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Thank you both!!! Much appreciated. Will relay the info. (nm)

Posted By: Thank you! on 2006-09-25
In Reply to: Does anyone have their earphones plugged into their tower instead of speakers?? (sm) - Thank you!


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Thanks for the info. Its greatly appreciated!nm.
Thank you Jan for the info and the prayers - so appreciated. (nm)

any info good or bad would be appreciated

on JLG and All Type. Speaking with one, actual offer from the other but not sure about either. Concern for more is flexibility which they both promise, but I heard that one before.

Thanks for that info! Greatly appreciated!
Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
Emdat platform?? Good, bad or ugly? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance. NM
Thank you. That is appreciated. nm
You all are so appreciated!
See, my computer guy supposed to have come by yesterday, well didn't show but with all your help, have got it done this morning. Merry Christmas to all!!
Thanks again, much appreciated!
Any help would be so appreciated. sm
Starting a new account and it is using a Dictaphone c-phone. I have never used this type of machine and told them that when I took on the account. The office provided me with a Dictaphone Voice Processor Connexions phone, Model 421, and it has the headset and foot pedal connected to the phone itself.

I have managed to program the dial-in number successfully (yeah).

Their office manager is not helpful or knowledgeable about this at ALL. She just looks at me and says, "I have no clue about anything to do with the transcription."

When I call into the dictation server, it rings, connects, beeps once, and then sits there. I have looked at the instruction book (or a partial one that was given to me - book is ripped in half) and have tried the command #*18 to go into transcribe mode, but press the pedal and nothing happens, but I do hear three beeps.

In one part of the book, it says to program a quick access key to "sign off and get next" by using the number 8. I have also done this, but still - just three beeps.

Please help me - I am clueless. Always used FTP with digital recorders or Lanier, but never Dictaphone.


Thank You. Much Appreciated by Those of us Looking!

have a good day!
Burnt out and under appreciated
I can relate. My income is decreasing, my hours are increasing. My son is making more as a security guard at the local casino. I'm so tired at night I can't do anything. I think we all need vacations, if we could afford one.
It is SO nice to be appreciated by somebody!
I am so glad to see that somebody realizes these ESLs are practically impossible to understand, as the "higher-ups" in these outfits don't have a clue what we have to put up with, and they think our job is so easy-- we are "just typists", you know.  I am just finishing up a very long night shift and you have made my day.  Thanks again!
Thanks all for your responses. All help is truly appreciated!
We're just gonna ride it out. It's been 9 hours and he's still going. I did get him to agree to try to nibble a cracker and DH is bring home ginger ale and Gatorade was recommended by the NP, so we'll try that and maybe a popsicle and dry toast. Thanks for all the help. Say a prayer for us as we ride this out and pray I don't get it after him.
I really appreciated my dictator just now.

At the end he said, "This is <his name> bumbling through this again.  Thank you so very much." 

Guess it makes me at least feel a little appreciated.

Thank you SO much for the help...and Doctalk...you were GREAT...thanx for all the info. I am working on this as we speak and appreciate your giving me all the information you have....

Thank you all for these sites, they are truly appreciated (nm)

I didn't tell that to try to get anything from anyone though it is appreciated.
Things have progressively gotten worse for us since this summer. First having to work less to keep an eye on my child who is having problems, missing work to go to school, go to court, etc., then having work dry up AND having a company not pay in a timely manner. Not having insurance and having to spend hundreds of dollars a month on medicine. I was also a gestational surrogate and had the parents stiff me on bills, which eventually they paid but the stress of dealing with the lawyers and bill collectors didn't help. It has just been on thing after another...just piling on and drowning a bit at a time. We haven't paid rent on time since July and of course the landlord is upset. They have bills to pay too and I understand and appreciate that they haven't booted us yet. Next month I won't pay on time either and they are mulling over their options. I don't have money to move us anywhere and frankly no where to go. There are a couple homeless shelters here but they are scary and I don't think very safe.

I'm trying my hardest to dig us out. I think we'll be okay next year but I'm at my stress max now.
Thank you for answering. Much appreciated.


Thanks ladies, greatly appreciated!!nm
Nice post! It is appreciated! Thanks! :-)
Your kind words are so appreciated.
I sincerely appreciate your so very kind words and you are definitely doing the most important thing, I feel - praying. I do believe in prayer. :) Thank you so very, very much.

I put my life in God's hands each and every day and have for many years now. :) That does not go to say that I am still not scared though for sure. :)
It's nice to feel appreciated
and usually a rare occurrence to get that kind of recognition - good for you !  
I appreciated your post just now but dontcha...

