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Do not work for Amherst if you can work for any other office in MQ. It is terrible. They overload

Posted By: MQ2 on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: Amherst - MQ FT

accounts terribly. We are always running out of work or need to have 8 or 9 backups to get lines in. This is the way it is. There may be a few out there that it is different but I do acute care and was just transferred there along with my office and everyone in my office is in the same boat. Not a good deal at all.

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Does anyone on her work for Amherst MQ and how is that office to work for.
Yes I work for AMHERST ALSO and it is 9:30 and no work. Everyone really needs to call Corporate
about this. This will not get any better unless you go to Corporate and complain very loudly and I am very serious about this. Some of us have already done this but it will take all of you to do it. If you dont get a person down there put it on someones voice mail. The human resource manager is Donna Jack at extension 4905 in Mt. Laurel.
Maybe all of MQ will be like Amherst or maybe so many of us at Amherst have not work they gave us
other accounts in other offices. They sure overhired but a lot have quit because of no work. One thing for sure, you wont get the truth out of your supervisor.
Good. Why dont you send some our way. What office do you work for so I can call and get your work.
RE: ER and work in Amherst

I really can't believe that you made a statement like that. You must be one of the lucky ones in the Amherst office--may I ask how long you have been in that office. I was transferred to Foxboro, kept running out of work, asked to be transferred, and was transferred to Amherst and I am still out of work.  I presently have 5 accounts and have been doing ASR when that runs out--how many accounts do you have--are you one of those MT's that have 9 or 10 accounts and that is how you are able to get your lines. We are not unproductive, we just want to have work. When I started with MQ over 8 years ago, I averaged 16000 lines a pay period till the day I was transferred to Foxboro, now I am lucky if I can get to 10000 between all the accounts. One of my accounts that was transferred with me went to another service, the other accounts have been flooded with my MT's then needed, something I was told would never happen when I was transferred.

We are not lazy, unproductive, we just want to be able to work and evidently you have an inside track to all the work. Sometimes people need to vent and this is a good forum for it. Years ago MQ was a good company to work for, that was before all the office closings and all the accounts being lost

you must not work for amherst ofc
don't be so quick to judge
Where is the work?? I have 392 lines for the day--how is anyone suppose to live on this--why do they keep hiring more people when we have no work--I had no work over the holiday week end, no matther what time of the day I tries, did anyone else run into this problem with no work for today??? Why does corp ignore the problems at this office, I transferred out of Foxboro for the same reason, no work and it is no better, if not worse, here.. HELP--this is so frustrating, before I was transferred to Foxboro I could do 15000 lines a pay period and now nothing--what is wrong with these people
Do you work out of Amherst?
Well that is their rule. Only 40 hours a week; Sunday through Saturday. If you don't get your lines in in those 40 hours, Oh Well.

The problem also is that you can be working for 8 hours a day and not get your lines in because there is no work.

I am not going to work 9, 10 or 11 hours to get my lines when they do not have the work for me.

It is a vicious circle and there seems to be no end.
I am also sitting here with no work again from Amherst. I dont believe this.
Maybe that is where all my work goes. They sure overloaded my accounts in Amherst.
You are lucky because Amherst is always out of work and I know they hired a lot of new people ?? so
just curious about this.
Can anyone suggest an office in MQ that is not run like this Amherst office. They are absolutely
pathetic. I wonder how many other MTs are in that office in the same situation.
I cannot believe Amherst is still in business with the work they are throwing out filled with blanks

with tons of MTs on all these accounts they cant do well. Dont they have any amount of brains up there. Well what goes around comes around.

