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My sons are born again too and their wives can't leave the house, home school the kids, no tv,

Posted By: One of those ones who told her husband no way on 2006-01-21
In Reply to: in today's vows, *obey* usually is not....sm - I feel very badly for you....your words..

and if my DIL wanted to work, it is out of the question. One of my sons just believes in having babies and having babies. They now have 5. I divorced his dad and apparently his dad taught them this is the American way. I just feel so bad for both my sons' wives. They both are born again and both live their life that way.

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My 3 sons are eating me outta house and home too! :) NM
No, usually it's just winding up as all the kids bring home crud from school.
The 4th of July is slow.  Christmas is never slow for me.
When the kids started school I wanted a job in my home town. A hospital clerk position (sm)
came open. You started compiling charts, making copies, etc. Then I was promoted after a few months and began learning transcription and did that part of the day. Then a few months later they taught me coding and abstracting and I did that part of the day. It was a great learning experience to learn things from the bottom up. Needless to say, I am an old dog here who has been doing this more than 25 years now.
When the kids started school I wanted a job in my home town. A hospital clerk position (sm)
came open. You started compiling charts, making copies, etc. Then I was promoted after a few months and began learning transcription and did that part of the day. Then a few months later they taught me coding and abstracting and I did that part of the day. It was a great learning experience to learn things from the bottom up. Needless to say, I am an old dog here who has been doing this more than 25 years now.
POLL: Home School vs. Charter School vs. Public School vs. Priv ate School...
Pros and cons of each too. I have two little ones that will be starting school soon and I would like opinions on all. Thanks in advance! :)
I did that with 2 kids with time mgmt and a high school girl who babysat 3 days a week after school
Both my kids were born there. Best hospital food on earth! nm

Not me. Stopped watching after the twins were born. Too many kids.
I don't have kids, but my Mom was from the "old school," and still had everyone, kids inclu

call her by her first name.  The little neighbor girl next door from the time she could speak called her Aggie (my mom's first name), and they were great buddies until the day my mom pased away. 

I don't think there really is much in a name, but more in the respect you are given and the way you are treated.   Personally, I kind of cringe inside when someone calls me Ms. Anything or God forbid, "maam" (makes me feel like Methuselah!) ... I'm always just plain Merrie.  :-)

But, as someone pointed out, to each his own.  If you want to be addressed a certain way, you have that right, and people should respect that.  I'm glad you corrected the child ... hope it "sticks."    

I sure would not leave the house to work - not for anybody. SM

Especially to mentor somebody. That's going to be your problem, paying people enough to make them leave home.

Sometimes I'd love to get out in the world again with a job, but I just can't afford it. I made around $22/hr years ago at my hospital job, and I thought I was doing great, but I can't work for that now.

I am afraid to leave the house alone sm

I have been like this for years.  I was to the point where I could go out and it was okay, but no longer.  I am okay if I walk somewhere and go among people I know.  If I have to get into the car, I start to lose it.  I got somewhere yesterday and I went to leave and I could not remember how to pull out of a parking space, my anxiety was too high.

Please don't suggest drug therapy or talk therapy.  This is what happened to me after a bad therapist and finding out the hard way that I am allergic to ALL psychotropics.

I enjoy being alone at home, but I've got one home sick from school already.

One on one with a kid is nice, too.

This summer has been absolutely crazy.  I haven't had a moment to myself for three months because all of my kids were home traipsing their friends through the house and yard.  My husband switched his work schedule, too, so he's around more than usual.  However, I like not having to do two loads of dishes and four loads of laundry a day.  There are no toys or clutter dragged out everywhere.  I can clean the house first thing in the morning, and it stays clean until everyone gets home at night.

I even got to relax with a cup of coffee and watch TV for half an hour this morning, something I liked for a change instead of cartoons or kids' movies.  I signed up for an online class that I've been wanting to take.  I can exercise without being interrupted.  Yesterday, I went to the mall and spent all my saved up gift cards.  I got some clothes, books, bath stuff, and a new coffee mug.  My work gets done a lot faster, too.  Call me nuts, but I've never had the luxury of being alone in the house for 14 years.  It's kinda nice.  I love my family with all my heart, but I love having a few hours to myself each week, too.