I appreciated what you just said in this post about union/organizing/mts....however, I think most of Americans are like this, not just MTs.

In this country, it seems to me (and I'm 3rd-4th generation), it's all about the individual and their pocketbook(s), finding a rare person who does actually  think globally or universally. 

I feel this way politically too....for 6+ years people are complaining, moaning, and groaning about the govt - but not a single person would challenge same govt, only challenging with words and not actions (not enough actions) - so they will continue to moan and groan, not getting off their duffs and doing anything REAL.  

just my nickel's worth.....

Thank you both! Your advice is greatly appreciated. nm
I really appreciated these posts too. Today
I just increased my work load for myself (I am an IC) to afford more things at food shopping (LOL) and also because the holidays are coming. I keep crabbing on my days off (during the week BTW) that I don't have enough money, so I don't go anywhere. I scheduled myself just a bit more for those days off, about 3 hours extra a day. I figure if I can crab and stare at e bay, I can type a couple of hours. Now, I have to motivate to do so, and your suggestions here help a lot. It isn't just boredom it is the motivation instead of putting the energy to crabbing to myself, to actually type, get the work done. Even a little bit more will make me feel like I accomplished something. Now I will apply what you suggest above and I know it will help! Thanks so much!
To each their own. I appreciated FedUP's post.
Glad to know my experience is appreciated....

I was just told by a company that 8.5 cpl as an IC was too high, even with 20+ years of experience! 

Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers. It is much appreciated.
You are all great!
That is a wonderful benefit...and I am sure your daughter appreciated you being there...
THANK YOU giddy pc guru! Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks MT Stars for continuing the prize giveaway! Lots of fun! It is appreciated!

Meditech questions and Cerner questions. Any input is appreciated. SM

I just recently went back to work in the office at a local hospital. We type in both Meditech and Cerner, depending on what you are typing, i.e. Medical Records reports versus Radiology.  We are currently typing blindly in Meditech, meaning we do not have access to our line counts and must depend on management to give us our totals.  In Cerner, we are able to run a line count report and print out a hard copy of our line counts at the end of the day.

We are finding that 800 lines in Cerner equals about 500 lines in Meditech.  We are not paid per line nor do we have an incentive plan, but we have a new HIM Director who would like to institute an incentive plan and the administrator over our department has laid down the law and decreed that all transcriptionists not making minimum in the department will be written up.  Problem is according to Meditech line totals that we have been given, that would be about half the department.

The transcription supervisor has taken our concerns to the new director who told the MT Supervisor to hold off on writing people and has taken home all the line counts from the last month and she is going over them with a fine tooth comb this weekend.

I am not a very trusting soul by nature, so I am doing a little research on my own.  I've been in this business for about 15 years.  I started out in a hospital and have worked for a few services at home and am now back in the hospital setting.  So I know a few things about line count and I consider myself to be pretty well informed on trends and technology in the industry.   I would like to walk into our next department meeting armed with as much knowledge as possible.  So I have come up with some questions that I would like some fellow MTs to answer, give opinions, and maybe even direct me to websites or individuals who could give me a better understanding of Meditech and Cerner.  Here are my questions:


  1. Is it possible for an MT to have access to her line count in Meditech or is strictly a management function?  Any MTs that work in Meditech on this board, do you currently have access to your line counts and if so, how do you check them?  Is it an option on the main menu after you log into Meditech?

  2. How is a line defined in Meditech?  (i.e. 65 cpl, with spaces, without spaces)

  3. How is a line defined in Cerner?

  4. What abbreviation Expanders work with both Meditech and Cerner?

  5. Examples of incentive plans (if anyone would like to share that with me that would be great, if not I completely understand).

  6. Measuring productivity by minutes of dictation versus typed lines.

    1. What would be the minimum minutes required for an 8-hour day?

    2. How would one structure an incentive program based on minutes?

I was thinking of presenting the idea that we keep track of productivity using minutes instead of lines since there is such a discrepancy in Meditech.  I also worry that if an incentive plan is put into place and we are still typing blind into Meditech, what's to keep management from shaving off a few lines here and there?