Well supposed to be working and GUESS WHAT NO WORK AGAIN AT AMHERST MQ. No doubt in my mind that
they could care less about the MT, if you make money or starve. These people are absolutely crazy. There is no doubt in my mind.
Pay kids work around office, renovate office.
Amherst office
Maybe we should all call the ofiice this morning and ask them where all the work went to this week end?
MQ-Amherst office/quota

I work out of the Amherst office and have gotten a letter about not making quota for insurance purposes--HELLO--I can not make my lines each pay period if I have no work. I have called and emailed the office numerous times explaining the lack of work, been given more accounts, and yet run out of work but yet the hiring of newbies continues and from what I gather from the posting, all of Warminster is now in Amherst also. After reading the SEC comments on MQ and the money spent on lawyers, contract buy outs, loss of clients and lowser rates, I wonder where we will all end up. With the Atlanta office closing on 9/1/2005, I wonder how many more offices are closing between now and the end of the year. The closing of offices was one of the things mentioned in the disclosure, sorry, the conslidation of offices, termination of office employees, telecom cuts--all ways for MQ to save money. I guess you would have to after spending $18 million dollars on lawyer fees already and none of the lawsuits are settled.

Where will this all end


Amherst, I am out of the Atlanta Office
Could people in the Amherst office tell me

whether the accounts they work for are local to their area, or do you do accounts that are across the country?  The particular account I work on, I trained with all the ladies on it a couple of months ago on DQS (we all worked on it in another office w/o DQS), and so far, we have a lot of work. 

Wondering if the problem with lack of work just depends on which accounts you work on and not necessarily a problem as a whole.

You mean Amherst has a bunch of liars also in the office. Seems to be the MQ way.
What MQ office do you work for?
I have over 25+ years experience and have been with MQ since 1997.  I sure am not getting 9.5 cents a line!  I had to fight to get the tiny raise I did get.  What's your secret for getting the 9.5 cents??? 
I work at a vet's office
That's my main second job. I usually have two or three transcription jobs.
I used to work in an onc office

and I can tell you that even though the doctors may sound cold when dictating, most of them are not that way in the office.  As for feeling sad for the patients, I cried at least once a week when I worked in that office (and I only worked 2 days a week).  I got very attached to these patients as many of them were coming every week for their treatments.  But in the end, I felt privileged to have worked there.  I made it my job to get to know these patients personally, to let them know that someone does care.  Many of them left our office smiling and that made me feel good inside.

My OB once asked me if it was depressing, and I told him that while losing a patient in our office was always sad, but the patients were no longer in pain, and that I would rather deal with that loss than trying to explain to a new mother the loss of a baby any day.  He agreed, said he never thought of it that way. 

I'm currently working on a children's hospital and it's very saddening some days.  The pediatric oncology is the worst, though.  You just never expect something like that to happen to your family.  You just kind of wake up one day and cancer has reared its ugly head.

The office that I work for is going to EMR in May
I went in for training a few weeks ago and it's all set up on my computer. They will still need transcriptionists. I was told that consultation notes will still have to be transcribed. There's too much information in them that you just can't point and click everything. Also, we fax all the work we do, so we still have to fax all notes. It looks like it's going to make my work a lot easier. Now, down the road maybe they won't need us full-time, but I've already been preparing for that by working as a legal Transcriptionist as well as a general transcriptionist.
Yes, better to be in an office than NO WORK at all.

You would think this office would wise up but guess not until it is too late. I am from Amherst and
I guarantee you I am looking. I pity anyone who gets hired by MQ for Amherst. That all situation is an absolute joke. They need to get rid of the people up there responsible for these problems.
unusual for me too, worried too, not Amherst office nor Ohio

What office were you offered 9.5? The one I work in does NOT go over 8.
I am the only MT on the account I am doing and the client REFUSES to have anyone else do it..i figure leverage, but they still wont pay more than 8 NO SPACES. I never have blanks, never mess up at all, work ALLLLL the time. Where or where did you get 9.5?
I work out of the Dallas/SW office and
over the past 4 years, I have had slow work once or twice but have never run out. Now, that doesn't mean that possibly some accounts were not out but the accounts I work on provided me with work so that I never lost a line from it.

Enjoy the boards, Michael!
Do you work out of the Seattle office?

Just curious.  Our Portland office closed recently. 

I DON'T GET IT????? I have NEVER run out of work EVER. We are ALWAYS swamped at my office!!!
Sorry to hear your office is so slow. Come to the Dallas office...you'll never run out of work.
That stinks. Must be the office you work for because

I had nothing but STAT reports for 5 hours straight this a.m. and then reports went back to last Friday's dictation.  I wish there were some way I could send some out to you.

