fact did go to that office--but they had closed early that day, so I didn't get to it, and about 2 days later I got hired for a permanent job.

Anyway, it's well worth a try if nothing else is popping, and you could even make some local contacts that way. You never know.
Has anyone ever worked for a temp agency? sm
I am thinking of working for a temp agency for extra income. I am trying to find out what kind of testing do they do.
Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Office jobs for temp service?

If you do office work for a temp service you can pick/choose which jobs you like and if you don't want to work for a 20-something it won't be a problem.  Most of the temp services also offer software classes and you can upgrade your skills or learn something new and then after you've mastered it, ask for more money!  I got back into the workforce about 2 years ago after MT burnout.  Most of my assignments were pretty good.  I had one really BAD one and I quit after a day.  The woman was absolutely impossible to work for.  I later learned I was the 4th temp in a week and the temp service owner finally said they were "firing" that client - LOL.

I asked her why she sent me if she knew the woman was that difficult.  She said she figured I could handle it.  Gee, thanks!

I worked in the computer industry as a temp for large giants, Intel and Oracle, before deciding on a job in the regulatory affairs division of a medical device manufacturer.  It was fun working at the big companies and I became badly spoiled with all the latest/greatest technology and on-site cafes.  I learned a LOT!

Unfortunately, big companies are doing more temp help now and its all but impossible to get a perm job.  Don't sell yourself short & think you can only be a Wal-Mart greeter.  You do have valuable skills from MT and could utilize them in a higher paid position than a greeter.  Leave that job to the poor senior citizens who are now having to go back to work.

Just the usual clerical crud that temp companies have. nm
PIZZA, it's the usual.
We got pizza delivered.
Church group tonight.
I usually give $2 to the pizza man
and $2 to 3 to the hairstylist. Depends on if they cut straight or not!!!
$2 for pizza, $15-20 for cut & highlights.
Have to disable Norton Internet Sec & Del all Temp files every time, why???
I cannot get the links to stay but I know it has to be due to something in Norton because if I disable Norton Internet Security and then go to Tools, Internet Options, choose General tab, then Temporary Files, Delete Files, Delete all off line content, and hit okay, then I get them back, but they don't stay consistently. :(

Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed/added in Norton's Internet Security to keep the links/forums available in the blue/on the left side??? I have tried everything I can think of. I sure would appreciate your help.

I think it's the temporary files because when it starts acting like this, there are TONS of temp

Even closing Word doesn't make the files go away--I have to delete them manually.

As far as plug-ins, I have tried disabling them before but no luck. I can go months without a problem, plug-ins and all, and then, BAM, it starts happening all the time. I usually start holding my breath when I have a string of "crash-less" days (even more than I usually do to hold my gut in).

I'm beginning to think it's those automatic updates from Microsoft that are adding gremlins...can't say that I'm not beyond thinking that Mr. Gates would have his reasons for doing that, although I can't say for sure what they might be right now.

I'm open to any more ideas you might have.

pizza and denzel washington

pizza gives you different food categories and you can "doctor" pizza for variety by adding pineapples or other things you could find on the island.  denzel is a manly man, charming, funny and intelligent.    if drink is added cold beer (corona with lime) would go great with my pizza.

frozen pizza and Perrier
Go out almost never, but do Chinese and pizza twice a week. nm
Mmmmmmmmmmmm..cold pizza

Ha! We did pizza last night..so, it's leftovers.
2 bucks for pizza...usually $5 for hair cut...nm

It is FRIDAY - Pizza night! nm
Guess you'll have to come to my house for pizza!

Just finished canning 30 pints of pizza sauce from my homegrown tomatoes, peppers, basil, garlic, oregano and husband grows the onions.  Husband and his brothers own a large crop farm so can and freeze lots of veggies.  Also made salsa last week.  Almost always make my own pizza anymore because of the artificial color problem.  Haven't quite perfected it though (that pizzeria taste) but have got the crust almost "right".  Would be happy to share my recipe for dough.  Also sincere the in the shoulder if you need one- would be willing to share email address to correspond.

Ezcema is such a bummer!!  I have several nephews (husbands side of the family) with it.  Was worse for them when they were younger and has definitely gotten better now that they are older teens now.  Food allergies did seem to be a culprit for them.  Can you believe that when my daughter was totally covered all summer with hives that I went to my mother in law and asked her if anyone in the family had any allergies that she knew of because I was totally at a loss, immediately she said no without a thought.  (Couldn't be anyone in "her family").  Then after I almost killed my daughter with Amoxicillian (strep throat), Gatorade, cough syrup (cold/cough), Benadryl (hives) and Advil (fever) (all of which have red dye which she is most allergic to) and her face and throat swelled up the mother in law suddenly remembered her sister stops breathing if she has artifical food colors.  Golly gee thanks for your help. Her sister has food allergies and so do the nephews thanks for thinking of your granddaughter.

Temp files disappear when you shut down Word. System restore does not recover documents .
Wood-fired brick oven pizza. nm
Pizza or grilled cheese...church tonight for me.
$2 pizza, not do hairstylist as family does; but what about those Sonic car hopers? sm
i usually don't with sonic as they make minimum wage but have heard of some that do so i "occasionally" do depending if close to payday or not, lol, but those girls are getting snoody when you don't.
$5 for the pizza guy and $10 for a haircut and a pedicure. If nails too, tip more. Highlights, tip m
tip at least $10 when I eat out. I tell you one thing though, my pizza place always gets exactly what I order to me. If they didn't, I wouldn't tip as good. If I didn't get good service somewhere though, I would go some place else.
Hubbie's birthday...pizza, salad, but the most important thing
cheesecake and banana split dessert for his birthday..... Am looking forward to it! Yuummmm!!
Maybe 1-2 x a month(with kids), and usually order out on Friday's - Pizza or Chinese -