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HAHAHA - meaning fish don't use bikes....nm

Posted By: I feel very badly for you....your words.. on 2006-01-21
In Reply to: You know what they say... - Dee


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What temperature do you normally cook your fish at. I find sometimes that in the oven the fish seems

to have a lot of or water coming out and it doesnt get done nicely. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Hahaha You mean a wooden nickel -- worthless! Hahaha
Try taking Fish oil
Try taking fish oil but make sure it molecularly distilled to get all the impurities out of it like mercury. That really does a lot for depression and anxiety and try to cut caffeine and sugar out of your diet. I notice a huge difference with it. It's hard to believe but its true.
Chinese fish
Most of the tilapia in the stores comes from China, catfish also.. Ask your meatman BEFORE you buy and only buy US produced cats and other fish... Its your body you are putting this contaminated food into.
What is Tiger Fish? nm
What kind of fish are you baking? (nm)
Teach a newbie to fish
I don't think it helps them. I started looking at the Word Help board after I read a post earlier this evening about the low-level questions newbies are wanting answers for. One was something like "vigomatic...this is somewhere on the head." Are you KIDDING??? I couldn't believe it. I think it would serve this person much better to give him/her some ideas on how to find the answer rather than to just give the answer away. Just giving the answer away is not really helping them learn anything. It's just letting them copy your homework.

What's that saying? Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

In the earlier discussion I mentioned, someone thought posting on the board (in a virtual situation) was the same thing as asking a teacher for an answer in a classroom situation. Well, I think a great teacher in a classroom situation would do the same thing; i.e., point the student toward the dictionary or the encyclopedia or whatever, not just give away the answer.

I really have to wonder how someone can end up as a working transcriber & not know, or at least have been exposed to, the word "zygomatic" at some point. How did this person get a job? Scary, especially considering how protective we are of our field and how much better at it we think we are than anyone else on the planet.

There are no shortcuts. Every great working Transcriptionist has had to look everything up, has had to go through the unbearable period when getting through one report was like swimming through concrete. Are newbies these days under the impression that there is another way? Because there isn't.

I've tried mayo cooking fish - DELISH (sm)
for cholesterol-watching husband, JUST DON'T TELL HIM - he'll never know
U love beta fish? Aren't those the ones that kill

I remember my exhusband always had Japanese beta fish when we were married.  As I recall, if my memory serves me well, these specific male fish impregnate the female fish and then when she has the babies, the beta (male) squeezes all life out of the mom and kills her after she has the babies.  Just the idea of this made me hate this type of fish 4ever. 

Just one person's opinion though!  No flaming please! *LOL*

Henry's such a cute name, and I love beta fish
How about grilled fish like salmon? Add a glass of wine and you're all set!
Cat: Kingston, Turtle: Mr. Tumnis, Beta Fish: Henry
Don't complain! I spent years married to the coldest fish around....
I don't think it can do that, it you are meaning
HE to He, etc.
I know the meaning is not
derogatory, any more than my grandmother was being derogatory when she said "colored people."  Certainly, all the countries you mention (Middle East, etc) can  be considered oriental, since the word just means of the east. ("We Three kings from Orient Are.")  But I have never heard anyone use the term "Oriental" to describe someone from Turkey, or Saudi Arabia, or any Caucasian person in the eastern hemisphere; only to people from the Far East (many Americans tend to muddle people from these countries into a group because of their similar physical characteristics).   At any rate, Asian is  the favored term today.   Oriental things (such as rugs) are a different story.   My cousin (age 54) still uses the word "Oriental" for people from the Far East...  she also gets Arabs and Indians mixed up.       oriental/occidental
ps CTA meaning to cover their a**.
I said he is the same on the inside, meaning,
he still is the most tender-hearted man I have ever known in my life, the same as 28 years ago when I married him. He knows that I firmly believe that his drinking is wrong and that it is killing him (which I don't want to happen), but, leaving him is not something I want to do (been there, done that). I choose to stay. Not everybody's situation is the same and, Biblically, I have absolutely no reason to leave him nor do I want to leave. I hate to see him killing himself this way and that is something that I pray about daily.
I was not meaning you directly at all
guess I was just trying to get across the point that in other parts of the states southerns are protrayed as such. I am white, my husband is black and my mixed daughter was an English major in college here in the south and an accountant now, She, along with me, shutter when we hear ebonics. Like where you live and where I live outsiders would probably not believe with all the diversity, huh?
IC status meaning

