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Excuse me? Arrogant for buying a house for a family member that was sm

Posted By: OP on 2006-09-04
In Reply to: you sound arrogant to me. "unfortunate family members?" - sm

about to become homeless? I think not. You sound like my ungrateful, jealous sister in law who can't stand anyone else to succeed. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. They were unfortunate at the time and we bailed them out! Ask them, they will tell you where they would be had my husband and I not put our credit on the line for them.

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you sound arrogant to me. "unfortunate family members?"
like they can't take care of themselves without your noble gifts. Maybe you should be reading some books on codependence.
So sorry for the loss of your precious family member -
My sister's lab has been attacked twice while on a leash in front of his own yard by a pit bull. The attacking dog seems to never been on a leash. Her lab had part of his mouth ripped open and required numerous stitches to reattach it, plus some bites to his back. Something needs to be done to stop people from breeding pit bulls with these temperments!
Tell that to my friend. They had a dog they treated as a member of their family. That is, until it a
Dogs need to be trained and need to know they're lowest in the pack. I tried telling my friend this, but she wouldn't listen and she continued to treat the dog as a member of the family instead of as a dog. And eventually that "member of their family" decided it didn't want any more competition for affection, and attacked their son. Thank God he survived, 92 stitches and some nasty scars tho. If you love your family and you love your dog, then TRAIN your dog. Don't treat him like an extra child.
I have a question regarding a family member and possible cellulitis?

I went to visit my aunt last night.  Last week she fell and broke all the bones in her ankle.  She has plates and screws.  This is her fourth fall this year, but that is another story.  I looked at her cast and placed my hand on her leg just above the cast and it was warm.  I felt her other leg and it was cool.  The more I went up on the broken leg the less warm it got, but all the way up it was definitely significantly warmer than her "good" leg. 

My mother is a nurse practitioner and she showed up while I was there.  I explained my concern to her (my aunt is also a diabetic) about a possible infection.  She wouldn't acknowledge my concern.  I repeated myself and still nothing.  Lately my mother and I have had a couple issues regarding family members and their heath.  I am not a nurse nor do I claim to be, but being in this profession you do learn about the medical field and somtimes I feel I see a different side of things than my mom.  I can't figure out why, but she just doesn't see any value in my thoughts regarding medicine, ideas, thoughts, alternatives, etc.  In every other way she is the best mom in the world and I love her so much, but I feel she is disrespecting me by not taking my opinions/thoughts into account regarding the field of medicine and our family.

Another example is she has trouble with the pronunciation of medications.  I'm not claiming to be a pro, but I hear doctors and nurses says these meds over and over and over and I feel the majority rules in this regard.  Again, she thinks I'm wrong and doesn't really listen to what I'm saying.  The only reason I correct her is because I think it would be embarrasing to speak with a doctor and not say a med correctly.  I think it is a reflection on her.  It also helps with dictation too (as we all know).

Any ideas.  I don't know what to do.  I tried talking to her about this a couple weeks regarding my dad's health and she really didn't listen to what I had to say.  With certain things you can just blow it off, but this is the health of my aunt and father and I just couldn't live with myself if something happened to them.

Thanks for listening and for any ideas. 

How do you handle a family member who is a hypochondriac???

Has anyone ever had a family member who they believed is a hypochondriac?  We have an individual who seems like he always has something wrong.  It is to the point now if he really does get sick I can't believe him anymore.  I can't even bring myself to calling him to see how he is feeling when he says he is sick b/c I think he is just making a mountain out of a molehill.  Am I being insensitive?  I am just so tired of hearing it. 

I am sure someone is going to recommend counseling but he already does that.  Anyone have any other advice how to handle him?




Transcribing Report Of Family Member

I am wondering what the proper protocol would be if I ever came across a report that was dictated on one of my family members. 

I just started doing transcription for a hospital in a really small town--the ONLY hospital in that town--and it just happens to be the same town were most of my family lives.  I know myself well enough to know that I won't break any rules of confidentiality.  However, is there anything in the *laws of transcription* that say I legally am not allowed to transcribe reports dictated on relatives??

I am afraid to ask my supervisor this question, as I really like this account and don't want her taking me off of it.  It's chopped full of *standards* and the line count/pay just doesn't get any better than this.

transcribing report on family member
When I worked at a hospital, I asked my boss, the director of medical records, if I was allowed to transcribe a report on a family member, and she said "yes".
Family member got an Acer recently. Working great for her. My PC
I was sent a courtesy copy of the office notes for a family member once.
This was soon after I became an MT. I was so appalled at the sloppiness of the typing and the rampant use of inappropriate abbreviations that we switched doctors. At least I knew what the abbreviations were for, not sure the typical lay person would have.
Buying a house sm

I need some advice. 