Except now the cat and dogs have been acting weird since the kids went back to school.  They must think that I need someone or something to clean up after and correct behavior on.  They're getting into everything and racing around the house behind me.

My kids have suffered greatly from me working at home with them home. SM
I have been working at home as an MT since my two kids were born. They are now 4 and 5. In the first few years, I had no help whatsoever. Their father was a bum who didnt work or take care of them while I worked. Your children get neglected while you work basically. And babies and young children desperately need your attention while they are home with you.

My kids have so many behavioral problems right now because of their neglect. I would try to set them up with things to occupy themselves, like coloring or a movie, etc.

I finally put them in day care and things have improved, but there are still a lot of issues because of the damage that was done. They still try to seek attention by doing bad things and they dont listen to me because they are so used to me letting them get away with a lot of stuff because I was too busy typing to discipline them in their early years.

If I could do it all over again, I would definitely have put them into day care from the very beginning.

My advice would be to seek PT care for your baby. Maybe you can do some work around her schedule a little when she is home, like when she takes a nap, and then bang out a bunch of work while she is in day care.

Morning baby, morning adult. Kids born at 11:30AM (both) are night owls, however. Go figure! :) nm
I wish kids came to our house...
but we are at the end of the road, several blocks from the last house before ours.  For many years I bought candy, and the kids just didn't come.  :(  I love to see them all dressed up cute - especially the ones from about 4-8 or so.  I never even buy candy for Halloween now.
Don't know how many kids in your school..sm

when my child was in high school there were 3000 kids - 2 security officers and perhaps one cop (big huge city) - NOT ENOUGH TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.  Guns and knives were waiting with perp kids across the street from the public school buses, near the city buses....lots of knifings.......pulled my kid out and had her finish up elsewhere....where they did care about kids.......

Like I said elsewhere - if they (authorities) don't care about our kids, they don't care about our/their future either.......



have your kids gone back to school yet? if so, where are you at...
if not, when do they go back and where are you at?  This is strictly out of curiosity, everyone, no ulterior motives here! I'm in GA and mine went back yesterday...think it's WAY too early to go back.  They were only out for nine weeks!
No way would my kids be in regular school
It was bad enough years ago when I was in public school, but nowadays with all the drugs, sex, guns, knives, etc., in school, there is no way any kids of mine would be in a public school. I remember my study hall when the kids were totally out of control and the teacher was afraid of them-- it sure isn't any better now. If I could not afford a private school, you'd better believe they would be home schooled.
Kids schedules outside of school....sm

It's amazing to me how many parents push their kids to the extreme with extracurricular activities.   I saw a cousin this weekend and her 2nd grader is taking 4 dance lessons (4-1/2 hours a week), an acting class (1 hour)  is in some special gifted program that meets 1 hour after school each week and is in the church kid's choir on Wednesdays.   This means this 7-year-old has 7-1/2 hours of extracurricular activities scheduled.  

I told her that my 6-year-old chooses 1 activity to participate in outside of church kids choir (meets on Sunday) and that's all she does. 

What about your kids if you have them?  If you have your child scheduled in a lot of things aren't you worried that they will burn out?  I've recently read stories that a lot of kids that are overscheduled are getting depressed and I can see why.

As long as you have someone with the kids after school and can
I can't wait for school to start either, and I don't even HAVE kids!! nm
I don't need to know anything about it. My kids functioned fine in school
and let them have friends of their own choosing rather than manipulate their lives for them.
I do not know about her school but next Tues. when my kids start the first day they get out at 9:50
Absolutely would - however, I have to wait until my 2 kids are out of school
and off to college! I always wanted to be a traveling Transcriptionist with K-Force. I have 3 more years to wait and off I will go to a traveling transcription position.

I, however, love change and get bored fairly quickly. So, I would prefer the shorter assignments from place to place - 3 years is too long in one place for me!

Good luck to you!
Private Christian school is where my kids go.
I believe it is next Monday, the 19th, as the kids have off school for it.
If you don't have kids, have you considered working in-house at a doc office or the nearest big
POLL - Are you read for your kids to go back to school? (sm)
Yes and no is the answer for me.  I love them home with me (11 and 13), but am ready to have the nice quiet house to myself for work.
Driving my kids to school. Heard it on the radio, Bob and Tom. sm
I never heard them be more serious than that day.  The whole day is still bright in my mind.  I remember everything that happened, where I was and what I did.  I will never forget it. 
Our school has good scores but my kids have never been stressed

Probably depends on the teachers and the corporate culture at your school.

