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printed for my dozen coworkers! LOVIT!! -nm-

Posted By: sede on 2006-05-23
In Reply to: ESL's - PMT


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former coworkers
Same thing my former coworkers said before they were demoted to file clerks.
Have you ever had a coworker that just never took responsibility for anything they did? Well I'm glad that I just got rid of my coworker. She blamed the world and everyone else for all that was going on with her.  She turned in her notice, didn't work all of the days, left a mess and constantly tries to look at other people's situations and wants hers to be the same way. Anyone had a coworker like that? What's your coworker horror story? I'm glad I do MT part-time so I can get away from people sometimes.
Six of one/half dozen of the other
I have had both over the years (have bought my own insurance since 1989).  Neither gave me any grief.  Blue Cross was eventually cheaper for me than Mutual of Omaha.  The downside to Blue Cross is that if you move out of the area where you bought Blue Cross, say you have Blue Cross of Illinois and want to move to Georgia, you cannot take Blue Cross of Illinois with you, and just because Blue Cross of Illinois accepted you does not mean that the Blue Cross plan in Georgia will accept you when you apply.  With Mutual of Omaha, you would not have this problem.
I'm in the NE, my friends and coworkers are in the NE, and these constant complaints are just bog
There is always work as long as one isn't a "queen".  The only MTs who are running out of work refuse back-up accounts, won't type outside of their "box" - i.e. specific hours like 9 am to 11 am, and won't work any daily variation without bonuses dangled in front of them.  Otherwise, all of us are fine - hustling, busy, learning new accounts and basically working!!  The offices all have phone #s and real live people answer the phones, etc. The drama these 2 or 3 ladies daily report on just doesn't exist.  For months, one was always screaming the Indians were getting her work. She just KNEW it was the Indians - no other explanation. Well, she found that was wrong and never mentioned a word of apology or clarification. Then it was VR taking all her work, or the phantom cherry pickers.  Its simply the talented MTs who are learning back-up accounts and learning them well!  But to hear these women rag on, you'd think it was doom and gloom, which just ain't so!
Geeze I thought this was a place to go and get help from coworkers.
Will anything else play, a CD or anything? That is 1 clue to make sure there is or is not a card, make sure everything is plugged up correctly.

Try this, In Windows Media Player, to go Tools, Options, Devices, Speakers, properties choose Default DirectSound Device click okay and close out and see if that works.

If not, you might go to Start, Settings, Control panel, Sound/speach/audiodevices and follow some of the trouble shooting techniques.

If all else failes use the Help on the start button and research or go to the knowledge center of Microsoft.com and search the error message.

Other than that, if one is not installed you should be able to go and pick one up at wal-mart, radioshack or some other local store rather reasonably, definitely cheaper than being out of work for the day.
There are probably at least a dozen jobs a week
posted for companies looking for people to work at home.  Pay may not be as good as it is usually production-based.  There are pros and cons, just like any situation.   With gas prices the way they are now being able to work at home is a plus, but working at home isn't stress-free either.   Lots of companies hire part-time and you could take a position for a month or two and try it to see how it will work for you before you decide to quit the other job. 
MTSOs are a dime a dozen, but your kids are not. - sm
I'd have no problem at all postponing the training time with THEM, since they had already done it to ME! The kids are only kids for so long, and I think it would be more important to honor a promise made to them for swimming night, than to be further strung along by the company. The people at your new job are perfect examples of what happens if people grow up not learning to honor their promises & commitments. So in your same shoes, I'd keep my promise to the kids, which will help them to learn to keep theirs, as well. And I'd tell the MTSO what time is convenient for ME to have them train me. They deserve nothing more until they've earned it.
I have not found one yet. Tried a dozen of them - nothing really works well or lasts long. nm
Go down this page a few dozen posts to where you posted this before. There are a few replies
Yes, I bought a dozen or so awhile back and over half did that....sm
I have always used Maxell but that batch was really bad.   I was wondering if they had been on the shelf too long.   I went ahead and bought 12 more (different place) and so far these have been OK. 
It's two. Look at how it comes out printed... (s/m)
... two spaces between sentences is easier to read and more professional looking. One space is hard to read and amateurish... like what you see in cellphone texting!

