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Help, cant remember classes and stages roman numerals???

Posted By: nm on 2005-07-26
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Roman: Stages. Numerals: Classes (nm)
HELP. can never remember...stages are roman??? classes are ??? grades are ???? HELP
Classes - Arabic. Stages - Roman. Grades- Arabic. I have these written on a sticky
note beside workstation....then don't have to look up every time. 
was roman numerals
It was Roman Numerals until transcription started going by The Book of Style.  Then it changed to numbers.
Roman Numerals
How funny, I have transcribed for 36 years and every cardiologist I worked for used Roman Numerals.  It is we, the transcriptionists, who started using numbers, when we were being critiqued by the Book of Style.  Then I noticed the cardiologists a few times would state, use Roman Numerals and after a while, they went along with numbers. So, maybe you and your cardiologists are post Book of Style.
Roman numerals
Someone posted a whole document they recieved from their workplace on the correct way to use Roman numerals versus regular numbers and staging of cancers, I meant to to make a copy, but forgot, could you please repost this, Forever Thankful. 
Roman Numerals versus Numbers
Back in the 70s, murmurs were Roman Numerals.  Then The Book of Style came out and that is the first I was told of the change.  Since then, it is written as numbers, i.e., 1/6.
RAST test classification roman numerals or numbers? Thanks ahead of time.
Vera Pyle 7th ed. showed Roman. We used to use Roman until
Early stages of agoraphobia?

Do any of you feel that since you have started working at home that you have become a lot more antisocialible and isolated?  I have always been a shy person but have never been afraid to go out.  Since working at home, which I do love, I never want to leave the house.  The only time I go anywhere is on the weekends and that is because my husband is with me.  If I have someone with me then I am fine, but I do not want to leave the house alone.  I have to force myself to run errands such as going to the bank, post offfice, etc.  When I do go out, I just feel like everyone is looking at me.  I feel very paranoid and self-conscious and I just cannot wait to get back into the safety of my car and get home.  Do I have the early stages of agoraphobia?  I know I also suffer from OCD.  I wash my hands so many times a day it's crazy.  If I cook meat, I have to wash my hands and wipe down my cooking area about a million times.  I have a fear of germs.  I repeat numbers a lot of times and if I do something to one finger/hand, I have to do it to the other.  The OCD does not bother me too bad though because I am so used to it but the not wanting to leave the house thing bugs me.  Do any of you feel the same as I do? 

table of class, grades and stages
i once printed a table someone had made of class, grades, and stages.  Does anyone know where that is now or does anyone have that?  I lost mine and I forget which way to type the numbers! 
I love this idea! I'm in the planning stages of a website... SM

and would love to sell this T-shirts on my website at some point in the future. 

I have a friend who is in medical billing, got her coding certification, but can't get a job without actual work experience as a coder.  So we've brainstormed and thought we might go into business together.  Create a company that offers medical billing and medical transcription and eventually coding services to private practices, hospitals, etc.

I'm also toying with the idea of incorporating some sort of online MT mentoring/education program into the new business venture.

But like I said we are in the planning and brainstorming stages and when I read about this T-shirt idea, I thought it would be a fabulous addition to the website.  Because one thing is very certain our business venture will stand firmly against offshoring.

Our cardio docs like: III/VI
numerals used for consistency..so all is the same..
Stages are normally written in Roman but your company/account might have a preference.
numbers versus numerals
Grade is always NUMBERS, Stage is always NUMERALS

Hope that helps some :) (good English, I know)
It was regarding numerals. This was during my training, so I was full QA. There are 2 ladies who Q
One had made a correction from three-way catheter system to "3-way catheter system." Ironically, I got the same surgeon, saying the same thing, so typed it with the numeral. The other lady QA'd the 2nd report and she changed 3-way to "three-way" so now I'm really unclear as to what to do.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will e/m the question to the QA team. That way, it's in their laps to figure out which way is correct.
Any job I've been on has used Times New Roman at 12. nm
my preference is for Times New Roman n/m
Tanner staging, roman or arabic? sm
TIA! I have always done it roman numerals but am just wondering how everyone else does it!
QA question: Just started new job. Was told to type numerals for everything. Received a

correction from "three-port catheter system" to "3-port catheter system."  So typed it with the numeral next time.  Received it back again from another QA person and told to type it three-port.  So which is correct?  I have also always typed figure-of-eight, so now that would be figure-of-8 by the 1st person's standards.  Looks funny to me. 

Input please.......


combo MT/MC classes

I am thinking of taking a Medical Transcription class.  My sister who is a Physician's Assistant tells me I should do coding instead.  Does anyone know anything about the combo classes and whether they are a good idea and if they prepare you enough?



