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NM are my initials -

Posted By: Sorry about that on 2006-05-22
In Reply to: Need to vent. I'm fed up! - NM



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J is one of her initials
Someone else using my initials

I'll try to make this as brief as possible.  I starting doing IC transcription for a medical office with six physicians.  One physician was using a company in the state that outsourced work and continued to do so.  The work was uploaded via voice files, etc.  I was paid to proof and print that dictation for that particular physician.  Well, their work was extremely inaccurate and the OM decided to no longer use their service.  She informed them of such and told them that I would be doing this particular doc's dictation from now on.  I was told today by the OM that there were four final dictations from that group to print out.  Upon going to the web site and downloading the four dictations, I noticed that MY initials were being used as having transcribed the dictation.  They were called and asked if they had a Transcriptionist with my initials - to which they replied they didn't.  THe work is horrible and I would never return dictation with so many errors and such "broken" language.  I don't think I'm being paranoid in thinking this group used my initials to make it appear that such inaccurate work was my work.  Were I the not the one printing the work, I probably would never have known this and the doctor would have read it, noticed my initials and stroked out thinking he had gone from worse to pathetically worse. 

How would you handle this?  Granted, the office isn't using them now, but I'm outraged and I think something needs to be done.  Thanks.


Don't let this be a problem for you.  Change your initials ASAP.  Change them to 3 characters (at least because that decreases the odds of identical initials), and make sure those 3 characters are WEIRD  and UNIQUE, such as QPZ or XBJ, or something like that.  As long as your own supervisor knows who you are and what initials you use, you do not need to worry about "fooling" anyone, as long as you use those initials consistently and do not change them around.  Don't let anyone challenge you on it.  Just say, "Those are my initials," and leave it at that.  You do not owe anyone an explanation (other than your supervisor).  Doctors could care less.  

Then, if the outsourcing individuals do copy your initials, you know that somethin' funny's goin' awn .... they are, in effect, stealing your transcription identity.  So, don't dwell on what to do -- just CHANGE your initials and plow forward.  Good luck to you!

no, different initials- KP--- nm
Since I do not wish to publish names and point a finger - I know the MTSO I work for had to fire two editors. One was caught working for two MTSOs concurrently and atleast for my employer claimed to produce the work which is humanly not possible. The second one simply did not work but turned in $3,600 paycheck request anyway. Work yes but freebee no.
Just so you know. If you use your initials NM
to post on message boards, it is the abbreviation for No Message. Meaning everything said is in the subject line. So you might miss a lot of readers by putting NM. We're all programmed to skip on by....
Initials NM
Someone posted on one of the boards that NM were their initials. She can't very well change her name.
where was this, initials only sm
We need to know enough to stay away, some of these people are plain nuts.
Can you tell us who this is or give us the initials? nm
I use my own initials whenever I post. This seems to
be out of hand, sorry I snapped but felt like you were attacking me for asking a question. I get enough abuse at home, don't need it from strangers too !!!
and aa and jb are my full initials so no need to qa it
Someone is also using KS on this page as their initials.
can you give the initials of this co
so we can be forewarned please. Realize this does go on and don't want to work for any place that does this to MTs.
I think the initials of that company might have a MQ in them.
I had the same experience. Once I finally got a computer and finished training, my one contact was out of town for a week at a seminar for supervisors. I totally fell through the cracks.
Is the owner's initials AM? sm

If so, her rudness ran me away

Can you give us a clue? Initials?
Glad they are gone! Can you tweak your initials to something else
She was from Texas. May be the same person. Initials BF?
I was scammed by someone on this board with the initials K.P. `sm`

I purchased a c-phone from someone named Kristen in Oklahoma.  She gave me a similar story.  First she mailed it, then she lost the receipt for the post office, then her grandmother died, then her daughter had cancer and then her husband left her.  I paid her $225.  My computer crashed and I had to buy a  new one so I lost some of the information regarding this but my old computer is now fixed and I have most of the emails that she sent me and that I sent her.  I also have my copy of my priority mail slip and money order that I sent her.   Besides scamming people out of money, isn't she doing something illegal because she is using the U.S. mail to do it?   I was going to just let it go but now reading these posts that she is still doing it and that she is such a liar and crook, it makes me want to pursue it especially when I work my butt off for my money. 

Who cares, we all have the same initials at one time or another. nm
Sorry about the NM-forget to change my initials
who pays attention to those initials anyway?

But I still know what you mean.  I sometimes type things that I don't agree with.  But his opinions, his take, I am just the MT. 

When I was an IC, I just used my initials like this: "XXX Transcriptions, Inc"

NM means "no message," so why are you looking? 

I put the other MTs initials with min when combining reports. nm

It sort of surprises me when we get in an uproar about our initials
on a document when we think we are so right, but are not as concerned when QA  fixes it when we were wrong and sent it in with our initials.  I would just worry about doing the best you can and let the rest take care of itself. ((hugs))
Don't waste your time, with your experience, you don't need those initials (nm)


Can you give the initials of this company? Sure don't want to apply here! Feel bad for you. nm
Hey, no problem. I didn't post a name or initials, so you probably wouldn't have known it was
Well, if I do a co-workers report and my boss sees my initials, I'm fired.
Can you post initials of company you work for? I'd hate to go thru all those docs. Thx. nm
anyone altering/correcting a report is required to attach their initials after the original transcri
gross line is anything on a line, even just your initials. sm

spaces really don't matter in a gross line count.


Anything on a line (even just initials) is considered a line.
I prefer to use the 65-character line count (including spaces).
sm-see message, nm-no message, ks-I think it's someone's initials.