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That's exactly my point. Nothing gets done

Posted By: XYZ on 2006-05-22
In Reply to: I've complained for years. - Don't get me started.

because when it comes down to it - they just hire, hire, hire and re-hire until the MTs remain quiet.  Well, I for one am not going to be quiet anymore.  Here's a sample - "The patient has be on a wheelchair for 3 months."  If the doc doesn't know the difference between "be and been" and "in and on" - that's not my problem anymore!!  It's insane.  Outta here.

Wish me luck - going to fill out an application this afternoon!

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I didn't apply, so that's a moot point. The point I was making is that
she's ranting here about something that doesn't even pertain to most of us. You can't come to a MT message board railing at MTs without getting a response. That's why it's not called MTSOstars. Also, it's unprofessional of a business owner to let her emotions overrule her common sense. As for the newbies, they'll learn. We were all newbies at one time or another. None of us was born perfect, not even the MTSO.
You missed my point. My point wasn't perks but prestige...nm
The point wasn't that it was copyrighted. The point the poster tried to make
That's not my point. My point is previous owner hired
not my point, actually. My point was the bigotry is the same.
The bigotry's always there. Not all "Mexicans" are Mexican, nor are they all illegal. My point is, though, people used to make remarks about cabbage smell about the Irish just like comments are made now about how nasty Mexicans are.

Every time somebody says something about "those people," something bigoted is coming out. That's all I'm saying.
A point well taken. However.....sm


...on the other hand the June Cleavers of the past had no alternatives.  The liberation of women over the past half-century has given us the strength and self-reliance to walk away from an abusive or dead relationship or marriage.


I see your point quite clearly.

The FBI has consultants over there.  There have been search teams from day 1 and also a search team from Texas.  These people have cooperated with US government.  They are also conducting an investigation of one of their citizens who more than likely has rights not to be interogated by a foreign government.  You seem to think these people are illiterate and stupid.  You have preconceived notions from the media and Mrs. Twitty that the Arubans are protesting, which is this country is like a third-world country run by idiots and keystone cops.    So open your mind and think things thru.  Our government has messed up so many things in its own right (sex offfenders lost in the system or set free for example) why would you think they could get this right?

The point is?

"Can you believe there is trainee from India, living here in the U.S., who has been training on my primary account for the past TWO months at least....the problem is all she wants to do are the good American dictators and she is ALLOWED to skip, pass over, cherry pick past her own countrymen's bad dictations."

You have a high up source in your company who told you this?  Why?  And this issue has not been discussed with those in charge?  Why?

What platform is this Indian in America working on that she can cherry pick past her "countrymen's bad dictations"

The only reason I question this is because it would be very ethical for this high up source to be telling you this and if you get mad enough you could blow the whistle.  But since I have no dim-witted unethical high sources in my company who will actually tell me there is an Indian MT who is living in America and for two months has been "allowed" to cherry pick I couldn't fathom how you could possibly have this info. 

So you knowing this is probably not good for your blood pressure or your high souce informant's job security.  What's the point in you having this info? 

another point sm
we have failed to mention that working at home can be VERY isolating. Sometimes I go for days and the only other adult I talk to is my husband. If you're on your own, you need to make sure that you stay in touch with friends and family, or else you can become very isolated before you know it! There's a lot to think about when it comes to working at home, these are just a few of the issues being discussed here!
I see your point.

I'm not afraid of my kids, and I am their parent, not friend.  I just don't want to completely isolate them from the world.  I don't think controlling behavior is healthy because it can backfire and cause rebellion.  (Personal experience.)  There comes a point when you have to turn your kids loose in the world and hope that all of your parenting sticks with them.  Meanwhile, I was just wondering if there were any nice kids left in the world, or if I'm just overly anal or judgmental.

