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I don't know where you live, but

Posted By: Listenup on 2006-01-20
In Reply to: My husband refuses to let me go back to school - MT

dental hygienists in metro areas make up to $300+ a day.
Your husband might want to take that into consideration.
My father is a dentist, and I have worked chairside myself.
It's an interesting and challenging career, and I don't rule out a return to it myself.

Not to tell you how to live, but the only person you need to depend on to succeed is yourself. Please don't let anyone (including your husband) hold you back. Good luck in your new career.

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why no, i don't live in snobville. did you think you knew me? i live in heritage hills a suburb
it takes a little longer to get to work and shopping but thank god i have some privacy and am away from the congestion.  lovely trees and lakes all around.  maybe about 20 minutes to a large shopping mall.  but no, i don't even know where snobville is.
why yes the quality of air where i live is quite different than where the city people live.
Lots of pollution.  That's why everyone is moving away from the city and areas zoned for multiple housing units and low income housing and trailer parks.  Population is dense and near manufacturing.  So yes, the air is different but millions of people pay a little extra for the quality, the space and privacy afforded to those who move out of polluted crowded areas such as you defend.  There is always a reason why some areas and housing is cheaper than others.  Maybe it is the air and maybe it's something you can't quite put your finger on but you know you would prefer not to live in certain areas.  You know what I mean or are you living in one of those areas?  They tell after awhile you block out the sounds, the smells and get used to the pollution.  I don't know.  I didn't stay long enough to test the theory.  My mental and physical health is way too important to me. 
I know they live a long time, so if there is a chance they will out live you - sm
make sure you make provisions for them in your will. I have only had cockatiels and some finches, so don't really know anything about the bigger birds. I love African Grey's but they are very expensive.
Live and let live. Don't force your lifestyle on me.
I used to live in MN now I live in MS and they were both cold last night!
Will take MS cold over MN cold any day, and I don't miss the snow. I miss the Mall of America, though!
I live in PA, can I help? If they are close to where I live, I would go check them out for ya!
Where in PA is this company?
You must live where I live. I ran into the same sort of SM
situation when I was the president-elect of the local chapter and the VP-elect of the state chapter. I bailed out. There was no fighting it.
LOL! Don't live in NH. Live in ConnectiTAX. LOL NM
Can you live on 7.75 cpl or do you need 9.5 cpl. If I could live at the lower, that is what I
Each state has different laws. Where I live, if I have clients in the same state I live in, yes I ne
have clients from another state, no I do not need a license. Every state is different. I checked with my attorney and the State Business offices.
I don't. It's not available where I live (sm

I go to my mom's and flip through and don't miss it at all.  All of her stations and hardly anything on to watch.

OMG - how do you live without TV?....I'd die
without my sports! Football season is here, college all day Saturday, NFL all day Sunday, and Monday Night. As well as NHL is back. I would die without my TV.

Not to mention 24 hours on Monday night, Boston Legal on Tuesday night, ER on Thursday night, Law & Order and CSI other nights, as well as my HBO and Max for movies.

Don't know how you do it, but bless you!
Where do you live?
I'm tired of it, too.  I would love to be able to go outside without getting heatstroke!  My animals are in the house all the time, too.  Too hot for them to be outside.
Or go live over there with them
Maybe you could go live in NO
You only live once....
No, sorry for you! Wise up and have some fun - you live only once you know!
Actually where I live...
Its on at 11 a.m. - still 2 darn early for me (night shifter)....but yeah, that show can be addicting.
I live in PA and it is 2.69 where I live. nm
Where do you live?
In the Northeast? 
I don't know where you live, but
in Houston, illegals are a real problem.

That is the problem though. They come in the food stamp office driving 30,000+ cars! I cannot get my daughter in headstart because we make too much money. We do not get reduced lunch, and I am fine with that. I would like to have her in the same school as my son though. I even offered to pay for it! Every parent during my son's orientation, everyone, who was sitting there getting their reduced lunch approved and were in there for the headstart had kids wearing Air Jordans and the like. My kids had Wal-Mart shoes on! I see people using food stamps who are wearing Hilfiger. It is crazy. They should be held accountable. If you get on assistance, you should have to, mandatory, complete job training. You should be required to prove you were looking for a job. If we have to, they should do home checks! They say you have to look for a job, fax resumes, but it is not consistently followed up on. They have job training, but it is not mandatory. We should hold them accountable. If we did, it would not be so easy to live off the system.

My mom didn't get any assistance either. The only thing she applied for was the counseling, which she could not get. That is it. She worked 2 jobs as long as I can remember. We didn't have anything either. I got teased many times for my clothes. Then she finally got us out of the bad neighborhood into a good school district and I was going to school with kids driving cars worth as much as my house. That is okay though, because it made me a better person. It made me respect the value of a dollar, work hard for what I want, etc. My mother taught me those things through the hardships she had to go through and me seeing her work so hard. When you have a welfare family, that same mentality is only passed on. Until we do something to change that and hold them accountable, you are just breeding more and more that will expect the same things.

