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In talking with my cousin who is a doctor

Posted By: right on! on 2006-05-22
In Reply to: FYI - I produce high quality reports because I - XYZ

he says that any doctor who does not speak so that you can understand him does NOT care and most likely does NOT even read his reports!  So there you have it.  As it has been said many times before, GARBAGE IN/ GARBAGE OUT!  ESLs or no ESLs.  Those who say you are not a Transcriptionist because you don't want to make a *sensible* document, (you finish this sentence)!!!

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Are we related? I have a cousin just like this....sm
as long as she thinks the spotlight can be on her she's all for everything - but if she's not in the spotlight then she doesn't show up, etc. At least I got off the hook when she got married for the FOURTH time - she had a small wedding and invited my nephew (ring bearer), my sister/brother-in-law and my brother (photographer) but I didn't get an invite as she didn't have space.... so I never sent her even a card acknowledging her marriage.
And his cousin, Frank Spasm
Legends of the Fall with my cousin's
Brad Pitt (when he was a HUNK pre-Jolie, obviously). 
seems to me your cousin has already made it clear...
that she's not interested in family parties...so I would "believe" her prior pattern of behavior and ignore her shower.
If he let the tourists "buy their way out", my cousin and her friends, along with -
hundreds of other tourists would be safe and sound.

We have not heard from her or her friends since Friday, August 26, 2005.

You know absolutely nothing!
This same thing happened to my cousin's wife
and she also was 34. She was a school teacher at the time and had 3 little children. They treated her in the hospital for FIVE MONTHS. She was close to death for quite awhile but after multiple surgeries managed to finally survive. I do not think that they are suing. As someone stated, this is usually stated as a complication of gallbladder surgery.

Unfortunately, this hospital has a major problem with making those mistakes because my aunt also had her pancreas punctured when she went in just for a scope and also spent months in the hospital.

As hard as it is to accept though, these things do happen.

I am with the poster who said to pray for your cousin.
My cousin never had a problem with shellfish until later in life.

Then one night he ate some shrimp and his tongue swelled and his face swelled and he broke out in hives.  It was horrible.

Now he can't even walk by a boiling lobster pot without having a reaction.

But nobody ever knew until he ate that shrimp and he had never had a problem with it before.

So you never know.

My own cousin, an op room RN with a Masters degree tried
and failed at MT. She asked me for advice before starting, but didn't take me seriously when I told her that there was more to it than she thought. But she tried and tested, and just couldn't get hired. Her mother, who is my mother's sister-in-law, was talking to my mom one day, and she said, "Geez, if your daughter can do it, surely mine can! She's a nurse!"

Well, hers couldn't.

Nice, Aunt, huh?
mean, sarcastic manager and QA cousin at meditec

The internship is fine, don't look to get rich though. Purely training. Good way to get your foot in the door.  The reason why you may want to stay away is because of the manager and her cousin who is in editing. Mean, sarcastic people! That is how they treated me anyway.

I'll trade your friend for my cousin

He charges outlandish amounts to do our taxes. Last year it was over $550. The year before that was a little less 'cause we had a mortgage. We don't have that this year.

'Course he said he tried to squeeze every last penny of deductions he could out of our taxes. He even filed an amended return after talking to DH about taxes at our last reunion. Saved us a few more thousand dollars....but still hurt. I am an employee, gave up IC 4 years ago, but DH is still self-employed.

Totally! I opted out of going to a cousin's wife's 2nd shower
after only 3 years! Ridiculous. The baby was even the same sex. And SHE never got rid of anything. So, I heard later that she took just about everything back to the store for refunds/exchanges! Really something, huh?
Wait a minute, I'm not just talking about the boards, I'm talking about the news article.


"JLG has a contract with Arrendale Associates/ A+Network/CBay Scribe, which the group says is in India.
A letter from JLG to Barbara Dingman, chief compliance officer and director of health information management, says all medical transcriptionists assigned to the Medical Center Hospital account live in the U.S. and all work is done in America."

But yet they do business with Arrendale/A+/CBay, what am I missing here?