I let these kids on my property, but I'll admit that I'm tired of having to watch them so closely.  I correct their bad language, call them on their lies, check pockets before they leave, or hide things so nothing gets stolen.  My kids aren't the Hitlers, but I don't see why I have to be so diligent with other peoples' kids.  And no, my kids and I are not perfect.  I just don't know where to find "nice" friends.

your point
I'm not. Only 3 more days to go....
exactly the point
It they want to honestly get a picture of the procedure increase/decrease since the induction of DEP/ASR they need to look at an ENTIRE QUARTER BEFORE these were institued and then compare it to the most recent completed quarter(or any quarter since that time). I come up at a 10% deficit, not at the 50% increase as they say. Yes, they are taking only one week and comparing the MT week from that week with the ME work from that week to decide that ASR has increased us which is bogus! Don't just believe me, prove it for yourself and call the help desk phone number on your letter.
Well you do have a point about that..

but I think another requirement at the Wal-mart here is that you have to hate life and everything about it.  I swear it seems like it would kill these people to smile.  When they hand my kids the sticker I wanna hand it back and tell them they apparently need it more than we do. 

Come to think of it though...I think that's a requirement for alot of jobs..fast food places..customer service...the DMV.  Go figure


and your point is?
You're a college drop-out doing MT?
Yes, I see your point too.
We are going to consult a behavior therapist. Some of it also is that kids are exposed to so much violence and bad habits that my son tends to be a follower. Apparently, a child hit him in the privates and he turned around and did it to someone else. He has never done that before, but guess who gets sent to the principal's office. my child..the "problem child".
So what is your point
Are you saying that they never fill the positions or what? When you make a statement like this, can you please explain what you're talking about?
the point is for her to do it on her own.
research yes. ask others, no.
that's exactly my point
why CAN'T you remember what you named his physical exam?  because you have no system.  it doesn't matter how much time passes before I get that same doc again.  I know what I named his physical exam, his review of systems, whatever. 
What's the point
in punching a time clock when there is no work to be done?  That is... unless you get paid for that time that you are clocked in?  Our time is worth money too.  Right?  But in this case it is my understanding that you must clock in; however, no work = no pay.  What gives? 
And my point is this.....

This is very similar to what is going on in the MT world.  Hospitals are cutting costs by shipping the work overseas and Americans are losing jobs.  Wal-Mart does business the way they are doing and they are taking jobs from Americans by forcing companies to lower their prices and then they can't afford to make those products in the US anymore.  The two industries are very similar--am I the only one seeing this????

I have friends who work at Wal-Mart, too, and I also have friends who work at another local grocery store, Kroger.  The difference is that the Kroger employees make a LIVING WAGE.  That's why I shop there.  Sure, I'd like to save money and not pay a little bit higher prices, but I choose to support a store that actually pays the majority of their employees a living wage ($9 or $10 as a bagger, $10-12 as a check-out person vs. minimum wage) and doesn't force companies to rockbottom their prices so low that they have to have their products made outside the country.

Honestly, we can't solve all the world's problems on this forum and I understand that. The problems with outsourcing and what is going on in corporate America are so much deeper than this issue with Wal-Mart.   Everybody is free to shop wherever they want, but I just want to try to make my point as to why I choose NOT to.


That was my point, thank you. sm
Nursing, x-ray techs, nuclear medicine and ultrasound techs, respiratory therapists, physician's assistants, paralegals, the list goes on, and not all are even Ph.Ds. Well, anyway, if I were way younger, and the industry was looking then like it looks now, I believe I would be considering my options very closely. 
You have a point there
Well, I guess our leaders are either plain stupid for allowing it to go on or have there hands out somewhere along the line.
So, what's your point? - sm
How is it her fault that you are single? I really don't think the point of her post was so that anyone would feel sorry for her situation. Sorry, I just don't quite understand your bitterness.
And your point? nm
what her point was.......probably....sm

if you don't GET it....you probably aren't even an MT and probably don't even belong here, and if you are an MT or in this biz, then obviously and evidently you DON'T GET it.

Didn't your mother/father ever teach you that if you've nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all? 

I can certainly see your point on that....

I am not the kind of person to take advantage of anyone or get out of work at all life just happened for me this way and I am doing the best I can to work through it, keep my job, and still get moved.   I wish that I could do things differenly than I am but there is just not enough time in the day for everything.  I think the only thing I can do is do the best I can with it all and go from there. 

point taken
I apologize for that - sorry. I will do as you suggested in the future.
Can anyone point me in the
I am looking to get into the coding field and would like some information about companies that hire for this.  Can anyone help?  Thanks So MUCH!!!
Point taken sm
And I totally get what you're saying.