I live.....
I live in NY state!
She was asking about a SO that does NOT live with you.
live and let live
People who judge others are insecure with themselves. So a person has a big house up on the hill. I bet they have a big morgage with the bank also. Probably two jobs, children they can't raise due to their addiction to needing more. Listen to Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman", she says it all!
Live and let live
Has anybody seen the bumper sticker F with me and you F with the whole trailer park?
To each their own.
Hey I was just trying to find some information on the antibiotic I am on because of the flu. Why in the world are people here judging how others live? Well for those who are being nasty, I just breathed on you! Once you get this you will have better things to do then to try and hurt another living being.
I live in PA......sm

All local wages are low. I tried the school district, $6.50/hr; the local banks, around $7.50 - $8.00; and even considered traveling 45 minutes to the nearest industrial area but it wasn't worth it for the $9.50 an hour they wanted to pay. The hospital in that area paid the whopping $8.50/hr for MTs.

I ended up lucking out and getting a job with the DoD, Army. Luckily, they have put us on the same pay scale as New York City, so I get paid well for the area. I don't know how families here do it, my salary alone is more than what most families with 2 people working locally make, and I have much better benefits. Got paid fairly well for the area when working MT from home, but DH is also self-employed and we needed the benefits desperately. My benefit package is probably worth 2/3 - 3/4 of my salary if I add it all up.


Do you still live in Ok?
Used to live in WA...
I can vouch for you, it's a real place! LOL I live in Arlington until moving to PA.
That's still not enough where I live
How big? Where do you live?
Did it look like a pet or a wild type? Could you see it that well?

I don't hate snakes in general, but wouldn't relish having a dangerous one in my house. Even a harmless one could be a nuisance. Look in the phone book for a wildlife "exterminator." Here in NC they have to trap them and remove them without killing them, even if they are a poisonous snake.

Good luck.
Yes, I Live in PA

So far, our little town got over 10" of rain last night and it is supposed to stop today. They expected another 3-5" before this is over. They evacuated parts of "my"  town. At least 5 other towns have sectioins that have been evacuated. They closed the main roads into the 2 towns that we use to get around. Dive teams are being called in from the surrounding counties.

I live on a hill too, but without the main roads being opened, I can't get out. The only info I can get is from the scanners. The TV stations we get are too involved in their own local flooding problems.

Today is my husband's first doctor appointment after his open heart surgery 2 weeks ago. I don't think we're going to make it.

Gee, to think if I worked outside the home, I'd have a day off. LOL I'm looking on the bright side, though. NO TRAFFIC.

i live in CA too . . .
I live in the Bay Area. Something small you can do is change out all your incandescent lightbulbs for fluroscent bulbs. Fluoresecents use a lot less energy and do not give off heat like regular incandescent bulbs do. I also keep my ceiling fan on where I work during the day. I would also check your temperature setting on your hot water heater. It may be too high and that can cause your water heater to continually kick on and off to maintain the temperature. I also keep all of my blinds shut during the day. Even though your electric bill is high, imagine if you had to drive to work every day. Imagine how much you might be spending in gas in comparison to your electricity bill. Also, I have read a suggestion of painting one's roof white as it reflects the light, thus making your home a bit cooler. Also, if you have a home, what about a house fan that circulates all the air in the house? Just suggestions.
Anywhere from 4-8 or more...but don't tell anybody...I live in...
Utah, and it's illegal here. 
I live 30 min away....

I am so deeply angered upon hearing that this group of wacko's will be coming to this area to protest.  The Amish are a very peaceful group of people who have never caused any harm to the outside world.  (as you know they do not use such things as tv's, cars, and do not like to have their pictures taken, or be on TV)  It is bad enough that the recent tragic events have concentrated the public/media eye so greatly on them, and disrupted their everyday lives.  But, to have these people come to the funerals angers me more than these typed words can say. Right in my own backyard! I have come to the conclusion, that you are not safe ANYWHERE!! Can they not be stopped?!?!?! What is the name of this group?

Please say a prayer for all of the Amish families, and also all of the brave first responders who had to witness this awful event first hand.....

This isn't enough to live on
Yep, I am no whiz in the math department, but I realized right away, as a single woman, I can't live on this--actually no one could.  This is a one-doctor practice and she doesn't work on Fridays, so she probably sees 80-90 patients a week on a busy week.  Good part-time income since I've almost deciphered her handwriting--the nurse's writing--that's another story!  It IS irritating when the office manager, who is the doctor's husband, grins and goes on and on about how competitive their pay is.  (Gave me $3.50 rather than the $3.25/report for the last transcriptionist.  Woo-hoo!) 
Really where you live in the SE
Listen to the Atlanta news I cringe when interviews are done. I think they sometimes take the bottom of the pond in order to do some of the talking. I totally agree; however, I have seen lots of the news coming out of Birmingham and totally different. Seek out and you will see what I am talking about. I hear dems and dos along with kilt (killed), liked (like), my housekeeper and others say skrimps (shrimp). I got so oversaturated with the horrible language when living in Atlanta proper, I just had to tune it out for awhile. I most of the time can tell you if the people are or are not from Atlanta. Not everyone in the SE sounds like that, thank goodness!
No you can't live off 4 CPL.
Unless you move to India, that is. When I started in this business, I couldn't live off it either. Don't quit your day job yet.
Wow, you must live near me.
Although I really HATE talking to somebody in India or the Philippines when I have to call Bell South tech support. I think cable is faster, but DSL is adequate for my needs.
I say live it up!!!