I go, I chomp down on the free food, and I leave my wallet at home! (nm)
Or discpline time! My kids would be very sorry if they threw things at me or in the house. Two hours
is not too long for them to give you some space.  That's really sad for you, but maybe try to rein them in.  Can't hurt, right?
I don't know about you, but I've got kids to feed, clothe, and house. I need to make a decent

living.  I'm not going to be cheated.  It sounds as though you've decided to let yourself be used and abused aby the MTSOs all with a big smile on your face.  Whatever!  It's MTs like you, not I, that have caused the pay rates to decline.  MTs like you who will accept whatever abuse they companies hand out, accept being cheated, and accept losing jobs to India. 

You'll be back on here next week or next month posting under a different name, crying about your paycheck and looking for sympathy. 

2000 lines everyday but one since my kids went back to school.
I can finally get back on a routine and get some work done. Now, if I could just stay off of MTstars! LOL.
Veteran's day. Kids are out of school. Many doctor's offices are closed.
The kids' "holiday" programs at school were full of African and
Hanukkah music, but there wasn't an African or Jewish person in the gymnasium. Everything else was nondenominational. What I want to know is why the minorities have the majority vote? Shouldn't there be an equal amount of Christmas music?
Me, too. I told my kids that since they're not in school and I'm working two jobs
just to try to keep the utilities on, they get to do chores. Don't even get me started on holiday stress. My extended family sent me gift cards, so I'm using those to buy for the kids. I even offered to pay them $5 an hour for cleaning so they'd have Christmas money. Instead, what are they doing? Watching TV in their pajamas still. That's OK. I'm about to go unplug all the electronics in the house and give them a big chore list with NO pay.
Well, 1 day back to school for the kids, and now they come hom with a stomach virus! Geez.

How frustrating - 1 day in school and now a "bug".  We had this in our house before the holidays.  Everyone in the family had a turn with it, and now again!  I think antiseptic and antibacterials are needed in these schools.   Can't afford to be down for even 24 hours!


Just needed to vent my frustration here - my poor kiddies!


Home vs in house
The perfect solution is working at home for a doctor's office or hospital and being paid by the hour instead of the line.  It's so irritating to have to be online in for a certain time period, having NO work and making NO money.  At least hourly you're guaranteed income.  JMHO.
Home versus in-house
Let me answer before I read everyone else's responses. I worked at home and for awhile it was great, but I had kids underfoot, that didn't work out. So back to inhouse. It's nice having a regular paycheck and not having to worry about taxes, they're taken out. Also health insurance is a big concern. But I'm sick of the nitpicking and being treated like a child. I hate being spied on and I hate office politics. People are in close proximity when I'm transcribing and there is a lot of loud talking in the small room. Plus when the other people are crabby, it casts a dark shadow on the whole day.

I may soon have no choice but to work at home again, as my place of employment is rumored to be upgrading and at all other facilities owned by this company, that has meant shipping our work overseas. I don't dread returning home though. Just got a brand-new Dell computer, found and loaded my Instant Type and imported my PRD files. I will switch to my husband's insurance which is a kind I'm not crazy about but it's better than nothing. I have a tax guy now and I'll stay on top of taxes with my estimated quarterles. And there's a company I've been working for on and off for years that treats me like gold and will take me on anytime!

I'm the type of person who doesn't like being constantly monitored by an authority figure, particularly an ignorant one! It may soon be time to get out of the in-house and back to my home! We'll see. For now, I'm in-house. But maybe soon, I won't be.
Home Office vs In-House
What about transcription done in-house in an office or dept. where there is high traffic from MDs to janitors?

My dog watches me type and horror of all horrors, I usually have the dictation on speaker phone.

6 at home and 1 in house (first job) in 6 years
stay home or go in house....

I got offered a job in a small neurology office starting at $17/hr with a raise in a few months.  No working weekends or holidays and lots of vacation days.  Low stress.

I currently work at home for a pretty decent company with a pretty decent line rate, but am starting to feel pressure to produce more...my average pay at home is between $13 and $15 an hour.  It also adds stress when there is little to know work available and I am having to alter my schedule to "make up" time.