Even if they tell me one, I'm still gonna do two - I'd be embarrassed to put my initials on it otherwise.
No, I need to work with some coworkers with "class", not low rental boss-bashing cats!

And what I love the most - if Frank himself called one of them, or actually walked up to them in an office, they'd fall all over him, gushing about how great he is to work for! Guaranteed! Its just so "catty" to claw his eyes out on an anonymous message board and giggle, giggle, giggle. I'd be saying the same thing to their faces as well, except I'd probably be their supervisor and would be canning their catty behinds.

Whenever one of my coworkers asks me to listen to a report and fill in the blanks or make SM

corrections, I always put my initials on the report right after hers and I expect anyone who goes into any of my reports to make a correction to do the same and that includes QA people.  Where I work, the transcription clerk will put her initials in a report even if she just had to go into the report and delete a blank line to make the report upload correctly.  She puts an asterisk by her initials to let us know that she didn't make any changes to the text, just made adjustments for uploading purposes.

I've been told at other jobs by the QA bunch that whatever software we use automatically keeps a virtual record of each person who accesses a report, but I just like knowing who else has messed with my report.  I can't tell you how many times when I worked in the office, an irate doctor has come in saying "who's LN" or "who's RB".  So if QA went into the report and changed something, I want the doctor to see their initials too.

IIt's a fun show. I printed out the
recipe for the Chipotle pasta that the judges wanted seconds on. I'll make it this weekend.
They were probably printed in India. nm
Printed material
Yes - by the same poster who is now filling the Wicca and Witchcraft boards with spells!
I have the printed version, and it's not very useful. (n/m)
Yes, me too, but I still drop off printed reports
The phone system just makes it easier to track reports, no more broken tapes, etc. Plus, drs like it when they can call with an urgent document instead of waiting for pickup. I was hesitant (old dog not wanting new tricks) but I really like it a lot. It also is more secure as far as HIPAA, each dr has a different log-in and all.
Safe way of mailing printed reports?
I am currently transcribing and printing reports for a doctor, and pay a courier to go back and forth picking up tapes & dropping off printed reports. Have found a way for the doc to easily send me his transcription digitally, but they still want their reports printed and sent to them. The courier is kind of expensive to just deliver reports. Wasn't sure if Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation would be a HIPAA compliant way of sending reports? Or possibly a Fedex option? Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive way of getting reports delivered (about 40 miles away) that would be safe and HIPAA compliant? Faxing is not an option, as most are printed letters and the fax quality is just not great. Would appreciate any thoughts/ideas at all. Thanks!
Absolutely - woke up this morning to a dozen of long stem red roses, box of candy and cards from my
Beautiful day! Everything was sitting out on my dining room table for me when I woke up. Hubby had already left for work and teens getting ready for school. Plus, my coffee was already made and bagel in the toaster for me.

I am blessed!
Religion board/Catholic is full of printed material!!!
welcome; i printed it out and have it hanging beside my desk. current AAMT BOS, electronic addition
In a time where holey jeans and a t-shirt that has some vulgar words printed on it, I'd say YES
Does this seem fair? To charge .16 per line - includes printed reports, copies on disk for one year

and delivery.  I do travel twice a week to this office.  Plus, at times I will fax or email the reports free of charge.  I live in Southern California in an upscale area. 


Thanks again!

I made a card with a nice close-up photo of hers printed oblong-shaped with a red background, a huge
blank space beside the photo for my message written in silver ink, and some pressed tiny flowers to decorate the edges, then I laminated. She was so proud to show it off to her friends. (You might want to use this idea next year, maing sure you press small flowers first, or you can think of other decors).