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Like I said - I'm tired of them not

Posted By: NM on 2006-05-22
In Reply to: I'm fed up too, but it is our job to produce - me

speaking English to a point where you can at least "partly" understand.  My job is to type what I hear.  I'm not trying to "turn their accent into English anymore!"  -- I don't get paid enough "downtime" to figure this out!  --  Especially at $10/$11 an hour!!!!!

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I get tired of daily grind. I get tired of having

horrible dictation/dictators and not able to produce lines, which directly affects my paycheck.  I don't mind doing the difficult stuff, and I pretty good at it, but it is stressful and I find it very hard to budget when you never know what your paycheck is going to be.   I hate being tied to having earphones on all day.   I have children at home (I homeschool and don't have toddlers running around) and my DH works third shift so he is home during the day.  I try to work around all this, but can't always.  If I had a "desk" job I could be part of conversations at least, but having to have the earphones on you can't do that.   I get tired of being sedentary, my feet swell, my shoulders are tired, my elbows hurt, etc.  

I stick with it because of my children, and also because I like the flexibility.  I don't have to be up at 5:30 to get the kids up and ready for school, I don't have to fight traffic to get to work at 8:00.  It is a trade-off.   Sounds like you just need a break.  


old and tired
maybe you need the 14 bucks an hour to pay for those conference calls. i hear the editors have to pay for them all by themselves.
Thank you Tired... :)

tired of it sm
Not asked or told to do this.  Told they are "sound file reconversions" where the sound file is "fixed" and then the report goes back in the pool.  Sorry don't buy it.  If the sound is that bad, why do the report?  Why not send it to get the sound file "fixed" at the beginning?  Think its someone trying not to send something to QA.  They are always the difficult dictators.  Also was told that the sound file issues were resolved.
You are SO right... I get so tired of...
listening to people complain about this country.. We have it so good here that we are totally spoiled.  It's shameful.  If these people would take a tour around the world and then come back here and compare our medical care, they would stop this nonsense.  Even in developed countries like Italy, things are a little weird.  I lived there 20 yrs ago and a friend had a car accident and ended up in an Italian emergency room instead of the army hospital.  The treatment?  A big glass of wine while sitting in the hallway waiting forever to be seen.  Forget the undeveloped countries, they barely have anything.  Even in Britain their facilities are not quite what we expect here.  We are spoiled.
definitely feel the same way. 23 years is long enough. wish i could do something else that made this kind of money.

I get tired of....
being sneezed on.  First of all, it hurts my ears if it is too explosive and secondly, I feel like I need a shower.  Is it too hard to turn your head and/or hold the phone away from your face? 
tired QA
You were "not so perfect" at one time yourself......so unless you have a masters degree, don't be so critical i.e, you have been there yourself. Beside, if it were not for mistakes or uncertainty, you would not have a job either!
can you tell how tired I am right now
actually, I did not "do" her . . . I did do some work for her though -- and still do sometimes
Sure understand your feelings of delight with your grandchild. I feel the same way about my 2 grandsons, and over the years have barely been able to hang onto transcription at home while providing them with everything under the sun to keep them busy while I attempted to work. They also have turned out to be very artistic and creative. They are 11 and 14 now. The main thing for me was a HUGE amount of patience and not getting stressed when they interrupted, just smile and as quickly as possible return to typing. I did "interact" with them face-to-face every 15 minutes for a couple of minutes when they were little, and it seemed to work best when I worked in the same room they were playing in. Of course, at 3 they started pre-kindergarten, so there were 3 free hours to work, then soon enough all-day school. They finally learned to not over-do the interruptions as they got older (one thing was when they understood they get to buy "toys" with the money I am mysteriously making.) I really do not think there is a "balance", I just keep trying. Also I think there is a "bit-of-a-difference" between grandparenting and parenting rules. (If we don't make our kids TOO mad at us!) We really get to do all the good stuff and joy!!
tired of this
This job does render us socially isolated unless we make real efforts to make friends and our lack of friends makes us rather vulnerable too, i.e. husband attacks and no one to come to our rescue. Your husband sounds rather immature and you seem to be in the role of his wife/mother. You certainly deserve a break. My first and only marriage ended because I was in the same situation. Now I am alone but at least I can be free from the tyranny of a man/boy so to speak. It's your call. Weigh the pros and cons and then take some action.
I'm tired of MTs who cannot SM

look up the simplest things and who leave 20 or 30 blanks in a report.  When I was an MT, if I sent ONE job to QA in a month I felt like I failed, but today's MTs have no pride in their work at all.