Feel free to email me or post here any responses.  Either is fine.  I really appreciate any input, comments, or just plain old supportive posts would be nice too! 

demographic info is not the only info ...sm
protected by HIPAA, as we all know. I saw that ad too and was surprised to see it. Any identifying info is considered Protected Health Information, including diagnoses, tests, etc. This MTSO should have known better than to ask for that.
thanks for the info
Wanted to make sure it was okay to maybe start early or late some days, can't stand such a rigid schedule when i work at home. Understand about making sure to produce enough first though.
Thanks for all the info....
It saddens me to know that this is a problem with internet companies, I knew it happened at hospitals.
A little info
My sister graduated from nursing school in 1988 and had been working in nursing, until I became an at-home MT and she decided to take a coding course because she wanted to work at home, too. She took the course and took an in-house position. Some months later, she took and passed her certification. Now, she is having a really hard time finding an at-home position. I don't know if it's a typical story, but I do know she's been pursuing it pretty heavily and is having a hard time.
Thanks for that info (sm)
I was contemplating getting a second HSI provider. As it turns out, I am back on now. But, yes, started my day off all wrong. The stress from this is exhausting in itself. I will call BellSouth Fast and get the info. Hope it is available in Calif. If not, will find some sort of remedy with a backup connection using high speed internet, that is for sure. This cost me money.

Thanks for your response!
thank you for the info...sm

I'm considering asking for a trial at it, wish me luck!

appreciate the info
I think animals need a voice and things like PETA, no kill shelters, animal wildlife preserve are very important in our day and age of technology.  We need them as much as they need us. 
I think they all have the same info....sm

Because MT is a tiny community and we share the misery well.

I understand what you're saying (and it sucks to be in the situations you were in) but I do believe that if we are adequately vigilant we'll know what we need to.  OTOH, then there's me, and I don't care what they do as long as there's work.  So I get where you're coming from.

I just would like to see an end to the destructionist thinking about MTSOs and MT in general.  :)

Good discussion!

Have you tried looking for the info
on QNET? Might be available there.
I have info on them...
I didn't work for them because a family emergency came up when i was just finished with their training. The lady is really nice, but their training modules are a bit silly. You have to learn their platform to use it to train and then why bother doing the training because you just figured it out on your own..silly.
thanks for the info
Hello.  My name is Chris.  I am getting ready to take my final exam for medical transcriptioning.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  How is it to actually get paid for doing this?  I have been studying for this for so long I don't know what I'll do if I ever get a job where I do get paid for it.  Thanks for any ideas.
Where do you get your info?
Are you in the banking business?  Where do you get your info?  Last year I was approved for a $30,000 home equity loan with no prob.  (Btw, got the loan for "just in case" what with daughter going to college, etc.  I used about $5,000 of that last year and paid it back within a couple of months).  3 years ago, when DH lost his business, we refinanced the house to assume what debt was left from the business with no prob, and btw, his FICO score is excellent too. It is hard for me to think i should "fix what isn't broken."
Thanks for this info...sm
Well, as much as I have enjoyed using Carnival, they have lost my business. I hope the person who thought up that response gets fired.

I'd love to see the link, so I'll Goggle it.

I wonder if Carnival is the only U.S. owned cruise line. Shame on them.

On CNN, I heard that other countries have been donating money. Why doesn't the person taking the calls from other countries ask if they could send nearby cruise ships instead of money (in a diplomatic way, of course)?

Thanks for letting me know that cruise ships was at least thought of.

You know, I want to help so bad, and I just know there's an answer to all this suffering that someone hasn't thought of. It's too much pain for anyone to bear.
Need some info! Help!!!
Hello!  I am going to test for a new job next week.  This will involve op notes, H&P, consults and discharge summaries.  I have about 6 years exp in Radiology and about 8 months doing H&P, office notes, consults and very minimal in-office op notes.  Where can I get practice tapes or anything else that will give me a chance of passing this test?  Please help! 
Thanks for info ... sm
on what they'll do when they catch me using it for transcription. I had posted earlier that I signed up for unlimited LD with Bell South as part of a package for $20/month. I told the call-center lady from India why I needed it, and she said that was no problem. A few days later, Bell South sent me a brochure advertising all the good things about the service and, in smaller print, I read "voice to voice only". It's good to know that I won't be hauled off to jail, so thanks for sharing what they said to you. If they called me on this, I was going to blame it on the call-center lady (she really should know the rules and regs on what she is selling; after all, she called me).

It's interesting, though, that when Bell South sent the brochure, they also sent an "agreement" outlining the billing and legal stuff. You need a magnifying glass to read it, but I've gone over it a few times, and it doesn't mention anything about voice-to-voice. You'd think they mention that in the agreement instead of on the brochure. I think I remember Vonage being a little expensive, so I'll probably go back to Qwest, and get their small business plan for $25/mo.
thanks for the info
Thanks for the explanation. I took the training for ASR but afterwards never received any of the work (even though a couple of my accounts are using it for some of the dictators). Still doing the MT'ing.