Dance Classes
I have 20+ years of dance training (ballet, jazz, tap).  From what I see, jazz and hip-hop would both help with drill team.  Jazz more so, but I know some drill teams are getting a little edgier with the hip-hop style.  If I can help with any other questions, feel free to email me.
Do you think they will pay for my spelling classes??? lol
I got to take some training classes...
that were provided to me free by my employer, which helped me learn the basic concepts. Then I just tried to start thinking outside the box a little bit, looking for things that annoyed me that I could change by using IT. Basically any sequence of keys or commands you type on the keyboard, you can program into IT. So for example it drives me CRAZY when a doctor starts dictating a paragraph and then says #2 when he didn't say #1, or the other way around, when he always says #1 and then there's no #2 and my account rules are that you have to fix that. So I wrote down the combination of keys that it took to go up to the top of the paragraph, take the number out and then drop back down to the bottom, and I made a shortcut out of it. You can use the command function in IT to insert things like ctrl/shift and the up arrow to take you to the beginning of the paragraph or the search/replace command to change Diagnosis to Diagnoses. I just kept track of what keys I was typing to do certain things and then made an entry for those. Some of them took some tweaking but once I got them exactly right they make my day go much more smoothly. There's also a website, I believe it's www.productivitytalk.com, that gives a lot of tips and tricks to use with IT. Hope that helps.
I took coding classes and took the
test, which is about 5 hours long, passed it on the first try, have my credentials, but haven't done any coding at all, just MT work. I am considering going to coding bootcamp to brush up on my skills and bite the bullet and just do it. There are many work at home jobs available, but just like being an MT, the best thing is to work in-house for a couple of years to get some experience and then work at home. Have a couple of friends who did that and they love it.
take grammar classes
It is
'You are stupid' or you're stupid', not 'your stupid'.

And don't take things out of CONTEXT.
yes that is it. Is that roman numeral?also, Pap smear of the cusp/cuff???? was done today
I teach classes online.
Does anyone take dance classes for exercise?
I'd like to get out of the house once in a while and can't stand the gym.  I just don't want to be the only adult student among children.  LOL
MTWerks has some training classes on IT. sm

I have not personally done any of her IT classes, but I did once go to a seminar she held in my area and I learned a lot of computer/word based shortcuts. She is or was an MT and has come up with these seminars/classes to help productivity for MTs, more in the "keeping the hands on the keyboard" kind of thinking rather than using mouse, etc. It helped me tremendously and I still use a lot of her tips.

Someone also posted on her maybe a year or so ago a website that had a lot of tips about naming your shortcuts/expanders and how to remember them, but I cannot recall what website it was. Maybe do a Google search and see what you can find?
Check out the classes and hang in there anyway...
Does your hospital provide funds for continuing education? Can you change shifts? Don't out-and-out quit just yet, you truly don't know how good you probably have it if you've been working for a hospital and not for a national. I pine for my hourly pay hospital days, ha-ha, though a lot of what went on got on my nerves at the time. Good luck but again, give it a lot of thought, take a few days off if you can.
There is no charge for grads to take the classes.
I just finished the course and signed up for the classes and did not pay a dime. You may be confused by the $50 Review Guide that is recommended to study with.
A girl in one of my classes volunteers as a doula -
I think it's a pretty neat idea, although this girl is about 22, very cute with a slender little body, and has never had a child before!  But actually she does have the personality for it; very compassionate and caring.
P.S. Channel some energy into agility classes
perhaps! Sounds like a great candidate if he/she can jump and get your sunglasses! Lots of classes for agility in most areas, and lots of fun for dog and owner, not to mention exercise! Woof!
Don't forget,10% of the drs in this country were in the bottom 10% of their graduating classes.

For mom with teen girls, what type of dance classes sm
are appropriate for learning moves to try out for drill team?  my daughter is 14 and has never been in any dance classes.  i am puzzled by the jazz, hip/hop, etc. and have no clue where she needs to start.  she wants to try out for the drill team next year.  TIA!
I teach literacy classes. Do it. You'll be glad you did.
B.S. in HIM, no MT school, OTJ training for that skill, but the HIM classes for the knowledge. nm
Well, notify the academic world, too! Typing classes in middle and high schools

Medical records are data driven. Numerals are data.
just please remember that....

science is a GOOD thing :) If anything, the ultimate gift of God. IMO

(shuttin up now)

Remember, maybe your current employer would pay you a penny more a line (MAYBE), but what about the next employer. Things in this business change quickly, and just because your current employer may up your pay, the next one might not care.
Do you remember>>bet I'm
How about those HUGE transcription machines bigger than a desk>>>>I gravitated to MT from KEYPUNCH school...REMEMBER THOSE KEYPUNCH MACHINES!!!!!
I remember
I learned to type on a manual typewriter.  I actually won a county typing contest on one of those, when some of the contestants had brought their electric portables with them.  I won because I relaxed, thinking I did not have a chance on a manual, and had only two errors.  They counted off words for each error.  I got my A.S. in HIM, only then it was Medical Records Technology.   My first job was in a small physician's office, where I had an IBM Selectric.  Dictation was on this little thing with belts.  After that was a machine with small little discs that looked like film, that never came out of the machine, just stacked up like a juke box.  After that came tapes.  My references were a big Dorland's, a Taber's and a PDR.  Of course, like another poster said, I had the chart.  Even with all the bad things about the business, I don't think I would want to go back. 
ek, remember ET...

Oct. 1 if you are ME, you get the "reward" of 20% decrease in pay.
just remember

They used to think that about male nurses too.
I believe so, but can't remember what it is! nm

Don't remember where I was

I probably found out about it at night, when the newspaper arrived. It didn't phase me at all.  

In terms of my age at the time ... 27.