I've recently been sending applications and resumes to non-transcription companies locally. Guess what. They see on my resume that all I've done for the past 20 years is transcription, and they don't think I'm capable of anything else! It's very disheartening.
Tired of sitting
I can stand to sit for just so long and then I have to get up and move around. Sitting and pounding a keyboard makes me more exhausted than if I was doing something physical. When I am doing something physical, I feel much better and am not as cranky.
Tired of being yanked around
I have discovered that when I am zooming right along on my regular account, all of a sudden-- I'm on two or more totally different accounts, which really slows me down as I am not used to them.  This especially happens to me working late at night or on weekends.  I think I am the only "sucker" who is working, so the person or persons in the office take this opportunity to assign me other accounts to work on.  It is SO frustrating!  I need to make my line counts and this is certainly not helping!  I have sent emails to the office and they claim it is to keep the TAT under control, but the accounts that I am assigned are not anywhere NEAR out of TAT.  It is a "control" issue or what???
tired of this weather
i never thought i would say it, but it is just too hot for me.  It has been high 90s here all summer and humid.  It usually isnt this hot here.  I want fall to come with some high 50 to low 60 degree weather.  CANT WAIT.  I need cozy days and comfort foods!
Tired of the whining and here is why.
If you check out the posts, you will see what we are talking about.  MQ MTs whine about the horrible company they work for but don't leave.  I am angry that the "sit back and take it" attutude they have makes all hard working MTs look bad.  I for one know I am worth more than having to put up with being used like slave labor.  Even if it means working two jobs, it is better than just sitting back and whining but doing nothing about your plight.  And with that being said, no one is saying they should not be able to beat the dead dog amoungst themselve, they just need to take it to a blog, so we don't have to be witness to it.  And btw, i DO work two MT jobs.
Tired of being at home
Does anyone else out there find they get sick of working from home?  I get depressed sometimes.  I do not have children yet and my husband works about 12 hours a day.  I am usually by myself all the time and I have been doing this for 5 years.  Got any words of encouragement or advice?
Tired of feeling ill
Anyone ever feel like this - just no energy, headache, and kind of achy for days now.  Any ideas what this is caused from - maybe a virus? 
Okay, I confused myself. Sorry very tired-sm
Misread something in an archived post about a doctor who stated fluctuance but was actually meaning flocculence and thought that it was pertaining to a wound. Fluctuance is definitely correct in regards to a wound and, as you stated, flocculent would pertain to something such as urine. Also, my medical dictionary is a Dorland's. Is Stedman's better?
I am doing good......went THERE......sorry tired! - nm
Tired of it-need some advice sm

Been working for 5 years at same service, have 30 years experience.  A couple times a week I get reports already done by another MT, not only with a bunch of blanks, but pure garbage transcription, wrong words, not typing what the dictator dictates,  putting in anything, even if it doesn't make sense, nothing that a spell check would catch.   I have to redo these reports.   If I have to send it to QA it counts against me.    Have brought it my supervisor's attention and gotten no where, its glossed over and have heard nothing but excuses.

What burns me the most is that it seems to me that, to the service, its okay to put out this garbage.  I take my time and put out good quality work at the expense of my production and it doesn't make any difference.  They'd rather have someone putting out garbage and high production rather than good quality and lower production. 

I'm having trouble dealing with this.  My morale is really low.   Guess I have to grin and bear it.  Any words of wisdom to help me feel better?    Thanks!

I have been worried about my job as well and tired of the pay..
I have been concerned with the MT field as well. I originally got started in this profession to be able to be at home and work when I have children. So far no kids have come along but I have found something else to do in addition to transcribing at home. Visit www.thefreshairshop.com if you are interested. :-)

I'm so tired of hearing this.
I'm so tired of hearing MT's talk about how they're slaves to their jobs.Don't you think everyone's a slave to their job in every field.Do you think MT'g is the only career path that has so called slaves.Do you think there's any career out there a person can work where they won't be a slave of some sort????? I really get tired of hearing all the MTs cry their poor pitiful me tune, I'm such a slave. Please ... get over it. 
Okay, please try the elsewhere now. Tired of your stupidity here. nm
Anyone else tired of being at home?


Have been transcribing over 9 years - love the flexibility - tired of being at home alone with earphones stuck in my ears all day, sitting in a chair. 

Anybody else feel this way?

Boy I can tell I am tired--- "if you are an IC" - nm
going to bed now!
Is anyone else tired of MT work?

I have only been doing MT work for a little over 6 months and I am already burned out. I am tired of typing and listening and rewinding, etc. The only part about the job I like is that it involves the medical field. Does anyone feel like this? I don't know whether to try a different area of MT (thinking maybe I am bored with the specialties I am doing) or to get out of this field and do something else. Does anyone have any ideas for other jobs where I could use my medical knowledge and not let it go to waste?