We're in the process of buying a home.  When we were searching today for quotes on a homeowners policy, we found out the home had $14,000 in water damage in 2003 and the insurance company (Farm Bureau) wouldn't insure it for us.  There was, however, one company who would insure it but for a really high premium.

We were supposed to close on the 25th.  I'm considering backing out of the deal because of this.  Would I be able to get my earnest money back since the seller didn't reveal in this in their disclosure?

Also, would you pay the higher premium and buy the house because maybe whatever caused the problem is fixed?

By the way, we haven't had the inspection yet.  It is to be done on Monday.




In my family, ANY day is an excuse to get drunk, and get-togethers
just make it more so.  Used to hate it when I was a  kid, and still hate it today. 
Buying a house on an MT's pay, stupid or daring?
Put a couple hundred down for earnest money today. Not sure if it was the "right" thing to do, but will sure "feel" good if I can pull it off! Any other single moms out there have their own home?
Not MT related, need house buying info..sm
Does anyone know what you can do when your credit score isn't high enough to get 100% financing on a home.  I qualify for 80% financing but don't have 36k for a down payment.  Frustrating!
REASON I'M TELLING them I'm buying house tomorrow

To answer post below, BF would love me to rent from him and stay here, but the idea is to get away from him,

I do not love him, he has a violent nature has wrecked things and has a history of wrecking things, is VERY short-tempered,

does not like my 16 y/o-has called her a bi**h-has said she needs to get off her fat a** and do something even though she babysits HIS kids so HE can do stuff, MAKES his supper when I'm working plus goes to school and does her homework.... He has said I should use the brain in my head and realize she needs to exercise and make her exercise more. Oh, and has called me a B**ch too, can't forget that part. Obviously is ALWAYS negative toward her, NEVER anything positive.

He whines and complains constantly. He complains and whines when dinner is not made. He complains over household chores not being done but of course he is unwilling to help because he is busy with work and this and that..and is TIRED! but whines when laundry isn't done etc, including his of course. He whines because he is so tired from work and so sore (he does construction). Doesn't matter that I went to bed a 3am and was up at 9 to take care of kids, etc, etc, have 3 PT jobs, etc etc.

He has a "do as I say but not what I do" motto with everything. He thinks he is the best looking, the best at EVERYTHING, the best in bed....OH Ya, that too. His ego is huge obviously. And of course, he says I could do worse. Oh Ya?

And obviously doesn't respect me. Sits on the couch with dirty clothes, walks on clean floors with dirty shoes, says bottoms aren't dirty, says back of his clothes aren't dirty...constantly does that...even had dirt clumps fall off his shoes and baby would pick them up wanting to eat them...that didn't even stop him. Doesn't pick up after himself, leaves garbage in kitchen with the basket 1 foot away and leaves wrappers...CANT stand that. I have 3 kids to pick up after, I don't need another that is 39 years old.

Okay, nuf' said about why I don't want to rent from BF? And I don't want to hear that it is a man thing and ALL men are like that cause I am sick of that excuse and ALL men AREN'T like that. I was not put on this earth to be a maid to someone who is supposed to love and care for me. Can't and won't do it.

Plus, got an email from supervisor at hospital today, she was wanting to know what hours I can work for fulltime. Looks like it may happen before the 1st of the year. Yeah!

In some states, if buying house and married, both names are legally required to be on deed. (nm)
House & Garden, Family Handyman
PS..arrogant to say the least

Arrogant?? Not at all. sm
How does giving an honest response to a direct question regarding income equate arrogance?

I'm amazed each and everytime I read some of these posts that people can be so hateful, bitter, catty, and jealous.