I didn't meant to start an argument either, as there are certainly enough of those on the boards (especially recently).
The point is that
she would go on and on that she lost through diet and exercise and NOT mention the gastric bypass. I'm happy for her for losing the weight, but call it what it is..... Surgery, diet and exercise.
you have a point....sm
it might not be her. I try not to let her get to me, but there are times when I just want to shake her until her empty head rattles. There are a few posters on this board that I have been carefully watching and reading the advice and help they give to others. Patti is one of them, and you are another. You are both good people and I guess I get riled when someone tries to make you both look otherwise. Guess I will try to go back to ignoring it/her. Thanks again.
Well, you have a point, and I think the
benefit of the AAMT if it had stayed true to its course would be to provide MTs with stronger education, higher salaries, and help us gain licensure by the state. But, unfortunately, they took a wrong turn and became greedy.

If we can get state licensure, then we would have to have an organization backing us as the nurses and others do.
At this point (sm)

you could stop the relistening as long as you are familiar with the dictators.  The other possibility is a word Expander (which I do not use) or use auto correct if you are using word (I use this) for repetitive terms or phrases that your dictator uses so often.  This cuts down on errors as well.  I am no expert, but it sounds like you could gain more line count if you did not relisten. 

I see your point, BUT
The learning curve is a little longer, but once you get it down, you can use it forever!  I have had the software for almost 3 years and have customized it for every specialty with ease.  It helps tremendously with ESL dictators.  Plus, so far, it has worked with every platform I have been on.  I like the flexibility.  I like the fact too, that I can get other's glossaries and plug them right in.  That helps a lot when you start a new job. 
My point was we don't know anything about all
Just go to the point

in your document/template where you want to go each time and type  Alt F9. Then, when you want to actually go to that spot in theument, just hit F11. The Alt F9 will result in a {} but will not be visible when the templates are used thereafter.

And that's my point. sm

I have had only ONE supervisor who ever was an MT.  The rest have been coders, RHITs (whatever that is), once even a court reporter (!!), one librarian, you get the picture.  Then they hire whomever thinking if you can type, you can transcribe.  Then they pay you for cr@p when you're in house and nobody will fill the open positions because the pay is so lousy and they force you to work in house for 3 months (like their work is so hard?  I don't think so!) then the ones that can't type their way out of a paper bag don't type and bam, there goes the whole department.  Oh, and once the coder/librarian gets behind the big desk MTs are no longer people, we're some sort of subhuman beings that have to be dealt with.  I have heard this straight from a soop's mouth, though I refer to her as an evil witch. 

Those of us who stink don't mind because they don't care; those of us who are truly good DO care because it's not just a job, it's a passion that we happen to depend on to pay the bills and feed our families.  But the librarian or whoever the supervisor du jour may be doesn't care or have any idea about MT, so "Well, I guess we'll just let you all go."  Single parent?  They don't care.  No insurance and can't go to the doctor and can't get your Rx filled?  Sucks to be you.  Bills to pay?  They don't care.  Worked over and above the call of duty?  You're a sucker AND you're out of a job. 

Where are the good MTs?  They're here, they're just all being paid peanuts while they who must be obeyed expect perfection and those providing the perfection (and keeping within appropriate TAT) should just be GLAD you have a JOB no matter how badly it's being managed and messed up. 

Oh yes, I'm in this mood because last night I ran into the supervisor for whom I bent over backwards, worked weird shifts, fixed other reports MQ had done and messed up, and here I sit hoping for another fraction of a cent and waiting for scraps while SHE is livin' the good life (she got a big fat promotion and raise when she canned us).  I am going to our community college tomorrow and I am going to get myself out of this mess.  I will not be at the mercy of people like that again in my life, even if I have to take one course a semester. 

Sorry this is so long.  Back to work.  Thank you for listening. 

Just don't want to do that at this point
I've spent way too much money between the school, equipment, books, etc. I'm just going to cut my losses and chalk this up to a lesson learned. Always, always do your homework before jumping into something head first.
But my point is...