I'm tired - typos ... (sm)
I meant that the government is NOT on our side.

AAMT is not on our side, either - since they came on the scene, conditions for MTs have plummeted. A very few people there have gotten very rich off of MTs, especially newbies. And now AAMT seems to be getting involved with India. (Why am I not surprised?)
Going camping and already I'm tired......
Does anybody else find that they end up taking half of Friday off to get the camper stocked and ready to go for the weekend?  I would sure appreciate any suggestions on how to have it ready so all we have to do is hook up and head out.   It's especially hard when we have an event that we are taking in while camping because that means special clothes, maybe special foods (potluck), etc.  Suggestions?
You would think Kikki would be tired of this by now
Poor little miserable Kikki
tired of transcribing
Yes. I feel that same way . I have been transcribing for about 28 years, and you are absolutely correct that the pay is just not going up, and you work all day and make peanuts. I would like to be the middle man and make the money they do. If you are interested by any chance in partnering in a company venture, let me know. I need to get out of this field too.
Sorry, I am not hostile. Just tired of
hearing from the QA lady about the same old thing about how horrible MTs are. You do not need to read the posts if they offend you and it is depressing. Find happier topics.

I am an MT and get paid by line and I am still typing by butt off at this hour of the day. Been going since 8:30. now 4:15 p.m. Have a nice day.
Will you be tired of it when there is NO job left in the US
The poster above talked about a $950 house payment. Where I live, that's below-market rent on a 1-bdrm. apartment, in a questionable neighborhood. So third-world pay (which may work just FINE in the third world) does NOT cut it in Cali.
I am tired of being turned down....

I am new to MT but I am not new to hard work and determination.  Companies have turned me down just because I don't have experience.  I know I don't have years and years of experience but that doesn't mean I am inapt.  I have decided to seek out my own accounts because I am tired of waiting from someone else’s approval.  It is scary but I am determined to make this work.  I really need your input on what type of doctors I should start with.  I was thinking family medicine or psychology since I have experience with medical coding in these areas.

Please offer your honest opinion on how I can make this work.  If there is anyone else that has started out as a newbie and is transcribing on his or her own, please reply with advice also.

But if you are going to rude or cruel please don't reply.


Or it may be abz method. Really tired. Maybe
yes, and not to forget tired...we all know what
this business and its pressures do to us. For that reason alone, you'd think this would be the ONE place people understood and cut some slack.

At the end of a day, once, I was sooo tired and would have
preferred to not type at all and yes...I did it, I CHERRYPICKED.

Then, I realized the other MTs were making selections and that is why I was so tired = I was doing the crappy work.

Now, thank GOD, my account does not allow the MTs access to that function in Winscribe - and becoming a cheater isn't an option anymore. Cheater
I am tired of this, so this is my last week at SM
Spheris. I never remember summer being this slow, in fact it used to be just the opposite.
I'm tired of all the talk
I'm starting a website. It's time we do something. If you want to participate, email me. I will post the website address as soon as I get things going. We can change names and whatnot later as we go. Right now lets just get the ball rolling!

tired of talk
Tired of all the talk about what? Maybe I'll join you but I gotta know why.
Anyone else tired of working for nothing?

It just seems like I can't make good money anymore (or at least not what I'm used to).  I work for a pretty nice company doing clinical dictations with 24-hour TAT, but I just don't seem to be getting anywhere.  Maybe it's just the way of the economy right now.  I've been doing this for 10 years and feel like I shouldn't be struggling at this point.  I'm just frustrated!!!!

anyone else tired of working for nothing
I totally agree with you.  I see nothing wrong with asking about pay.  I especially would like to know where the MT works who makes $3000 a month. I am really struggling right now and have over 25 years of experience.  Mostly because of account specifics.  Different clients with different account specifics really brings down your line count!!  I saw one MT who was making $50,000 a year.
Yes I'm tired, but you adjust. I have

very little me time, but I was never a big me time person.  I truly enjoy spending time with my family.  I graduated one this year and I've got 4 more years left and then I'll have all the me time I want. 

My DH is an ex-math teacher so he handles math.  He usually does the grocery shopping and running errands.  My house is in a constant state of chaos and my flower beds are full of weeds.

This year is the first time I've had to work a strict schedule.  In the past I still tried to work a split shift, but had flexibility so I could do the field trips, the classes, etc.   My remaining child is a teen and does a lot of work on his own and he isn't into the field trips and other stuff now, so it is a bit easier in that respect, but we are also having to be more regimented in his studies because we have to be thinking about college.