I worked 3 weeks for a company as IC status.  They wanted a schedule so I did one and then the work was not coming through so the third week was told not to do schedule; it did not look like the MD I was going to have would get into a routine.  I did the work at night or early morning.  Was told I had to work my schedule even if I had no work I had to be there in case it came in.  Does IC status not mean TAT and production but flexibility with schedule as long as you get the work done.  Also it went from 60 minutes to 120 and then at the time I finished the 100 minutes 85 more came through and it was like she expected me to do it right then.  I had 24 hours.  Also was called as soon as it uploaded at 4p.m. one day and was asked "ARE YOU TYPING".  It was not my scheduled time and it had only been uploaded about 30 minutes.  What is your take on this.  IC does not mean be harrassed if not an employee with benefits right.  No work for 3 days and then hounded as soon as it came in.  I am not there now because I voiced my opinion. 


IC meaning independent contractor?
As far as I know...no...for independent contractor, they do not have to pay any benefits or even take out SS, so I would think it would be MORE not less for IC. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
I am not meaning to start a firestorm, but can anybody SM

explain this? I'm not trying to get banned, but every other site on the net survives just fine and there is no such restriction on them.

Maybe I'm dense, but I can't even make up a sensible reason for it.

Exactly what I was meaning in post below, but you say it so articulately. Thanks.
It sounds to me like this MTSO needs to look up the meaning of IC. sm
From your description, you have been more than understanding.  We set our hours and we work them, but are not sitting here every time something is needed.  I have worked 3 IC jobs (simultaneously) in the last 1-1/2 years, and can tell you there are wonderful companies out there that are very considerate.  You don't need this one.
Are y'all meaning Sylcount?
If you need an Expander too, you can get Instant Text, which has counting, invoicing, and reporting built in. :-)
Again, you've missed the meaning.

The interpretation is this: Money will speak louder than just writing a letter. Speak financially. Get it now?

'Plenty' meaning - the 6 or 7 people who

The sclerae (plural) are injected, meaning SM
Blood vessels are visible.
I mean comeback using long words nobody knows the meaning of, he-he nm
I honestly wasnt meaning to be implying your sil was gay.. I just
Isn't it an "at will" relationship, meaning that no cause is needed at all?
No, that's baloney. Study-up on meaning of 'cult'.
Previous reports, meaning another MTs work?
Lanier is proprietary meaning it will only work
with a Lanier system and you cannot use a C-Phone or DVI workstation to access a Lanier digital system.  You won't be able to use it with a DVI system or Dictaphone.  However, if memory serves, you should be able to use a Dictaphone C-phone or DVI workstation interchangeably with most other digital dictation systems and Dictaphone.
I'm glad you brought this up. I've been meaning to

Hahaha I like it!
and they can call it USI (United States of India Trans___s/l iption Servises.  Their website can brag of the great work they do and services they provide for their customers.  Like a TAT of 24 to 72 hours, depending on how hard the doctor is.  They can boast that they will have a 2 percent accuracy percentage.  That is 2 percent if you want the lowest rate which doesnt offer QA services.  But your accuracy percentage can go up to almost 50 percent if their experienced QA team glances over your document and can hopefully spell everything right that you dictate.  And then there is the only 2 reports out of 100 typed discount where they could only type 2 because they couldn't understand the rest and they cherry picked!  And OOPS, there is the no one else to type it cuz the Indians didnt understand you either discount.

You are all so arrogant.  Do you really think your abilities are sooooo keen that you can have this special sense of what poster is who?  Actually, I am the one ROFL because you all look so silly.  I AM a different poster than the other.  I dont work for MQ, just an MT who is SICK AND TIRED of hearing you gripe and complain like infants!  Not all MTs have bad attitudes and complain all day long.  And just because there may be 2 or more people posting good things doesnt mean they are really just 1 person. 