I hate transcription and am totally burned out. I do just enough to get by. If another MT is typing their fingers off and making a comfortable living, I say "Good for them!" How can you begrudge someone who works hard for being successful?? Would it have made you feel better about yourself if she had posted that she is struggling to make ends meet and can't feed her family? Good grief people.
You talk about QA being arrogant, BUT
You post all the time and it is very visible how much you are actually arrogant. You have such a terrible attitude and nasty mouth. Even as the abbreviation you used it is uncalled for. Your opinion is NOT the only one that matters. You are one person i would just LOVE to meet in person. I would be the first to put you in your place right then and there!
I know that. You're the arrogant one here.
Why would I want to be a doctor anyways?  I have my reasons for being in MT.  Direct patient contact and long hours don't fit into the life plan.  Nobody here has to explain themselves to you.  The truth is that nobody even likes you because you're such a nasty, mean person.  That's why you're here verbally abusing strangers on the Internet.  Have you kicked any dogs lately?
Too arrogant for me and I think he prefers men. nm
I agree. You are arrogant.
I have no issues at all. I'm just saying that the OP is being condescending and arrogant.
And if there are any issues going on, they seem to be coming from a person who needs to analyze any posts in diagreement with their opinion as if that disagreeing poster must be crazy and that simply isn't the case.
No I don't think doctors are arrogant and inconsiderate as a whole.
Because they don't dictate the way we like isn't a personal thing against us. Some have skills with dictation that others don't. Like public speaking, some can, some can't. Doctors do have lives and problems and patients outside of trying to dictate patient records.
It's how incredibly arrogant this administration is!
How can you trust anything that comes from anyone in this adminstration's mouth?  Starting at the very top!!  I can NOT wait until his dictatorship is over.  I am really praying that the Democrats get back in office.  I can not stand the Bush administration's air of superiority.  I don't appreciate being made to look foolish on the world stage.  Bush and his cronies are an embarrassment to this country.  I can not wait until their regime ends!!
No, I was agreeing that Mary's arrogant.
Gee, I dunno. Maybe since you find Americans fat and arrogant is a start
so we're stuck with your nasty ol' hair-ball self
I hope you realize not all Americans are this nasty and arrogant.
Not nearly as arrogant and inconsiderate and downright exploitative as most MT companies n/m
I personally don't. I think she's arrogant, pompous, and in general, a big mouth who's ful
Aren't you sorry you asked? (LOL!)
not a member
AAMT must not be there only list because I am not a member and I recently received e-mail from them too.
I have been a member and not
I got nothing out of being a part of it except that it looked good on my evals to be part of an organization, but the raises I was getting didn't justify the cost. I have thought of getting certified, but see no reason are looking at it for a long time.

Reasons I was told to get certified is that you get hired faster if you are certified, especially by the outsource companies, but I do not seem to see people very happy with any company so I will continue to work fo the hospital I do. Plus, the outsource companies are sending work out of the country to get cheaper laborers and are not interested in paying top dollar for certified and competent transcriptionists.

To get hired for hospitals, etc., they are also tightening their belts and I will go with a good non-certified before a certified Transcriptionist and pay less.

This "AHDI" has made themselves "self-proclaimed" association for MTs. I could start one today and if I had investors to get it organized. We have the Joint Commission setting what is acceptable and making the industry unified in the way things are done and that overules ADHI anyway. I think someone is making lots of money off already poor MTs!
Please explain what was snippy, rude, arrogant, or insulting in her post.
Sorry, but that's the attitude YOU put forward.  You're the one ranting about not being able to find quality MTs.  You use the same nickname and the same style as someone who posted the same topic a few days ago.  I think you knew that would incite a riot.  Maybe the MTs should start an MTSO bashing post and explain the real reason some MTSOs can't find decent MTs.  You reap what you sow.  If you're only offering newbie rates, you're only going to get newbie applicants.  Maybe it's YOU that is the reason you can't find quality MTs.
Do you think doctors are generally arrogant and make a lot of money and so inconsiderate of us?
I had been listening to several breast onco dictations by the same female dictator who kept on yawning that it was so annoying...made me want to post a complaint to a forum of mother MDs (though I was not quite sure where I would post it) which I previously run into...

I then saw under the General Discussion board this thread:


That made me feel like reaching out to the sleepy doctor who was probably not being paid for that time she takes to dictate about her patients (she apparently let them pile up before dictating) and just let her head rest on my lap (I am a female). Maybe she did not have enough sleep, or not even enough time to enjoy her family...
Oh bullshit, that is such a lame excuse. The same lame excuse that has been
time someone doesn't agree with offshoring.  Of course I have bills that need to be paid...EVERYONE DOES!  And, guess what sweet cheeks, I have a job and it's with a company that doesn't offshore!  Wah...wah...wah all you want, but this site does not support offshoring private health information and if you don't like it, run somewhere else because there are a lot of us here that DON'T agree with you!
JD is the newest member
of INXS. I liked both Mary and JD and especially loved their original songs "Pretty Vegas" and "Trees". I especially loved Marty and plan to download all his tunes he performed on INXS.
You do not have to be AHDI member sm
you only renew CMT credential every 3 years and CE credits are free.  The renewal is $50, so that amounts to $16.66 every year.  Exam was reimbursed by my employer 100%.
Hey, I like that! I'm a member of DUST
Downtrodden US Transcriptionists....
Not sure on this but I think you pay to be listed with the BBB - (join a member) so many probably j
the money to do so. Search the archives or Google them. Otherwise unless they are offering some outragous pay over such as over .12 cpl, then I would not worry about it and go for it.
To Proud Member of AAMT: I think it's just as

Things in this field have changed for the worse over the past years.  Salaries have decreased, yet expectations have risen.  Benefits are contingent upon production, yet a good share of the time production can't be met due to complications outside of the MT's control.  When it comes to taking the losses due to changes in the field such as offshore outsourcing and technologic advancements, it isn't the clients or the service owners taking the major hit.  It's the transcriptionists.  Yet AAMT has done NOTHING to help the transcriptionists in general.  In fact, it has gone out of its way to PROMOTE offshore outsourcing and even to change some of the guidelines in the newly published, amended BOS to accommodate voice recognition and other technology geared to replace the MT or relegate transcription to other forms labeled "editors", which in reality involve retyping whole reports or major portions of reports at a cut in pay, of course. 

All anyone, newbies included, needs to do is to look at the history of the medical transcription field, see the changes, and then see how much AAMT did to promote the worth of the Transcriptionist in this country.  The depressing message isn't coming from those speaking against AAMT, it is coming from the consequences resulting from the actions of the AAMT.  One fact alone can depress a newbie, and that is to look at the average line rate in 1995 compared to the average line rate now in 2005.   Thank you, AAMT, for promoting that.

i see you never worked as a union member before lol
I quit being a member when I heard they were going....sm

to start holding hands with India. They are not out to help AMERICAN MTs. They don't care one way or another about American MTs anymore.

Their latest pitch is to the  MTs STOP transcribing verbatim. So not only will we have to be language specialists, we'll have to put a doctor's words in "proper English."

It doesn't matter what the docs want. It's what they want. Baloney. They are not our boss. Our docs are our bosses. If the docs want verbatim, that's what they'll get...at least from me (except for the JAHCO list of unacceptable terminology).

I'm so glad there are hospitals and doctors out there that don't give a hoot about AAMT. I sure don't. Oh, and if anyone noticed, usually buying products through AAMT doesn't save a dang nickel. In fact, you pay just as much, if not more, for the same products you can get by dealing directly with the company that makes them till all is said and done.

I'll save my money and spend it on more important things.

The BTK killer was also respected member of
Anyone a member of AHDI/AAMT? (sm)
I'm interested to find out what benefits you actually get and use for your money, and if any employers are at all interested in the fact that you are a member etc. It's not a inexpensive prospect to become a member, that is why I wonder if the benefits are worthwhile to the working MT.

I am. Member discounts on references SM
and continuing education (I am a CMT and need it to maintain) are worth it to me.  The discounts I received on those add up to more than I paid for membership.
I'm a member, it costs me $20 to take a webinar.
Over 3 years, 30 CEs at about $20 each.

Over 3 years, CMT differential at $6K a year.

You do the math.


Very good post - was getting discouraged as a member myself.
If you are a member of the AAMT, how have you benefitted in her career? CMT? SM

I have been at this for about 15 years and have thought off and on about becoming an AAMT member and about getting my CMT, but always stop short because of the cost and basically the inconvenience of having to find the testing center that seems to be located in some obscure office building I've never even heard of.

However, I have recently started working for a facility that actually encourage their MTs to further their education, to network with one another and share information, and offer pay raises for the CMT credentials.  So, once again I am considering the pros and cons of membership and taking the CMT exam.

A member of my team simply did not make contact with
the trainer on the day of her scheduled training session on the secondary account! The primary account is easy for her as she is just off of a major university and now is doing small town work and whipping them out faster than I can log in patient information.

This is not fair, it seems to me. When I contacted her via e-mail to see how the account was going, she simply said that she had not been trained on it yet when I vividly recall that her training date was over a month ago.
AAMT member, yes. Love Texas de Brazil!!
I have been AOL member since 1999. Can you bring link to this story to board?