You can Google your state or city and home educators to find support.  For the life of me I can't think of the national organization.  We're not very active in the homeschool community now because we prefer to do our own thing, but we have a weekly activity day.  It is usually bowling or rollerskating.  The kids are able to do their thing and the parents (usually moms) are able to socialize.  We have a gym day once a week.  It usually isn't structured, but gets the kids active.  We also have enrichment classes.  If foreign language or calculus isn't your thing your child can take enrichment classes.  We have a basketball team, a band.  We have proms and balls.   Places like the Y or the rock climbing place that don't get much business during the day have special rates/times for the homeschoolers.  There is a field trip at least once a month.  We have the science fairs, spelling bees, etc.  We have graduation ceremonies.  There are once a month support group meetings.  People who don't know anything about homeschooling always comment about lack of socialization, but as you can see from the above there is no lack of socialization.  Plus your child can participate in community sports, scouts, church group, plus have neighborhood friends, so we don't really keep our kids isolated.   We also have a year state convention/book fair.  We don't get any government funding or tax credits (though some states will provide the same textbooks that they use in public school), but we usually get teacher discounts.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. 

Tired of feeling like a number
YES! Try a smaller company.
re: tired of bickering kids

Lordie you remind my of the not so good ol days...kids...

Selective hearing or NOT hearing you...well, I did learn that paybacks are heck does work.  When they ask you a question or demanding your attention, just ignore them, till they get really frustrated  "MOM, are you dea" was a good one...then i politely tell them...hmmmmmmmmm see how it feels?!

Bickering/arguing/not my turn...mine got so bad that I got a big egg timer, every time they started their crap, I turned the timer on until they stopped, showed them how much time they had wasted with this not my turn crap., kept a running tally for each day.THEN, when they wanted to go to a movie/mall or anywhere it took mom's wheels to get...we just put the timer on and made sure we did NOT leave until the same amount of time they had wasted all week....boy did that crap shorten in no time.this worked wonders, but..I feel for you, wish I could say it gets better but so far...NOT..lol

Anonymity rather. Oh, gawd, I'm tired.
Try searching the archives. Some of us get tired of

answering the same old questions for people who can't be bothered to research what we said about that exact topic only last week.  Besides, only the people making big bucks answer the polls.  You don't see any of the newbies who are only earning $7 an hour admitting to it.

Tired of supporting generations.........
of people who refuse to take care of themselves. I see this in my own town. We keep building housing "projects" for those "less fortunate". PLEEEAASE!! What makes them less fortunate. I'm not talking about those who NEED real help, who lost their job, who found themselves in monetary hardship due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm talking about those who keep having babies at 14, 15, 16. Heck, by the time my daughter was in high school, she had already seen one of her classmates have 3 children. Who was paying for those children? These same girls brag about what they know about the system, the more kids they have, the more they get on their "check". These are the ones that have no intention of working, because we ALL take care of their children with our hard earned taxes. We keep building new homes, (my mother lives in a home that is very old and needs LOTS of work). No one coming out feeling sorry for her, saying oh let me fix up your place. But, of course, these are HUD homes, brand new apts, brand new "GATED" apartments. GIMMIE A BREAK!! Now, they can live in these beautiful new homes and pay only minimal rent instead of getting out and buying a home that is older, doesn't look so pretty, may not be in the best neighborhood. But they don't want these. Our government has them feeling "ENTITLED" to these benefits that the rest of our pay for. And, of course, they can vote people into office that only help their situation, and we pay MORE taxes to build, build, build, send their kids to Headstart (by the way, my daughter is a teacher in the school system; she's not too impressed with what they learned. They don't know letters, numbers, colors). What were they learning at headstart? This is just a babysitter for most. I use to take my son to school, had to go through area where Headstart but picked up. THese mothers waited until the bus was at the corner, their children weren't even dressed, the moms were TOO lazy to even walk them down to the corner to wait on the bus. Only a couple of mothers would actually have their children standing at the corner, waiting with them for the bus. TO me, this showed their kids they thought this to be important. For those mothers that stood in the doorway, their hair in curlers, just getting out of bed, the bus lady had to get out, stand there, yelling for them to come on and hurry up. THe mothers just took their time while we all sat in our cars waiting for the bus to move.

What does this say about those who want to really try and those that are just glad to have a FREE babysitter.
Tired of the victim mentality
I am so tired of the victim mentality in this country. We are supposed to make up for black people's ancestors being slaves-- well, that was over 100 years ago that they were freed and had plenty of time to do something about their situation. Other minorities have had things done to them, as have Caucasians. The idea is to GET OVER IT and get on to making a better life, not sitting in a woe is me attitude and wanting something for nothing. The people who are alive today had nothing to do with what happened in the past. It is true that only Caucasians are made out to be racist, but there are racists among every color, nationality, etc.