The majority of VR companies I have checked with pay only 0.03 up to 0.045 per line.  So when multiplied by even a 3000 per day line count, it's not a good wage and seems to be the direction that transcription is heading.  You apparently make more and so do I in my job (when I even get VR) so obviously the drop in pay hasn't hit us yet.


My whole point is that I am not
But then the MTSO has the nerve to correct petty things that do not change the meaning or really doesn't make a difference such as formating issues.  I use spellcheck.  Does the MTSO?
On-Point MTS
Bawnie Bartlett has knowingly hired and not paid or bounced checks with at least 8 MTs within the last 6 weeks, including but not limited to, her QA people. She brags about taking vacation, purchasing furniture and vehicles ($3000 towards new vehicle). We have proof that Focus Infomatics has paid Bawnie every two weeks on Wednesdays and she knowingly continues to hire and not pay her MTs. She hides from her MTs and does not return phone calls and e-mails. Many of us are filing complaints with the state of Wisconsin as well as with our own States. You would be wise to do the same.
Oh, do you really get the point?
Either they plumber accepts the job and fulfill the obligation or they refuse the work. You don't accept work and then turn around and refuse to do it.

You're so off base.
The point is...
Let me get this straight. You think it's okay for an IC to be unreliable as long as they're not directly responsible to a client and it's okay to dump work after accepting it?

You seem to think that I don't do my own work and only hire ICs so I don't have to work. HA! HA! You do have a lot to learn about that end of the business.

I applaud you for being reliable but don't think for one minute that you know what it's like sitting on the other side of the table listening to excuses from others who aren't.
and your point? My point is we are the..sm

We are the ONLY unilateral languaged country....Americans like you and others - ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH....go anywhere else in the WORLD and they are speaking more than one language.

I taught myself French at 30 and Spanglish the past 25 years....and I have many multiethnic friends today and been places in the world and so the more I learned in this regard, the more cultured I became.

oh well, it's all about choices in the life and I wouldn't trade mine for anything!!

Have a nice day/evening....

Point taken. :)
At this point, there is nobody else.
That's part of the problem. I don't want to lose her because when she's in a quiet room with her mind on her work, she's a breeze to do.
You have a point
I should have said I choose not to tolerate sloppy, slurry, and lazy, either. I know I don't always get a choice, but as long as I DO have one, I choose not to work for someone like that. Maybe if they get told "we won't take you because we can't understand you" enough times, they'll take the time to enunciate (but I won't hold my breath). Again, I know I'm being particular and at some point I may not have the luxury of being able to say no, but for now, I'll stick to my standards.
And by the way, I have done many, many ESL reports in the past... it's only recently that I've learned I can say no, and that that's okay.
I see your point
and I am still kind of new around here (only 4 years, as I said earlier) but I really, really believe in sticking to something you believe in. Why make yourself crazy for $2.00 +/- per page if they are not willing to work with you? Do you know what counter help gets at the QT/convenience stores these days? Okay, so I get to work out of the comfort of my own home -- that also means that I get to set my own standards (for as long as I can get away with it). When I run out of doctors that are willing to work up to my standards, hopefully my kids will be grown enough that I will be able to get a job at QT!
And by the way, your radiologist sounds like a proctalgia (he, he, he).
Okay, you have a point, too
And you're right -- the next time I can't find the answer, I will be so thankful that I have finally stumbled upon this site to finally have that extra set of ears and eyes. I automatically assumed it was just new people not wanting to do the work; maybe it's just an MT with a lot on the mind or as you said, it's just not clicking that day.
Okay, I'll quit being so quick to judge. Yet another wake up call ;-)
That is my point exactly
The MT business will go on to be an editing business.  Don't get me wrong, people can still study to be an MT to gain the knowledge of terminology because it will be needed once VOR takes over, VOR won't be able to pick up on what some doctors say no matter how much it is trained (if it can be), so the editors pick up where VOR cannot function.  I was told my workload would more than likely double once I begin editing, I'm not afraid, but the wages will significantly decrease, which is why I am going for my AD.  And, congrats to you for obtaining your Bachelor's!