Weird thing is that in the last couple of weeks I have logged on to find no work, but within an hour, I have plenty of work.  Uh oh.  Is it my turn?

Try to find an office you can work out of where other MTs can help you out!
The office I work for some of the docs went

Now the office staff who handles the dictation are griping because they don't like Cbay.  They say it is hard to get the work back and it always needs edited.  The docs are behind on editing because they get caught up doing other things.  I had the staff say they wish the doctors would not have drifted..  makes my head well, but you get what you pay for...  

Work in office and home
The office provided me with software in order to hook up to the office over my DSL line. Just connect to the company's software and the computer works as if I was in the office exactly the same way. And anyone in the office can see what I have typed instantly! I love it! I would much prefer working at home than at the office however!!
I used to work for a neurosurgeons' office (SM)
They didn't test me when I went in for my interview.  The HR lady said they would find out soon enough if I didn't know how to type.  I guess that makes sense!!  I worked there for 2 years
I would work in the office in a heartbeat
if it meant a liveable wage and no more sending of OUR jobs to INDIA. Working at home holds no great thrill to me.  It's the paycheck that matters.  This work-at-home thing is what started all this fiasco but nobody wants to give up their flexibility blah blah blah. 
Just got transferred to the Amherst office and am wondering what to expect from that transfer.

Can anyone tell me anything about how they operate that office. Do you have work in your regular accounts without hundreds of backups or what is the situation.


Which office do you work for if you dont mind.
LOL tooo funny. You work in this office?
How do you know?
I always ask via e-mail to whomever I work the most with at the office
In-office work is different than working at home. That's just the way it is. If it seems too
rigid to you, maybe you should stick to working for the nationals.
I used to work in the master bedroom and now I have my own office. I could
When you work in an office, you can see when others are manipulating the system.
so don't judge her for knowing
Well, part of the reason I do NOT work in an office sm

is so that I CAN take the time to stop and feed my child, or put a band-aid on a scraped knee, or read a quick story...  My children are a priority to me and the distraction they cause is acceptable for me.  That doesn't make my work ethic any less than yours IMO, I work more hours probably.  I work some nights after the rest of my family is sleeping.  My work ethic is such that I get my work done and still give time to my children when they need it.


Does anyone send cards or anything to the office they work for? (sm)

Years ago when I worked for a smaller company a bunch of us made a big  box of goodies and mailed it to the office.  They were such great people, helpful and cheerful. The company always sent us something and we didn't want to just send to the owner of the company so we felt a card in a box of goodies everyone could share.  Smaller places have more of a personal feel .

Now I work for a larger company and home made goodies may not be such a good idea. (The shipping alone would be a killer.)  I guess a card addressed to "everyone" will have to do it.  Thought about having X-mas cards made up with  my family picture on it and sending that to kind of help them also put a face to the name.  Too much?  Think I would be better off with just a standard card? 

Those of you that are doing anything for the office you work out of, what are you doing?  Would love to "borrow" a really good idea.


Who me? No, I work for a local nephrology office.
Never worked for Spheris.
If it is a medical office, they should have one as we all sign one when we work there -- nm
Going back to Office Admin Work

Hello everyone.  I wanted to sign in and thank everyone for all the info that has been posted on this board.  It was a very important web site for me during my short transcription career.

After being laid off from a company in Michigan 3 weeks ago, I have searched for and found an office manager position in a non-MT environment.  I'm going back to my routes in Admin.  I tried to make a career change a few years ago.  Maybe it was not the financial environment to make such a change or maybe it is just not for me.  What ever the case is, I'm leaving.  I have invested a large amount of time and money into this dream but sometimes you have to know when to "fold 'em."  Lucky for me hubby is on board and not making me feel bad about our investment or how this dream of mine drained our finances. 

So, again, thanks for all the help and good luck to everyone. 

I have asked numerous times if people like the Amherst office but seems no one ever offers their
opinion about that office. Just transferred there and I am sure many other MTs on here work out of that office.
They are and that is why we dont have work then. They bring in other offices and run your office out
of work because too many people are on the account then. Make sense. Nope.