Yeah, Daddy said Billy Bob's grandmother was his grandfather's third cousin's second wife.
Thank you. We are descended from the Hoots who lived in Killjoy, Alabama, right near June Bug. My mother was a Hoot.
I'm talking about MT school, not K-12, which is where I learned most of what you are talking abou
My clients DO NOT LIKE IT when I correct their wrong crap - did you actually read what I said?
I'm not talking about ignorant as in grammar or spelling. I'm talking about sm
ignorant in general.
Call your doctor - this is not a doctor forum! nm
You know the difference between God and a doctor? God doesn't think he's a doctor. nm
Are you talking about
I'd be talking to someone
I know exactly what you are talking about.
There are a lot of people like you are talking about living in trailer parks.  However, there are trailer parks around where I live that are nothing like what you are talking about.  My point is that you should not lump everyone who lives in low-income housing together and label them as trash.  A lot of people who live in these nice neighborhoods with all their wealth, got that wealth dishonestly.  They may not be underachievers, but these people are criminals, no matter where they live.  They may be your neighbor.  It would be the same thing if everyone thought if you were wealthy, then you had to be a crook in order to get that way.  The way things are going there are going to be a lot more poor people in this country, maybe even you.  I certainly do not wish you any misfortune, but you may not always be able to afford to live in those nice neighborhoods with the high property values.  We can argue all day about it and not get any further.  The fact remains that there are stigmas regarding all kinds of things.  Even if it is partly based on facts, it still boils down to prejudice. 
I think you are talking about something all together
are you all talking about?
know what you are talking about first
For your information, I had already submitted my test.  I was not "cheating" as you put it.  I didn't know what the word was and could not find it through my own research so I asked.  I am SURE that asking for assistance AFTER the test had already been submitted is NOT cheating, but trying to actually LEARN what the word was that I DID NOT UNDERSTAND.  If I had thought for a second that I needed to clarify to YOU the reasoning behind my request I most certainly would have asked you for permission first.  My goodness.
Actually she does know what she's talking about. I
What are you talking about?
no message
What are you talking about??????
The original poster was for some reason using me as an example for her "40%" rule and I corrected her on my status!!

What in the world is your problem?
Whatever are you talking about?
This is exactly what I am talking about

that is how I feel when I get up from working.  I am always moaning about my knees, my wrists, my forearms, my sciatic nerve, back, neck, on and on.  I am 33 and feel like I am falling apart and I know it is because of my posture.   

What are you talking about?
Why would you assume that I have some sinister reason for this request.  It was a simple request for people who might be interested.  I posted my real name and my real email address.  I am just another MT trying to help someone out with a class they are taking.  You have a problem.
THAT is what I have been talking about all day.
You can't even discuss a difference of opinion without insulting someone.
See, that's what I'm talking about!
When I worked at the hospital I made more than my boss! I've seen Ph.D. jobs offering what I used to make 15 years ago! I think we are stuck!
You are talking about...
a person becoming a Realtor, not a real estate agent...
What are you talking about?
You are only allowed to work 8 hours per day. How is it that they 'worked your fingers to the bone'?  The required line count is average. 
I am not sure what exactly you are talking about - sm
but I tried what you said you did and my Smartype would no longer work. If you don't want to view the grey line or the choice menu of Smartype I think you can set it not to do that -- see Smartline properties and Smartlist properties under the "Stedman's" column. If you have more than 1 line coming up than I have no idea...I only have 1 and have never had that problem. Something is not geling right on your computer for some reason. --hope you figure it out.
please know who you are talking to
that was not my post.  you are very confused. 
Have you tried talking to him about this? (sm)
Sometimes they don't get it unless it is pointed out to them. See if there are other ways he can help besides turning on a TV, etc. Tell him you'd love to "love" him at night but you're too tired...that you don't get to sleep in until 9:30 and that maybe if he helped out a little, you two could spend some special time together. No, that's not a bribe or blackmail, it's just reality. If one person is forced to do a lot of the work while the other one lazes around, there is going to be a difference in how tired one is at night.

If you are talking about ME
you have it wrong. I didn't say MT's don't have brains. BUT if you think what I said is wrong then I wonder if you do. What I said was that some MT's need their hand held for every little thing. And that is TRUE. Not all, some. That is evident from the messages I get from my PS and it is also evident from posts on these boards. Geez.
That's exactly what I'm talking about

My grandfather started in the mines when he was 8.  That's just the way it was, everybody worked or nobody ate.   He loaded a coal with a shovel and got a quarter for every ton.  He worked his way up slowly throughout all his years and went on to become an electrician and a carpenter.  By the time he retired, he actually had enough income to relax and take it easy for once.  It would take him most of the morning to read through the newspaper, but he could do it.  He hunted and fished and had an enormous garden, so we were never starving and we didn't go to the grocery store except for milk.  My grandmother made bread and canned and such.  Nobody even told me I had to 1) go to school or 2) stay in school, but I was the first in a very very long line to go to college, but that wasn't until I was 35.  My family worked and they worked hard.   Our neighbors were black and the children and I grew up like family.  Their mother never worked nor did their grandparents who raised them.  My grandfather would give them fish, game meat, and stuff out of the garden in exchange for little chores such as helping out with the garden and such.   I didn't know how they lived since I didn't know about welfare.    There were 4 of them, one daughter ended up in trouble for drugs, another married a man of another race and left, the two sons are in another state and heavily involved in drugs now. I talk to their mother because she was like a family member to me and she doesn't understand why they turned out the way they did.