You posted that you "do without."  So, why now are you saying you have all this money in the bank?  I thought you live below your means?  Come on...  I knew I'd get a rise out of ya'...  Phillychick - you've got a lot to learn about just plain "living.." 

This OP only asked if people were feeling the crunch.  She didn't ask your opinion about whether you have money in the bank or credit card debt!  So, I guess I got your goat!!! 

I've been working since I was 16 years old, and I have never relied on my husband's income!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's nice he works, don't get me wrong.  We've been married for 18 years; we've had our ups and downs financially, but for you to come here and act like you are "above" anyone that has a credit card with a balance on it is just plain uppity!!! Get a life!

I live in KY
I live alone - daughter is grown and on her own. I average about $9.25 an hour. My mortgage on my home and 3 acres is $200/month - will be paid for in 7 more years. No car payment - 1998 Ford, paid for - no credit card debt, burn wood for heat. My fiance does pay for eating out and everything extra like that.
lol. Not where I live.
We are lucky if they even get the order right. EVERY single time we go something is wrong. It has gotten to where we don't leave the parking lot now until we have double checked that all our food is there because more often than not, they forget my son's food. Poor guy. We have driven home many times to realize he didn't get his food. No fun trying to explain to a 3-year-old why he doesn't have his chicken nuggets. :( Makes me so angry every time.
Do you live up to your name? nm
Well, I don't live in Denver, but we are a ....

Southwestern family who moved to the Northeast.  Could be a considered a similar change, of climate at least.  Do you have teenage children?  If so, GOOD LUCK!  We moved a 15yo girl and it was hell on earth for about a year.  As God as my witness, I will never move a teenager again unless I havef no other choice.

The first winter was a definitely an adjustment, but after the first year your blood "thickens" and you get used to it.  I'm running out the door in a light jacket at 35 degrees now.  That isn't even cold anymore.  Have you investigated the cost of living?  There's a great website call Homegain.com and you can do all kinds of investigations on an area including crime rates, schools, etc.  If you have kids, try greatschools.net.  You can use that to help narrow down what school districts you might want to live within.  Good luck.

Newbie where do you live? Sm

It would be helpful to know where you live because many of us MTs know other MTs who might be able to help you. We were all new once...  Also check county temp pools in your area.  Sometimes you can get on as a temp and gain experience that way. 



Because I live with it first hand

I do get offensive when someone doesn't like my children simply because of their skin tone.  I'm not saying that the OP said anything about my children or even posted about the topic.  I was just offended that she can so casually admit to being a prejudice person.  Prejudice causes hate and violence.  I take offense to that.  I think that you should, and everyone should take offense to it so that it can be stopped.  If everyone were okay with it or  no one ever stood up about the subject, where would we be? 

Also, there is a difference between knowing someone as an individual that may be a "bad seed" and be a minority and not liking them versus not liking someone without knowing them as a person simply because they are a minority.

All I know is, when those of us who are saved make it to heaven, there will be every race there right along with us, as God has created us all in his image.

I live in the south.
I was raised to be prejudiced.  As I became an adult I learned better.  Now I have mixed children on both sides of my family.  I really hurts me to see these children, who I love dearly mistreated.  Although the crime in the Holloway case may be a racial issue, I do not see that the media sensation is.  She was an American tourist in a foreign country.  People are interested.  That sells newspapers, magazines and time on TV news.  That says a lot about the American people.  Missing children and teenagers in the U.S. are, for lack of a better term, "old news".  Not to say that a parent of a poor missing child in this country is not just as devastated, I am saying that this is the way we have become. 
you are one of those angels who live among us. May a little of you rub off on us all.NM
Anybody live where it's cold?
Like below 60 today.  Wish I were there.
I live in zone 3 and there are some
great canadian developed roses out there distributed by Bailey's in Minnesota Morden Centennial is the best- very winter hardy to -40 lots of blooms. Have tried several different ones some have scent and some don't
Not me. Live in Alabama and it's hot here. nm
Missouri is where I live. You?
So you live in Snobville, too.
Did it ever occur to you that one day you might be low income, too. I don't think many people choose to be low income, but so what if they are. They doesn't make them any worse than someone with a huge income. I live in a rented house and pay $160.00 a month rent, which, by the way, is a lot less than most people make for a trailer payment. So, does that make me low income because I choose to live in an older house that costs less? No, it does not. It means that I have better things to spend my hard-earned income on than keeping up with the Joneses and their neighbors who live in Snobville. The low-income house  I live in is a very nice neighborhood and I have wonderful, educated neighbors.