Of course, if it makes you feel better to think that there could only be 1 person who is tired of hearing it, then go ahead and PRETEND. 

HELPFUL HINT:  If you took all the time you spent complaining and applied it to work, MAYBE you could make more than the 2 dollars an hour you are complaining about. 

HAHAHA Whatever do you mean by that?!

There are quite a few good conversations to stay out of here. It's frightening, the character shown on this board! Amusing sometimes...mainly sad and frightening!

I appreciate the information. Thank you!
with a man who is on the down-low.....HAHAHA.nm
Hahaha! OMG!..................nm
hahaha, I like that !......nm
soooo should write that note!  Hilarious post
maybe "black and white" chars. (meaning spaces
It may depend on what format the files are in, meaning you may have to dink around with it. But it
Does anybody understand the meaning of EmErGeNcY room anymore?

I cannot understand why I type SO many ERs with trivial chief complaints such as:

sore throat - cough - pimple - splinter - blister - farted - (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but COME ON people!)

The most recent ccx.....Can I take a laxative? Not constipated, just needs to know if she can take a laxative along with her hypertension med. Thought she better go to the ER to ask.

Why are these people allowed to be such a waste of ER resources?

Just a pet peeve....wondering if anyone agrees with me.....perhaps someone else who has spent hours in an ER waiting room for something or other.


isn't off peak meaning night/weekend and therefore would not count toward the 450? nm
well time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas...
and please dont get me wrong... i know these times are hard for everyone and i hope your work picks up or you find a job that helps... but regarding the holidays... so many of us (myself included) have made this a buy buy buy holiday. I'm been so upset this year because I have bought barely ANY gifts but I simply cannot afford them. So then I realized, it is time for family and togetherness, as generic as that sounds... life is short... it's not about "things" it's about people. And I'm not super religious, but this is a good video below.
good luck on work!
Might be meaning the 3 boxes left upper corner??
the 3 little square boxed in the right hand corner, see them. The middle one makes a bigger screen. Unclick it and it goes back to regular size. This this what you meant.
Hahaha Well, now have you had any MT experience at all?
Any education from an MT course?

You WILL have to learn! When I worked at the hospital and trained MTs, it was MUCH easier to train them starting on a specialty or two first, and I usually started with cardiology and orthopedics. Then went to neurology, oncology, infectious disease, and so forth.

Again, that is MY experience and MY perspective. Others may tell you different.
Illegal? Hahaha
Your so-called contract was a statement of what your rate would be at that time. It did not guarantee you any specific amount of work nor pay for any specified length of time.

Go seek help! Go seek an attorney! Throw more of the money you're losing to a cause you won't win.

It's disheartening, I agree. Spheris has done it...know what? They're still in business and they still have great MTs (along with the pitiful ones as well). A few jumped ship when it happened; some came back. New ones came on board. The company moved on and is doing better.

That is what will happen here. I'm not trying to downplay your reaction -- you are right to feel upset about it. But please, please don't waste more of what you are losing by seeking help where you won't find it.

Regarding the F9 feature -- absolutely no company is required to charge clients and pay employees on the same definition...and yes, there is a difference - it is called making a profit. If MQ (or any other MT company) wants to charge clients for a flat rate, a per-minute rate, a per-line rate, a combination of flat rate per report + lines, etc., but pay their MTs only a 65-character line...then that is their right. It isn't any MTs business what/how MQ charges their clients. That's business, period. Not just this industry either.

It IS your business that you be paid what you agreed to under your "contract". However, since they have adjusted their pay scale, that "contract" is null. You have the right not to accept it by quitting. You have as much right to nullify that contract as they do.

This is an exchange -- skills and services for money. If either party doesn't care for how the other is conducting/upholding their end, or if circumstances change, either party can leave. It is called employment at will.

Please, save yourself the money at least. Work on healing the heartache of it.
Hahaha -- I'm confused on who I was even
talking to...you or the one who answered below!!

Oh well, I think we all got each other's points!!