So, I would be making a bit more money, but I will have to have child care for the summers and for after school, so I don't know if it is worth it. 

Can someone give me some insight as to whether they were faced with this decision...what they decided and why?  I would really appreciate it. 

Stay home or go in-house?

Help! What do I do?  I currently work for a pretty good national company and I get to stay home and work in my PJs, but then... we ran out of work for a few days and I panicked.  I applied for an in-house position doing radiology, which I have never done before.  I am fairly certain they will offer me the position to work 24 to 32 hours, with many more hours if I want them.  It pays about 18.50 per hour during the week and 19.39 on the weekends, which I will work one weekend day.  So now what???

Do I give up the comfort of my home for a guaranteed paycheck and work in a cubical typing radiology notes for 8 hours a day?  UGH!  Tough to have such choices in this economy. 

Any insight or thoughts on this?  I do have young children, but they spend a lot of time at grandma's while I work anyway.


Kids at home?
Do your kids stay at home and how old are they?  I have three, one that is 9, 4, and 1, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to type this summer.  I am considering a sitter once school starts, so I will be all aone during the day.  What do you do?
On MT at home with kids...

I haven't read all the responses yet (I'm trying to get some work done tonight, too!), but I thought I'd just add this, in case one of the reasons you are thinking about doing this is to stay home with kids.  If not, just ignore this.  That's why I am doing it - I quit an office job when I had my second son, stayed home for a few years with both kids, but living on 1 income became increasingly difficult.  Now my kids are preschool/school-aged, and I have been doing this for about a year, working 25 hours a week now.  The biggest pro is the biggest con - you're home with your kids.  Yes, I'm here if they need me, I can drop everything and pick a sick kid up from school, I don't have to pay for child care or feel guilty over child care. 

That said, being here and working with head phones on is NOT the same as being here and paying attention to my kids, and boy do they know it!  Very often, I find myself feeling so frustrated because no one is ever happy - the kids aren't happy because I'm not with them, my husband's not happy because he has to deal with the kids as soon as he gets home (of course he's also not happy that we don't have more money!), and I'm not happy because it takes me twice as long to get my lines in as it would if everyone would just leave me alone.

Can you tell I'm having a bad day?  (I am so ready for school to start back up!)  LOL!  Some days are much better, and overall this is the best option for me.  I can work in whatever clothes I like, take a break, answer the phone, etc.  I can work with my cat curled up on my printer and my dog panting at my feet!  I definitely don't miss office politics, panty-hose, and commuting.  Sometimes I miss the company and the occasional office gossip, though.  ;-) 

Anyway, just be aware that if you are planning to work at home with kids, it really will take you much longer.  I honestly don't know how people with very young children do this - unless they work through naps and early morning or late nights.  I do mostly evening and weekend work, with a couple of hours during the day 3 days a week.

Good luck to you!  Hope this helps!


At home with kids

I am sorry but this really bugs me.  Anyone working at home is doing a JOB -- this is not something added to watching your kids, doing your laundry, grocery shopping or whatever.  You made a committment to do this job.  Would they let you bring in your kids to the office -- NO because they expect to have the work done.  So you need to set aside the time to do your job and if you need daycare get it.  But you cannot add on a 6-8 hour job with three kids at home. Plain and simple -- it is a job.  It is your choice to watch your kids during the day and you cannot expect young children to occupy themselves when Mom is home.  So either work at night, get a babysitter or be quiet as you made this choice.  If you hired a babysitter would you want them to be doing a job while watching your children?  


Maybe not, she has 4 kids at home...
and that's why she quit her other show, too much time away from the kids. It might be the perfect job for her - a couple of hours a day, none of the responsibilities she had with her own show. Just come in, talk, go home.
You don't need to be home with your kids, you
choose to be home with them and if your salary is not what you want by what you choose, oh well! Ridiculous statement.
I am an MT with kids at home???
So what is your point?
I am an MT with kids at home too...

My point is that if this same OP was an MT that posted she/he would like to work in between diaper changes/bottle feedings, then other MTs would respond that this OP is ruining the profession, etc., but because this OP is a physician, everyone is goo-goo gaa-gaa... 

Also, anyone in this field knows that accepting an employee position for benefits does not result in being able to type between patients as an optometrist and finish up at night or whatever this OP says.......