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Posted By: PMT on 2006-05-22
In Reply to: RE: - 2121

Dear 2121,

This is fine for inhouse/hourly employees but does not apply for IC/65cpl Transcriptionist who is paying for unlimited LD, computer, programs, all of her taxes, paper, printer, toner, fax, pens, stickies.

IC's should not be asked to type the ESL's. They do not pay enough for time spent proofing/searching for the answers due to inability of dictator to produce a quality dictation.

I refuse to work for Indian companies or VR companies. I will not fix Indian transcription. I am an IC and I require $0.10-$0.12/65cpl in order to make a descent living after all my expenses. Editing Indian transcriptions is an insult.

Just my 10 cents worth (inflation you know)!

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