Under this administration, unemployment has been down in record numbers and this is reported on the news all the time.  The tax cuts haven't been just for the rich, they have helped us and we certainly aren't well off by any means.  I tease my kids that if I could work 3 jobs we could be upper lower almost middle class.  There were times I didn't have 20.00 to send my son in college to do laundry, but he made it through with every honor you can possibly get and the scholarships and now he is studying in another country.   HE did that on his own.  There is an American from Seattle in the next apartment who made the comment to him he's probably there just to lay back and he bets his jag is at home in the garage waiting for him and he told him "I am here because I earned it. I do not have a jag nor a car of any kind, nor do I have a bicycle."  This other student said my son should be "shot" because he has an American flag on his wall.    I can't imagine anyone hating this country like that and where in the world did they learn that?  School for one.  I love my country. I'm not always proud of what goes on here but there's certainly not another place on earth I'd rather live and have my children live.

What are you talking about?
was 1000 years ago . . . I'm not saying that this date means anything at all, but as far as I can tell, neither does your post???
What are you talking about?!?
KB, what are you talking about?
No one's been rude or obnoxious to her.  Everyone's given her good advice. It's pretty clear you're trying to start something - AGAIN, so why don't you take your frustrations and anger to another board and see how many flame wars you can start there?  We're not interested in having them here, okay??
Is this something what you are talking about? --sm
DocShuttle Digital is a dictation ASP service that provides call-in or handheld dictation, FTP hosting and document management. You are billed only for what you use. DocShuttle Digital utilizes DocShuttle Management Software to manage all voice files and text documents on the Internet. Below is a description of the DocShuttle software.

DocShuttle FTP Management Software is suite of software products used to manage workflow of voice and text files on an FTP site. DocShuttle is an easy and affordable solution for managing medical dictation and transcription over the Internet. DocShuttle allows automatic uploading of voice files and text documents, complete tracking and management, secure encryption, and integration with dictation systems and handheld recorders. The DocShuttle Software System allows a transcription company to easily manage voice and documents for unlimited remote dictators and transcriptionists.

DocShuttle Software Suite is comprised of three modules: DocShuttle Administrator, DocShuttle Client and DocShuttle Dictator. DocShuttle Administrator is the central administrative module for the transcription company or facility using the system. DocShuttle Client is the transcribe module used by each remote Transcriptionist to download voice and upload completed text documents. DocShuttle Dictator is the module used by dictators who wish to view his/her documents online and upload voice files directly from a handheld recorder.

not sure this is what you meant, but it might help.
are talking about
gross pay or net?
What are you talking about?
Ever hear of Jessica Lunsford, dressed in a nightgown and tucked into bed, and then gone. What about Polly Klaas? Having a sleepover, dressed for bed, and then gone, with only her overnight guest as a witness.

There are a lot of sickos out there, and to add insult to injury, most are messed up on alcohol and other drugs. This scenario is far too common in this country, and fast becoming more so.

People need to WAKE UP!!!
There is definitely a need for what you are talking about.
I have been in this field for under a year now, so I am considered a newbie. I got VERY lucky in that a friend of a friend needed help with her accounts and now I work part-time for her. But I know there are many others of us out there who are having trouble getting started.

I have no idea how you would go about your idea, however. I just know that it is needed and would be greatly appreciated. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!
Thank God! An MT who actually knows what she's talking about! Thanks, ALN
you've restored my faith in my fellow MTs!
are you talking about your
favorites LIST or your links toolbar that has your favorites on it? are you on IE and if so what version?
I think you are talking how you should be 15 to
realize you CAN make money in this business, but 15 to 18 cpl to start is not going to happen.  I think some of you are spending a lot of time complaining instead of becoming better MTs so you can have the money you are complaining you don't have.  And I think the ones who work to be the best they can and then work on getting their own accounts are going to make the money and in five years some of you will still be complaining and stuck right where you are now.  If MT isn't working for you, then something is wrong and maybe it's not the job for you.  I've made more money doing MT than I ever in my wildest dreams thought I could make.  And I did it without complaining.
What are you talking about?
Michael Moore had nothing to do with the facts mentioned in my post. The video of the woman dying on the ER floor was shown on a news broadcast. I have yet to see any documentary film written by, produced by, directed by, narrated by, or starring Michael Moore.

I also NEVER said that it was the norm, just included the WHO healthcare rankings by country.
I don't think this is what the OP was talking about
there is a company advertising that they pay by the virtual line...so how is a virtual line different than 65 characters with spaces?
Are you talking about MK? If so,
I know her and work with her also (at her other job) and totally agree with everything you said!